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The skilful operation

Warm hurried to, know he's drunk line, also didn't knock at the door is opened in directly, just entered the room, they stay in the door, he long standing in front of the bar was holding a cup of coffee is also gazed at warm, a while to say: "warm, why <a href="">gucci</a> are you here?"
Warm at odds and difficult to say: "be chug elder brother, he called me and said you get drunk, was very drunk, send you back he was going away, want me to look at you, take care of you, I worry, just, just come to see."
He gently took one sip of coffee, already <a href="">gucci sunglass</a> understand is his good brothers wiseacre kindness Xiangtan, don't know is how saw his mind, through his telephone dozen give warm, cheated girl who-was-not-little-anymore come over. He looked at the door drone uneasy warm said: "come in and sit down... he says you believe? Besides, I was drunk, you worried about?"
"I, I..." Warm embarrassed not a line, yeah, he all ignore <a href="">gucci handbags sale</a> her, she still so anxious, sucking up like somebody else to come, not at all? And don't ask her effusive? She can do. Angry, Xiamen, injustice, she also speaks what is low to answer: "you're all right, I'll go back."
Warm just stand up, he told her: "warm, wait... help me cook a cup of coffee." Warm involuntarily see toward him hand holding the coffee cup, he paused for a moment, said: "you cook coffee than I cook good."
Once upon a time, she is still in his here, know his <a href="">gucci shoes</a> habits, always in while he was here, can cook good coffee, on his nigh. The skilful operation with warm, cantus poetry, he seems to be just like that look at her buckled looked at. Warm arms tread with little rabbit so at his gaze, under a loops of ran 800 meters.
Coffee end to warm him saw him or gazed at her Warm so since natural methodologies, simply breezed toward Metuchen spoke of "I've been in love with someone else" such word, and hanging from the days of boulders seems as voice dropped and <a href="">gucci handbag sale</a> crashing falling. Originally, love is but say export, but is nodded recognize it.
Why to him, she is not export? For some days, she wasn't sure how oneself the Metuchen will love him so blurt out. In that day, Monday, listen to warm Metuchen long moment asked: "is he? Her eyes open, but surely abnormal answer: "yes, it is." A <a href="">gucci handbags us</a> Metuchen silence after finally helpless with a sigh: this is let my tears!"
Warm going over and over again also not decide oneself should do, basket in the supermarket pouncing about few laps, but bought nothing. Just holding a mobile phone, saw countless eye, although know that he won't call, but he himself also did not have the courage to call back. Suddenly the phone rang, and behold, it was Metuchen, smiled and pick up: "leaf eldest brother."
He was over there roar: "depend! You little come, your <a href="">gucci jewelry sale</a> yaw want to let me go to tonight KTV, tears K an all-night you exactly have several good younger sister?"
Warm know he teases out her accustomed smile yang also forgave, walk to Suction took a box of tofu, 2 tomatoes. He on the phone to ask: "what are you up to?"
"What have you bought food?"
"You have to do?"
"I love to eat map bean curd; tomato bean curd is what taste?"
You are idle?
"Your first day know I knew I am idle. Tomatoes <a href="">gucci handbags</a> bean curd is tomatoes scrambled egg flavor, bean curd fry scattered like eggs, isn't it?"
"No, tomato bean curd is tomatoes taste." the bean curd,
"Then I'll find you have tomatoes tofu." Then he hung up the phone.