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How to show love to him?

How to show love? Love is two men and women, the pursuit of mutual, men and women of the rules of the game is not absolute. On the contrary, the male often is very active pursuit of welcome to women, they think the brave pursuit of true love of women is the lovely new era of women. But women tend to get shy, inconvenience to say, then how cleverly thought to pass each other? <a href="" target="_blank">Text The Romance Back</a>The following measures can be used for reference: one, in order to like-minded you should first make a conscientious, multi observe your sweetheart's interests and hobbies, and then close to the. For example, he likes literature, you can find the chance and he went to the library to borrow, pay attention to see what books he likes, later he also borrow books, even if they are didn't love books to look about, and then find a chance to chat with him for a few words, to this encyclopedia of the content, nature can talk very speculative. And in ordinary conversation if you find what he likes music, can buy a tape for him; he loves what activities, you can at the appropriate time to put together to go to. So he will find you some very congenial, come very naturally attracted to you. Two, the charming body language body language such as love smile and eye contact, are you favor and goodwill transfer method. It is necessary to pay attention to the length and radian smile, mouth micro Yang, at least 3-5 seconds; eye contact can not be straight staring at each other, should see, move, see, move, see...... This will give each other a sense of mystery. The eyes are the windows of the soul, he looks at you, how much can guess a heart you. Th. Three, veiled Oriental women advocates is implicit, reserved, but if you really love him, you can borrow a book from him, to give him an umbrella to hint, creating opportunities for further contact. After that if they do not rejected, can use the semi implicit method, such as the invitation to the movies, concerts, or go out for an outing; also can be poetry, to each other their own photos and show behind the question on the love quotes; sent a bunch of flowers, a few beans and so on, can also be the message of love to each other. Four, borrowing mouth can praise his parents to lend you mouth say what's in your heart, so you won't feel embarrassed. For example, "my mother often boast of your generous enthusiasm, love for the sake of others. Said that if she had a child is really blessing." He heard a heart, with the passing of time will feel this is you of his evaluation, are not her parents said, he also took the opportunity to answer: "you said I when how your son?" in the course of contacts, beautiful love will sprout. In short, the girl to take the initiative to pursue offensive to many smart design and sweetheart together, and when friends a heap of chat, you choose your crowd his; see him in what social work and activities, she also intends to actively join, in order to reveal to him in the process in one's work. Can also explain their ideas to the intimate friends, once friends put out your things to the rumor form of publicity, people joke might come to his ears, if he think about some of the things you do for him, will understand your heart.