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I pressed my case

That first winter, I yearned to <a href="">Vibram Five Fingers US</a> go with the hunter-gatherers on their morning forage for food and other supplies. Like the crows that convened at dusk and dawn, those thieves enjoyed freedom away from the roost. While I was left behind, I had to suffer babysitters like that toad Beak and his companion Onions, or old Samara and Range, who squabbled all day and threw nutshells and stones at the birds and squirrels <a href="">five fingers shoes</a> poking around our hidden hoard. I was bored and cold and lonesome for adventure. On a gray morning, Nigel himself chose to stay behind to watch over me, and as luck would have it, my friend Smallish kept him company. They brewed a pot of tea from dried bark and peppermint, and as we watched a cold rain fall, I pressed my case. "My great fear is that you'll run away and try to return <a href="">vibram running shoes</a> whence you came, but you cannot, anyway. You are one of us now." Nigel sipped his tea and stared at a point far off. After a decent interval, letting his wisdom sink into my mind, he continued. "On the other hand, you have proved yourself a valu¬able member of our clan. You gather the kindling, husk the acorns, and dig a new privy hole when asked. You are learning true obedience and deference. I have <a href="">vibram SPRINT</a> watched you, Anyway, and you are a good student of our ways." Smallish stared into the dying fire and said something in a secret lan¬guage, all vowels and hard consonants full of phlegm. Nigel pondered over that secret sentence, and then chewed on his own thoughts before spitting them out. Then, as now, I was eternally puzzled over how people think, by what process they solve life's riddles. Their consultation over, Nigel resumed his study of the horizon. On cue, the first snowflakes started <a href="">vibram shoes</a> mixing with the raindrops, and within minutes, a heavy snow began to fall. We were still sitting in our places when the fairy troop meandered back to the camp, chased home by the sud¬den inclemency. Winter sometimes came early to our part of the country, but usually we did not get a snowfall until after Christmas. As the squall blew in, I wondered <a href="">Vibram Five Fingers shoes</a> for the first time whether Christmas had passed altogether, or perhaps at least Thanksgiving had slipped by, and most certainly Halloween was gone. I thought of my family, still looking for me every day in the woods. Perhaps they thought me dead, which made me feel sorry and wish that word could be sent concerning my welfare. At home, Mom would be unpacking boxes of decorations, putting out the stable and the <a href="">Cheap Vibram Classic Men Shoes</a> manger, running garland up the stair rail. The past Christ¬mas, my father took me out to chop down a small fir tree for the house, and I wondered if he was sad now, without me to help him choose the right one. I even missed my little sisters. Were they walking and talking and dreaming of Santa Claus, wondering what had become of me? I was thrilled at being out of that camp, but <a href="">Cheap Vibram Fivefingers Classic Shoes</a> my companions did their best to control my curiosity. They let me stumble about on the trails for a time before my clumsiness flushed a covey of doves from their rest. The birds exploded into the air, all pipes and feathers. Smallish put a finger to his lips, and I took the hint. Copying their movements, I became nearly as graceful, and we walked so quietly that <a href="">Cheap Vibram Fivefingers Kso Shoes</a> I could hear the snowfall over the sound of our footsteps. Silence has its own allure and grace, heightening all the senses, espe¬cially hearing.