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How should I delete you in my heart?

The long time never lit up the QQ head also tonight suddenly flash up, looking at the strange color, familiar, familiar scene, the in the mind a sense of panic, but what matter all dare not to do nothing to dare not to say... Just quietly looked at the avatar, hair foolish, think of you at this moment mood...
Would you still remember 729? You must forget! But I remember, don't deliberately to remember, because never forget... Three years ago today, you first call about me to meet, three years ago today, I see you on the other side of the, three years ago today, you first initiative send messages to care about my life, three years ago today, your tenderness, your considerate and...
All I remember everything! These <a href="">pandora jewelry</a> belong to our two personal recollections, passed without my permission, how can you selfish it from your memory deleted? Perhaps selfish man is me! The <a href="">pandora bead</a> selfish that keep you around, everything <a href="">bracelets sale</a> can be heavy, but never discovered that they had never lived entered your heart!
I know, it was all my fault, I did not attend to your feelings, wayward put between us and tell him what friends, but I never thought she would betray me, perhaps this is the so-called Frankenstein’s, do not live! When the friend put things tell other people, it was destined to both you and I be the exclusive object... Teacher-student romance only can be a segment does not <a href="">bracelet jewellery</a> being blessed relationship... I know, you don't have enough courage, so choose escape from...
Actually, I have also <a href="">cheapest pandora jewellery</a> hesitant, nerve struggled, though when I know my heart loves you, but I know that if we together, you should bear up, will be much pressure... So have <a href="">pandora silver bracelet with clasp</a> been afraid to tell you that I love you! But that day, the first time out in my still hesitating, television broadcast of just is the courage of fish long’s "love really need courage to face the gossip <a href="">cheap pandora</a> language, as long as you one look sure, my love is meaningful..."
I firmly your own beliefs, no matter how other people see, how to say, if we between teachers and students in the distance has 1000 steps, as long as you step out of the first step toward you, I would go through the rest of the direction of the 999 steps! Why in my efforts those 999 steps, you hung back? Say good happiness?
Now you my world in different orbit continue to walk... The next station, how will? Whether there is a cross intersection? Or parallel tracks really never fellowship? Someone says, the parallel lines of intersection is not an accident, but a certainty, two parallel lines in at the intersection of instant, doomed later will drift away end... Maybe we are the two at the intersection of parallel lines!
Began to think like a paste, think what all suffered, until the thought of you. I closed my eyes and imagine you clung to the I, I affixed with you, your face close to my face, I hear your breathing, and feel your heart beating, I not afraid.
Just from that day after, I always think of you. At the beginning of the every day like for a few minutes, then is one hour, two hours, that later is all day miss you all day without. Think of you I feel particularly well, and everything is particularly good. Until one <a href="">pandora braelet</a> day I want to meet with you, but I can't. Hence my beginning from the beginning to the end want to between us occurred.