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would they make a good couple?

chris and rihanna.jpg

I personal think chris and rhianna would a good couple wat about you?

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oh no,why her out of all people?????????

r u crazy noooo.......anybody except she ciara...nooo.don't try to give me a heart attack..more with me


They would make a good couple because they look good together(no use in hatin on her)...but then they wouldn't because Chris doesn't like her like that!

You cannot tell me Chris aint fly!

not that i dont like her cuz i think she be pressin up on chris cuz i really dont give a shyt but its jus she an air headed b****
i want yo lovey dovey
yo kiss kiss
in yo mind you fantasize about
gettin wit me

yo its that trinigyul yuh kno

i heard rihanna is goin with omarion now!

Chris is Miggity Mine and 4Eva will be despite these skoochies allegations Okay?!!!! Chris I wuv ya Honzie!

sInCeReLy Chris's Cinderella 4 Eva Eva Eh Eh

Some body's tripin now

I am Chri$ Brown's #1 fan $o other hater$ dont be jealou$.