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It does not need to say sorry

For the first time in the university, the teacher let tutoring class is English movies "love story". Film in Harvard University, Oliver long rinks chair, facing a snow day he and Jane's memory drops... He heard someone cry, thought is the film sound. Turn around and found to be sitting on his classmate. Ok, just washed his <a href="">links of london</a> handkerchief, brave, handed her the glad to have him with that links of London sweetie watch. The two assignments of audio-visual do best, one is to write a good story skeleton, one is the classic dialogue have caught. Tutoring class teacher, in the second week of the tutoring class praised them their links earrings beautiful."Love means are right time will apply (Love is, don't say sorry." A guilty, his early ablation knows this sentence Links London sweetie is suitable for you. names of coordination. He was only 17 years old, is the smallest of the students in class, all the students shouted his little brother <a href="">links</a> wit h a links London watch. A self-driven person in front of her, suddenly feel weak. This weekend, mom came to the school near a links of London store to see his son; students are gathered in the hall to see the performance, happened to meet. Enthusiastically led her to go to the small restaurant near a links of London jewelry shop, and then find her with a Sweetie Bracelet with one star charm. At night, she deserves to spread. He invited her to dinner, please her movies, send her small gift for her mother, hosted the banner of two personal contacts, which increased. He goes to girl's dormitory, the administrator will ask: "to find <a href="">Discount links london</a> your sister?" He nodded. Some noise; simply recognize the elder sister is the leader of Flip Flop 3-Flowers Charm well, so close to more justified. Two girls seriously in the bedroom kneels ground worship days. Someone is on the wall up the casually at once upon a time and asked to become sworn. Spring Festival is approaching and he bought a links of London cane ring for her, the students on campus to put up the fireworks. She pulled his hand: "go, see the fireworks down with your sister." He at home, at that moment, there really do feel happy brother.Another year of spring, she brought home to students <a href="">links london charms</a> Mating, lily. He went to school late, the classroom, she gave him an iron box, warm and affectionately around his shoulder: "give my brother kept up." In early may, the cool weather. More than 11 p.m., her downstairs to loudly shout: "brother, I am your sister! Quick come down!" Many boys from the window, the chamber learned her younger brother: ", hurry and come down!" He also wears good clothes with c**ktail Glass with Cherry Charm, down to accompany her picture. Pretend sister very affectionate, still some distance between men and women. One day, she from school by maple wood on a drill out, he surprised by the boy: "this is your brother." It was her first high school, the freshmen.The forest <a href="">links of london stores</a> always loves all the students, he never thinks over there. Two months before, she cried to find him. He didn't know why, the hope is that they split. He kept asking, is to confirm. She cried, saying you're small, do not understand. His brother this role dejected, exactly how to play? She cried no strength, whole body fell on his back, it is two recent distance, is also the most familiar to him. He has some panic, car jolt plunged. Her arm, trapping the paper out of his loins, and is still the pear flower take rain, Quid wet clothes, into the skin. Like hundreds of caterpillar, arouse his each nerve. She for him to wash clothes, sewing button, laugh at him, and every girl in the eyes of the younger brother finally grew <a href="">links charms</a> up. However, her name was filled with his university four years of diary. In his eyes, the helpless and start a new relationship, she is the instructor. He hates his new brother-in-law, always look strange. The instructor asked him, like. He gave a word: no. He doesn't like her, but love her, he said to himself in the heart. See, the new brother-in-law actually does not love her. She graduated from the University of a Second, the relationship is natural end. That night, the English class 30 students take the classroom when the restaurant to eat meal, decide to scrap it altogether. Someone desperately to drink desperately said goodbye to wrap. He not only, and every man his toast, believe that <a href="">Links London Chains</a> this is not a farewell. The next morning, she knocked at the door. His mind is frosty, feeling, and four bedrooms have no one. He slept on a mat on her small stools and talk to him. She like 4 years ago, tears, even younger brother, so also included respectively. Her 11 o 'clock train, he will send her to the station, she allowed: "someone sent me." Finally, she came too respectively, it is they embrace him the second phase. First, she is her brokenhearted helplessly posted on his back. Sorry, these four years, the elder sister doesn't care you, her voice some dumb.Again he remembered "Love story" of the dialogue: "Love means are right time will apply (Love is, don't say sorry." This is born from, it is death. In August, her on the phone, she has told him he was the high point and contract. When she was hung up the phone, so ask 1: "we still need a school English teacher, you don't want?" Sadly, he should be well, well. She has abandoned in the past, this invitation or is a hint.He sat long train her city. In the mid-day, squeezed hustled off by the Hubei dialect can not hear clearly. He suddenly produces alone, like worms bite his heart. He is more eager to see her; steaks in the truck ran to her home in the country. Reprinted from: