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The flowing flower

Midnight always vague fear because some secretly to tears. What time, she became tears? Say a woman is water, use on her body, really is again appropriate nevertheless? What exactly in fear, afraid of what, or what is sad, she always <a href="">charm jewellery</a> for his couldn't find the right reason. She put all boils down on those songs brought her fresh inexplicable sentimental, perhaps slowly would, okay?
In my mind, slowly emerge his outline, the strong boy, oh, no, man, always brought him a courage and confidence, satisfy her serious shortage of security. She will never forget that hands holding her hand of temperature, seems for her, the <a href="">pandora charms</a> in sad or is nervous, just with the right hand holding his left hand, oneself will calm down.
Because on her left hand still remain his temperature. Our next meeting, and will be left hand was holding walked the streets and alleys, even if it's just sitting quietly, the left hand on the temperature will let her peace of mind.
Since then, together unexpectedly so long <a href="">pandora jewellery</a> time, a year and a half, how much a year and a half? She didn't know, but she was very grateful for these he in the side day, let her are growing up, thinking about to grow, in knows something, taking some things that repent in understanding.
In the effort, to the refueling, everything all because in the side have such a person's existence. Well, after flowers blossom, after bumpy <a href="">bead</a> thorns, after her pain in the process of transformation of temper, he still beside her, and this is how good.
Time is slipping passed, don't know is how much time, a few years, several decades, or will they be several hundred years of time? So, when they are old demon? As long as can together is happiness, is it not? She just wanted in when we <a href="">cheapst pandora</a> get old, still have a in his side holding his hand, say: "I love you."
Three years ago, you let me find my life's troubles, let I first tried unrequited love the taste, first we meet still so clear records in my head, my in the mind of a place, and the rest is your shadow, I know I've stuck deeply, three years ago, I left that let I lifetime never forget the place.
Three years later, I returned to this place, you are always so excellent, but I, I want to smile I think loud laugh, but also to know where to smile on, watching you happiness, I can only toward oneself pour out, you give the heartache only <a href="">pandora jewelry</a> like the injured jackals as, slowly lick try wound, the in the mind of the blood, and endless flow, love is think you promise to me, can never achieve, three years I left.
Three years, I have heard your sadness depart, also had heard your happiness, the countless times phone, let me know I've already cannot <a href="">genuine pandora jewelry</a> extricate oneself, three years, I've been not miss you, LPNG in fantasy and you beautiful fairy tale.
Once upon a time, hear you said sad break up with him, you and me a piece of sadness, and you a run-down, but in the heart of but naive think it was my chance, but since then, you just vanished, I crazy for you, and I've been on <a href="">beads</a> the Internet, are looking forward to your avatar, no longer gloomy, and you, just as water flows through after, and never appear.
One day, suddenly a text message, let my heart again back on the road before, you say you now single, you think of me, I was excited stayed up all night long, so, I in your company, spent my rainy season the happiest hour in.