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Lost Souls

Lost Souls

*Six Years ago*

We were on the blacktop playing one on one. I was up by two and had the ball "Ju you're never gonna beat me" <a href="">I</a> said faking left and going right and made a lay up making the score 12-8. "game over, you suck Ju" I said sitting on the side of the court taking a swig of my gatorade. "man shut up, you know last game that fat kid fell on my leg" <a href="">he</a> said snatching my gatorade. I laughed at his sorry excuse, then heard my dad calling my name. 

"Tae! Tae! It's time to come in the house"

Ju looked at me "until next time" he said getting up and reaching his hand out to pull me up.

"until next time" I said walking off with my ball as he walked in the opposite direction

I walked in the house to see my mom and dad sitting on the couch with my baby sister.

"what's going on?" I said sitting on my ball against the wall

"shaunte' sweety your dad is being stationed in Wyoming. Sooo we're moving" my <a href="">mom</a> said 

My mouth fell open 

"I know you've made friends over the past five years, but you're young you can make new friends were ever you go" she continued

"and it's not guaranteed that we stay there. We might even end up moving back here" my <a href="">dad</a> said trying to lighten the mood

"but what about basketball, and Julius? He's my best friend"

"Tae you can play basketball anywhere. And guys can call each other or even write letters"

"okay, when do we move?"

"in one week" 

I sighed deeply "okay" and I went up to my room.


yee! im so glad ju put in work! right in time too
yay she didnt let him in whoot whoot i see u mo i see u loving all that atention she giving u "a drunken state speaks a sober mind" ;)
now eli needa get kicked out
im waitin on the reaction from his "bestie" miss captain of basketball team
her ass beter not side with him if she hear the truth if anything u can leave with him too s***tt
he need so therapy asap
run it!

O he a b**** ass nigga for dat s*** smh but im glad ju whooped his ass run it

run it!!!! Eli got what he deserved and i'm glad tae is away from him!!

Abt dang time somebody put him in his place. Eli lucky Mo ain't there or I'm sure it woulda been 10x worse!!!
Run It!!!

Tae felt her boob vibrating and pulled her phone out her corset top. She smiled to herself when she saw that Mo was calling. She hadn't talked to him since he left for school because they were both so busy.

"Ay I'll be back" Tae waved her phone indicating she had a phone call.

Ay nodded her head and continued to dance to the music.

Tae answered the phone and waited till she got to a quiet enough area to speak.

"Mauriceeeee I missssedd youuu" she slurred

Maurice was caught by surprise and nearly forgot why he was calling "I miss you to Shaunte'. You need to break up with that little boyfriend of yours"

Tae pouted on the other end as if he could see "I knowwww, that nigga is soooo crazyyyy!" Tae spoke her sober thoughts

Eli saw Tae leave her original spot and decided to make his way over to talk to Ayanna.

"Where Tae go?"

Ayanna mugged him "don't worry about it"

"Come on I want to make things right" he stumbled forward

"You need to sober up before you talk to her "

"A drunk mind speaks sober thoughts right" he waited for an answer but Ayanna continued to look at him in disgust

"Fine I'll find her myself" he walked away pumping in to people

Eli looked in every corner for Tae until he decided to go behind the first set of door to the foyer area where he found her posted on a wall with her back facing him talking on the phone.

"When are you coming back home?" She said in a very drunk baby voice

"In a few weeks. But Tae I gotta tell you something" Mo tried to get out for the 10th time but Tae was talking his ear off with 'I miss you's and I love you's ' which he didn't mind

"Okay, I'm sorry go ahead" Tae said looking over her shoulder just then seeing Eli watching her

"Shaunte' tell who ever that is you'll call them back" Eli said walking closer

"No, I don't want to talk to you. Just leave me alone Eli" Tae turned back around "hold on, just give me a minute to get rid of him" she whispered into the phone

"But Tae I need you" he grabbed her waist and began to kiss her neck

"Ughh Eli stop!" She pushed him off

Eli began to get mad that Tae was being so difficult "Tae we need to talk, hang up the phone" he reached for it but she moved her hand "who you talking to anyone!?" He snatched the phone out her hand this time. The phone lit up showing Mo's contact picture.

"Really, this the s*** we on now!?" He threw the phone at her

"Eli!!" Tae screamed in fear "just leave me alone, I'm done with you!"

Mo ended the call and hurriedly called Ju praying he was at the same location as Tae

"What up my niggaaaa!" Ju yelled into the phone over an even louder background

"Ju sober the f*** up and find Tae!"

"For what nigga? Just call her phone" mo let out a frustrated sigh

"Because she's with Eli's crazy ass!" Mo yelled praying that he heard him over the loud music

Ju heard every word and immediately sobered up and grew angry just at the sound of Eli's name.

Ju moved through the crowd as fast as could and found Ayanna still dancing by herself waiting on Tae to come back.

"Ayanna where is Shaunte'?"

"She went to talk on the phone somewhere over there" she pointed in the direction of the doors "why wassup?"

