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.::Boyfriend.#2 TYGA vs CHRIS::. Spotlight Productions© *chapter9 updated*

DEUCES aint got nothing on BOYFRIEND #2. Tyga vs Chris.

I'm boyfriend #2
Cause the first one don't really seem like he know what to do
I'm boyfriend #2
And I know you like it freaky so I'm gonna give it to you
I'm boyfriend #2
Baby don't fuss don't fight don't argue
Cause second place always got a whole lot to prove
So whenever you get in the mood
Just call , BOYFRIEND #2.

•••Chapter 1.•••
Call me when ya nigga ain't around.

"LllllaaaaaaaNnnniiiiiiaaaaaa can you go to the corner store and pick me up some cigarettes" my grandma yelled

"grandma its 98° outside"i yelled back

"take the car baby" she yelled back and I sighed.

Today wasn't the day to be walking to the corner store. Hell going outside period and mba grandma making me go to the corner store for some cigarettes really. Ugh.! I stood up and pulled my short plaid green tele and blue shorts down looked at my self in the mirror. Fixed my green victoria secrect PINK tank top down ran my fingers through my neatly bun that sat on top of my head. Grab the keys and headed out the door. Thee heat kissed me with a deadly kissed. The lil bit of wind hit my silver leaf earrings slightly. It felt like my yellow flip flops stuck to the concrete as I ran to the car.

"FUXK" I yelled as I sat in the car "got daxm leather seats" I said as I hurried and turn the car on. Hot air blowing through. "ughhhhhhh hurry up" I said as the hot air turned into cool. I sat in the drive way for a lil until I was finnally comfottable in pulling out. Driving down the street august was them dog days. Especially in. hotlanta. Kids was still out side firemen open the fire extinguisher for them to play in at the corner hood rats walking down the street knowing it to daxm hot dope boys and fiends are out and me. I'm out driving to the corner store to pick my grandma up some ccigarettes. As I pulled up the regular dope boys are in front. I get out the cart and walki up and to walk in the store until one of the guys stop me.

"how you doing beautiful" the lightskin boy said to me

" I'm fine I said as I walked into the store
. It was so hot I decided to get me and my lil sis a arizona. I was getting ready to turn around when ole was standing right their.

"i know your fine. I asked how your doing" he said smiling. He had a pretty smile. But it was too got and I had a man.

" I'm doing great" I aaid sarcastically he laughed

"my name is chris" he said holding his hand out

"lania" I said walking pass him to the front.

"that's a pretty name where ya man at Lania?" He asked behind mne

"at home. ... Can I get a pack of newports please?" I asked the man behind the counter

Chris chuckled " is he really at home. Or you just saying that cause you think imma leave you alone" he said
I turned around with the newpprts and arizonas in a bag. My face was at his chest causing me to look up at him. He smitked

"no my man is really at home" I said smiling

"ummmmm. Well call me when ya nigga ain't around" he said smiling

I laughed " nigga I ain't got your number " I said reaching for my back pocket. My phone wasn't there. I looked up and seen chris handing me my phone and walked out. I looked in my contacts and seen horas name and number when did he do that. As I walked out he was standing with his boys smiling.

"you have a nice day beautiful" he said

"i got a boyfriend " I said opening the car four door

"that's okay I don't mine being that nigga on the side..... For now" he said and with that I drove off

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"okay dish. What ALLL been going on " ari asked as I told her EVERYTHING . "(O.O) what is this flava of love real chance I love new york for the love of ray j type shiit" me and summer busted out laughing

"i know I know" I said

"so u mean to tell me. Chris is tryna take u from ty. I mean we all know that. Thats cool. But ty know and fighting for you too ?" Ari Asked

"idk about all that I mean he know its a bad time so he tryna make me feel better" I said

"LaNia think you ole goof troop. If ty was giving up he wouldnt be sending those flowers to CHRIS place. Fuuck tryna make you feel better we all know chris is doing that. " she leaned in and whispered" yall do it yet"?

"uhh no" I said smiling

"she want too" summer said.

"right ya own lil sis know.!"

"hey you talking like im 12. I aint that much younger"

"hush ya mouth. We gonna get on u & trey next. " ari laughed

"i meab I do find him sexual attractive." I said

"thats all I need. Now yall gonna do the wam bam thank you ma'am" ari said dancing in her seat

"i cant jugle both of them who should I pick. "

"TEAMCHRIS" ari said

"duh" sumner agreed

"tyga's a biitch. Let me tell you why. You are still offically HIS girl and your staying with chris these past couple days & tyga sending flowers over there. Hell nah. If u was my girl ya ass would be with me. Ghe not caring enough for me . & chris caring too much.. & yall got "kids"". Ari left me with something to think about.

