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Living in fear of several large common man

Man since ancient times and " fortitude ", " brave " These words are linked, in fact , men also have a lot of psychological fear and worry . To sum up, the main fear of men living there are five :

First, because the source of the males in the family economy coupled with a large proportion of " breadwinner " of traditional concepts , so the maximum fear of men in the workplace and the economy .
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Second, for fear of losing health . Another thing men fear most is the loss of independence and autonomy , must rely on others for care. Typically such cases , often in sick when prone .

Third, many men often harbor fears of being discarded . Men are especially afraid of his wife or child neglect or abandon after middle age , so I encountered the attitude of disrespect for their family members , will be very sensitive reaction .

Fourth, the children are not taught to produce anxiety. Hopeful psychology, men tend to be more eager than women , middle-aged man fearing that their children often can not meet their expectations , the formation of a regular mental burden .

Five men for their physical decline, much stronger than the female sexual concerns weakened . For an appeal to various psychological phenomenon psychologists call it gray mental illness . Gray mental disease generally occurs in men entering middle age , mainly as follows: spiritual malaise , unhappy , restless , but himself denied any psychological variation.

Gray mental disease occurs with a variety of factors. From bodily functions , the middle-aged agility movements began to decline from the peak of the state , often feel powerless to do things . From the psychological function , most middle-aged learning and memory began to decline , and the lack of change in living conditions make them prone to dull feeling. From the family burden of view, there are often middle-aged parents with children under a variety of entertainment trivia spent a lot of time and effort , so often makes them feel too much pressure , it is difficult to cope with .

So how do you overcome these psychological fear , control gray mental disease? First, men should pay special attention to their health , and to keep the law of the normalization of life . Secondly , do not do unnecessary adventure, let his spirit in a relatively stable state. In addition , we must learn to cope with stress , facing enormous pressure from family and society, we must learn to deal with pressure and cope with stress , so you can reduce the psychological burden.