Ju had already began to push through the people to get to the doors. Ayanna was confused and decided to follow behind him

"I thought you wanted me Tae?!" Eli had Tae hands pinned to the wall "why you doing this to us?"

"I'm not doing anything it's all you!" She said with tears trickling down her face

"You the one cheating on me!" Eli barked in her face "you're just like my ex. You can't be trusted" he tightened his grip on her wrists

"Eli, your hurting me!" Tae sobbed "get off of me it's overrr!!" Tae yelled as she felt a hand slap her across the face. Tae slid on the floor and cried while holding her face

"Shut the f*** up! It ain't over till I say so b****"

Eli then took a blow to the face stumbling a few paces to the side. When he regained his footing and looked up he saw Ju squared up ready to fight.

"Julius what are you doing?" He chuckled

"You wanna fight someone then fight me. Fight a man "

"This ain't got nothing to do with you" Eli took a step closer

"Anything that goes on with her" he pointed to a sobbing Tae who was being consoled by Ayanna "has everything to do with me. And you must have lost your damn mind putting your hands on her" Ju stepped closer delivering another blow to Eli's face

Eli fell over in his drunken state. Ju then began delivering numerous blows to his body. Every bit of anger Julius had built up towards him was being shown through every punch until Tyler came and pulled him off.

"What the f*** is going on?" Tyler asked truly confused

"We'll tell you later" Ayanna said helping Tae stand to her feet and walk towards the exit.

Ju stared at Eli on the floor in disgust "ain't s*** ass nigga" he said while kicking him one last time

They all left the club leaving Eli brutally hurt on the floor until someone found him.

The crew went to ihop to get some food in their systems so they wouldn't have pounding headaches in the morning.

They had Mo and Lola on FaceTime informing them of everything that happened. Mo told them the story of how he knew Eli and that's how he knew something was gonna happen tonight.

"Kill that's crazy! How could we not remember his face" Ju said rubbing his head

"It was like 2 years ago" Tyler pointed out

Tae silently cried to herself. She felt so dumb and small because of what Eli did.

"Tae are you okay?" Lola asked

Tae shook her head "I hate him. I don't ever want to see his face again! ...but I have no choice because we go to the same school" she said the last part slightly above a whisper

Ju pulled her in to his side laying her head on his shoulder "f*** that s***. I'm finna get that nigga kicked out"

"I am so glad I didn't let him hit" she said truthfully

Mo let out a breath he didn't even know he was holding and silently thanked god

Tae caught him and smiled to herself

Run it

SMH yeah Tae you need to leave him alone asap!!! If Ju and dem find out he tryna do that to Tae he'd get a beatin of his life
Run It!!!

oh shiiiiiiiiiit!!! It just got real! OMG, Tae! she. needs. to. get. far. away. from. Eli. NOW! I hope Mo can save her before it's too late, damn. Run it

oh my goodness mo hop on that phone call and tell Ju too and ayanna dont let tae go over there they are both drinking that aint gonna look too good
run it!

OMG!! I knew that nigga was really crazy!! He needs help. And Mo needs to tell Tae wassup!!

<a href="">Tae</a> was in her zone dancing and vibing in the club with Ayanna. Ju was doing his own thing somewhere around the club with Tyler. Eli was there but Tae was avoiding him at all costs.

"You sure are feeling yourself" <a href="">Ayanna</a> grabbed Tae's hand and began dancing with her

"That's because I look good" Tae smiled to herself

Ay nodded in agreement "You s***ting on everyone"

"I want a drink"

"I think I saw Kira bar tending. She'll hook us up"

Ayanna began to lead them through the crowd of people up to the bar.

They leaned over the counter trying to get Kira's attention "hey y'all" she smiled at us "what y'all want?"

"Something fruity but strong" Tae said and Ay nodded in agreement

"Okay, I have just the thing "

Kira made them two muscle relaxers and slid the glasses over to them.

"Mhmm these look good" tae said taking a sip "yesss this hitting"

Tae damn near gulped her drink down while Ayanna was sipping

"Damn, you alcoholic" Ayanna laughed

"Can I get a Long Island ice tea" Tae yelled to Kira over the loud music

Kira nodded her head while making another customers drink.

Ayanna was dancing on the wall when she noticed channel coming over.

"Yo, Tae!" Channel yelled getting her attention

"Wassup Channel?" Tae stumbled a bit feeling the affects of the alcohol

"Girl, you need to go talk to Eli"

Tae shook her head " I don't have to do anything. I don't want to talk to him right now. I'll call him tomorrow or something"

Kira gave Tae her Long Island and Tae took a long sip

"No, talk to him now before he does something stupid" Channel commanded

"He already did something stupid. s*** he might have lost me foreal. Matter a face tell him that. Tell him to his s*** together and to lose the insecure bulls*** or I'm done with his ass" Tae yelled bitterly with sipping on her drink

"Channel I'll get her to talk to him okay" Ayanna said trying to get her to leave

"You better cus Eli is over there going crazy over her"

Channel made her way back over to a drunken Eli

"What she say, should I go over there?" He slurred

"No, just give her some time to come to you"

Eli sighed in frustration and took another shot

"Eli you need to slow down on them drinks"

"Yung, don't worry about me. I'm grown and ima drink how ever much I want"

Eli's mind began to wonder. He didn't want to lose Tae because he knew she has been nothing but good to him. His past was beginning to creep up on him as he thought about how things ended with his ex.