"and u.. Yiu and trey together"

"no mom"

"not yet" I smirked

"hush ya mouth and ponder on what I just told u over there. And u. I got my eyes on mr. trey. He all nice now cause yall going through stuff but we gone see. Unn huh c'mon we leavung. I gotta go meet my god-kids" ari said paying for breakfast and we got up..

"did u just pay for breakfast" I asked

"no cam did. I took his wallet while I shoo'd him out of booth. They think they slick tryna leave us with the bill. I kno thats what cam thought. Ha he gon learn today. ALRIGHT ALRIGHT ALRIGHT"

we laughed walking outside where the guys where at.

***chapter 9***

-Baby if you got a man & a buddy on the side say yeah .

We were at ihop eating breakfast. It was exreamly qyiet between trey.. Summer. Cameron. Ari. Chris and I.

"i cant believe she gone" sunmer said. Trey wrapped his. Arm around her.

"it's gonna be okay. We here" trey said consoling her. It got quiet.

"mmmm these pancakes sho is good" ari elbowed cameron "whaat? You know im not the type of nigga to be quiet. Shiit imma die" ari elbowed him again "whaat? Girl quit elbowing me you know im straight bones"

I busted out laughing. I was laughing so hard everyone else sarted laughing. & cam facial expression wasnt making it any better.

{=__=} "i dont get it? I mean a nigga wasnt that funny"

"omg cam I love u" I said tryna breathe.

"ily2 but I still DONT get it"

"&& you never will baby. It's ok. Now nia, summer, and I gotta talk. Go!" Ari said pushin cam out the booth

"you gonna be ok? "chris asked holding my hand. I nodded . He kissed my cheek and got up following trey & cam

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Its so good that Chris and Trey are so supportive. And that's nice of Tyga to send flowers all the time. I digs Chris tho he's to sweet. Bought her two teacup yorkies those things ain't cheap... and he even remembered thee name's she liked. Awww it sucks burying your loved one especially a close relative. Run It.

***chapter 8***
Cause second place always got a whole lot to prove.

A couple days later .

These past few days have been crazy. Besides getting the funeral arrangement ready. Calling family outta town. And dealing with my own grievance. Idk how I'm doing it. Chris has been helping alot. Tyga been sending flowers to chris house . Ik chris don't like it but since its a bad situation right now he doesn't say anything. He's been a complete gentlemen since summer and trey have the guest room, he's been sleeping on the couch. But last night I needed him. So he slept with me. We didn't do anything. He just held me and talk. Exactly what I need. I rolled over because the sun rays where hitting me in my eyes. I felt chris not their. Thats cool. Instead I felt 2 youngs licking and pushing my face. I opened my eyes to see 2 tea cup yorkies in my face. I smiled

"awwwww well good morning to yall. Ain't yall the cutest thing" I said petting them..summer came in the rom

"I was just about to come in here and wake u" summer said holding a cast filled with flowers ." tyga sunt u more flowers, and I see chris gift woke u up"

"what?" I said grabbing the puppies and walking downstairs to the livingroom where I seen chris and trey watching tv.

"hey good morning. I see the kids found mommy" chris said laughing

"good morning LaNia" trey said

"good morning. & chris what up mean kids. Why did up buy these dogs " chris looked past me to summer

"I see ya boy bought up some more flowers" he said while looking around the room at the different flowers tyga been buying me the past couple days.

"I'm sorry , you want me to throw them away" I asked

Chris smirked " I can't answer that question honestly" he chuckled " naww cause I wouldn't want you to throw my gifts away"

" why did up buy these" I asked

"I wanna make up happy. Get ur mind off the things thats been happening. And plus I remember the first night we talked in the phone up said up wanted these dogs. A boy & girl. That what I got beautiful" chris said

"awwweee" summer said

"come on. We're about to go to breakfast" trey said pushing summer

"u remember that" I asked

"LaNia I remember and notice everything" chris said

I felt myself about to cry but I held it " so whats their names" I asked

" well seeing that I already know what up wanna name em. I just decided to wait for mommy to name em" he said petting one

" it's that right." I asked "what do I wanna name em"

" Lady and King" he replied. I'm shocked he remember.

"haha lets thank daddy for naming you" I said. Lady den walked over on the couch to chris " awwwww lady is gonna be a daddy's girl. "

"hopfully her mom is too" chris said smirking winking at me. " come on, we about to meet trey and summer for breakfast"

"ok I'll go call ari to meet us so I can catch her up " I said walking upstairs as king followed me
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