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ok i dont he do


he swears he cb

Posted by chenaisia92


u is cute and can u add me 2 frenz list thankxxx....

He looks like Chris Brown. That the closest someone has got beside Phresh Prince and this due who had his pic on here with a black shirt standing in his back yard. You in the top 10 look alikes nice.

OTHER FELLAS TAKE NOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Da skata girl-

Now and later boi
(Since you so good to me)
Like a cherry flavor, life-saver (My life-saver)
Please don't ever leave
Now and later boi
Now and later, my candy boi
I get stingy when it comes to you
Baby, I want you all for myself.


You sure are fine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok i have to admit you kinda look like chris

Da skata girl-

he is cute!!

yup he looks a lil like cb
They packed up in here wall to wall
I don't hear nothing but fellas calling
Im tryna give one of them all this
but they keep coming from wall to wall


can i get them digits? ha

a lur bit. This facial expression does look a lil bit like 'im.