<em> " damn Avion! This you?" This <a href="">guy</a> asked loudly approaching us in the middle of the restaurant.

<em> <a href="">Avion</a> smirked her devilish smile " hi, Maurice. What brings you here this evening?"

<em>"Oh, nothing just came to order some food and be out" he said sarcastically "but in the mean time I catch my girl friend on a date with some other nigga" Maurice mugged Avion's date

<em>"You got a problem my nigga?" Eli asked

<em>"Yeah, you on a date with my girl bruh"

<em>"Naw, I'm on a date with my girl" Eli gritted out trying to keep his cool

<em>Mo took a deep breath " I'm not even about to argue with you over her smut ass. Avion don't call me for s***. Delete me from your memory" Mo stormed off leaving them to continue their date.

<em>"So that was ole dude?" Eli asked Avion

<em>"Yup, and I'm so glad to be done with him" Avion pecked his lips </em>

A month later....

<em>"What do you want Avion?" Mo said looking past her at his driveway

<em>"Mo you have to help me" she said on the verge of tears

<em>"Help you?" He chuckled "you have some nerve" he crossed his arms

<em>"Please Mauruce, he....he hits me"

<em>"Oh well you shouldn't have cheated on me" he said unphased

<em>"Mo I'm serious. Look" she raised a sleeve and showed her badly bruised arm

<em>"You probably did that yourself. Avion I can't help you, you need to go to the poli-" she cut him off

<em>"I can't...he said he'll kill me if I did"

<em>"Avion get your overly dramatic ass off my porch. I can't help you" he slammed the door in her face

<em>"f*** you Maurice. You're gonna regret this" she yelled outside the door while banging on it

<em>Mel came down the stairs "what the hell is going on?"

<em>"Avion out there talking about her new boyfriend is beating her. But I don't believe her. She always lying to get sympathy and I don't have time for it. And even if he is that's not my problem, ain't nobody tell her to cheat on me"

<em>Mel nodded her head "yeah, you stay away from that girl. I never did like her you know....."</em>

The following week....

<em>Ju, Tyler, and Mo were at the mall doing some shopping when they noticed Avion and Eli in a hidden corner

<em>"Ain't that ole girl over there?" Tyler pointed out

<em>Mo looked in the direction "yup, and she with her dude" Mo said not giving one f***

<em>"It looks like they're arguing" Ju said

<em>"Why y'all care?" Mo said growing irritated

<em>There was a loud slam "Oh s***" Tyler looked over to Eli and saw that he slammed her into the wall "should we do something?"

<em>Mo didn't answer but continued to watch from afar

<em>"Why you always in some nigga face with your hoeing ass" Eli gritted through his teeth

<em>Avion turned her face to the side with tears running down her face "don't cry now that your caught"

<em>"I'm sorry, I won't do it again" Avion said fearfully

<em>"That's what you said the last time!"

<em>"That's because I want to get away from you!" Avion yelled honestly then put her hand over her mouth realizing what she just said

<em>Eli grew angrier and back handed her causing her to slide to the floor. He grabbed her by her shirt collar raising her back ready to do more damage when a pair of strong hands pulled him away from her.

<em>Eli turned around to see Maurice "what the f*** do you want!?"

<em>"To leave her alone" Maurice and Eli stared each other down "why you still here? Get the f*** you weak ass nigga"

<em>Eli c**ked his head back "weak?"

<em>"Yeah, weak! Only a weak nigga would put his hands on a female. Now get the f*** before I do twice the damage to you"

<em>Eli mugged Maurice and then began to walk away "this ain't over Avion, know that!"</em>

Mo woke up from his sleep frantically. Finally remembering where he knew Eli from. He had to call Shaunte' before Eli got to her the way he got to Avion

he gots to go..

She needs to be done with his ass and FAST!!! I never really liked him for her either. I was always #TeamMo. Now I really see what he's talking about!! That nigga is crazy and Tae should not be making up excuses to stay with his ass!!

O she need to jus let him go smh run it

oh hell na
dump his abusive self n*gga trippin tryna raise his voice and hands like that
thats ur girl nothing more nothing less so act right or get left
ugh i hope ju tells Mo about that
idk y she stayin with him
i hope she hasnt slept with him
and i hope nothing funny happens at the club
run it!

*two months later*

Ju, Tae and one of Ju's teammates, Drew were chilling outside after their economics class waiting for Ayanna to get out of her psychology class so they could go to the cafe together.

They were sitting at one of the many picnic tables outside. Drew and Tae on one side and Ju on the other.

