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Minus one word

Aren't you and you are same, the face For many days, which are not on the Internet, that day on the way back, heart turn back to have that thousand million many words to say with him, there are so many tears to flow, buried in his bosom until sit in <a href="">gucci sunglass</a> front of the computer, warm just became, between them, have so much, so much, but minus one word, a word just. A read so far, manner is empty.
Before the holiday, the final candidates announce, warm, made the school has begun to help them deal with formalities of going abroad, inform them is oneself can go prepared, travel arrangements, a procedure so we can go.
Warm but no half a year to expectations and joyance, not <a href="">gucci handbags</a> even sure also don't go away, and has not spoken with anyone in this matter, so blankly numbness.
During summer vacation, warm or back home, the father but also downhearted, all day until the school informed said passport have handle, she stood in front of, mouth nervously close father together several times, still cannot tell, such an important event, deceive such a long, upon this time to say, are not the past. Especially also cozen the <a href="">gucci uk</a> small, uncle father knew she deceive him, must be angry, know her even small uncle also deceive, must be more angry. Finally an ostrich's away, himself out of the door, aimless around.
Unknowingly he entered into a net cafe, unconsciously sat to computer in front.
Computer screen, gazed at sight has blurred. Finally still point opened MSN, an online, strips news jumped out.
"Warm, today to play, who knows how long had no <a href="">gucci shoe sale</a> exercise, always have no time, behind a lot, but I think that maybe, is not you watching's sake, you know, the boy play must belle beside saw, as to plays well, motivated
"Practice and homework simultaneously very hard but also has a benefit, this medicine is such, practice and theory put together, insist again 1 year will graduate, did you watch American play - emergency room, the story of real situation really <a href="">gucci</a> about, the confusion again busy, right, today I took a mother of pearl pendant tucked into the little guy, his nose mother also please can I take time don't break, because little dad send her decease keepsake!"
"Warm, you have had a week online, not out? Busy? Are you nervous? Over there lessons have a holiday?"
"Online words, give me a message? Silly of me, how do <a href="">cheap gucci</a> I never leave your telephone?"
Warm couldn't clear computer the words, yes, there are so many, so much, why, why, he shall mean that a word? He just said, that a word is good, as long as there is that a word, even at both ends of the earth, and how?..., I also will surely will you find, depend on your chest, tell you my missing for you.
"Well, before."
"You are very long time no online, have <a href="">gucci watches uk</a> what thing? Busy?"
"Not, some family things. It doesn't matter."
Change knows that warm cleverly, o nag from sick to death, she is always busy care nothing time online.
"The first days, I went to high school classmate party."
"Be? Long time no sees them."
"People talk about you? And all, all pretty think you, you go out for a long time. I, I also pretty miss <a href="">gucci watches sale</a> you."
"Yes, my grandpa and grandma all want to death me?"
"That, this year, there will be any chance, can come back? Warm feel had made the life most ambiguous words, wish, as long as you say, as long as you say, you do!