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Unnatural Love *Updated 09/26*

"so Trey the world wants to know, who is this mystery girl.?" Reporter <a href="">Julie Chang</a> asked.
"honesty Julie I dont know." <a href="">Trey</a> responded.
"come on,Trey, you two were seen on all throughout Columbus, Ohio together."
"naw I was there promoting my new album."
"so your saying you nevef met her.?"
"I might have signed a autograph and took a pic with her but other than that naw I dont know her."
"damn <a href="">Renee</a> I can nit believe he just played you like that.! Brah man better be glad he back in LA because if I ever see.him again thats his ass." My bestfriend <a href="">Lania</a> yelled while turning off the TV.
"I aint even Trippin nia." I responding walking towards the window.
"hell you should be.! you are being trashed and portrayed as some crazed fan who followed him around all week and not to mention how their treating you at school."
"yet your mentioning it. your really not helping how I feel right now lania."
"and your not helping yourself either Renee. you've been in this house for days with paparazzi on your lawn replaying this dumb ass interview Trey did over two weeks ago. I care about you Renee and this is not healthy."
"I know its just that I cant fully believd this is thw same guy I got to know all those days. he was so sweet and real I just cant believe he would do this to me." I curled up on the couch and began crying and thinking about Trey and how we first met.
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