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Chris, are you coming to Ireland?

:D:D:D how many prettys do i have to put infront of pweez to make you say yes??? :D:D:D:D
or even if you come to england, il tell my daddy to get me a flight to england :D:D:D


pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty please Chris u have to come to Ireland...... i gotta c u in concert, ill be in the front row SCREAMING ur name out!!! <3 <3

Heya Chris Please Come Back 2 Ireland I Wanna Hear Yhew Sing Again Ur Brill And Ur An Amazing Dancer

XoXoX =) ;) x

Zoe xxx

do come chris it will be the best thing ever

Julie :)

Yeh Chris are ya gona come down Ireland? ahh go on cuz bare pple wanna c ya in concert ya kno!! plzzz do come down ill be 1st 2 buy a ticket! but i heard dah u was comin down here next year in summer hope am not doin mi junior cert ya kno!!

nuff luv!!