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Think feminine

Zhu looked at him, I thought it really let Mumu said that he really is nonsense teasing her. Mumu this morning and she bet, say only today bother Warm today really beautiful, Metuchen drive home when remembered today at the wedding is <a href="">gucci shoe uk</a> timid, like shrine with crystal witty pure warm, unavoidable heart melancholy. Think feminine but is woman, from ignorance, originally, love is like 100 turn and a thousand times, think she is but one of his numerous woman, obtained, shuffle when couples are but sooner or later, not, also hurt him a self-described dissolute confidence.
But he did not know, have a kind of woman, in your <a href="">gucci watches uk</a> casual, enter your heart room, as you do not self-knowledge, broke your resistance. If in your reinforced concrete build by laying bricks or stones good the fortress, digging a small hole, just a small hole, but will warm sunshine filer silk pour, a wisp of a wisp of mapping atrium. U between, you will find that, even though you armed and storm, and unable to resist her between turn to your smile.
When we meet at the beginning, he was leaning against <a href="">gucci</a> a tree with new contacts the Venus of inferior girlfriend, but see a petite figure from his side pass through it, jumping to appearance, let him not feel burst out laughing, follow immediately to stop her, ask her junior high school, which is how to get a college. Few words, eager to hear her shy one look younger junk Lang young give away after, she was a face of guilt, frustrated. He watched her <a href="">gucci shoes authentic</a> locked eyebrows, little face crumpled shape, the bottom of a small group of its birth, a pity that I hope to see her change into smile.
He involuntarily phonate accosted, but she disdains the without saying a word turned and walked away. In fact, he also is pure and fresh elegance, elegant and uncommon character, it is such a great charm person, deserve to go up again his family <a href="">gucci handbags us</a> name, say no more decent haughty unruly is impossible. To the woman, often occurs as long as he wants to, it is that, gradually, but also more and more don't give a damn. Common where he often drew a woman watching eyes, and on that day, but she turned a blind eye to him, he is beside her tree standing, but she seems ought to that was two tree, there is no sense of today-at last he led her attention, but she toward him to such a romantic charming, promenading up <a href="">gucci watch authentic</a> man too imperceptibly. He took a quickly fleeing from local new rascal.
Later, in the home stay facility again meet, but see she was with another man together, to see her early in the morning and the open jaguar men go together, he can't help stands at a distance, careful conjecture, disdain Buffon look hard to from already, secretly could not help ridicule, pack what pure person, also not so. However, the time is long, he <a href="">gucci jewellery</a> thought of such a man, and sometimes are always bursts out in the brain, after he was freely asked several people, nobody knows he remembered what a few words what song lyrics until, once he nerve, incredibly go online to search, square know is a children's song, was dumbfounded feel burst out laughing over, but listen to again and again.
Wait until meet again, he again became <a href="">gucci handbags</a> her classmate's boyfriend. In that day saw her one holding the book in the sun underneath waiting for the bus, and thought thick bead hang in her face, but not a scorching heat, but as if there is a strong, cold spring slowly through his mind.