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some lame ass pic i took

Posted by 07jstone


dam ooohhh yea FuNkY fReSh baby

iiTS ALEJANDRA ii LOVE MY MONKEY KiiNG CHRiiS BROWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

u r so sexy!!!

You look jus like diz
boyy i kno, Named Daron.
MMM. Too fiine! dont look
like chris brown too much.
But sho iz FFFIIINNNEE!!!!

not as chris but cute u look like dis boi rob w/out briads muahsz

metal mouth nigga you kno you look nuttin like cb get to steppin NEXT!

you are soo cute i wish i could meet you in person

brookiebabii xoxo

you aiit but, no. i dont think so. you could pass for a cousin tho ;) and dont take nunna dese ruude tingz people sayin.


Wat up with your face? you need a better razor dawg.