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~~Cold-Hearted~~ (Repost) Finished!!

<a href="">Tristan</a> is sitting at the bar like he does every Friday night. He doesn’t even know why he bothers anymore, the bar scene seems to get more boring every week. He looks around as he takes a sip of his Hennessey on the rocks; he swears he sees the same people every week; desperate men looking for woman and desperate woman looking for men. Tristan is not a desperate man and he is not looking for a woman. His motto is “never trust a b***h.” He has been this way for years and he does not think it will change anytime soon. All women are evil to Tristan and he doesn’t want anything to do with them. He continues looking around and notices <a href="">a woman</a> he has never seen before. He knows all the regulars and she is definitely not one of them. She is standing awkwardly against the wall with a drink that appears to be cranberry juice in her hand. Tristan looks her up and down and does his normal routine of rating her appearance. Her large, natural hair definitely catches his attention, pretty face, petite little shape squeezed into a fitted dress, and toned legs defined by 4 maybe 5 inch stilettos. Tristan thinks she is the perfect 10 looks wise. The woman catches Tristan staring at her and she looks away awkwardly. Tristan takes this to mean that is shy as well. She is looking around and Tristan just watches her. Tristan snaps out of his daze and looks away; he doesn’t even know why he was staring. Yes she is beautiful, but pretty faces are always deceiving. Tristan finishes his drink and asks the bartender for another one. Tristan only has two drinks for the night and he decides at 1 am, it’s time to head home. He pays and tips the bartender and then gets up from the stool and walks outside. As soon as he walks outside, he sees the woman arguing with this man. Tristan just shakes his head: wonder what the b***h did, is all Tristan is thinking. Tristan walks forward, but stops in his tracks when he hears what sounds like a slap and hears a woman’s gasp of pain. Tristan turns around and sees the woman holding her cheek and the man with his hand up. Now Tristan may hate woman, but he just doesn’t like when men ever put their hands on a woman. Tristan quickly walks over to the man and grabs his arm and spins him around and the man looks at him like he is crazy.

“Weren’t you ever taught never put your hands on a woman?,” Tristan said.

“N***a get off me. This is none of your business,” the man said while jerking Tristan’s hand off of his arm.

“When you hit a woman in the street it becomes anyone who is watching business,” Tristan said boldly.

“Man whatever. This is MY woman, you mind your own,” the man said.

“I’m not your woman,” the woman said softly.

“B***h what you say?,” the man said.

“I am not your woman Michael! You need to accept that!,” the woman yelled. Michael looks like he is about to hit the woman again, but Tristan gets in front of her and lifts up his shirt and Michael sees a 9 mm handgun. He just glares at Tristan and then looks at the woman.

“This isn’t over Malila. We have a lot to talk about,” Michael said. Michael just turns around and walks away and disappears around the corner. Tristan pulls his shirt down and then starts to walk away.

“Wait!,” Malila yelled. Tristan just shakes his head and Tristan hears Malila’s heels clicking as she tries to walk towards him. He hears her picking up speed and she gently touches his arm and then stands in front of him and Tristan just stares at her. He notices her left cheek is slightly red from the slap and her eyes are glassy from tears.

“I….I just want to say thanks for what you did. I really appreciate it,” Malila said shyly. Tristan just nods his head and walks past her.

“Wait…..what’s your name?,” Malila called out. Tristan just ignores her and keeps walking and Malila watched him disappear into the dark. She wanted to thank him personally, but guess she won’t get the chance. Tristan gets to his car and takes the keys from his pocket and unlocks the car doors and gets in the car and just sighs heavily. What he just did was so stupid. He doesn’t know this n***a Michael or what he is into to, Michael could come at Tristan for retaliation. And he did this stupid s**t over a woman?! Yes she got slapped by a man, but hell Tristan doesn’t know her. Why would he stand up for a woman, when he swears he hates every last one of them? Tristan just shakes his head and Malila pops into his mind. She has to be one of the most beautiful women Tristan has ever seen and her sweet smelling perfume is still lingering in his nostrils. Tristan just puts Malila into the back of his head and speeds off home; what is happening to him?


Thank you ladies for your comments!!! I love them!! I am so glad you enjoyed the ending!! I miss this story already lol but thanks again <3

Wow. Best fcuking ending to this story. It was amazing.
Tristan freakin out thinking something was gonna go wrong Malila letteing him know everything was gonna be okay. Tristan and the guys tubs nice. The brides maid dresses Malila gown all beautiul. Tj pushing his sisters down the isle so cute. Malila walking with her dad. Tristan crying seeing Malila amazin. The pastors words there vows i loved there one another. I really loved Tristan song it was so heartfelt and meaningful. Then when they all walked out as the Williams family beautiful. Omg there gonna have another baby damn they fertile lol. But Im happy for them. One big happy family. I loved Tristans last words cold hands warm heart. Yeah baby and it was Malila who first warmed that heart and made him the man he is now. Loved this story Nicole. It was beautiful ans the ending was amazing. I will miss it. But truly loved reading it. Thank You.

aww that was a very beautiful ending! like awww
dam them freaks are gonna end up with hella kids they way they go at it! lets hope the pregnancy goes more smoothly this time around!
great story!

Ok ladies that's it!!! That's the end of Cold-Hearted!! I am so thankful for all of my readers!! I love you all so much and I hope you all enjoyed this story!! I enjoyed writing it for you all!! <3

So another month passes and today is Malila and Tristan’s wedding!!!!!!!! It’s a Saturday and Malila and Tristan are beyond excited!!!! Everyone is excited! All of Malila’s family is here and her friends from Richmond came up as well. Right now it’s 9 am in the morning and Malila and Tristan are trying to get to the church. The wedding starts at 3 pm, so they are trying to make sure they are ready on time. The girls are going with Malila and TJ is going with Tristan. Right now, Malila is putting the girls in their car seats and Tristan is putting on his shoes and jacket with TJ does the same. Once everyone is ready, Tristan and Malila look at each other and smile.

“Ok baby you got everything? Your dress, shoes makeup, accessories, all that?,” Tristan said.

“Yes baby I have everything and my mom is at the church with my you have everything?,” Malila asked.

“Yes baby I have everything.....we have to get going.”

“Ok baby I will see you at the altar,” Malila said while smiling big. Tristan just smiles and grabs Malila’s face and kisses her passionately. Everyone leaves the house and heads to the church. Once Malila and the girls get there, Malila takes them to the room where she and all the females will be getting ready and Tristan takes TJ to the room where all the males will be getting ready. Malila sets down the car seats with the girls and sees her mom, Lauren, Imani, Nia and Erica and they all look at her and smile big.

“Hey Malila,” Sandra said.

“Hi mommy,” Malila said. Malila goes over to her mom and hugs her tight and then she hugs everyone else.

“How you feeling Malila?,” Lauren asked.

“I’m so excited....but nervous....and scared. I am feeling so many emotions,” Malila said.

“Girl why are you scared? Your man loves you so much and I know you love him,” Nia said.

“That’s right girl and I know he is just as excited as you are to be married, so don’t be scared. This is your day and you should enjoy it,” Erica said.

“You are all right.......I’m getting married today!!,” Malila exclaimed. Everyone laughs and they all hug Malila tight. The girls then start making some sounds and Malila smiles and she goes over to their car seats and she picks them both up and kisses their cheeks.

“How are my babies? Huh?,” Malila said cutely. The girls just smile and everyone just smiles at them.

“Alright let Aunty Nia get one of those gorgeous girls,” Nia said while holding her arms out.

“And Aunty Erica too,” Erica said while holding her arms out. Malila smiles and hands Anaya to Nia and Aaliyah to Erica.

“Hey gorgeous girl how are you huh?,” Nia said sweetly. Anaya just looks at Nia and smiles a bit and Nia kisses her cheek and rubs her back.

“Awww she’s so shy,” Nia said.

“Yes Anaya is my shy girl,” Malila said.

“And how are you Aaliyah huh?,” Erica said. Aaliyah smiles and laughs loudly and Erica laughs and kisses her cheek.

“And Aaliyah is your outgoing girl huh?,” Erica said.

“That’s right she is,” Malila said while laughing a bit. Meanwhile with Tristan and the men: Tristan is pacing the floor while everyone else is relaxing.

“Daddy? What’s wrong?,” TJ asked with concern.

“Uh.....I am so nervous!,” Tristan confessed.

“What you nervous for man? You are going to marry the love of your life,” Trent said.

“Yeah Trent’s right. No need to be nervous Tristan,” Austin said.

“I just.....what if something goes wrong? Like when I’m singing what if my voice cracks or something happens with the music?,” Tristan said. Everyone in the room just laughs at him and Tristan just sighs.

“Son you are stressing over nothing....even if any of those things happen, which I am sure they won’t, Malila is going to enjoy every second of your wedding and you should too,” David said.

“’re right. You’re right....I’m stressing over nothing....I need to relax....I need to see Malila,” Tristan said.

“Tristan you can’t see Malila it’s bad her,” Trent said. Tristan just nods his head and he goes into the bathroom and calls Malila and she answers after the second ring.

“Hey baby,” Malila said.

“It’s so good to hear you voice baby,” Tristan said.

“Babe what’s wrong?”

“.....I’m nervous as h**l Malila.....I have been pacing back and forth ever since we got here.....I just have it in my mind that something is going to go wrong and I don’t know why.”

“Oh baby, don’t be nervous...even if something goes wrong it is still our day. The day we got married and honestly it is going to be perfect to me no matter what....I am going to marry you, the love of my life. The man I love with all of my heart and soul.”

“Oh baby you always know what to say.....I want to see you.”

“You will baby....when I walk down the aisle.”

“I know you’re right I just need to chill....I already know I am going to cry when I see you walking down the aisle...I am going to break down.”

“Awww babe you are so sweet....I already know that when you sing to me, I will be balling my eyes out.”

“I’m going to cry when I sing too I am sure, but I need to keep it together.”

“It’s ok babe you can cry as much as you want’s going to be emotional for both of us.”

“Yes it is going to be one of the best days of my life I already know that Malila.”

“I know baby I agree.....I love you baby.”

“I love you too Malila. I love you so much.....I’ll let you go now.”

“Ok baby...I will see you at the altar.”