"Ju what's the move for Halloween this year" Tae asked leaning over and playing with his hands

"I don't even know, I think there's gonna be a couple of Halloween parties this year" Drew nodded his head in agreement

"Yeah, I heard the Q's were throwing a Halloween bash and I'm sure that one is gonna be crazy" Drew said

"I really wanna dress up though. Like transform myself" Tae said flipping her straightened hair

"You two can go as Traci and Dj Babey Drew from love and hiphop ATL" Ju said cracking up

Drew balled up a piece of paper and threw it at him "you not even funny"

"It's hilarious cus your name is drew" Tae started laughing "Drew I'm tired of you bringing these microwaveable popcorn hoes around my son" Tae did her best Traci impression

Eli came walking out of his class and saw Tae, Ju, and some random dude that was all on his girl.

Drew wrapped his arm around Tae "we gonna be the best looking couple"

Eli walked up behind them hearing the last comment and cleared his throat

Tae smiled up at him "hey bab-"

"Save it" he cut her off staring Drew down.

"Umm, is there a problem?" Drew asked

"Yeah, don't touch my girl" Eli said pulling her up and into him

"Don't nobody want Tae, everybody knows she's you property" he said with emphasis on property

"Eli, we were just talking" she said pushing him to the side

" man what is his problem?" Drew asked Ju

"I don't know, I don't like them together foreal cus he stay accusing her of something. It's getting old" Ju shook his head

"What's your problem?" Tae said irritated

"My problem is you. Always smiling in these niggas faces, giving them the wrong idea. Got them copping feels and s***"

Tae scrunched up her face in disbelief "Ain't nobody copping feels"

"Then what the f*** was that, talking bout some the best looking cheating on me?"

Tae looked at him in disbelief

"Answer me!" Eli raised his hand like he was about to slap Tae

Tae took a step back "what was that? You gonna hit me?" Her eyes widened "don't talk to me until you've gotten your mind right and you're thinking properly" Tae said walking off leaving Eli standing by himself

Tae went back over to the table to grab her bag "by guys I'll see y'all later"

"Wait, what happened?" Ju asked following Tae

"He raised his hand at me like he was about to hit me" she said nonchalantly

"He what ?" Ju said with anger in his voice

"Julius, calm down. If he does it again you have my permission to beat his ass because I'll be done with him" Tae said stopping mid stride and gave him a hug "I'll call you later" she pecked his cheek

"Iight" he mumbled

This isn't the first time Shaunte' said she would be done with him. And her sorry excuses as to why she was sticking it out were also getting old.

<em> "he needs me" she sobbed..."he's working on his trust issues"....."he been through a lot Julius, I'm just trying to be there for him"</em>

It's getting old. He shook his head.

"He what, Shaunte'?" Ayanna said with anger in his voice

Tae just nodded her head "uh huh, it's time to let his ass go. Did you tell Channel to talk to him?"

"Yeah, she said to just let him cool down. And that he's raised his hand to her to but he ain't bout that life and won't really do it "

"Naw, bump that. It's time to leave him. If he has the balls to raise his hand at you, he has the balls to actually do it."

"What's the move tonight?" Tae changed the subject

She does that now whenever the subject of conversation is her and Eli's rocky relationship.

Ayanna sighed knowing what she was doing "some club is suppose to be jumping tonight. I forgot which one"

"Okay, tells go! We finna turn up tonight"

Tae just wanted a distraction from Eli.

" iight, well I'm about to go to Ty's room. You wanna come?" Ay said throwing on a hoodie

"I'm about to call Maliyah and my parents. I'll be over afterwards"

Ay nodded her head "okay, see you later" she walked out their room leaving Tae alone.

Tae pulled out her phone and facetimed her mom praying that she answered.

Linda picked up the phone eager to hear from her oldest daughter.

"Hey baby!" Linda said excitedly

Tae smiled brightly "hey mom, whatchu doing?" She asked curiously

"Oh nothing, just doing some reading" a door slammed in the background "your dad just walked in with Maliyah"

"Tell Maliyah to come to the phone. I wanna talk to her"

Maliyah came running over, hearing her sisters voice coming from the phone "shaunte'! How's school?"

"School is great so far, I made a lot of new friends. And I get to play basketball all the time"

Maliyah rolled her eyes playfully "enough about basketball" she laughed "are you and Eli still together?" She asked curiously

Tae sighed deeply at the thought of him "yeah, we are. Are you still the best dancer in your class?" Tae quickly changed the subject

"That was a stupid question. Of course I am" she flipped her curly hair

"That's because everyone in the Brooks' family is the best" Shaunte gave a proud look "and to be the best you have to do your homework so hop to it"

"Okay, bye. Love you" Maliyah waved goodbye as she disappeared from the camera

"Shaunte' are you okay?" Linda had a worried expression on her face

"Yeah, why ?"

"You just seem a little off, is everything okay with you and Eli?"

"We had a little argument earlier. But we'll be okay" Linda nodded her head understandingly

"Okay, remember don't settle for less in anything honey" she advised

"I won't mom but I'll talk to y'all later. Tell dad I'll text him "

"Okay, bye sweety"

"Bye" Tae ended the call and grabbed her keys and ID before she headed to Tyler and Julius' room.

