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Well OMG!!!!!!!

OMG....can you guys believe that everybody said that Chris Brown kissed another guy on the internet??? I mean which girl would ever believe that???, i mean maybe the jealous guys and other people might think that!!!!! I would never believe that cuz he's a straight G!!!! and he iz hot and i evn heard that on tv that he is lookin for a girl!!!! So all dem jealous a**holes shouldn't even start s*** with cb cuz he'll kick their asses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


naw dis gay s*** is getting me hella angry ! s*** ! stop saying dat hayta leave my boo alone damn ! i hata dose hatas!! AWW

Nicky J

CHRIS IS NOT GAY! and he didn't kiss another guy on the internet gay men wish!!! ok hes 1000000% straight wheres the proof?? oh yea there isn't any
miss chris

WOW..the thingz that people would say to start off a topic..or conversation!

where da hell did u c that?

i agree wit brooklyn. they do need a hobby. really that rumor they tryna start is a bunch of bull s*** so they need to fall back bfore they get jumped by a bunch of cb fans or cb him self cum up der and handle things himself. real and true talk

Thats a bunch of BS!!!!

I'm always lookin good and I always stay fly...I'm the one and only GlamourGirl of the 215

Thats bulls*** i know he aint kiss no damn dude.....who eva makeup s*** like that has 2much time on their hands and needs a hobby and thats real talk

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