“You’re right babe....bye gorgeous.”

“Bye handsome.” Malila and Tristan hand up and Tristan takes a deep breath. He feels a lot better now. He leaves the bathroom and the rest of the men look at him.

“Daddy you ok now?,” TJ asked.

“Yeah son I am fine,” Tristan said while smiling a bit. Tristan goes over to TJ and picks him up and kisses his cheek then hugs him tight.

“It’s going to be fine daddy. Today is a happy day!,” TJ said to Tristan.

“You’re right about that baby boy....I love you,” Tristan said.

“I love you too daddy.”

>>>>4 Hours Later

It’s 3 pm and it’s time for the wedding to begin!!! Everyone is ready and everything is set! Tristan feels like he is going to have a heart attack, but he is as ready as he will ever be for this wedding! He just can’t wait. He can’t wait to see his son and his girls come down the aisle and he can’t wait to see Malila come down the aisle as well. All of the guests are seated and processional music is playing. The church is decorated like <a href="">this</a>. So the first people to walk down the aisle are Malila’s mom Malila’s grandmothers and they are seated in the front row. Next, Tristan and the pastor, Pastor Simmons, enter together and go to the altar and face the guests. Tristan is wearing <a href="">this tuxedo</a>. Tristan looks around at everyone and smiles. The church is pretty full. Tristan just wishes his mom was here, but he knows she is watching from above. Tristan looks at Malila’s mom and he smiles and blows kisses at him and mouths “I love you” and Tristan says it back. Tristan looks at Malila’s grandmothers and they both smile at him and Tristan smiles back. He takes a deep breath and looks forward. Next Trent and Nia walk in together, followed by Austin and Erica, and followed by Lauren and Damian. Nia, Lauren and Erica are all wearing <a href="">this dress</a> and Trent, Damian and Austin are all wearing <a href="">this tuxedo</a>. Next, Imani comes down placing flowers on the floor and Tristan just smiles big at her; she looks so beautiful and she is smiling so big. Everyone says “awwww” as Imani walks down the aisle. Once she gets to the altar, she looks up at Tristan and smiles. Tristan kneels down and kisses her cheek and then Imani kisses his and then she stands next to her mom, Lauren. TJ then comes down the aisle pulling a wagon with Aaliyah and Anaya and the ring boxes and placed in the wagon as well. Tristan is just smiling big; all of his kids look so beautiful. Tristan can feel himself becoming a bit emotional. TJ is just smiling and so are the girls as all if the guests coo at them and smile. The girls are really enjoying the attention Tristan can tell. Once TJ gets to the altar, Tristan kneels down and hugs TJ and kisses his cheek. Tristan then hugs his girls and kisses them all over his face and they laugh loudly and Tristan just smiles at this. TJ takes the ring boxes from the wagon and then pulls the wagon over to Sandra and Sandra picks up Aaliyah and holds her and her sister, Lauren’s mom picks up Anaya and holds her. TJ goes to stand right next to Tristan. Now, it’s time for Malila and her dad David to enter.

“All rise for the bride,” Pastor Simmons said. Everyone stands up and looks towards the back of the church and Tristan takes a deep breath. “Here Comes the Bride” starts to play and the doors open wide and Malila and her dad start to walk down the aisle. The second Tristan saw Malila, his heart stopped in his chest; his breath was literally taken away. Malila is wearing <a href="">this dress</a> and she is wearing her hair like <a href="">this</a> and she is wearing a veil to match her dress, but it’s not covering her face. Tristan just can’t even explain how beautiful Malila looks; she looks like a goddess. Tristan has never seen Malila’s natural hair straightened before and he is just in awe that is flows down her back. He feels tears forming in his eyes and Malila is just looking at him and smiling. Tristan just puts his head down and closes his eyes to hold back the tears, but it fails. He looks at Malila as tears flow down his cheeks and Malila just frowns a bit and mouths “I love you” and Tristan says it back. Once Malila and David get to Tristan, they all face the pastor for the call to worship.

“We are gathered here in the sight of God and these witnesses to unite Tristan Williams and Malila Morrison in holy matrimony. As followers of Jesus Christ, they believe that God created marriage. In Genesis it says, "It is not good for man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him. Tristan and Malila, as you prepare to take these vows, give careful thought and prayer, for as you make them you are making an exclusive commitment one to the other for as long as you both shall live. Your love for each other should never be diminished by difficult circumstances, and it is to endure until death parts you. As God's children, your marriage is strengthened by your obedience to your Heavenly Father and His Word. As you let God be in control of your marriage, He will cause your home to be a place of joy and a testimony to the world,” Pastor Simmons said. Pastor Simmons then says a prayer to bless the ceremony and then asks the congregation of guests to be seated.

“Who gives this woman away to be married?,” Pastor Simmons asked.

“We do,” Sandra and David said in unison. Malila and her dad share a long embrace and then David kisses Malila’s cheek. He then sits down next to Sandra and kisses her. Malila looks at Tristan and smiles and Tristan smiles back. Malila wipes Tristan’s cheeks and then grabs his left hand with her right hand as they face the pastor. It’s now time for the charge.

“Let me charge you both to remember, that your future happiness is to be found in mutual consideration, patience, kindness, confidence, and affection. Tristan, it is your duty to love Malila as yourself, provide tender leadership, and protect her from danger. Malila, it is your duty to treat Tristan with respect, support him, and create a healthy, happy home. It is the duty of each of you to find the greatest joy in the company of the other; to remember that in both interest and affection, you are to be one and undivided,” Pastor Simmons said. Malila and Tristan smile and nod their heads.

“Now it’s time for the pledge. Tristan, do you take Malila to be your wedded wife, and in the presence of these witnesses do you vow that you will do everything in your power to make your love for her a growing part of your life? Will you continue to strengthen it from day to day and week to week with your best resources? Will you stand by her in sickness or in health, in poverty or in wealth, and will you keep her beside you as long as you both shall live? If so, please say I do,” Pastor Simmons said.

“I do,” Tristan said while turning his head to look in Malila’s eyes.

“Now it’s your turn Malila. Malila, do you take Tristan to be your wedded husband, and in the presence of these witnesses do you vow that you will do everything in your power to make your love for him a growing part of your life? Will you continue to strengthen it from day to day and week to week with your best resources? Will you stand by him in sickness or in health, in poverty or in wealth, and will you keep him beside you as long as you both shall live? If so, please say I do,” Pastor Simmons said.

“I do,” Malila said while turning her head to look in Tristan’s eyes. Tristan and Malila smile at each other and then look at the pastor.

“Ok it is now time for the vows. Malila and Tristan have chosen to write their own vows, so Malila we will start with you. Malila and Tristan you may face each other,” Pastor Simmons said. Malila and Tristan face each other and grab each other’s hands tightly. Malila takes a deep breath and looks Tristan in his eyes and Tristan looks Malila in her eyes.

“Well....I originally had something written, but I just decided to say what I have in my heart.....Tristan....I really don’t know where to begin, but I guess I will start with I love you....Tristan I love you so much. You are my heart, my soul, my everything. Whenever I see you, I can’t even explain to you the feeling I get in my heart smiles whenever I see you Tristan....when I first met you, you were so cold because you were hurt so bad by your past love...and for some reason I just feel like I met you so I could show you what love is supposed to be like. But Tristan you have also shown me what love is are my best friend and the perfect always make sure that I am alright and comfortable and safe. You have always put my needs and wants before your own and I love that about you. I appreciate that about have stuck by my side even when I don’t deserve it.....I have accused you of things I know you wouldn’t do and there were times when I was hateful towards you just because I wasn’t feeling confident in myself....but you were so patient and forgiving towards me. You always told me I was beautiful and that you loved me no matter really helped me get through a rough patch and I cannot thank you enough for truly love me no matter what and I....I can’t even describe how much that means to me....I could never ever describe in words how much you mean to me or how much I love matter what I go through in life, I will just be happy knowing that I get to spend the rest of it with you....whenever I am down, I know you will do all you can to lift me up....I just know that every morning when I wake up to your handsome face, I thank God for you and I thank Him for sending you to me.....I’m so blessed and I know that....I’m so blessed you are the father of our three beautiful children and I am so blessed you are in my life......I love you. Tristan Williams I love you with all of my heart,” Malila said in tears by now. Tristan is in tears now too. He is experiencing so many emotions right now. He wipes Malila’s tears and Malila just smiles at him and wipes his tears.

“Ok.....Tristan it’s your turn,” Pastor Simmons said.

“ will never know how much you mean to me....I love much. So much Malila. I have never felt a love so deep in my love for you, runs to the depths of my soul. I love you more than I love myself and that’s because you came into my life and changed me for the better....when I first met you, I was confused, cold and heartless. I really did not believe that anyone could ever love me again. I did not open my heart to anyone, because I had been hurt so bad.....but then....I met you Malila. This gorgeous and caring woman that refused to give up on me....I was so mean to you in the beginning because I thought all women were the same and I thought you were going to hurt me.....but you proved me wrong so became a great friend to me and then you became my lover. And changed me completely from the cold hearted person I use to be, to the caring, compassionate, loving person I am today. I am a better man and father all because I met you changed my life for the better. You remind me what love is supposed to feel like every second I am with you.....I.....I cannot imagine a single second of my life without you and our three kids by my side.....whenever I wake up to your beautiful face, my heart skips a beat and I realize just how blessed I am to have you with me. I thank God every day for sending you to me.....I know I have done things that have hurt you because of my trust issues, but I never ever meant to hurt you and I never want to hurt you again.....I just want to be happy with you and our and the kids are all I need in this world and I mean that with all of my heart......ok my thoughts are all over the place now, but I wrote you a song to express just how I feel about’s called “I May Never Find,” Tristan said in tears at this point. Malila is balling at this point and Tristan looks at her and wipes her tears. Tristan then wipes his face and grabs a microphone and takes a few minutes to regain his composure. He takes a few deep breaths and then cues the sound person to start up the music and Tristan sings <a href="">this song</a> to Malila. He holds her left hand the entire home while looking at her and she cannot help but ball her eyes again. The song touched Malila so deeply. She felt every word in her soul. Tristan sang his heart out to Malila and left all of his feelings on the floor. There isn’t a dry in the house at this point. Once Tristan was done singing, he sets the microphone down and takes a deep breath. Tristan and Malila wipe each other’s tears and then face each other while holding hands tightly.

