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Ok y'all know what's funny? The fact that people misinterpret what teambreezy is about. People who don't know officially and base their thoughts on how we act are the ones that think we are violent and negative. Which is far beyond the truth there's a better word that fits TeamBreezy. PROTECTIVE!!! when somebody messes with breezy we strike back five times more because we ain't trying to have nobody mess with chris, who we look up to, admire, and adore among other things........ we are also a movement of positivity who spread it throughout the world, bottom line is don't mess with Chris brown cause we will definitely mess with you harder and much more :D I hope this gets to people who misunderstand us. Oh hi by the way, I'm new to this site and Ive been a fan since last year. So I hope you like my article and can we spread this around to let people know what we are and what we do.... and remember it came from CMBREEZY1596