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{love u whisper in the wind }

Okay you guys this is mi first storie read plz
mi name is shy im 5' even and im 16 i hail from bronx newyork Im a total band geek straight up and down couldnt live with out mi clarinet =i play 4 the brooklyn steppers marching band mi parents are weird well its not them its there sitution see mi mom died when i was like 6 and before then mi mom and dad had been split. My step mother just became mi mom all of a sudden its kewl cause i like her but mi step mom have been on and off so many times i lost count i know what your thinking how do i deal wit the pain i guess its mi music i plY LEAD GUTAIR and key board mi most prized thing mi music ability i love it,almost more than him he is mi ex mi bestfriend mi enemy mi cut buddy mi chris aka mi love bka mi jellybean{he hates that nick name }

tell me what you think so far and i will post more !!!!!!!!

okay here we go chapter one >>>..

november 19 2007
mr.high: look band you have work hard and so long to come here i am proud of you in every way so do ur best cause your best is the best okay . i want every one to go in there hotelroom and get ready 4 tomorrow and go to sleep geeze!!!

shy pov : i so cant belive we made it this far. there i go again fallin love wit music alll over again damn { her thoughts were interrupted by a person grabing her waist.
M/v: hey what you thinking bout
shy: nothing and shad can you let me go we broke up remeber
shad: says who lil bit
shy: YOUR NEW GIRL!!!!!!
shad : she not here at all and she doesnt get me like you do baby
shy: i realy could care less who gets you or who doesnt okay you should have thought about that ish be4 u messed wit her
shad: shy you gonna want all this back
shy: dont now wont later thats a promise bye son
>as i walked up to mi hotel room i was texting mi dad to let him no i had made it and really not watching were i was going when i bumped into this baritone player. i had saw him be4 but didnt really pay him any attention i think his name was chris so
shy : my fault b.
chris : you straight shawty
shy:yea okay
chris: aye you play clarinet right
shy: yea i do u play baritone right
shy: yea i thought so
chris : o u did
shy: yep but look i would love to stand here and talk to u but mi sleep calls nationals not going to win themselves
> i walked into to the room were zazmen and aliyah had already desroyed the room<
shy: dang what did yall do party in 5 minutes
zay: man you already know shy
zay and aliyah were mi best friends and i so totally love them !
shy: man shad is really geting on mi nerves ! he just keep this thing up on his f****ing shoulder like i still like him when its not like that at all
zay: i say we should beat his ass after we win nationas
aliyah: thats your solution to every thing
zay: what it works i bet he will think twice before he step to u
shy: lets go to sleep i gotta be in top phyisical form when i step on that feild !
shy: ay was up wit that boy chris that play baritone ?
zay: i dont know but omari geting on mi nerves
shy: why is that ?
aliyah : he want to buss her down on the trip
shy: wow omari
zay: i kow right
shy : aye aint this omari number textin me ?
chris pov
> she was super bad i have seen her so many times why didnt i pay attention to her though <
omari: nigga i hate when zay act like this
chris: was up
omari : we been together 4 about 6 months and she still not letin me hit
chris: o aye aint that girl shy in zay room
omari :yea they best friends y?
chris : no reason you got her number in your phone
o: yea i do
c: can i text her
o: use your own phone
c: man come on why you trippin
o: just let her no its you i already gotta deal wit zay i dont want her mad at me
c: you already know man
o:yea yea wit yo country ass
c: man dont hate mi southern swag got yall females sweatin me B.
o: dont say that ever again okay folk >lol
textin shy aye was up this chris i hope you not asleep
s: no im not but i thought u was omari u were finna get cused out u feel me b.
c: yea i guess but you lost me at u feel me u straight thou why you not sleep you heard what masa said do
s: yea i did but this really cute dude is on mi mind
>damn i new something that sexy had a dude>
c: oh thats nice
s: no not really but i gess what ever you say
c: > kinda happy> why not
s; thats a story 4 next time now go to sleep and dream about me no im just playing but yea good night
C: aight good night
tell me what you think and i got ya after i eat gotta get mi fat monster on !!!