“Wow....those vows were absolutely is now time for the exchanging of the rings. The wedding ring is a symbol of eternity. It is an outward sign of an inward and spiritual bond which unites two hearts in endless love. And now as a token of your love and of your deep desire to be forever united in heart and soul, you Tristan, may place a ring on the finger of your bride,” Pastor Simmons said. TJ hands Tristan the gold wedding band ring for Malila.

"Malila, I give you this ring as a symbol of my love and faithfulness to you,” Tristan said while sliding the band on Malila’s left wedding finger.

"By the same token Malila, you may place a ring on the finger of your groom,” Pastor Simmons said. TJ hands Malila the wedding band for Tristan.

“Tristan, I give you this ring as a symbol of my love and faithfulness to you,” Malila said while sliding the wedding band on Tristan’s left ring finger.

“Now for the pronouncement. Because Tristan and Malila have desired each other in marriage, and have witnessed this before God and our gathering, affirming their acceptance of the responsibilities of such a union, and have pledged their love and faith to each other, sealing their vows in the giving and receiving of rings, I do proclaim that they are husband and wife in the sight of God and man. Let all people here and everywhere recognize and respect this holy union, now and forever,” Pastor Simmons said. Malila and Tristan smile so big at each other! They are both so happy!! Pastor Simmons says a closing prayer and then looks at Tristan.

“Tristan, you may now kiss your bride,” Pastor Simmons said. Tristan looks at Malila and smiles and he moves closer to her. He grabs her face in his hands and leans closer and presses his lips against Malila’s. Malila wraps her arms around Tristan as they share the most passionate kiss they have ever shared between each other. Everyone is clapping at this point and after a quick, but passionate kiss, they pull out of the kiss and Tristan rests his forehead and looks Malila in her eyes and Malila does the same.

“Woman I love you,” Tristan said.

“I love you Tristan,” Malila said. Tristan pecks Malila’s lips a few more times and then they both look at the pastor.

“It is with great pleasure that I present to you all Mr. and Mrs. Tristan Williams!!,” Pastor Simmons exclaimed. Everyone stands up and claps loudly as Malila and Tristan turn to face everyone and smile. Malila looks at her parents and they are both crying tears of joy and so are Malila’s grandmothers. Sandra and her sister hand the girls to Malila and Tristan and Malila and Tristan both kiss the girls’ cheek multiple times. Tristan then picks up TJ and the Williams family walks down the aisle while everyone claps and congratulates them. They walk outside and Tristan kisses Malila multiple times as the wedding family and guests are close behind them. Sandra touches up Malila’s makeup and the wedding family and guest takes numerous pictures for a wedding photo album. After that, everyone heads towards the reception. Malila and Tristan have their reception planned at the local Hilton in one of the ballrooms. Malila and Tristan ride in a separate limo from everyone else on their way to the reception. Malila and Tristan are sitting close to each other and Tristan has his arms wrapped around Malila’s waist.

“Malila.....I cannot even explain to you how happy I am right now,” Tristan said.

“I understand we are married!!! You are my husband!!,” Malila said.

“And you are my wife....d**n baby I’m so happy right now. This is one of the best days of my life. I mean that.”

“I feel the exact same way baby.....I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life as your wife and you as my husband.....I cannot wait for our honeymoon in Hawaii next week....I am so excited.”

“I am too baby....just a warning, you probably won’t be able to walk the whole week we are in Hawaii.....I’m going to tear that p***y up! You just don’t know!” Malila just giggles and slaps Tristan’s chest.

“So nasty....but I wouldn’t mind spending a week in the bed with you.....and you might as well get all the p***y you can because after about the next four or five months, I may not want know?,” Malila said. Tristan just looks at Malila in shock; is she saying what he thinks she is saying?

“Malila! Baby.....wait....what? Malila oh my god......are you pregnant?!?!,” Tristan exclaimed.

“Yes Tristan! I am pregnant! About five weeks,” Malila said while gently rubbing her stomach. Tristan just looks at Malila in shock, but the biggest smile forms across his face and he leans down and kisses Malila’s stomach multiple times while Malila laughs and rubs his head. Tristan then sits up and looks at Malila and kisses her lips multiple times as tears run down his cheeks.

“Malila....woman I love you so much. You are giving me everything I could ever need and want.....we are married, have three beautiful kids, and now we are expecting a new baby.....I’m so happy. I mean that Malila I am so happy.....I love you,” Tristan said.

“Tristan I am so happy too.....being your wife and the mother of your children is everything to me. I am honored to be your wife and the mother of your children....and I am so excited for our new baby as life with you is perfect Tristan. I love you,” Malila said. Malila grabs Tristan’s hands and holds them tightly in hers and she notices they are so cold.

“Oh baby your hands are so cold,” Malila said while rubbing Tristan’s hands to warm them up.

“You know what they say Malila......cold hands, warm heart.”

Im proud of them. They've come so far and I admire them for both admitting there faults. And they're getting along. The kids are happy and theyre about to get married. Tristan has come a long way, and it's all thanks to Malila. Loved the add. RUN IT!!!

aww cute
i cant wait for the wedding i wonder when he is gonna sing her the song?? like whens walking down the aisle i cant wait but then i can bc i dont want it to end just yet
run it tho

Awww They are sooo sweet. I'm glad they made a promise to change the way they deal with one another and communicate first. I can't wait to see the wedding.

So another month passes and Tristan and Malila are doing a lot better. Tristan hasn’t been working late like he used to, since he finished up his project. He comes home around 5 pm every night now and Malila loves this and so do the kids. They all missed him so much. Malila is so glad that she gets to spend time with her fiancé. Also, Malila and Tristan’s wedding is planned for next month! Malila and Tristan are both so excited!! They cannot wait to get married!! All their plans are set and Malila has bought her wedding dress and Tristan has bought his tuxedo. Also they have bought all of the wedding party’s dresses and tuxedos as well. Lauren is going to be Malila’s maid of honor and Damian is going to be Tristan’s best man. Also, Malila and Tristan’s friends from Richmond are going to be part of the wedding as brides’ maids and grooms’ men. Tristan and Malila just can’t wait to officially be married. Anyway, it’s Friday night and all of the kids are sleeping and Malila and Tristan are relaxing in the bed. Tristan is sitting up in the bed with his back against the backboard and Malila is sitting next to him resting against him. Tristan has his arms wrapped around her and he is holding her tight. They are watching a movie on television and Tristan looks down at Malila and admires her. He gently rubs her arm and Malila looks up at him and smiles and kisses his cheek.

“Malila....I am so sorry,” Tristan said sympathetically.

“Babe? Sorry for what?,” Malila said confused.

“Everything.....Malila ever since we had that argument about me going out to dinner with Natalie, I have been thinking about our relationship and other arguments we have had....and I realize that even though I thought I changed, I can still be real a**hole at times.”

“Tristan....don’t say that.”

“But it’s true....I have been wrong and I haven’t been man enough to admit that I was wrong.....when I saw you kissing your friend that made me a cake for my birthday a while back, or when I saw you kissing your doctor......I automatically accused you of being in the wrong. And that was not right at all. I always jumped to conclusions without even letting you explain. I always assumed the worst and I don’t know why I do that. You have never ever hurt me Malila and I don’t know why I have it in my mind that you will hurt me because deep down I know you never will....when I told you about Shanelle you always believed me and I should have done the same for you. I didn’t give you the same amount of trust that you gave me and I am so sorry for that....I’m sorry for taking the kids out that day and not bringing you with us. You are my family too babe and I should have never left you the way I did.....that was wrong......I just....I really needed to tell you this before we got married so we aren’t going into our marriage with unresolved issues.”

“Oh means a lot to hear you say that....just know that you weren’t always wrong because I have been wrong too.....when it came to Natalie, I accused you of something that wasn’t there and I’m sorry....I know during my pregnancy I was so awful to you. I always made you feel bad because I wasn’t comfortable with my body. But I know all about pregnancy and I should have known that my body would change....I just felt so unconfident and I shouldn’t have because I know you will always love me no matter what. And I do not regret having those beautiful little girls and if I could I would go through every bad thing I experience during my pregnancy to have those girls again. I swear I would.....I know with Shanelle and Natalie I always thought you would be tempted by them, but I should have enough trust in you to know that you would never hurt me like that....we have both been wrong Tristan. We both seem to lack trust in the other when it matters the most and I don’t want us to go into a marriage like that either....I want us to always have trust for each other and always be able to talk to each other.”

“I understand baby. I don’t want to always jump to conclusions if I see something between you and other men....I am just so scared and terrified of losing you.”

“Tristan, baby you are never going to lose me. I am not going anywhere.....we are going to be together until the day we die I promise,” Malila said while looking in Tristan’s eyes. Tristan just smiles and leans down and pecks Malila’s lips.

“Malila from now on, let’s make a promise to not jump to conclusions about anything. We will always talk to each other first and let the other explain, before we jump to conclusions and lose our tempers and say things we don’t mean,” Tristan said.

“Ok baby that sound great.....I promise I will not jump to conclusions about anything before I talk to you and let you explain,” Malila said while holding her left hand out.

“And I promise to do the same Malila,” Tristan said while holding his left hand out. Tristan and Malila smile at each other and shake each other’s hands and then Tristan brings Malila’s hand to his lips and kisses it multiple times.

“Malila I love you. I love you so much,” Tristan said.

“I love you too Tristan,” Malila said.

“....So babe have you started writing your vows yet?”

“Yes I have.....but I think I have to shorten them......right now I have five pages of text,” Malila said while laughing a bit.

“Are you serious babe? D**n you have that much to say about me huh? Better be all good,” Tristan said.

“Yes I just have a lot to say.....we have been through a lot but we made it. And trust me it’s all are your vows coming along?”

“They are great.....I am actually writing a song for you babe.”

“Awww baby you are? Oh that’s so sweet! I can’t wait to hear it!”

“And I can’t wait for you to hear it.....I’m really proud of it and I hope you enjoy’s real special to me and I hope it can be real special to you’s going to hopefully express just how I feel about you....I am going to write vows as well, but I will end them with a song.”

