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Dreaming with a Broken Heart **Updated 11/10

I've decided to say thank you to some of my loyal readers by writing short stories for them. This first one is for Nani and Soso (and possibly Gigi Monroe, depending on where the story takes me).

<strong><em>Dreaming with a Broken Heart
Inspired and influenced by Nani and Soso, written by me :)</em></strong>

<a href="">Nani</a>
<a href="">Sofia</a>
<a href="">Michael</a>
<a href="">Shad</a>
<a href="">Dominic</a>
<a href="">Jermaine</a>


Woowwwwww. i can't believe it's been over a year. i forgot about this stuff! who's still here?

Awwwwee !
myy man tired .
he's soooo cutee :)
he wanted to hear myy voicee teehee

thts right he cant comee to me
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she just gon havee to be mad


awwww run it

Dang I miss this story! Sofia changed a little, but it's not really a bad change and I'm so freaking happy she wasn't pregnant

Aweee Nani gon' make sure she see her man! She so sweet and J just workin' his ass off; he needs a surprise anyway; it's nice of Nani.

Run It

"Baeeeee, i miss you so much! What city are you in now?"
"Paris. I miss you too Red. I been moving nonstop bae, I'm exhausted."
"Aaw, when's your next day off?"
"In two days..." He sighed.
"What's wrong?"
"...I was gonna try to come home but by the time I get there I'm gonna have to come back. I wanted to surprise you." He yawned.
"You're so cute baby. Don't worry about it. Maybe you should get to bed, you sound like you're falling asleep. What time is it there?"
"I don't know, I think 4."
"Really? You guys are 6 hours behind us?"
"Nah, we're 6 hours ahead of you babe."
"Jermaine, it's 4 am!? Go to bed."
"I want to talk to you."
"That's really sweet but I can hear you failing asleep. It's ok. We'll talk later on today."
"No Red. Talk to me, I just wanna hear your voice."
Nani sighed, wishing he would just listen to her.
"Fine. At least put the phone on speaker and lay it next to you."
"Done. How was your day?"
"It was cool. Chilled with Dom as usual. Oh, Sofi came back. She's gotten a little wild. And I went to the mall yesterday and bought these cute shoes..."
Jermaine snored softly into the receiver. Nani smiled.
"I love you baby. Sweet dreams."
"Love you..." he mumbled.
She hung up the phone and walked over to the pool.
"Um hello!" she said, startling Dom. "What are y'all doing?"
Sofia turned to Nani and smiled. Nani rolled her eyes.
"We'll talk about it later. Come on, we gotta go."
"Where to?" Dom asked.
She turned and headed for the pool house.
"Hold up Nini," he said, hopping out the pool. "What you mean?"
He helped Sofia out and they followed her.
"Jermaine. We need to see each other. I can't wait anymore. He can't come to me so I need to go to him."
"All 3 of us?" Sofia asked. She grabbed a towel and started drying off.
"I'm not going by myself and y'all don't have anything better to do. Sof, pack up your drug bag and you can leave it in my room. Meet me in the front."
She turned to leave, but doubled back. Sofia and Dom were smiling at each other.
"On second thought, you come with me Sofia. I don't know what was going on in the pool but we need to leave like right now. I don't need y'all getting caught up. You know where the extra clothes are right Dom?"
"Aight. Get some dry clothes on and meet us at my car."
She hurried to the house to pack a quick bag and called her mom on the way to her car. She prayed her mother would side with her, otherwise she'd have to openly defy her- she really didn't want to do that.

da fuk happened to me tho
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shad turned me into a fckn'
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thank god i aint preg tho
however its probably why im
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“Nah. If you’re Pops walks in I won’t have to worry about living a little, I’ll be dead- a lot.”

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So I'm a new reader and I have a few things to say

So Sofia just gon let that smidget do her dirty get her preggo and all she do is trash his shxx hell no I would have fxxxed him up one side and down the other ALL of the vata needed to come out and beat his trif axs! *got mad for a sec* lol

Nani and J need to stop playing and get that together they know they wanted to be with each other all the while bump what daddy say!

I'm loving this Domi and Fifa thing going on no commitment but a lil fun!

