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Chairman MAO

Chairman MAO
Father and mother tried every way, has laid out all one's skill, mobilized all forces, she returned to the once generously <a href="">oakley gascan</a> given her so much dream city. Finally, Daddy also knew this is inevitable. In order to return and his story is a strange, absurd dream.
She did not miss the dream, she also no longer see the horse title and life, she seldom speak of this title and life of the aspects of different colors. She came back, lost many colors, increased some energy, new added many smell. Lampblack, blasted into golden yellow green Onions. Winner, steam, sheep <a href="">oakleys</a> head cut chicken than paper thin. She went to a Muslim dining room as a waiter, although she can not. One hundred and review, tears, the blows of belt buzzing tone, "supreme instructions" fall back as flow, big good, train, automobile, horses and chestnut horse, fruit captain of detection of color... All is for the sake 321 dish to fry a pimple? Once she turn to a she <a href="">Oakley Polarized Goggles</a> a first-grade photos. That is the National Day, she 1959 seven years old, and two small plait, two big butterfly took her departure. Instructors leads her, she will fly in the gate, and put a bunch of flowers to the Chairman MAO. Chairman MAO and she shook hands. She was so small, haven't and anyone shook on? Chairman MAO ’she was big, thick, and warm, and stronger. Chairman MAO seemed to her and said a words, she <a href="">Oakley Polarized Sunglasses</a> didn't hear you. Later recall, like "baby" two words. She how so lucky? She was Chairman MAO "baby", she is always lucky man. But then, she did not recognize this photo. Is this really the case? She did not recognize themselves, even in 1975 when she returned: she also did not recognize Chairman MAO. Once upon a <a href="">Oakley Snow Goggles</a> time, Chairman MAO 's stands firmest how straight, how have the strength action! Now in the news briefing like move it feet are tough, the mouth open, along while just closed. But newspapers and radio again whole day make seldom-seen raucous to publicize the Chairman MAO 's call a person indefinitely latest instructions. She really sad, she really want to go see Chairman MAO, to Chairman MAO endured a bowl of yam soup. Grandma falls ill, she is to boil soup, white and smooth, fine yam pieces Sweet, hemp, sweet yam soup. Fill the elderly deficit. No, she doesn't want to put her <a href="">oakley flak jacket</a> distress, her shoulders Chairman MAO, should not disturb his old man's house. If she came in Chairman MAO dropped tears, she must turn his face to. However, this is not possible. She is no longer lucky? Murphy her luck was seven years old when suddenly finished? She returned? The newspaper say everything for the sake of Chairman MAO, can I reach him! So would never dreaming, don't dream, but kept his say talk in a dream, teeth, emancipated, long breath. , wake up!" Her mother asked her. She woke up, loss, don't remember any dream, just a cold sweat, a suit, just from infection wards carried <a href="">oakley sale</a> out. That day she is the roadside, she saw a good original the fool is he rescue the old lady, who bite, saw his siege scenes. Good original not tall, ugly, but the face of various had seemed to already familiar with the. Police man wise as Solomon the king.
He said: "you find two witnesses to prove you didn't knocked down the old lady! Otherwise, is you crash." You can find out the two witnesses to prove that you are not KGB spy? Otherwise, you should put your mutiny. said in his <a href="">oakleys sunglasses</a> heart, in fact, she didn't utter a sound. She just before work look lively just. Bullpen has three layers in the three layers, this lively rabbit ticket, and than stage and screen acting more fresh some. Stage and screen except "blunt of "nine", or " days", "up into the sky". Besides and "day" can not pass beyond, write what not new to the stock.