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In Search For a Girl

Hey, Im Andrea and this whole story will be in Chris' Point Of Veiw
So Here we go!!

Ay, Im Christopher Brown Known as Chris Brown on the streets, Im In search for a girl that would be best 4 me.Im sick of bein' lonely all the time so this is my chance 2 get wit a girl since im not on tour or anything like that.

I wake up early in the morning by my alarm clock that read: 1:30pm, cuz thats when all the girls come out

Me: damn it 1:30 alredy

So i head to my bathroom for my late shower
as soon as i got out the shower my sidekick rang

Me: Hello

Sum1: hey chris,its ya mama, how you don'

me:im doing goood mama, bout 2 get ready 2 go out

M/m: boy you need 2 stop tryin spit yo "game" at those hoochies

me: mama im not im getting a good girl

M/m: mmhmm

me: I got 2 go

M/m: k i luv you.......1



me: i dont know why my ma gotta try 2 be gansta

sorry it was so short but i gotta go

1 luv