Love this story Run It Sug!!!

o she filln her self smoken drankn and tryn to sex dom girl came back on sum nt shy s*** damn but i like them to together run it

shad is wrong why would he do dat smh hope she dnt give it to him bt loven it run it

Ummm . . .
Sofia baby . . .honey . . .sweetheart you are uuuuuh . .
you're scaring me . . .

likee ho you go from tht sweet girl
leavee for a min then comee bck like <em>that</em>
. . .
likee umm i understand after dodging tht humongo
asx bullet Shad but dont mean you supposed to do
a bog asx 360 w/o using breaks

i dnt likee . . .making me givee you the sidee eyee

she needa slo her asx DOWN
likee Pac said babyy takee it easyy i dnt want it if its tht easy
. . . smh && of course Dom asx was for but im glad
he was at PAUSE for a sec but still man idk

Whoa . . .hoa . . .when tf J bringing
his asx bck
myy dad wld add another freaking cityy onto the freaking
ugh d***wad >.>



<strong>Yaayy ! I'm so glad your back on this ! Whoop ! Whoop ! I missed this !</strong> <em>=)</em>

By the time dinner was ready, they had smoked four blunts, without trying. They were just in the moment.
"Yo," Dominic said. "Renee be throwing down I'm the kitchen man."
"Right?" Sofia agreed. "This meal was so clutch."
"I don't think I've ever been this high in my life," Nani said. "I'm stupid high right now."
"I'm crazy stupid high," Dominic said.
"No, I got it," Sofia said. "I'm crazy stupid supercalifragilisticexpialidocious high."
Dom and Nani looked at each other and then at her. They all busted out laughing.
"Yo, you stupid for that Fifa."
"Forreal," Nani chimed in. "But roll up another blunt though "
"Chill Nani, we haven't even started coming down from the last session." Dom picked at the food on his plate.
"Lets take a shot," Sofia said, grabbing a bottle and smoking their glasses.
"Fine, but just one." Nani picked up her glass and smelled it. "Eew, lets make this quick."
They tapped glasses and downed their shots. Nani chased hers with juice and Sofia was already filling their glasses again.
"Nah Sof, I can't."
"Come on Nani."
Nani shook get gear and pushed the glass away.
"Her loss, come on Sofia." Dom tapped his glass to hers and they downed their second shot.
When she was done, Sofia grabbed Nani's glass and downed hers.
"D*mn Fi, show down." Dom took the bottle from her.
"You good Sofia?" Nani asked.
"Yeah. I'm fine guys. I just want to let loose a little bit. Would you rather me do it with randoms at the club or something?"
Before they could answer, she was walking to the stairs.
"Where you going?"
"To sit outside. Come on."
She walked to the pool and sat on the edge, dipping her feet in. Dom sat next to her and as Nani was about to, her phone rang.
"Jermaine! Hi baby!" She sat in one of the pool chairs, smiling from ear to ear.
"You sure everything's good Sof?" Dom asked.
She smiled weakly.
"Yeah, everything's fine."
He moved done get off I'd get face.
"You know you can talk to me about anything right?"
"Yeah. I'm fine Dom, promise." She stood up. "Lets get in."
"Come on."
“We don’t even have swimsuits.”
“So?” She pulled off her shirt and shorts and tossed them to the floor.
“I see this past month has been good to you, huh?”
“What do you mean?” She jumped in.
“Your body…it’s looking right. Not that it wasn’t before but now- something’s different.”
She giggled.
“Yeah…I overdosed on my Abuela’s food when I went home ‘cause I hadn’t had it in so long, I gained a couple pounds.”
“Well you gained them in all the right places.”
She swam over to him and used his legs to raise herself up. She smiled and kissed him.
“If you see something you like, come get it.”
She dropped back down and swam away from him. Without hesitation, he pulled off his shirt and went in after her. When he caught up he pulled her to the corner and kissed her. She wrapped her legs around his waist.
“Wait,” he pulled away. “What are we doing?”
“We’re two friends, making out. No biggie.” She bit his lip. “We’re both adults here, right?”
“When did you become so aggressive?”
“Right around the time I realized that if you want something, you can’t always wait for it to come to you. Sometimes, you have to go get it yourself. Now kiss me.”
Dom smiled and did as she said. He was enjoying this side of her.

School had been over for almost a month. Everyone did well on their finals, except Shad. He ended up failing the semester. Nani and Dominic were staying on campus for the summer and Sofia had finally managed to convince her parents to let her go back. She didn't plan on taking classes, but she was bored at home and wanted to get back to her friends. She and Dominic had really gotten close, they were practically best friends. Nani still hadn't seen Jermaine and she was going crazy. He was supposed to come in to town a week ago but another city was added to the tour so he had to cancel. She understood but she was disappointed.

