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'07 Moments

Take a Walk Down mEmory lane. '08 is near. What is your favorite or most cherished '07 moments and your favorite Chris Brown '07 Moments?

My Favorite 07 Moments
Food Fight
My first love
found a crush
summer vacation
boys vs. gurls dance off
the cute guys
The olD boards & of course new years on the old bOaRD (ppl were celebrating it at difFerent timEs)
harlem week
making the band 4 finale
& Charm Skool

Favorite Chris 07 Moments'
When kiss kiss was bout to premiere on 106 i was anxious to see that and watching chris on there
the today show summer concert
When Stomp the Yard came out and Me and my friend went to go see it(screamin whenever chris came on the screen)...wait it did come out this year rite? help me out u me out lol
Seeing This Christmas...that was a funny movie

*still thinking*

add Ya list...