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To the Webmasters

Hi There,

This is really annoying me, we need some sort of straight forward structure in the forums, there are way too many reposts (maybe its just me)..

also when i save a comment my page because invalid, which is really annoying.

fan fiction - the old stories are muddled up.. its time consuming to get the right order (once again maybe its just me)

if someone could please sort out the forums and maybe take into consideration having admins or moderators to put some structure and rules into the forum,

flagging posts - do yous even do anything when we flag posts - from what i've seen you dont

news updates - fan sites get more updates than this site and this is CB's official site!

all in all - the forums need a major make-over!


ok, that sounds really like a d**k and i dont mean to be.. but we do need these things in place..
gosh id even volunteer to be a moderator