Tyler's roommate never showed up so Julius moved in to his dorm.

After a fifteen minute walk. Tae stepped inside the Douglas dorms and headed to Tyler and Ju's room.

Tae opened the door knowing it would be open and was greeted by her friends.

"So we all going to the club tonight?" Tyler asked as we nodded our heads

"Is Eli coming?" Ju asked with a smug look on his face

Tae shrugged her shoulders "I don't know, kinda don't care..."

run it!!!

Run it

mo is sweet talkin bout sorta instead of a straight up no
that is his prize
btw loved that u put his pov but i thought he was in VA? not maryland?
i wanna know where he know eli from! in due time in due time
run it!

<Em>In my opinion Maryland was like Cali but not as many beaches and no palm trees. It was already starting to show signs of fall. You know leaves changing colors and falling off the trees. Cool breezes. This was all so foreign to me.</em> Mo thought as he walked through his schools campus making his way back to his dorm.

Mo took notice of all the people moving in to their dorms. He could care less about making new friends. The only people he needed to know were his teammates, coaches, and his teachers.

"Aye yo Maurice! Wait up nigga" a voice behind him called

Mo turned his head to see his teammate and roommate <a href="http://cdn.necoleb****">Terrence</a> jogging behind him

"Man you don't waist no time getting out of there do you"

"Naw, ain't s*** else to do" Mo said dryly

"I know you from Cali and s*** but there's definitely s*** to do around here. You just gotta roll with me to find out" Terrence said as they walked into their dormitory

"Fine then, what's the move?" Mo asked putting his key in the door to unlock it and walk inside

"First the team is going to ledo's in like 30 min"

"The f*** is a ledo's ?" Maurice had a confused look on his face

"It's a pizza place like 10 from campus"

Mo nodded his head "iight I'm down"

They both showered and changed their clothes in 20 minutes. They grabbed their ID's and left out.

Terrence had his car on campus since he was a sophomore. They hopped in and made their way to ledo's.

They drove down the strip of restaurants and lounge spots. "Dang, I ain't know all of this was over here"

"Maybe you should try exploring instead of staying in your room" Terrence said not taking his eyes off the road

Mo gave him the side eye "it's only been a week and a nigga been tired s***, coach running us into the ground"

"You're right about that" Terrence parked the car and the both got out and began walking towards the restaurant

When they got inside some members from the team were already in there. They sat down and joined the team eating pizza and making small conversation trying to get to know each other more since they'll be playing together for a few years.

"Aye Mo, you got a girl back home ?" One guy named Kyle asked

"Sorta" Mo answered with his mouth full

"Sorta? How is that possible?" Terrence asked

"We decided to take a break for our first year in school. That break ended up in her falling in the arms of some guy. I don't trust him though"

"Well why don't you trust him" someone else asked

"I don't know, it's something about him. And I swear I know him from somewhere but I can't put my finger on it"

"Seems to me that you just holding on to your ex" Terrence said

"So what if I am. She's my first love and we're still cool. But something's up with dude. I don't expect y'all to understand" Mo said nonchalantly

"Enough about relationships." A senior at the end of the table said "there's a sigma party tonight. And there's gonna be endless b****es in there"

"Ayeee" a few guys said getting hype

"Mo, you down?" Terrence asked his roommate

"Yeah, I'm down...."

Shaunte's POV

"Girl there's a few parties going on tonight since just about everyone moved in today" Ayanna said to Tae as she walked back into their dorm

"I'm down for whatever. I just need to have some fun"

Ay looked at her confused "did seeing Eli not go well?"

"Naw, we good. But coincidentally Channel is his best friend "

At scoffed "go figure. What slick s*** she say out her mouth"

"Not much, just what happened at practice" Tae plopped down on her bed " Eli said we need to squash it cus we're on the same team and we're gonna need each other on the court"

"Exactly on the court. Ain't nobody checking for her off the court. If she wanna get checked she can pop off" Ayanna said getting amped up

"Will you calm down" Ayanna did as she was told "I'm not worried about her. I'm not trying to lose my scholarship over her ass"

"True...this is gonna be some year"

"You ain't never lied" Tae said staring at the ceiling

dam eli no need to get salty over Mo
aha go figure he would be besties with Tae
i wonder if tae will ever meet or run into Eli ex
i have a feeling theres more to that story then he letting on
tyga and kae together?? thats weird but i strangely like it
run it!

Run it

After a few hours Mike, Nina and Channel had left to get something to eat leaving Eli and Tae in the room.

Eli was playing 2k and Tae just lye there watching and thinking.

"How long have you and Channel been friends ?"