“Oh baby I can’t wait I am so excited.....I cannot wait to marry you.”

“I can’t wait to marry you are going to be my wife in a month and I just cannot wait to give you my last name.....never really thought someone would have the patience to really get to know me for who I really was, not who I came off to be.....I was so rude to you when we first met Malila, but you never gave up on me. I know we met so you could change me into the man I am today. I can only thank you for changing me into that heartless person I used to be and I thank you for that.....I thank you for bringing so much happiness and joy into my life....I thank you for bringing our kids into this world....I am so thankful for you Malila and I love you more than you will ever know.”

“Oh baby you’re so sweet!” Malila jumps into Tristan’s lap and hugs him tight and Tristan laughs and hugs Malila while rubbing her back.

“I just couldn’t give up on you Tristan no matter how rude you were to may be crazy but I was just so attracted to you from the very beginning and I just wanted you to know how it felt to be truly was sad to me that you felt alone and like no one loved you or cared about you and I don’t know why.....I just wanted to change that. I wanted to change how you felt and I just wanted to show you what real love is supposed to feel like.”

“And I cannot thank you enough for all of that Malila.” Malila pulls out of the embrace and grabs Tristan’s face and kisses him deeply. Tristan and Malila then look at each other and smile. Tristan and Malila cannot even begin to describe how excited they are to get married. Their relationship will be complete once they have their wedding. It’s been a long road for the two of them, but Malila and Tristan both know that once they get married, it will all be worth it.

Short, but important add! Next add will be the wedding, which will probably be the end....

Aww Nicole it's almost over really. :(
Im not gone lie, I would've tripped a little the way Malila did when she seen the text from Natalie too esp saying they had dinner when Tristan never mentioned it, he only mentioned being at work for hours. So yeah I would've questioned him bout that text too. Now him leaving the house after there argument and taking the kids out w/out Malila was kinda jerk off ish.
Im at least glad they were able to talk about it and swear I love TJ he's so sweet, he made sure he attempted to get his parents back tight. And damn Tristan came home, had a nice long sweet talk with Malila then gave her some good ass D.... Ats wassup, Im glad they made up quickly and didnt stay mad long. Love these two. Cant wait till there married. RUN IT!!!

love these two together bad ass couple
TJ is too cute
mann i dont think i'm ready for the ending :/
run it...

Just letting you ladies know, this story MAY be coming to an end the next couple of adds...

So about three weeks pass and the family is doing ok. Tristan has been working so much lately and Malila feels like she hardly sees him. She really misses him. Tristan has been working ten hour days because he has a huge project that is due soon. He really hates this, but it is what he has to do to support his family. Also Tristan is getting paid overtime and that is really helpful. Anyway it’s Friday night, and Malila has put all the kids to sleep. Aaliyah and Anaya now sleep in their bedroom since they sleep about 6 hours through the night. Anyway, Malila has another special evening planned for Tristan. She is lying across the bed in a sexy lingerie piece and stilettos and she is waiting for Tristan to come home. She looks at the clock and she sees it’s 9:30 pm. Tristan said he would be home by 9 and he is late, again. She just sighs and waits patiently for Tristan. At 10 pm, she hears the front door open, close and lock and she smiles to herself. She fluffs out her hair a bit as she hears Tristan walk up the stairs. The door opens and Malila sees Tristan sighing heavily as he unbuttons his button down shirt. Tristan stops in his tracks when he sees Malila lying across the bed. He closes the door and looks at her and she smiles at him and Tristan gives a faint smile.

“Hey handsome,” Malila said.

“Hey look nice,” Tristan said.

“Thank you.....come here.” Tristan walks over to the bed and leans down and kisses Malila’s lips real quick.

“ look gorgeous. But I am exhausted. I just want to go to sleep,” Tristan said.

“I can’t change your mind?,” Malila asked while sitting up and unbuckling Tristan’s pants.

“Malila baby I don’t have the energy. I would fall asleep on you and I don’t want to do that.” Malila smiles a bit and slides her hand into Tristan’s pants and gently rubs his d**k through his boxers.

“Are you sure baby?,” Malila said while smirking.

“I’m sure Malila. I’m exhausted ok?,” Tristan said while sighing. Malila just sighs and she takes her hand from his pants and puts her hands up in defeat.

“Ok baby....I’ll let you get your rest,” Malila said. Tristan smiles a bit and he takes off his clothes and Malila watches him as he does this. She stands up from the bed and she takes off her stilettos and then ties up her hair. Tristan lies down in the bed and yawns loudly. He looks at Malila take off her lingerie and put on her a beater and booty shorts. It looks like something is bothering her and he isn’t sure what.

“Babe.....are you ok?,” Tristan asked.

“....I’m fine,” Malila said softly.

“Don’t you dare lie to me.” Malila just looks at him and she looks down and sighs and then looks back up at Tristan.

“ have been working so much these past few months and I hate it. I hate it Tristan. I feel so distant from you and I don’t like that at all. I feel like we don’t bond like we use to and I never see you.....I don’t want to be in a marriage where I only see my husband during the weekends. You haven’t been coming home until 10 or later and I hate that. I have to force myself to stay awake just so I can see you for a few minutes before you go to sleep. Taking care of the girls and doing my assignments for work make me so tired, but I try and stay up for you.....I just want my man back....I feel like you’re gone,” Malila said honestly.

“Malila baby....I had no idea you felt like that. And I’m sorry. I’m sorry you feel distant from me.....but baby I have a job to do and these long nights aren’t going to last forever. As soon as this project done in the next month or so, I will no longer work so late. But this project is really important. My boss says if do an excellent job, he will consider me for a promotion. A promotion would be great for my career and for us. The money from a promotion could really help us out you know?”

“Tristan I rather be broke if that means I get to see you for more than five minutes a day,” Malila said as tears built up in her eyes.

“Malila baby d**n, please don’t cry. You know I hate it when you cry,” Tristan said while sighing. Malila just wipes her eyes and Tristan just looks at her.

“What can I do? What do you want me to do?,” Tristan asked.

“....I know you love your career and I don’t want to stop you from achieving your career goals.....I just wish I could see you more that’s all......I miss you so much...TJ does too and I am sure the girls do should see their face when they see you. Their face lights up and they get so happy when they see you.....TJ talks about you all the time. He always asks me at dinner why you aren’t here eating with us,” Malila said.

“D**n Malila I didn’t even know that.”

“I am not trying to make you feel bad. You work so hard for me and the kids and we all appreciate that. We love you for that......we just want you here at home with us too.”

“I understand Malila and I’m sorry. I’m sorry for making you feel like we aren’t close anymore. I would never want to make you feel like that.....come lie down with me.”

“It’s ok baby.....and I was actually going to work out. I didn’t get to work out today and since you won’t work me out, I am going to the basement to get a quick workout in ok?”

“Ok baby.” Tristan closes his eyes and Malila goes over to him and kisses his forehead. She then leaves the room and checks on all of the kids and they are fine. She walks downstairs to the basement and then does a thirty minute workout. After that, she takes a quick 15 minute shower and comes out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her body. She looks at Tristan sleeping while snoring a bit and she smiles to herself. She knows he works so hard and she loves him for that. She did not want to make him feel guilty about anything; she just wants him to know that she would like to see him more than just a few minutes a night during the weekday, and the weekends. Malila lotions up and puts on her pajamas and before she lies down, she notices Tristan’s phone vibrating on the dresser. She looks at Tristan then the phone and sees it’s a text message from Natalie. Malila didn’t know that Tristan had Natalie’s number and vice versa. She picks up his phone and reads the text message and it reads: “Hey Tristan, glad we caught up over dinner tonight. It was so good seeing you, maybe we can do it again? I’ve missed your friendship.” Malila just reads the text over and over in confusion. Tristan said he was working tonight but is that not true? Is Tristan lying about what he is really doing? Malila just sighs and sets his phone back on the dresser and then looks at Tristan. She just shakes her head and leaves the bedroom and goes into a guest bedroom and lies down in the bed. Tristan would rather spend time with Natalie, than his family? Malila just cries herself to sleep with this thought on her mind.

Tristan wakes up the next morning at around 9 am. He yawns loudly and sits up in the bed and stretches and looks next to him and doesn’t see Malila. He notices that her side of the bed doesn’t look like it was slept on since the covers aren’t pulled back. He gets up from the bed and uses the bathroom, brushes his teeth and then walks downstairs towards the kitchen as he smells breakfast cooking. He sees TJ sitting at the table and the girls are strapped in their baby chairs on the living room couch as Malila cooks something over the stove. He gives both of his baby girls kisses and they both smile and kick their legs in excitement. Tristan then walks over to TJ and hugs him and kisses his cheek. He then comes up behind Malila and wraps his arms around her and kisses her cheek.

“Hey baby.....kiss please,” Tristan said sweetly. Malila turns her head and quickly kisses his cheek and then turns back to the stove.

“Gorgeous that wasn’t a kiss....come on now,” Tristan said. Malila just turns her head and cuts her eyes at him and then turns back to the stove.

“Whoa.....what did I do?,” Tristan asked. Malila sighs and she sets down the utensils in her hand and turns around in Tristan’s arms and takes his arm from around her waist.

“Did you really work until 10 last night? Huh?,” Malila asked.

“Yes I did....why?,” Tristan asked.

“You did? You didn’t have dinner with Natalie? Huh?

“...How did you know about that?”

“Oh so you didn’t want me to know? She texted you last night and I read the message. She said she missed your friendship......I don’t know why you have to lie to me, you have never done that before.”

“I have never lied to you Malila and I didn’t lie last night. Natalie and I did have dinner but I did work. I went for a dinner break at around 6:30 and at the Chinese restaurant I went to, Natalie was there also. We were both there and decided to eat together, that’s it.”

“....Did you two only eat dinner? Was that all you two did?”

“What are you saying Malila?,” Tristan said defensively.

“It’s only a question Tristan,” Malila said rudely.

“Yes a very stupid one if you ask me.”

“I don’t think it’s rather spend time with her than your family? Huh?”

“It’s not even like that! I had to work and I went to eat and she was there! So we talked and that’s it!,” Tristan said while raising his voice.

“Tristan don’t yell,” Malila said sternly.

“Why not? Huh? You’re making me angry Malila! This is stupid!!”