Sofia pulled up to the address Nani gave her. Her and Dominic were chilling at her parents house for the weekend. They'd always been friends but he was the only person left on campus that she knew so they were hanging out a lot.

She punched in the code Nani gave her and waited for the gates to open.
"<a href="">beautiful</a>," she thought as she drove in.
When she walked up to the door, Renee opened it.
"Mademoiselle, so good to see you again."
"I told you you can call me Sofia, Renee." She hugged him. "It's good to see you too. I've missed your food. My mom definitely can't cook like you."
Renee smiled and slightly viewed his head.
"Thank you so much. I'm almost done preparing dinner, I will bring it in when I'm finished. Nani and Dominic are in the entertainment room, in the basement. Walk across the yard to the pool house, and you'll see the stairs."
"Thanks Renee."
Sofia made her way out back, taking it all in. When she got downstairs, Nani and Dominic were playing Call of Duty.
"Oo, I got next!" she said.
Nani turned around and screamed.
"Yay!" She hopped up and ran to hug her. "I'm so glad you're back."
"I'm glad to be back. I missed you guys."
They hugged again. Dominic paused the game and walked over.
"What's in the bag?" he asked.
Sofia took off her giant duffel and sat it on the floor.
"You ain't gonna say hi first big head?"
"Hi. What's in the bag?"
The two stared each other down until Dominic broke and smiled.
"Come here girl." He pulled her to him and picked her up, squeezing her tight. "Welcome back."
"That's more like it." She kissed him on the cheek when he put her down.
"Really though, what's in the bag Sof?" Nani asked. "Overnight clothes? I don't think you'll need that many..."
Sofia sat on the couch and pulled the bag up next to her.
"First, I need to tell you guys something...I'm back with Shad..."
Nani looked at her confused and Dominic clenched his jaw.
"Forreal?" Nani asked.
"No! F*ck that p*ssy a*s n*gga!" They looted at her, surprised at hey language. She surprised herself. "Nothing could ever make me get back with him. But I do have news involving him- I'm not pregnant."
"You sure?" Nani asked.
"Yeah. I don't know if the test i took at school was just a mistake our I'd i has a miscarriage but i went to my doctor when i got home, twice. Both times were negative. I didn't even have to worry about telling my parents. Fix your face Domi."
"Don't play like that Fifa, it ain't even a little funny."
"I hate when you call me that."
"I hate when you call me Domi. Oh well. What's in the bag?"
Sofia smiled and unzipped the bag.
"I come bearing gifts."
Dominic looked in and started pulling stuff out.
"Nani, we leave the girl for a month and she's turned into a pothead and alcoholic."
"I'm not!" Sofia laughed. "I just wanna have a little fun."
"For someone who doesn't smoke, this seems like a lot more than a little fun," Nani said.
"We're not gonna smoke all of it...not today anyway..."
"Where'd you get it from anyway?" Dominic smelled the bud. "This is high grade. What you know about that?"
"I got my connections. So, smoke first, eat, chill, drink, smoke some more-"
"We can't plan like that girl," Nani said. "Just go with the flow."
"The foods gonna be done soon though, right Nini?" Dominic asked. "We should smoke first, get our appetites right."
"True...we probably got like 30. You wanna roll or should I?"
"I did it last time."
"Come on Dom, I hate rolling. And you're so good at it-"
"Nah yo, it's your turn."
"Hellooo," Sofia interrupted. "I can roll."
"No you can't," Dominic and Nani said in unison.
Sofia sucked her teeth and grabbed her grinder, a pack of Swisher Sweets and a lighter.
"You gonna stare at me? Or are you gonna hand me some bud?"
He took some out and handed it to her. She put it in the grinder and held her hand out for more.
"It's gonna be too much," he said.
"I know what I'm doing Dominic."
"Ok, ok." He handed her some more and she closed the grinder and twisted.
"How'd you learn?" Nani asked.
"I taught myself." She licked the cigarillo and slipped it into her mouth before opening it and dumping out the guts.
Dom watched her closely.
"Most of my cousins smoke and I was always around it. I thought the process was so dope. I asked them to teach me but they wouldn't because they didn't want me to start smoking. So I watched and taught myself."
When she finished, she handed the blunt to Nani and waited for them to say something.
"Best I've seen," she said.
Dom took it from her.
"Yeah yeah. But how does it burn?"
Sofia took it back and lit it, taking two pulls before she handed it to him.
"Don't hit it too hard, you're not used to it yet."
Dominic rolled his eyes and hit the blunt. He waited a little bit and hit it again.
"So what? I'm smoking right?"
"Admit you were wrong."
"Don't hold your breath." He handed the blunt to Nani and flipped through the television channels.

ugh...why the hell did i just have to
take my damn chances with shad? mannn
this some ole bullsht i could've been
with dom right about now and NOT preg.