"Uh little after my junior year. We were always cool but she really helped me when my relationship ended with my ex" Tae nodded her head

"Why?" He asked not taking his eyes off the tv

"Just asking" Tae remained quiet

"How long you and your crew been friends, all of y'all mad close"

"I've known Ju since kindergarten that's my ride or die" she giggled "I met Ayanna, Mo, and Tyler when I moved back here my junior year-"

"No one asked about Mo" Eli said with a hint of attitude

"Well he's apart of my crew so yeah. And don't cut me off I hate that"

"Don't bring up your ex and I won't" Eli said pausing the game

"Awww is my wittle Eli jealous" Tae said trying to pinch his cheek but he moved away "damn, I'm sorry. I'll leave since you're in your feelings" Tae said hopping off the bed and walking toward the door until Eli grabbed her arm trying to stop her.

"I'm sorry, you're right" Eli said wrapping his arms around her "don't go" he said leading her back to the bed

He laid next to her still wrapping his arms around her cuddling and pecking her forehead "it's just weird to me that y'all are still cool. I'm not use to it. And you know I got cheated on in my last relationship"

"It's okay, I understand. But don't push me away like that cus ain't nobody checking for Mo. If I was I wouldn't be with you"

"I know" he said placing another kiss by her temple "I just want you all to myself" he whispered closely into her ear

Tae blushed feeling Eli's warm breath so close to her. Eli began to kiss Tae on her neck as he began to position his body over top of her. Eli then moved to her lips gently kissing her. As the seconds went by the more passionate the kiss got.

Eli could feel himself stiffen up in his jeans. He wanted Tae in more ways then one. Eli moved his hands slowly down Tae's small frame ready to take off her shirt but Tae stopped him and the kiss out of breath .

"What's wrong?" He asked her placing kisses on her neck

"We've only been together for about a month. I'm not ready to take that next step with you yet"

Eli nodded his head understandingly "I understand"

"Sorry" Tae said looking down at his pants

"No trip I'll just take a cold shower" Eli made a goofy grin

"Well then ima get going then. I'mad tired from practice"

"Just take a nap in here. I won't bother you, I just wanna see your face"

"Mmkay" Tae said stretching out on the bed as Eli grabbed his hygiene products and headed into the bathroom.

Tae got comfortable and drifted off into the best sleep she's had since she arrived at school.

I hope Eli ain't stupid..they is not gone get alone, but we'll see...RUN IT

Practices were super tiring for the girls. They weren't use to that level of conditioning. They started out practice outside running ten laps around the track. Then they headed inside and did about 15 suicides and then began to practice shooting, guarding and the team plays. And on Tuesdays and Thursdays they has weight training.

The girls were in the locker room after practice ready to pass out, and drinking their Gatorade.

"Coach is gets crazier and crazier with these work outs man" their teammate Kira said

"Man what!! My legs feel like jello" another girl, <a href="">Nicole</a> added

"Tae we definitely should have trained with the boys and coach T more this summer" Ay said as Tae nodded her head tiredly

"Yeah, you should have" the girl that always felt to speak added.

Her name was <a href="http://cdn.necoleb****">Channel</a> and she thought she was the s*** just because she was a junior and team captain.

Tae spit her mouth guard out into her hand "what's your beef ?" Tae asked tired of her side comments

Channel whipped her long hair around " no beef here I just don't want any slackers on my team"

everyone got super quiet looking between the two "well how about you motivate and uplift your team instead of talking s*** all the team" Tae said as all the upper class-men looked at her shockingly

Channel stepped close and looked down into Tae's face since she was sitting down "looky here little girl 'Shaunte' Brooks' I've been the starting point guard since my freshmen year and now I'm captain. Do you know why?" She waited for no response "because I work my ass off. And if you think that your little shrimpy freshmen ass is gonna take my spot then you're sadly mistaken. Stay in your lane and we won't have any problems"

"We'll see about that" Tae said loud and clear gathering her things and heading out.

Channel chuckled "everyone else have a lovely weekend and don't forget we'll be back at twice as hard on Monday 6am sharp" she said in her fakest voice

Ayanna grabbed her things stuffing them into her gym bag ready to head out with Kira following behind.

Ayanna met up with Tae outside ready to head back to the dorms until Kira stopped them.

"Aye Shaunte'" Tae looked back at <a href="">her</a> " I just wanted to applaud you on standing up to Channel. Not many people have the balls to do that"

" it was nothin'" Tae shrugged it off

"But foreal though, you can take her spot you just gotta want it"

" oh I do. But we'll catch you later" Tae said as they waved goodbye.

"Well let's brighten your mood" Ay said cheesing super hard "Eli is moving in today isn't he?"

Tae smiled at the thought of him "yeah, what time is it" she looked at her phone to see it was 6:30 "he should be here already, let me call him"

Tae dialed his number and waited for him to pick up. He finally picked up on the fifth ring "hey baby" he answered

"Hey, are you all moved in yet?"

"Yeah I am, come to Jackson 137"

"I just left practice, I'm all sweaty and gross. I'm gonna take a shower and stuff and then I'll be right over, okay?"

