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Yall havent read that Rihanna and ........!!!!!!

Why does everyone keep sayin stuff about Chris and Rhianna??? Ive read in like 5 magazines that Rhianna and Omarion are an item now. They say that they've been dating for a couple of months now on tha low. So dont fear Chris Brown lovers, he should be single..........I think!


awww.. i heard that riri and o was datin but i didnt believe it at first..but i guess it must be tru..and well i think chris maybe single..but then again no one really knows wats really goin on in his wateva he decides im with long as he's happy ya feel me

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yea i heard 2 but he said da dont go out but now pple think chris really l;ikez her cuz he made dat remix wit her

I know thats the sme thing I heard in this magazine.
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wow its kinda hard to think about omario and rhianna as a couple
but whatever makes them happy aint p to me and i heard that ciara
and chris was a item on the d.l for quite a while and i do think that chris
is in a reationship right now no i'm sure its not somebody that we all
know like rhianna so we can rest at ease
reppin dat d4l

Why wud Chris go 4 5head rihanna, wen he has GORGEOUS fans lyk us!!!???

Live 2 Love!!!!

I don't ever worry about him cuz he said it himself that he is trying to stay single as long as possible because he doesn't want to break his female fans hearts. ISN"T HE SWEET!!!!!

i heared that chris brown and rihanna went out..i heared it on the radio and they got that remix to umbrella sooo..yea

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yea ur right...omarion and rihanna are dating now...sooo chris is single :)

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i heard that they was dating i dnt know
~chris brown hyhpy wify~

uhhhhh....... i dont think that is a good couple Omarion is so short compared to Rhianna

I thought people were sayin' she was wit Jay-Z?

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yep because i just recieved my word up magazine today and it clearly states rihanna and omarion met at a party and the chemistry was there and they have been dating ever since and he and her are supporting one another with there music.
so from what i know chris brown is single!!!!

Omarion n Rhianna dont date anymore

I hear you on that one !!! I read that in magz 2. But um eerbodi sayin that well I think he's single 2 . Cuz he said that 4 now he'z focusing on his carrer !!!! Well um Bye!!!!!!!


Chris tall ass better be single. Sike naw but hopefully he is. Riri is pretty though...No homo but she aint no where near funny looking. She got a 4head that goes for days, you feel me... but so does Tyra Banks and she's my role model...On the real though if Chris was to date Rihanna I would sad that it wasn't me but as long as he's happy IM HAPPY!!!! Lol...Don't hate yall, Chris dont like that

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thanks for the info.
i was here almost dieying

I heard that Omarion got back with the girl he broke up with the first time. The one he was talking abnout in Ice Box.