“Daddy......what’s wrong?,” TJ asked worried.

“Ask your mother.....TJ when you are done eating, go get ready. I am taking you and the girls out today.”

“Ok mommy coming too?”

“I don’t think so,” Tristan said while looking at Malila. Tristan just leaves the kitchen and TJ looks at Malila.

“Mommy what’s going on?,” TJ said.

“It’s nothing baby.....your breakfast will be ready soon,” Malila said. She turns back to the stove and heavily sighs as she finishes making breakfast. Malila and TJ eat since Malila fed the girls a little earlier. Once they are done with their breakfast, Malila cleans up the kitchen and TJ goes upstairs to get ready. Once Malila is done cleaning the kitchen, she sits on the couch with the girls and watches them. About an hour later, Tristan and TJ come downstairs all ready to go out. Tristan goes over to the girls and kisses each of their cheeks as he puts them into their car seats.

“Where are you all going?,” Malila said.

“We’re going out,” Tristan said nonchalantly.

“Tristan can you please just tell me where you are going? I would like to know where you are taking my kids.”

“These are OUR kids Malila. And I am taking them out. Don’t worry about it. I want to spend some quality time with my family ok?”

“......I’m not your family?”

“Malila stop. I hate how you always play the victim when you are the one always starting drama. That isn’t right. You always make me the bad guy when it’s you. I’m sick of it.” Malila just looks at him and then looks away trying to fight back tears. Once the girls are strapped in their car seats, Tristan gets Aaliyah and Anaya’s diaper bag packed and then he puts it on his shoulder.

“We’ll be back before it gets too late,” Tristan said. TJ walks over to Malila and hugs her tight and then kisses her cheek.

“Mommy I wish you were coming too.....but be strong ok? I will talk to daddy,” TJ said in Malila’s ear.

“Thank you baby boy. You have fun with daddy and your sisters. I love you,” Malila said.

“I love you too mommy,” TJ said. TJ kisses Malila’s cheek and then goes over to Tristan. Tristan picks up both of the girls car seats and leaves the house without saying anything to Malila and TJ follows behind him. Malila just sighs and she locks the door behind TJ and sighs heavily. She would have loved to get out with her family today, but she knows what she did was wrong. She doesn’t know why she does what she does, because she knows Tristan is always honest with her. She has no clue why she questions him. Malila cleans up the entire house, takes Kevin for his walk and then rests in the bed while Kevin rests in his bed at the left side of her bed. She enjoyed having the house to herself, but she would much rather be spending time with her family. She misses the kids so much already and it’s only been a few hours. Malila takes a nap and eats dinner alone before Tristan comes back home with the kids at around 7 pm. Malila is lying down in the bed and TJ and Tristan carrying the girls, both walk in.

“Hi mommy!,” TJ exclaimed.

“Hi sweetheart. Give me a kiss I missed you,” Malila said. TJ smiles and Malila sits up and TJ hugs her tight and then kisses her cheeks multiple times.

“Did you have fun with daddy handsome?,” Malila asked.

“Yes it was great! Daddy took me and the girls to the park! Then we went to the mall and we went shopping then we went to Dave and Buster’s to eat and I played lots of games and I won something for you mommy!,” TJ exclaimed. TJ pulls out a small stuffed animal and Malila just smiles big at him.

“You won this for me? Baby boy thank you! I love it!,” Malila exclaimed. TJ smiles and hands it to her and Malila hugs TJ tight. TJ sits on the bed and looks at Tristan holding the girls and so does Malila.

“Look at mommy’s girls! I missed you! I can’t believe my babies are still up,” Malila said while holding her arms out. The girls both smile at their mommy and talk a few sounds. Tristan hands the girls to Malila and kisses them both all over their face and they both just smile big.

“Little girls you two should be sleep. But you’re awake huh?,” Malila said cutely. Malila kisses their faces and holds them tight and then looks at Tristan. He looks at her then looks at TJ.

“TJ why don’t you take your bath and get ready for bed ok?,” Tristan said.

“Ok daddy,” TJ said. TJ kisses Malila, Aaliyah and Anaya’s cheek and then leaves the room.

“....I’ll get the girls ready for bed,” Tristan said.

“Ok,” Malila said. She kisses the girls one more time and then hands them both to Tristan and Tristan kisses their cheeks as he leaves the room. Malila feeds Kevin and then takes him for his last walk of the night and then settles him down in his dog bed in the kitchen. She walks upstairs to the bedroom and checks on the kids and they are all sleeping peacefully. She goes into the master bedroom and sees Tristan taking off his earrings in front of the mirror. She smiles a bit and she closes the door and walks towards Tristan. Tristan looks at Malila through the mirror and then looks away.

“ can we talk?,” Malila said.

“We don’t need to just need to apologize,” Tristan said while facing Malila.

“...You’re right.....I’m sorry for how I reacted when I found out about you going to dinner with Natalie last night....I’m sorry for reading the message in the first place. It’s your phone not mine, and I should have respected your privacy.”

“Malila....I don’t care that you answered my phone when Natalie texted me because I don’t have anything to hide.....I just don’t understand how you think I can cheat on you....I’ve had p***y offered to me when we weren’t even in the same state. I was in Virginia and you were here and you know Shanelle did everything she could to try to get me to f**k her but I never did and I never thought about were only my girlfriend and far away and I never cheated. So why would I cheat when you are my fiancée and we live together? I just.....I don’t get how you think I could ever hurt you.....and the fact that you think I could just hurt you, being that you are my heart.....that hurts me Malila,” Tristan said honestly.

“Oh Tristan.....I’m sorry. I really am. I was wrong for accusing you of anything and I know that...I guess.....I just feel threatened by Natalie....she is a gorgeous woman and she’s your friend and she was your friend in high school....I don’t really know the history between you two. I’m not sure if she ever had feelings for you or if you ever had feelings for her.....I just don’t want you to stray away from me. I mean you’ve been working late and then I found out that you had dinner with her.....I just feel threatened.”

“But you don’t have to Malila. Natalie knows about you. She knows that we are engaged, she knows we have a family and she knows how I feel about you....Natalie has never been interested in me, trust me. When me and Alicia dated in high school, Natalie was always someone that both me and Alicia could talk to. She has always just been a mutual friend and nothing else....and she has been in a relationship for the past 4 years and her boyfriend just proposed last month....she even asked me for your number and I gave it to her since she has questions about wedding planning.....but baby, if you don’t want me to have any contact with her, then I won’t. I don’t want you to feel threatened by her.”

“Oh gosh....I feel awful now....I should have never accused you of anything....and Tristan I don’t want to control you. If she is your friend, then I can accept that.”

“She could be your friend too Malila.....she really likes you. She told me you are so much better for me than Alicia was and that’s because she knows me.....but Malila no one in this world, knows me better than you and I mean everything. You are the love of my life and I would never do anything to hurt you or break up our family....I could never cheat on you with Natalie or any other woman.....and what would I cheat for? Lord knows I won’t find a woman that gives sloppy a** head like you in addition to having a tight, wet p***y like yours,” Tristan said while smirking a bit. Malila just folds her arms and glares at him and Tristan laughs at her.

“Get that mean look over your face.....and come over here to daddy,” Tristan said sexily. Tristan opens his arms and Malila smiles and she walks over to him and wraps her arms around his waist. Tristan smiles at her and grabs Malila’s face with both hands and gently rubs her cheeks and just stares at her.

“You’re so are the most gorgeous woman in the world to me,” Tristan said softly.

“Baby thank you so’re so sweet....thank you for talking to me and not ignoring me because when you left I know you were really mad at me,” Malila said.

“Yes I was....but you can thank TJ. He told me not to stay mad at you and he said I should talk to you and also listen to what you had to can do no wrong in that boy’s eyes. He really loves you.”

“Oh he is so sweet.....and I love him so much. That’s my baby boy I love him to death.”

“I know you do.” Tristan leans down and pecks Malila’s lips multiple times and then gives her a passionate kiss. Tristan then looks at her and smiles and Malila notices his eye expression changes from sympathetic, to lustful. Tristan moves his hands down Malila’s back and then slaps her a** hard!! Malila gasped and looks at him and he steps back away from her and starts to unbuckle his pants.

“You better strip and get in the bed face down a** up before I’m undressed,” Tristan said boldly.

“Yes daddy,” Malila said obediently. Malila bites her bottom lip gently and quickly takes off her clothes before Tristan does. She gets in the bed and lies down face down a** up and turns her head to look at Tristan. Tristan strips completely naked and looks at Malila.

“Come get your p***y daddy,” Malila said while gently rubbing her p***y. Malila watches Tristan’s d**k rise as she plays with herself and Malila just smiles at this.

“Come here baby,” Malila said. Tristan just smiles and he gets in the bed behind Malila and gets on his knees and grabs her waist tight. He slaps Malila’s a** a few times and then plants kisses all over it. Tristan spreads Malila’s legs out and gently rubs her p***y.

“Mmmm baby....please don’t tease me,” Malila whined. Tristan smirks to himself and he quickly inserts himself inside of Malila and Malila gripped the sheets and screamed in pleasure into the sheets as she felt Tristan deep inside of her with just one stroke. Tristan starts to move in and out of Malila fast and deep and Malila can’t help but yell in pleasure.

“Tristan!! Ahhhhh!! Baby.......f**k!,” Malila yelled in pleasure.

“I know you love daddy’s d**k huh?,” Tristan said while gripping Malila’s waist tight.

“Mmmm.....ahhh!! Yes!! Yes daddy I love it!!” Tristan smiles and he gently rubs Malila’s clit and that just sent Malila over the edge. Malila is screaming at the top of her lungs at this point.

“Tr-Tristan......s**t baby f**k me!! F**k me baby!!!,” Malila said shakily.

“ better tell me when you are going to cum on this d**k,” Tristan said as he pumps slow and deep.

“Ba-baby....wa-....wait,” Malila said softly. Tristan just watches Malila and notices her legs start to shake. She puts her hands on his thighs in order to stop him from moving in and out of her but Tristan grabs her hands and holds them together behind her back and he starts to thrust hard and deep again.

“You getting ready to cum? Huh? You tell me,” Tristan demanded.