"Iight, see you then " he said hanging up the phone

"Come on, we have to get me to the dorm so I can hurry up and see my boo" Tae said speed walking a little

"Girl, please I just ran like 30 suicides. I'm not in a rush to go no where"

Tae slowed down her pass "no bulls*** though, he just gonna have to wait" she giggles

The girls slowly strolled through the campus until they got to their dorm. Ayanna collapsed on her bed while Tae grabbed toiletries and went in their bathroom to shower and wash the sweat out her hair.

Once she was finished she towel dried her hair and threw on a Tshirt, he compression shorts and slipped on her Nike slides ready to go, not really caring how <a href="">she</a> looked

"Iight I'm leaving" Tae said grabbing her keys and ID

Ayanna raised her head up trying to get a good look at Tae. She scrunched up her face "ew is that what you're wearing?"

"Yeah, I don't care about these people I'm just tryna see my man"

"What if he introduces you to his friends" Ay exasperated

"Then they'll meet me as I am" Tae shrugged it off "I'm out, take a shower stinky" Tae shut the door as Ay threw a pillow her way

Tae sent Eli a text letting him know she was on her way as she walked through campus. She looked around for the sign that said 'Jackson dormitory' until she found it then walking in that direction. After another 15 minutes Tae finally approached the building. Just as she was walking in someone was walking out and held the door open so she wouldn't be locked out.

Tae roamed the first floor of the coed dorm looking for room 137. She got to the middle of the hall when she found it. Tae hated knocking on doors so she just called Eli.

"Where you at?" He answered

"Open the door and you'll find out" she said hanging up the phone

She heard shuffling on the opposite end and them saw Eli's face as he swung the door open to let her in.

She walked in to see a room full of people.

"Aye y'all" Eli called getting their attention "this is my girl Shaunte' , you can call her Tae though. Tae this is my bro <a href="">Mike</a>, his girl <a href="">Nina</a> and my best friend whom I'm sure you met already, Channel"

Tae was smiling an saying hello until he said Channel's name.

Channel looked up from her phone ready to say hello until she saw Shaunte's face. "Oh Eli, this is your girlfriend" she said sounding disappointed

Eli pulled Tae into his side "yeah, ain't she cute. And y'all ball together, we'll all be besties" he flipped his imaginary hair causing Mike and Nina to laugh.

"Yeah, not so much" Tae said taking a seat on his bed.

"Whoa did I miss something?" Eli asked taking a seat next to girl and putting his arm around her

"Yeah, this the girl on the team I was telling you about that was trying test me today" Eli made an "O" with his mouth "the one YOU said to let have it, to show her who's boss and who's court it is"

Tae looked at him with an 'oh really' kind of look "well now I'm telling the both of y'all to chill. At the end of the day y'all need each other because basketball is a team sport . Just try to get along for my sake. I can't have my girl and my best friend beefing"

The girls remained silent "hello, I am I speaking Spanish?"

"Okay Eli/babe" they said at the same time

"Good", Eli sat their satisfied

run it!!

Run it

yes! im satisfied with her response teamMo !
and i wouldnt be surprised if lola and ju did get married
eww ty and a freaky selves lol
them basketball girl can cut the "haze" -__-
run it!

Tae and Aynna went into the athletic building where their team meeting was being held and walked into the gym to see a bunch of girls standing around.

"Is this the women's basketball team meeting?" Tae asked

"Yeah freshie" some girl said

Ayanna made a stank face "freshie?" She mumbled

"Come on" Tae said as she took a seat on the bleachers next to some other girls and Ayanna followed suit

"These girls are huge, and I'm so small" Ayanna said with wide eyes

"Relax, you're small but fast and you wouldn't have been recruited if they didn't think you had talent" Ayanna beamed at her best friends words

"You're the best Shaunte'" she hugged her tightly

" what are the two freshie's bestfwends" the same girl said in a baby voice

"Yeah" Tae said unphased

"That's cute, for now" she said trying to be intimidating

"Ladies!!!" Everyone was snapped out of their thoughts when she came in.

"Good afternoon, if you don't know my name is Coach Nikki Caldwell and you ladies are mine this season. I'm gonna whip you guys into shape, we're gonna play hard and practice harder because great teams form during practice. We will work together and respect one another as ladies and as team mates. Freshmen I picked each of you five ladies for a reason so don't let anyone including myself make you feel less than. Got it?"

"Yes ma'am" all the girls said in unison

"Perfect. I'm now passing around the athletic rule book. Read it, learn it, love it and live by it while you are on this campus" she said as they got passed around

They began to go over the rules when they got to one about hair and hair color. "Ladies I'm not gonna tell you that you can't dye your hair just make sure it's nothing too bright or distracting" with that being said everyone began to eye Ayanna's bright purple hair.

"So I can't express myself?" Ayanna asked

"You can just make it a deep purple and lose the yellow highlights" coach Caldwell said

"Okay" Ayanna said as some of the girls snickered and laughed

They continued to go over the rules for another hour until they were dismissed.

"Ladies don't forget we have practice bright and early tomorrow morning at 7"

"Yes ma'am" the girls said as they headed out the gym

"I'm gonna call Ju and see where he at" Tae said pulling out her phone and dialing his number

He answered immediately "hey wassup?"

