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The Life of a star sister * PLEASE READ*

Intro: The summer had just begin and Teona had jus got her record deal it was a start to a new beginning she was moveing to miami and she was haven her sister's n cuzn's come wit her for the summer,she had a surpise for them she had moved across from this singer her sister tink was so in love wit at least she thought she was.They made it to teona new place she had them pick there rooms then get ready for dinner what they didnt no was dinner tonite was at Chris house yes im talkn chris brown teona was cool wit chris mom n she font out bout the gurls stayn wit teona for the summer so she wanted to welcome them so she made dinner for them. Teona waited to tell the girls that they wasnt haven dinner at the house until they was dressed.When the girls got to wer they was haven dinner and who it was wit they was so surprised,Teona new sum of the girls was shy but she thought wen they saw Chris they was gone be fan crazy but to her surprise they was cool which was strang to her cus her sister was chris crazy but as the nite went on teona and tink(her sis) noticed Chris was more into there god sister no words was said even when they got back to the house.


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Tink pov

I saw kam run to her room frm the kitchen then i see ty cumn out smile i no wat that mean that nigga gt her hot n ready n her ass needed to go take a cold one lol bt the guys was startn to leave bt chris stayed the nite i new he was gn try that bull bt wateva i wnt to my room took my shower now im jus layn n the dark my thoughts wnt to trey n picked my phone up

Txt msgs

Tink: hey trey

Trey: hey baby wyd

Tink: nun layn here n the dark cnt slp

Trey: o yea me to so wats up wit kam she good lol drake really filln her he wouldnt shut up bout her lol

Tink: lol o wow bt she good i cn tel she filln him to she jus still a lil mad n being stubbren bt i do he gt her ass wet off that kiss doe lol

Trey: lol cn i gt u wet n dive in

Tink: no comment

Trey: lol ok thats fair so wen cn i take u on a date

Tink: if u wnt u cn tomorrow im free

Trey: ok baby ima pick u up at 6 bt im bout to go to slp gt to gt up early

Tink: ok nite

End of txts

I layed there for a few mins before my eyes closed n i drifted off to slp thinkn of him

Run It girl i just started it today and i love it sooo keep updating it

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s*** wat ty was doin to me was filln to good his lips was so soft i didnt really want to stop it felt so rite but i new i had to stop

kam: (push ty)ty we hav to stop we shouldnt be doin this (bites lip) damn why you got to be so f***n sexy

ty:( bites lip) baby we aint got to stop we both want it (grabs kam wast) i see it in yo eyes(pecks kam lips)wen i look at you or if im near i wach yo body (peck lips) the way it reacts

kam:( bites lip)ty u cant be doin dis to me omg i really need a cold shower rite now excuse me ty

ty: (smikes gives a grin)nope cum wit me baby you can take a shower at my place

kam: um no ty now good nite

ty: (smirks) ok ima leave but trust u gone be mines soon

kam: (runs to room)

Ty got that sexy thang going on lol



soon as me and tink walked threw the door tyga had been wachn my every move i new sonon as he could get me alone he would but the thang is i dnt think i could be trusted wit him alone cus he to f***n sexy but im be good for now lol so i went to go get me sumn to drink

kamzy: wat do you want ty

tyga: how you no that was me

kamzy : cus i saw you wachn me so wats up

tyga:( giv that look)

s*** before i could react to tyga he kissed me and i couldnt help but kiss him back the s*** felt good and he was maken me hot i was already kinda horny now i jus want to jump his bone

(jus a lil sumn till i write summo tomorrow)

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kamzy (pov)

i cant beleave this nigga kissed me but damn i felt like i was floatn lol s*** wen the kiss was ova i aint notice that i had closed my eyes wen i open them tink was lookn at me like damn and so was trey the s*** caught me off gaurd i wonder wats gone happyn next if he do sumn else and i acept his apology lol s***
i new tink was gone hav sumn to say wen we got back to the house so i exscuesed myself

kamzy: um it was nice meeting you trey and drake but i need to be leaven so yea lata and tink is u cumn or you stay n talk to trey n hav him walk you home

tink: um ima cum wit you, trey im call you lata and it was nice meetn you drake

drake: yea i was nice meetn you and yo kamzy (blows a kiss and gives a sexy look)


