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"I Cry" (Please read to let me know if u like what i have so far)

I Cry to hide the pain that i feel. no one knows that i cry myself to sleep some nights. i wonder where my life is heading. i feel sometimes i should not be here and should be in another place. i feel like my life is not where it should be so I Cry. my life has been hard growing up. i have always been a big girl so I Cry. i try not to think about what people say about me but I Cry still cry becuz it hurts. people see me happy and always smiling not knowing i cry to hide the pain. I Cry wondering if i will ever find that special someone to luv me for me I Cry sometimes to relieve pressure off me. I Cry becuz i don't like to talk about it so i like to write instead. even though I Cry i still find a way to keep going each day. i know i have people who luv me and want to help but I Cry. maybe one day will have the strength to talk to someone and realize that i do belong here and i will find love. right now i sit here and still cry. may be i will find that special someone and my life will feel complete. i am going to keep my head up and continue to do what i have been doing with my life. one day i will feel lucky and everything will be fine so i won't have to cry anymore.