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Old beam left fork on the waist, right hand a shelf, is with rickets watching shelf arrangement of books do. I silently looked at his shoulder uplift of figure, sigh with regret to: he was old, we are old, shook is 30 years ha! He is my roommate in college at <a href="">oakley gascan</a> birth, he studied history, I studied literature.
We get along really well, and all like making friends, so we this house is the building of the most lively one. After graduation, and we got a scholarship to the United States to go abroad, although I in the middle, he in the west, but we letters continuously, holidays always run to go together. Got PhD degree later, we also go back <a href="">oakleys</a> home, but his grades than me - brought a in the United States growing, is very capable beautiful lady beauty. I am back later and a then as a middle school teacher married. I and old beam and a university to teach, and dwellings and very near, two ladies also get along really well, therefore, we two in the children of the two, is in its own name for Mrs. Each other children play. My daughter named Vanessa male, his son call it. On <a href="">oakley sunglasses</a> the eve of the liberation, an old professor, midnight inside, to make us call to together, mobilize our tomorrow "rescue by professor plane leave the dangerous website. Originally already was terrified beauty, he urged old beam accept the invitation, hurriedly rushed packed simple luggage, took his son away. But <a href="">cheap oakley</a> very calm say: "afraid? What are we are Chinese communists, exactly than the strong, I die in China's land!" We stayed, from now on, we and our old beam a broke up "This is a kind of spell." He said she glanced at the beautiful original, made a grimace. Then they leave. The hospitable host to send their top elevator when there some <a href="">oakley sunglasses sale</a> ants, he lived with that adsorption in the ceiling of the green balloon. He original left this one lovely tall building. Rain and snow and they really affectionate, not fall into his hand, face, neck inside drill? "It all blames me." Good original heartache ground to say, "I have no ability to get it, and let your grievance..." He covered his mouth. She chuckled. Smile is really happy, a pomegranate flower opening is not that stretch. Good original understand. Good original <a href="">Oakley sport Sunglasses sale</a> laughed, too. They all know his happiness. Understand the life and the world belongs to their young people, the laughter that wind, rain, snow stopped a city, the above was the night the sun. He is in front run, beautiful original in chase. Light is becoming more and more densely and strong, "here is the city street, the city street is here!" He concerning hotel building shouted loudly said. "Of course, I never doubt." "Hold a hand, we had a <a href="">Oakley Water Goggles sale</a> very pleasant evening." "Goodbye tomorrow is gone. We still have to work hard. We want one after another admitted to graduate students." "That's impossible. And we will have a house, after what all have." "We wish you a good dream." "Dreamed what?" "He had a dream - kite." What? Kite? How to know better the kite? "Hey, how do you also know kite ribbon? You know?" "Oh, of course I know! How can I not know?"
He ran back around <a href="">Cheap Oakley Active Sunglasses</a> beautiful original neck, and kissed him moment, just in the street. Then, both of them went home and a good long walk, but also continuously turn looking, recruit a wave.