I hear kam say damn under her breath this s*** jus got real wen drake jus kissed kam out of no wer like this nigga is realy filln her n on the low i think she like him to i saw it in her eyes and the way she reacted wen he kissed her while i was lost in my on thoughts we had made it back to the house and to my suprise the guys was still there and my sis had mad it home

tink: wats up chris wat you doin out here

chris: yo sis told me to cum out here and cool off cus me and...(gt cut off)

tink: please tel me you was not bout to fight yo bestfriend

chris: (puts his head down)

tink: so after i told yall to chill the f*** out yal still was gone fight anyway huh smh (walks in the house)

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trey pov:

Damn my homie went off on my gurl bt how was he pose to no s*** she did look like a kid n s*** lol bt her body didnt s*** her ass was jus rite and she was slim in the wast n her titties set up lookn like sum big juice melons lol bt that ass was plumped and round jus wat i like jus wachn her walk away had my d*** on hard the s*** wasnt even funny ima f*** around n hav to cll up one my freaks

Trey: a drake dawg wat u go off on them like that for u no they was bout to whoop yo ass man u cnt jus go around calln gurls out they name

Drake: man she bumped me and wasnt gn say srry or nun

Trey: dude did you giv them a chance to say srry man

Drake: man...

Trey: hell naw you didnt man i see it writen all ova yo face
ok dawg now we got to go catch them so u can say srry to them

As we walkn im think of wat i was gn say to the gurls seens i was rude to them s*** to be honest i was a lil nerves i aint no wat they was gn say to me or if they was gn slap me and i was kinda filln the that had bumped into me.I see trey calln one of the gurls name and she turned around wen she saw me wit him her whole face changed and i new i was in deep then

Tink pov:

i hear trey calln me so me and kam stop to see wat he wanted well wen he gt to us i see he gt extra bagge wit him wen i saw him i rolled my eyes at him s*** i didnt care he disrespected us we was nt bout to be friends wit this nigga

Tink: wats up trey o n kam dis trey

Trey:Hey kam nice meetn u n I wel he wanted to apologize to the both of u if yal would listen n giv jus a lil of yal time

kam:its nice meetn you to trey bt im srry no he can not hav any of our time i dnt want to hear s*** he hav to say

I understand wer kam was cumn frm bt we should hear him out so i said sumn "kam dnt be like that we should hear wat he want to say" "ugh ok ok we cn hear wat he gt to say dnt mean i got to like it"

tink: ok drake go head

drake: look guys im srry for being rud n nt being a nice guy to yall and for calln yal out yal names if u would please acept my apology i would really be thankful im not normally rude i dnt no wat came ova me

Kam pov:

did dis nigga jus giv me the sad puppy dog eyes like dude thats nt helpn you one bit but it was cute wen he did it lol bt he would neva no that i looked at tink n she looked at me i saw it in her eyes she was gn acept his apology bt i didnt want to (pouts) ugh my cuzn forgive to damn much lol smh

tink: ok drake we acept yo apology thanks for putn yo pride a side and apologizen

drake: thanks tink bt kamzy do you for giv me cus i am really srry if u dnt forgiv me ima still fill bad bt i dnt blam you if u dnt

standn here lookn at this nigga made me want to slap the tast out his mouth then kiss his ass jus to giv him my tast he was fine still i was mad at him at the momment bt the more giv me those cute lil puppy dog looks my anger melt ugh i hate this why he hav to give me this filln ok f*** it ima forgiv him so i cn gt away frm him lol he drvin me crazy

kam: ok drake yea i for giv you now leave me alone

OMFG i cant beleave wat he jus did it was sumn i aint expect damnnn wat next......

*Chapter 3

Kamzy Pov

Me and tink walkn up the block im listento her tell wat happn back at the house s*** my cuzo was really venting she was really mad at this nigga chris nt so much at bow bt i needed her as to comm the f*** down her blood pressure did nt need to reach levels it aint pose to be at bt as we walkn n talkn n s*** i bum in to this dude i didnt even see his ass which i dnt see how i missed his high yellow ass bt damn he was fine lol s*** for sum reason i had a thang for them yellow niggas lol

Tink pov

Im up here talkn to kamzy and s*** then all i here is Damn b**** wach wer u goin next thing i no kamzy wasnt even walkn wit me nomo

Kamzy: who the f*** u clln a b****,nigga u dnt no me or s*** about me i suggest u check the s*** u say to me cus i made a simple ass mostake a bumed into yo as i aint try n do the s***....