“’m ready to cum!! Ahhh!!,” Malila yelled. Tristan just watches Malila body convulse as she reaches her climax. She screamed for a bit, but then got completely silent. He notices her juices all over his d**k but also, slightly running down her left thigh. Malila collapses in the bed and Tristan collapses on top of her. He moves her hair to her left shoulder and gently kisses Malila’s neck as she has her eyes closed, trying to catch her breath. After a minute or so, Malila opens her eyes and looks at Tristan and smiles.

“D**n Tristan. I never thought sex between us could get better, but you prove me wrong every time we have sex. You make me cum so fast now,” Malila said.

“That’s my job baby, to please my gorgeous a** fiancée,” Tristan said while smirking. Malila just puckers her lips and Tristan leans in and pecks Malila’s lips, then forces his tongue in her mouth and Malila moaned loudly and turned on her side and Tristan grabbed her face and kisses her deeply. Malila turns on her back and Tristan position himself on top of her and slides back inside of her and kisses her deeply as he thrusts in and out of her slowly. Malila bites Tristan’s bottom lip as she pulls out of the kiss and then she wraps her arms around Tristan and pulls him down so his chest is pressed against hers. Malila holds Tristan tight as he moves in and out of her. Malila really needs this intimacy with Tristan right now because she feels they have been drifting apart, but now, she has never felt closer to Tristan.

“ I love you so much. I love you. You and the kids are my everything,” Malila said on Tristan’s ear.

“I know baby and I love you are my life. Everything I do, I do for you and the kids,” Tristan said in Malila’s ear. Malila smiles to herself and then she grabs Tristan’s face and kisses him deeply. She then looks at him and smiles and he smiles back. Malila is just so happy that Tristan is so forgiving even when she is at fault. She loves and adores that about him and that just adds to the list of reasons why Malila cannot wait to marry this man.

omgosh that was a beautiful and freaky love making btw love the lil song
i love how tristen is wayy more affectionate towards her insecurity and dam the wedding coming that soon??
i sure hope they have more time with each other!
run it

FINALLY. Malila and Trsitan got to get ther freak on again lol. And boy did they get it in. Malila a lil freak being the lil dominatrics. Whips and handcuffs get em girl. Tristan was like whaaaa. She let him know still got her freaky side. Aww she got shy about her body, Im so glad Tristan let her know he loves her body and it looks hella good after just giving birth only 2 months agon to twins. Very good man. Damn 2 hours straight they some freaks and now they on to round two lol. Theyre wedding plans are coming along great and soon they'll be husband and wife. I hope they go somewhere exotic on there honeymoon. Love these two and there love. RUN IT!!!

So about two more months pass and everyone is doing well! The girls are growing by the day and Malila and Tristan have enjoyed every minute of this! Tristan and Malila feel like they hardly see each other though. Tristan is always working and when he comes home, Malila and the kids are usually sleep. Tristan and Malila really miss each other and they want to spend some time together. Malila has not been back to work yet, but she does complete her assignments from home. She isn’t sure if she will return to work or just continuously work from home. Her manager has left the option up to her. Also, Malila has been working out the past two months, and she is really happy with her progress. She’s not where she would like to be, but she is happy. Well anyway Tristan comes home from work at around 8 pm. He really had to finish this report, so he stayed late in order to finish it. It’s Friday evening and TJ and the girls are staying with Malila’s parents for the night. Tristan told Malila that he would be home at 7:30 and he is late. Tristan closes and locks the door behind him and then sets down his briefcase and takes off his jacket and shoes. He loosens his tie as he walks up the stairs. He walks into the bedroom, but stops dead in his tracks when he sees Malila standing by the bed in <a href="">this</a>. She also has on black leather boots that go to her knees. Tristan instantly got hard by looking at her and his mouth is literally dropped to the floor.

“Hi daddy. You’re late,” Malila said sexily.

“Uh…um,” Tristan said in a daze.

“Do you like my outfit daddy?” Malila slowly turns around for Tristan and he takes in every inch of her body. He just wants to throw her on the bed and slide right into her, no foreplay or anything. Malila looks back at Tristan and smiles at him.

“Daddy, I need you to strip….you are late and you will have to pay for that,” Malila said while tapping the small whip in her hand. Tristan just nods his head and he takes off his tie, shirt and beater in a hurry. He then takes off his slacks, boxers and socks and then looks at Malila. Malila eyes him up and down slowly and licks her lips when she sees his d**k standing at full attention.

“Mmm my d**k is ready for me huh? Lie down on the bed baby,” Malila said. Tristan lies down on his back in the bed and Malila sets down the small whip in her hand and she straddles Tristan and Tristan tries to caress Malila’s thighs, but Malila slaps his hands away.

“I am in complete control tonight Tristan, not you,” Malila said forcefully. Malila grabs Tristan’s wrists and handcuffs each of them to the bed, so Tristan’s arms are in an upward position.

“Oh h**l no Malila. This s**t isn’t right. I won’t even be able to touch you,” Tristan complained.

“That’s the point baby I’m in control….I am going to tease you until you beg me to take the handcuffs off,” Malila said seductively.

“Beg huh? Malila I want to rip off every inch of your clothes and f**k the s**t out of you, how can I do that with my hands handcuffed?”

“You can’t baby…..stop complaining I know you will like this….I am going to start by tasting you. I have missed the way you taste so much and I cannot wait to taste your cum in my mouth,” Malila said. Malila leans down and kisses Tristan’s forehead and kisses his nose and stops when she gets to his lips. She looks at him and she can tell he is aching to kiss her lips. She sticks out her tongue and Tristan sticks out his and leans forward but Malila backs away before he can kiss her and smirks. Tristan just glares at her and Malila leans down and gently bites his left ear.

“Aww s**t,” Tristan said while quivering. Malila uses her tongue to trace around Tristan’s ear and she leans down and gently kisses his neck and his chest. She kisses down his abs and then looks at Tristan. She smiles and she turns around so she is in the 69 position.

“You have got to be f**kin’ kidding me,” Tristan said. Malila’s p***y is close to Tristan’s face, but he can’t reach it with his tongue or lips, so this is basically pure torture right now.

“Malila, you are teasing me. I need to beat your p***y up now,” Tristan demanded.

“Not yet baby….not until I can taste you,” Malila said. Malila leans down and softly kisses the head of Tristan’s d**k.

“Ahhh f**k,” Tristan groaned in pleasure. Malila slowly takes all of Tristan into her mouth and then bobs her head up and down with her mouth wide open.

“S**t baby…..that feels so good,” Tristan moaned. Malila takes one hand to stroke Tristan as she swallows him every time she moves her head up and down. She takes her free hand to move her lingerie piece to the side and she starts to gently rub her p***y. Tristan can’t help but watch and he is beyond turned on right now. He could literally cum in seconds. He wants to taste Malila too though and it’s pure torture to have her in this position on top of him and he can’t even do anything about it. Malila tightens her lips around Tristan’s d**k and moves her head back and forth and Tristan can feel his climax already approaching.

“S**t Malila….baby I’m about to cum,” Tristan said through groans and moans. Malila moves her head up and down as fast as she can and then she feels Tristan shoot his cum into her mouth as he moaned out loudly. Malila moans as well and she sits up and she turns around so she is facing Tristan and she plays with his cum before swallowing it.

“Mmm baby you taste so good,” Malila said while wiping her lips.

“D**n Malila…that was the fastest I have ever cum. It’s been so long for us,” Tristan said.

“It sure has baby,” Malila said while getting out of the bed.

“What are you doing?”

“Taking off the boots.”


“No? Tristan I told you I was in control tonight.”

“I don’t care I am telling you no.” Malila just narrows her eyes at him.

“The only thing you will be controlling is how deep you want this d**k to go in your p***y. Now get on top of me and ride this d**k,” Tristan said demandingly.

“No,” Malila said sternly.

“No? Woman I will rip this headboard off handcuffs and all before I let you tell me no….get on this d**k. Don’t make me tell you twice,” Tristan said sternly as well. Malila just raises her eyebrows at him and then she starts to unzip her boots and she takes them completely off and Tristan just glares at her. Malila smiles and walks over to the bed and straddles Tristan again and gently strokes him to get him completely hard again.

“Malila you ain’t ridin’ s**t until you strip….that includes those d**n things on your nipples I want to see them,” Tristan said.

“Ok you are going to stop telling me what to do,” Malila said in a sensual rude tone. Tristan raises his eyebrows at her and Malila moves her lingerie piece to the side and slides down on Tristan.

“Awww s**t….baby you feel so good,” Malila said. Tristan is just glaring at her and Malila just smiles at him. Once Tristan is completely inside of her, Malila moves up and down at a fast pace. Malila rests her hands on the headboard and leans over Tristan as her a** slaps continuously on Tristan.

“Ahhh f**k….you like this daddy? Huh? I know you missed this tight and wet p***y,” Malila said through moans.

“Mmmhmm….I need to flip your a** over to show you how much I really missed this p***y,” Tristan said. Tristan just watches Malila’s p***y move up and down and his d**k and then he looks Malila up and down. She looks so d**n good to him right now. She doesn’t even look like she had two kids about two months ago. She has very few stretch marks and she lost majority of the baby weight she put on and she still feels as tight as she did before she had the girls as well.

“Baby….you’re so beautiful,” Tristan said.

“Thank you baby,” Malila said.

“Now take these handcuffs off of me so we can really get down to business.”

“Not yet daddy I like being top and as soon as I take your handcuffs off, you are going to make me flip over ….I want control now Tristan.”

“Alright, I can be patient for a little bit longer.” Malila smiles and she gets into a split on top of Tristan and Tristan smiles big. Malila rests her hands on Tristan’s chest and she bounces up and down on Tristan, while also squeezing her walls around him.

“Uhhh s**t Malila…..d**n,” Tristan said. He wishes he could hold her waist as she moves up and down on him. He wants intimacy right now; he has missed that so much with Malila.

“Malila baby kiss me,” Tristan said. Malila just looks at him and she can tell that he wants real intimacy with her right now. She gets out of a split and straddles him and she leans down and stares at him.

“I love you,” Malila said.

