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Does anybody know how to.....

...delete this picture?
It's like this... I had this virtual image on my page as my pic. Well the other day I was messing around, trying to add some pics to my account page. I browsed and found my friend's pic and decided 'wth, let's try it' and I submitted it. When I didn't see it come up under the part that says "pictures added my Mystik", I figured it didn't work so I forgot about it.
Well the other day a newbie added me to her friend's list. When I checked her page, I say that I was the only one she added to her list and that it's Latanya (my friend) who's picture was there and not the one that I've been using on here since day one.... I wanna take it down, cuz I don't want anybody thinking I'm Latty..... and if she found out I had her picture on my page as me, she'd flip..... so please tell me how to change it back.....
I'm desperate!!!!!!