Tink: kamzy u cool my dude we aint gt no probs do we

M/v: man dnt cum at me side ways mess around gt yo ass whooped round here both of yall lil young ass HOEs

Me and kam looked at each other like did he jus call us sum hoes

Tink:o hell naw bro u gt me n my cuzn f***ed up if u think u cn jus talk to us any kind way wat the f*** u thought we aint no hoes nor r we b****s so.....

jus as i was bout to finsh goin off on this nigga i here a nother male voice behind me bt this one i no s*** i should seens i was onthe phone wit him all day didnt even notice we was in font of his house until now

Trey: A yo drake wats goin on dude i hered u arguen witsumbdy wats up

Drake: A man this lil ass kids rite here tryn to talk shhii.....

Kamzy/Tink: lil ass kids ha ha ha

Tink: no boo we far frm lil kids and hey trey now back to yo disresectfull ass dnt f***n eva cum at us side ways mess around n gt yo ass beat nigga

Kamzy: now if u both would excuse us we hav betta things to do then to argure wit yo dumb ass

kamzy pov

s*** me n tink left like wasnt s*** up we aint giv a f*** that nigga was disrespectful so we dismissed his ass like a bad habit lol the s*** funny wen u think bout it atleast it gt tink mind off wat was goin on bk at the house

add cumn soon

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Need to no if i Should Run or Dump

Before i could do any thing or say anything bow kissed me and i aint talkn bout no peck im talkn tonge action and s*** boy could he kiss had me weak at the knees and s*** but i pushed him away wen i did i saw chris standing there eyeing me and bow.

chris: what the f*** you think you doin man why the f*** you putn yo lips on my gurl dog.

bow: back the f*** up dog she aint yo gurl so i can kiss her wen eva the f*** i want.

ok these niggas gt me f***ed up they actn like im nt even here wat the hell i got a say in dis s***.

tink: a hold the f*** up first off i aint nun of yo chick and second boy i dont no wat u may be thinkn but you cant kiss fill touch or anything else to me wen eva you want as for yall beef cus he kissed me so f***n wat if he did chris is you mad cus he had the balls to do it and not only that he standn up to yo ass and not letn you jus take wat he want smh get ova it.

you no wat yall then pissed me the f*** off im out i need to take a walk.

vona/kamzy/ty/nisha/sean: wat the hell jus happn

vona: tink were are u goin at this time of night.

Tink: vona i jus need sum air i need to cool off thats all look ill be back wen im cool.

Kamzy: naw im goin wit you its to dark for you to be by yoself. a will be back in a few.

while kamzy and tink left bow and chris was still at each others throat so ty and sean tryed to solve wat was goin on while me and nisha was goin to make dinner.

Tyga: yo nigga wat the f*** goin on wit you and chris why the f*** yall goin at it like dis yal best friends.

Bow: why dont you ask that nigga seens he got so much to say.

Chris:nigga f*** you,you no i like her and you gone pull sum s*** like this wen you pose to be my boy dawg you trif for that i aint got s*** to say to yo ass all i got for you is a ass whoopn.

Sean (pov)

s*** before i new it this nigga chris had swung at bow but bow ducked s*** we couldnt let these niggas fight so ty grabed chris and i got bow s*** they was best friends and was fight ova a gurl yea i new why they was actn the way they was even doe every body else dont before all this fightn s*** started i talked to both the guys and they told me how they felt bout tink. but i didnt understand chris cus he was all ways in nisha face wen tink wasnt around smh dude was confused like a mothaf***a but hey they'll figure it out.

sean: guys chill yall are boys yal aint pose to be fightn like this talk this s*** out dawg.

nisha (pov)

me and vona heard the loud bumn and went to go see wat it was. whenn we got in the front we saw chis and bow tryn to fight each other smh i cant beleave chris actn like this ova my god sis like is you serious im the one you been kissn on and talkn to im the one you pose to be actn like this ova. s*** me and my god sis gone hav a talk cus im nt happy wit wat she doin to mess up wat i got goin on wit chris the f*** she thought he's mines and thats the way its gone be so she need to step back and I aint playn or its gone be sum problems wit me and her forreal.

vona (pov)

I can jus see the wheels jus turning in nisha brain as i wached her i can tel she was mad cus they wasnt fightn ova her lol the b**** was crazy she always had sumn against tink and i dont no why tink neva did nun to her.