“I love you too baby,” Tristan said. Malila smiles and she grabs Tristan’s face with her hands and presses her lips against his. Malila and Tristan both moaned the minute she did this and Tristan opens his mouth and Malila slides her tongue in and plays with Tristan’s tongue. Their tongues wrestle for a few minutes and then Tristan sucks on Malila’s bottom lip as he pulls out of the kiss. Malila just looks at him and smiles. She leans forward and she takes the handcuffs off of Tristan. He gently rubs his wrists and then he suddenly grabs Malila’s waist and flips over so he is on top of her. Malila gasped and just looks at Tristan as he narrows his eyes at her.

“Oh your a** is going to pay for what you just did….first I am going to take all this s**t off of you. How do I take these d**n tassels of your nipples?,” Tristan said.

“All you have to do is peel them off….but be gentle! They are taped on,” Malila said. Tristan smirks and he leans down and takes the tassels off with his teeth gently. Once he gets them both off, he throws them on the floor. He then takes the straps of Malila’s outfit and pulls them down her shoulders and to her waist. Tristan lifts Malila’s hips up and slides the outfit off completely and throws that to the floor as well.

“Finally you’re naked,” Tristan said. Malila looks at him and puts her arms over her stomach and Tristan noticed this. Malila has never been self-conscious about her body, but she must be now. Tristan looks at Malila and Malila looks away.

“Malila….baby I hope you are not self-conscious,” Tristan said.

“….That’s why I wanted to be in control…so I could control what you see,” Malila said while looking at Tristan.

“Malila….I know you have a few stretch marks but baby I don’t care about that. I don’t care about that at all. You are beautiful to me and you always will be.”

“You always know what to say baby. Thank you.” Tristan smiles and kisses Malila’s forehead. He then kisses down her face and goes right to her stomach and kisses the areas where her stretch marks are. Tristan does not even care that Malila has those. If she didn’t have them, then they wouldn’t have their beautiful girls; that’s the way Tristan sees it. Tristan then kisses up to Malila’s breasts and wildly kisses the both of them. He takes his left hand and runs it down her stomach and to her p***y and Malila moans out loud.

“Ohhh Tristan,” Malila cooed.

“My p***y is ready for me huh?,” Tristan said while gently caressing the lips of Malila’s p***y.

“Mmmm…’s not yours,” Malila teased. Tristan stops kissing her breasts and leans his face over hers and narrows his eyes at her and Malila smiles and bites her lip. Tristan smirks and he puts his lips to Malila’s left ear.

“Don’t make me have to tell you again…..that that’s my p***y baby….better not give it away, away, away….don’t make me have to tell you again….that that’s my p***y baby. It’s mine girl, it’s mine girl, it’s mine. So you better not give it away. So you better not, better not, give it away. Better, better not give it away….said you better not give it away,” Tristan sang softly in Malila’s ear. (Here is the link you MUST listen to get the full effect and you will like it trust me ;) <a href="">CLICK HERE</a> ). The way Tristan sang that instantly made Malila’s p***y dripping wet. Tristan smiles to himself when he feels his fingers become soaked with Malila’s juices. He looks Malila in her eyes and she just looks at him. She seems to be in a state of shock.

“….Di-did you just ma-make that up?,” Malila said while stuttering.

“….Yeah….I think you liked it too huh?,” Tristan said while rubbing Malila’s clit.

“Uh….ye-yes. I did,” Malila said through moans.

“Now…..let me ask you again. Who’s p***y is this?,” Tristan said while sliding two fingers inside of Malila.


“It’s whose? Huh?,” Tristan said while moving his fingers in and out.

“F**k Tristan…’s yours…’s all yours….I’m all yours,” Malila said as her eyes close and head tilts back.

“That’s what I like to hear… you’re all mine huh?”

“Ohhhh! Yes baby! I’m all yours.”

“Since your all mine……can I come inside?,” Tristan said sensually.

“Yes baby…….I need you inside of me,” Malila moaned. Tristan smiles to himself and he leans down and kisses Malila’s forehead and he sits up. He gets in between Malila’s legs and Malila wraps her legs around his waist.

“Malila….do you want me to wear a condom? I do have them,” Tristan asked.

“No Tristan I need to feel you and only you,” Malila said.

“Ok baby…..I’ll pull out then.” Malila smiles and nods her head and Tristan presses his chest against Malila’s and Malila wraps her arms around him as he slowly slides into her.

“Awww f**k……d**n baby,” Malila said. Tristan slowly slides all the way inside of Malila and then thrusts at a slow pace in and out.

“Uhhh….Tristan baby you feel so good,” Malila moaned.

“Ahhh s**t so do you baby….d**n I missed this,” Tristan said.

“Mmmm me too baby….I’ve missed you. I’ve missed you so much. I have missed having you inside of me,” Malila whispered.

“Uhh….baby I have missed it too,” Tristan said. Tristan leans in and gently kisses Malila’s cheek. He rests his head on Malila’s shoulder, so his lips are right next to her ear. Tristan picks up his pace and Malila tensed up a little and Tristan felt that.

“What’s wrong baby?,” Tristan asked.

“Some areas are a bit sore. Can you just take it slow?,” Malila said.

“Yeah of course.” Tristan continues a slow pace as Malila holds onto him tight.

“Mmmm…..Tristan….I love you so much,” Malila said softly.

“I love you too baby,” Tristan said. Tristan usually doesn’t like to use a slow pace, but for some reason, he feels more intimacy with Malila this way and he really needs that. He wraps his arms around Malila as he moves in and out of her slowly. He is grunting and breathing right in Malila’s ear and this turns her on. Malila and Tristan enjoy a two hour making love session. It was probably the most passionate lovemaking they have ever had because they missed each other’s bodies so much. Once they are done, they just lie down in bed together. Malila has her head rested on Tristan’s chest and Tristan has his arms wrapped around her.

“Baby I have missed you so much….I feel like we hardly see each other anymore,” Malila said while rubbing Tristan’s chest.

“I know baby I understand….by the time I get home everyone is sleep. I eat dinner alone and then I just fall asleep myself….but it won’t be like this forever babe. Once the girls a little older, we will get things back on track,” Tristan said.

“I know baby you’re right….baby I think our wedding plans are coming along nicely.”

“You’re right baby. We have established we are having a church wedding, we know where the reception is going to be, we have the caterer and the design and baker for the cake. It’s all coming together just fine. You still need to pick out your dress and I need to get my tux. And we need to pick out outfits for the bridal family. We need to figure out where we are taking our honeymoon.”

“Tristan….are you sure we can afford a honeymoon?”

“I’m sure baby…..and it doesn’t have to be for long because I know we both don’t want to be away from the kids for too long…..but Malila I will take you anywhere in the world you want to go ok? So start thinking of places you have always wanted to visit.”

“Thank you baby you’re so sweet….kiss me,” Malila said.

“Oh I’ll do more than kiss your fine a**,” Tristan teased. Malila giggles and Tristan rolls on top of Malila and Malila grabs Tristan’s face and presses her lips against his. Before they both knew it, Tristan and Malila were onto their second round of lovemaking.

@KRcbreezy wow I LOVE your comment!! Thank you so much!! I am glad you are liking the story so far!! And thanks for pointing out the problem with Malila's picture, I updated it! Thanks again :)

*new reader
ok i finally caught up! whew
you got talent! i really like how they met in the bar kind of reminds me how my parents met. except my mom was the one drinking and my dad was the one with water lol
dam i want to comment on every add that u put up but then my comment would look like an add!
i'm just saying your doing such a great job with the story! and i like catch me too!
like they say always keep ur eye on the quiet and shy ones;)
they just a bunch of lil nasties lol
I hope everything is ok with the girls :)
btw the link for Maila picture didnt work as for that sneaky ass trick shanelle
but i like all the twist u put in the stories and it would be cool if Tristen maybe recorded some songs just in case she cant put her babies to sleep? she can pop in the cd and bam they will fall asleep so peaceful and TJ can hop on it too since he got that talent too
and the part where she came home to her family on the bed she should have recorded that or took a picture that was a kodax moment! plus Tristen could have painted it out
im excited about there wedding
btw how they gonna have there new born babies in a walker!?
yeah i catch on to the lil things like that :) especially when Tristen tried to be all freaky when she was breast feeding for the first time
Maila shouldnt be so self cousious she just had her babies its normal!
anyways run this !

What you talking bout Nicole, that was a good add.
Aww Tristan is utterly sweet and caring when it comes to Malila sucks she's dealing with the baby blues. But I know it comes with recently having a baby. Im glad Tristans there to constantly tell her he loves her and her body. That was so sweet when she walked in on the kids asleep and Tristan sleep in the bed. Very kodak momentish. There bath moment was sweet, boy I know Tristan cant wait till those six weeks are up lol. He gone make "Rough beat it up" Love to Malila lol.
Aww what up with Anaya? I hope its just her personality and not nothing serious, It was so sweet she fell asleep to her daddys singing to her. AWW
finally there making wedding plans, I like there ideas and the fact that Tristans involved instead of letting Malila make all the decisions so sweet. Theyre gonna have a lovely wedding.]
Loved the add Nicole. RUN IT!!!

That add was awful I'm sorry......I am having trouble feeling motivated to write anymore......

