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im new here can someone like feel me in

i need to know what been going on and do chris be on here talking to people and who make the good stories


heya im new too!!! wat poppin with everyone?!

Love isnt a matter of counting the years its making the years count

Well Firstly.. Sup Mama Welcome to the Board..As you'll see or aready noticed i reply to like everything and act like im know'it'all.. but im not im just nosey and have an opinion on everything hahaha.. My Names Harlem.. im a nice person HAHAHAHA!! nah yuhz... ANYWHOOO...

Theres a debate abowt weather CB comes on here or not.. he might just discretly or everyone would most def! rape his private message section! and i wouldnt blame them!.. Hunnyz FLY!

Az for the stories.. manzzz HONESTLY!! you just gotta check them all out.. i found afew stories on here that entice you and make you wanna keep reading haha.. anywho thats me for now.. Have Fun and enjoy ya'self!

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