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Tokyo GUCCI ICON - TEMPORARY flow sneakers stores will johson 16 paragraph sneakers, including in clause 14 men's shoes and dress shoes, paragraph 2 of the classical design application GUCCI, such as GG logo or the GUCCI classic green stylized <a href="">gucci</a> red, green ribbon details. Each money as well as a flash CARDS and silver metal recognition from inside the shoe with "Limited happen" seam embroidery tags. Small leather shoes rope attached card, can be customer preferences pressure on name abbreviations. GUCCI ICON - TEMPORARY sneakers packing <a href="">gucci shoe sale</a> will for each city to conduct special design, is the fashionable personage rare collections. At the same time also will launch a chic cast steel dials tie-in white GG logo watchband of I - Gucci wrist watch.
"After New York, Miami and London, etc, will be released after the success of this new concept flow shop to Tokyo huckleberry, here gathered many sneakers enthusiasts." Frida Giannini said: "when I started with Mark together conception creation, we will <a href="">gucci sunglass online</a> then walk. He owns keen on design of sneakers history has at his fingertips. He's a cross-cultural and influential artist of the cross time."
Mark Ronson said: "I collect shoes for many years, therefore I am already for Gucci sneakers idea really special design, become both beautiful and be worth to collect products. Frida and I happen to coincide the ground want to give the project into special music element, so I will be with different artists cooperation, for each flow shop opening <a href="">gucci shoes</a> ceremony production limited edition music." s, will receive guests a specially made 12 inches of record, contained a Ronson chooses personally of music.
In April this year, Gucci in London, Britain launched Gucci Temporary exhibitions, all Icon - two months, this Gucci mobile store more about moving in <a href="">gucci sunglass wholesale</a> Tokyo, Japan in the opening day held a grand Party.
This opening Party really it is a strong lineup made by well-known sneakers Ronson as Mark collector DJ DJ, place oneself in the dreamy light, cool sound of, I believe that no one will not invest in it. During this store would stay open to July 4.
Otherwise news says, Gucci will also foray into hotels, is <a href="">gucci handbags</a> poised to dubai in the Middle East to open first hotel. By Gucci founder Elisabetta Gucci Paolo Gucci daughter named, she also have participated in the hotel design. At present the hotel has largely completed, just wait interior decoration, finish. Gucci hotel company's managing director, said they <a href="">gucci jewellery</a> were hotel positioning for boutique boutique hotel (death), only seven rooms, a night price about hk $32 rises, the presidential suite one night room charge about 53000 hk dollar.
They are more set ambitious plans to open the next fifteen years, its forty hotel chain hotels across the Middle East, Asia, Africa, South America, etc, China <a href="">gucci watches wholesale</a> as the world's second-largest luxury goods market, also in key consideration list. Perhaps this mobile store about moving in Tokyo, Japan is for its hotels into Asia market ahead of preheating.