"Where you at?" Tae asked

"I'm leaving out the gym now, we just had meeting"

Tae turned around and there she saw her best friend walking out the gym.

"Juju!!" Tae said hugging him

"Wassup, what y'all doing out here?"

"We just had a team meeting" Ay answered

"Oh true, how was it?" He asked

"Horrible! She said I have to get rid of my purple hair"

"No she didn't. She said to make darker so it's not as noticeable"

"I might as well dye my hair black" she folded her arms

"Girl what you crying for this not even your real hair. Wit your unbeweavable ass" Ju said lifting up a piece of her hair causing them to laugh.

"f*** y'all I need to find my baby " she said pulling out her phone to call Tyler "babyyy where are you?" She said excitedly

"I'm in my dorm. Come to Douglas room 372"

"Okay, we'll be there in a minute"

They made their way to the building which was about a 15 minute walk. Most of the athletes stayed in this door as well as Wilson, which is where the girls were staying.

Once they got there ju banged on the door.

"Who tf is bang- oh I didn't know Tae and Ju were with you" Tyler said opening the door wide for them to come in.

Tyler laid on his bed with Ayanna by his side and Ju sat in his desk chair while Tae made herself comfortable on the empty bed on the other side of the room

"Ayanna are you happy now that you're finally reunited with your baby" Tae asked laughing

Ayanna pecked his lips "yes I am"

"She damn near died being away from you" Ju added

"f*** y'all, y'all just jealous"

Tyler chuckled " yeah, y'all just jealous" he began to kiss Ayanna all over her face as she squirmed around

"So Ty you don't have a roommate?"

"Naw, not till next week I think when everyone else gets here "

"Oh yeah it's about to be on and poppin" Ayanna said looking at Ty full of lust

"Ewww y'all are gross" Ju said making a stank face

"You just make sure your ass is at practice tomorrow morning" Tae said in a serious voice

"You got it coach" Ayanna gave her a thumbs up

"I'm about to get out of here before I see something my virgin eyes can't take" Ju said covering his eyes

"Come on fool" Tae said opening the door "bye y'all" Tae waved and pulled Ju out since he was still covering his eyes

"Are we out" he said peeking in between his fingers

"Yes goofball. Hey you wanna order a pizza and help me unpack the rest of my stuff"

"Okay, and then we can do each others hair and watch movies" Ju said in his best girl voice

Tae starting laughing "you are such a goofball"

"So when does Lola leave?" Tae asked as they neared her building

"On Tuesday"

"Are you gonna go to the airport with her?"

He nodded his head "of course"

"I'm gonna miss my Lola bunny" Tae said flashing her ID card on the door

"Me too. But we'll make it through" Ju draped his arm around Tae as they made their way into the elevator.

They let silence fill the elevator until they got to the second floor and walked down the hall to Tae's room. Tae unlocked the door with her key and walked in flicking the light on to show her bare room with the exception of her properly made bed.

"Really Tae? All you unpacked and set up was your bed" Ju straight faced her

Tae made an innocent face "what? Our meeting was like an hour after getting here. We didn't have time"

"Well we better get started then" Ju said unzipping one her suitcase full of shoes

Tae opened her suitcase with her clothes in it and began to hang up all of her clothes...

"Have you talked to Mo since he left" Tae asked curiously

"Yeah, a few times but he's been pretty busy. He told me to tell everyone he said wassup"

"Oh, that's cool" Tae remained silent hanging up her clothes

"....Do you think you and Eli are gonna last ?" Ju caught Tae off guard with that question

"I don't know honestly. I'm only 18 it can go anywhere and I'm not really planning on marrying the guy" Ju nodded his head satisfied with the answer

"Do you think your relationship with Lola will last?" Tae said wanting to to put the spotlight on him

"It could. I love her and we have a solid relationship so I wouldn't be surprised if we ended up getting married later in the future. But I can't predict the future so we'll just have to wait and see"

Tae nodded her head accepting his answer

After about an hour and a half of unpacking they finally finished. Soon after Tae had ordered a large pepperoni pizza for the two of them and turned on Netflix to watch a movie as they lay in Tae's bed .

"Aye Ju we haven't had a sleepover since we were 10 and you-"

"Don't even bring that up" Ju cut her off and turning his head towards her

Tae began to laugh histarically "and...and you peed on yourself"

Ju straight faced her "I said not to bring it up....but for the record I only peed on myself because YOU and Eli are evil"

"It was a harmless prank"

"You put my hands in water so that I would purposely piss on myself. You ain't real Tae, you wasn't my friend foreal" Ju shook his head at the thought

Tae moved to the end of the bed "aww come mere you know I love my juju" Tae said in a baby voice as she climbed on top of his trying to kiss his face

"Ahh get off of my girl" he said squirming around

"Just let me love you Julius" Tae said grabbing his head and planting kisses on his forehead

Tae soon let go and laid next to her best friend and continued to watch their fave movie white chicks and eat the rest of their pizza.

run it!