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Chris and I at his photo shoot. with murphy.<33
i love you chris!!!!

Posted by raiderade


He got that Dloce and Gabana and you look so cute in your top
Why did you let go of him! LOL

Da skata girl-

omg i have the same belt!!!!but i bought it for 10 euro

oh girl your so lucky! i wich that was me!<3 but i live in Denmark so it's to long ;/<3 - cute pic
chrisMaurice+sofieHansen (L)<3

real real dope pic & ur pwetty

[itsz so funny when girls be claimin that they're "chrisbrown's wifey" LOL] =b
imaBreezyFan&hearts; &+ I qot maddLOVE for ChriszBrown* love him reqardless;

CB in a grip'n t0p.. so hot!

♫▪♥▫..Ur Girl..Miss Harlem..▫♥▪♫
♪▪▫...L♥ved By Many, Desired By All...▫▪♪
♫▪▫...I Dont Cheat Death, I Master It...▫▪♫

This pic is one of the best I've seen so far.

DeM Boyz call me ICY cause WhEn I WalK by ThEy tend To FrEEzE...$*ICEeCreAM CHIC*$ 4lyfe-

wish that could've been mii *sighs*

My Honzie!

sInCeReLy Chris's Cinderella 4 Eva Eva Eh Eh

you both look real good. im jelious wish i could have himm er atleast meet him =] wow i would soo staree at him then scream teh cryy! ahha im a loserr liek that but its ok =] hes fckn hotttttt

thats a nice pic

..Hold Up STOP!.. Let Me Holla At Chu.. Dangz BabyBoo.. You Got Me Feelig Yo Groove