Run It

“Thank you for helping me bring my stuff over here.” Sofia tossed the stuff in her arms on her bed.
“No problem. I’ll see you around.” Dominic turned to leave and Sofia followed behind him.
“Wait,” she said. “Stay?”
Dominic turned and looked at her.
“Sofia, I can’t just go from despising your guts to being friends with you again in a matter of hours.”
“Why not? You already have. If you disliked me that much, you wouldn’t have even comforted me today. I’m not asking you to jump back in to where we were earlier in the year, just to talk.” She poked out her lip and made her eyes wide.
Dominic looked at his watch.
“Fine, just for a little bit.”
He sat on the couch and she sat next to him.
“Why do you hate me so much?” she asked him.
“Are you for real?”
“I mean, I know I should’ve told you that I was talking to someone else but-”
“That wasn’t what bothered me. We weren’t together so I wouldn’t expect you to only be talking to me and I wouldn’t expect you to tell me. But my roommate Sofia?”
“I know…but at the time it didn’t seem like such a bad idea.”
“I know you’re new to this whole dating thing so let me give you some advice: It’s never a good idea to date roommates. Ever.”
“I’m sorry…”
Dominic leaned forward on his knees and clasped his hands.
“Why’d you pick him over me?”
“Honestly, because you never asked.”
“Because you never gave me a chance to! Every time I tried to take you out and spend time with you, you said you were busy. But you somehow had time for that n*gga.”
“I didn’t plan to go out with him that day. He came over and forced me to go.”
“You made time for him because you wanted to make time for him Sofia. You don’t think that I had something special planned for Valentine’s day?”
“You didn’t-“
“I asked you if you had plans and you said no, you had to study. I had a night all planned out but I didn’t push it because I know how serious your school work is to you. Or at least I thought it was that important to you.”
“I wasn’t dissing you purposely Dom. I was doing work and he came over and wouldn’t take no for an answer. Then at dinner he asked me to be his girl and I just said yes. That was clearly the wrong decision to make.”
Dominic shook his head.
“When I saw y’all in the hallway, I was pissed. Like, without warning we were just done. Like we never bonded or nothing. I know what kind of dude Shad is, I live with him. I couldn’t believe that that was the n*gga you decided to be with.”
“I didn’t know you cared so much.”
“Like I said, you never gave me the chance to tell you how I felt. I could’ve made you so much happier man.”
She placed his hand on his.
“It’s never too late you know.”
Dominic looked at her and she smiled slightly.
“I would’ve preferred to be with you but things just didn’t unfold that way. I made a mistake that I’m gonna have to live with for the rest of my life…but at least I have a chance to try and make a part of it right….right?”
“I think you’re getting a little ahead of yourself.” He stood up. “Right now you just need to think about you and your baby. I gotta go.”
He turned and headed for the door. Sofia sighed. She wasn’t trying to rush right into anything with anyone else; even if it was Dom. She just wanted him to know that she wanted his companionship back.

run it

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&& finish this !

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Run it

RUNS asap

I'm just the dumbest btch!! Lol
I was a sucka fa love, smfh smh

And nana and j are too perfect
I love they relationship. I'm glad
He faithful n nana a straight freak
For her man she keep him satisfied

Too bad im not like her, a good girl
Gone bad my ass needs to get an abortion
I don't want that ngga baby!

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He was nothin'
But a boy anyway. Now what I a man

Run it

Fckssss I ain't even scroll to see how much
I had to read!!! Lmao my comment bouts be long

catching up now....



Lmbo at her wanting to trash his room...Poor baby though she definitely didn't deserve that , but I 'm happy that Dom was there to comfort her now maybe those two can put their differences aside and get back close

loving the story!!

yaaaayy lol

...i think I'm gonna try to add tomorrow. Thanks for the runs, hopefully Soso will come back soon, lol