So about a month passes and the family is doing well! Malila and Tristan have adjusted to parenthood just fine and TJ has been a great big brother. They all love the girls so much already and it’s amazing to watch them grow right in front of their eyes. The girls are very peaceful and they don’t cry too much. If they are hungry or need their diaper changed, they whimper, but don’t scream at the stop of their lungs. They aren’t sleeping through the night, but this was expected. Malila and Tristan have been going to bed around 8 pm so when the girls wake up at around 11 or 12 pm, they have energy to take care of them. This sleeping pattern has been working quite well for Malila and Tristan and they will probably continue this until the girls can sleep through the night. Malila’s parents and Lauren, Imani and Damian have seen the girls a few times a week and Malila’s friends from Richmond, VA have also come to see the girls. Malila has been struggling a little bit though. Breast-feeding is very difficult and uncomfortable for her. Sometimes it’s really hard for the girls to latch on, and it can take Malila up to 40 minutes just to get one of the girls to latch on. It’s also still painful for Malila, and she tries to pump her milk now, more than she breast feeds. Also she has experienced some moments of the baby blues. Some days she just gets so depressed because she has hardly left the house this past month. Tristan started work two weeks ago and sometimes Malila envies the fact that Tristan leaves the house 8 hours every day, and she doesn’t. Malila loves her little girls to death though, it’s just her hormones are still trying to level themselves out. Malila is still pretty uncomfortable with her body, but she tries not to focus too much on that. She just wants to do the best job she can with the girls. Well it’s Monday night at around 8 pm and Malila is coming home from the grocery store. Tristan offered to go to the grocery store, but Malila really just wanted to get out of the house for a bit so Malila offered to go. Once Malila gets all of the bags out of the car, she closes and locks the front door. She takes all the bags into the kitchen and then she puts all of the groceries away. After that she walks up the stairs and notices that the house is really quiet so she assumes everyone is sleep. She walks into the master bedroom and her heart literally melted at the sight. She sees her whole family lying across the bed, sleeping. Tristan and TJ are on the edges of the bed both lying on their stomachs. The girls are lying in between them on their backs and Tristan has an arm around Aaliyah and TJ has his arm around Anaya. Malila can’t help but smile at this and her eyes fill up with tears. She realizes how blessed she is to have such a beautiful family. She is so thankful for them and she loves them more than she could ever express in words. She doesn’t even want to wake them up since they all look so peaceful. Malila goes over to the bed and kisses the forehead of Tristan, TJ, Aaliyah and Anaya and then she goes into the master bathroom and starts to run herself a hot, bubble bath. Malila is going to use this time to relax. She undresses when her bath is ready, and then she gets in the tub and rests her head on the edge of the tub and closes her eyes and relaxes. About 30 minutes later, Malila feels Tristan’s hands start to gently massage her shoulders. She must have fallen asleep because she didn’t even hear Tristan come in. She opens her eyes tilts her head back and she is met with Tristan’s face and they smile at each other.

“Hey gorgeous,” Tristan said.

“Hi baby,” Malila said. She closes her eyes and puckers her lips and Tristan leans down and kisses her lips.

“I saw you sleeping with the kids and you all looked so beautiful and peaceful and I didn’t want to wake you up….are the kids ok?,” Malila asked.

“Yes baby they are all fine. I put TJ in his bed and the girls are in their basinets….can I join you?,” Tristan asked.

“I would love that baby.” Tristan smiles and stands up from his knees and takes off his clothes and gets in across the tub across from Malila. Malila smiles at him and she moves closer to him and sits in his lap facing him and wraps her arms around his neck and Tristan wraps his arms around her waist.

“How are you doing babe? Are you alright?,” Tristan asked.

“Yes baby I am fine why do you ask?,” Malila said.

“Well it’s just I’ve noticed you get the baby blues sometimes.”

“You’re right….but today was a good day for me.”

“I’m glad to hear that baby.” Tristan kisses Malila’s cheek and then rests her head against his chest and Malila smiles to himself.

“If you ever need me, you know you can talk to me right?,” Tristan said.

“Yes baby I know thank you….gosh I can’t wait to marry you. I love you so much Tristan.”

“I love you more.”

“I doubt it.”

“Woman please, I do trust me. You have helped me in more ways than I could have ever imagined. You’re my heart woman.” Malila just smiles to herself and kisses Tristan’s chest.

“Uh none of that….I’m horny as f**k with just you sitting in my lap, so you don’t need to be kissing on my chest babe,” Tristan said while laughing a bit.

“Awww…..does daddy miss his p***y?,” Malila said seductively while looking at Tristan.

“Do you even have to ask? You know I miss beating your s**t up!,” Tristan exclaimed. Malila just smacks her lips and hits Tristan’s chest.

“You are so disgusting. Why can’t you just say you miss making love to me? Always so explicit,” Malila teased.

“I mean it is making love. When I make love to you, I beat your s**t up that’s just honest,” Tristan said c**kily. Malila just rolls her eyes and laughs and Tristan grabs her face and kisses her passionately and then just stares at her and smiles.

“You’re so beautiful baby. Our girls look like you, you know,” Tristan said.

“You’re so sweet baby….but they look like you too. They have your complexion, and they might get your cute freckles,” Malila said while pinching Tristan’s cheeks. Tristan just laughs and Malila leans in and pecks his lips multiple times.

“….Can I ask you a question baby?,” Tristan asked.

“Baby you can ask me anything,” Malila said.

“I want you to be honest……do you regret having the girls so early in our relationship? Sometimes I wonder because I feel like that day in the shower, I may have pressured you into having unprotected sex. I mean we never even talked about it, I just went raw inside of you and I fe-,” Tristan is cut off by Malila placing her left index finger over his lips.

“Baby…..I don’t regret a single moment of our relationship and that includes having the girls when we did….I told you that if I didn’t want to have unprotected sex with you then I wouldn’t have. I’m a grown woman and I know what could happen if I have unprotected sex…..but Tristan the day before when you basically spilled out your heart to me, I knew right then and there that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you. You were so genuine and passionate that night. I know we weren’t together that long but as long as I knew you loved me, I was ready to give all of myself to you. I knew you wouldn’t just abandon me if I became pregnant because you have always wanted kids and I knew that by your relationship with Alicia. I noticed that when you saw kids while we were out, you softened up a bit and that told me you would make an excellent father someday. I knew if you were ever given the chance, you would take care of your kids and not leave me alone. That’s why I didn’t stop you. And I have always wanted to be a mother so it was perfect,” Malila said honestly.

“Oh baby that means everything to me. Thank you so much…..I just know how difficult your pregnancy was and I just wanted to be sure you didn’t regret it.”

“You’re right my pregnancy was difficult, but just seeing our beautiful girls’ faces makes me forget about all the bad I went through. None of it even matters because they are here with us now and I wouldn’t trade them in for the world….and I wouldn’t trade in their handsome daddy either.” Tristan just smiles and leans in and kisses Malila’s forehead. Malila and Tristan enjoy a nice bath together and then they both get out and dry off. They go into the bedroom and lotion up and then put on their pajamas. They check on the girls and they see Anaya awake in her basinet.

“Pretty girl, what are you doing up? Huh? You alright?,” Malila said sweetly. Malila picks up Anaya from the basinet and sits on the bed and Tristan sits next to her.

“I notice Anaya awake a lot when she should be sleeping, I hope she’s ok,” Tristan said. Malila rests Anaya against her chest and feels her diaper and she isn’t wet.

“Well you’re not wet baby girl, are you hungry? Tristan babe can you please heat me up a bottle?,” Malila asked.

“Sure baby,” Tristan said. Tristan gets up from the bed and goes downstairs to the kitchen to heat up a bottle. Malila lies Anaya down on her back on the bed and rubs her stomach gently and Anaya just looks at her.

“What’s the matter baby girl? Huh?,” Malila said. Malila leans over Anaya and pecks her cheek multiple times. A few minutes later, Tristan comes back into the bedroom with a warm bottle in his hand. He sits next to the bed and hands Malila the bottle and Malila cradles Anaya in her arms and then tries to feed Anaya the bottle, but she turns her head away.

“You’re not hungry huh baby girl?,” Malila said. She sets down the bottle and then she gently rocks Anaya and Anaya is just staring at her and Malila can’t help but smile. Malila lies down on her back on the bed and rests Anaya on her chest and gently rubs her back. Tristan lies down next to Malila and Anaya has her head rested so she is facing Tristan. Tristan just smiles at her and gently rubs her head and he starts to softly hum as Anaya just looks at him. Within ten minutes, Anaya is sleeping peacefully on Malila’s chest.

“She’s so gorgeous…they both are,” Malila whispered.

“They sure are baby,” Tristan whispered back.

“I wonder why this baby girl can’t sleep sometimes. Most newborns you have to wake up in order to feed them or else they will sleep all day.”

“I know hopefully she’s ok….she’s definitely different than her sister. She is like the opposite, which is just fine.”

“You’re right about that. Aaliyah eats and sleeps with no problem and she loves bath and Anaya hates baths. My poor baby cries during every bath we give her.”

“You’re right.” Malila and Tristan kiss Anaya’s forehead and then Malila gets up from the bed and lays Anaya in her basinet on her back. She looks at Aaliyah and she is just fine. Malila then looks at Tristan.

“Baby do you want to do some wedding plans with me? I have some ideas I want to go over with you,” Malila said softly.

“I would love to baby. Let’s go down to the family room,” Tristan said. Malila smiles and nods her head and holds out her hand. Tristan grabs Malila’s hand and he stands up from the bed and they quietly leave the room and they check on TJ and he is fine, and then they walk downstairs to the living room. Malila sits on the couch while Tristan goes to get his laptop from his office. He then sits next to Malila and wraps an arm around her waist.

“So tell me what you had in mind baby?,” Tristan said.

“Well….I really want a church wedding…how would you feel about that?,” Malila asked.

“That sounds great baby…..would you like to get married in the church you grew up in?”

“Yes I would… mom already talked to the pastor and he said he would be more than happy to marry us.”

“That’s great baby….what else did you have in mind?”

“Well I want all three of our kids to be in the wedding. TJ can be the ring bearer and I was thinking that when he walks down, maybe he could pull a wagon with the girls in it?”

“I love that idea Malila, I was thinking of that too.....and Imani can be our flower girl.”

“Yes she already claimed that role a long time ago.”

“You’re right……so what color tux would you like me to wear?”

“I want you to wear whatever color you want babe….you can wear white or black….you would look so handsome in white though.”

“Thanks babe…..well we know you can’t wear white,” Tristan said while smirking. Malila just smacks Tristan’s chest and he laughs.

“Well whatever color you wear, you are still going to be beautiful…..when do you want to get married? In a few months, in six months?,” Tristan asked.

“Well I think we can plan everything in a few months and be fine…..but I really want to get back in shape before our wedding,” Malila said.

“…..Are you still conscious about your body babe?”

“Honestly….yes. I don’t feel as confident as I use to….I hope that doesn’t seem vain because I am really not a vain person…..but I want to look good for you…..I feel like if you were to see my body now… wouldn’t like it… wouldn’t be attracted me.”

“Malila I am always and always will be attracted to you… that why you hide your body from me? I notice you don’t get dressed or undressed in front of me anymore…..and you don’t let me take showers with you and I barely saw your body after the bath we just took.”

“Wow you noticed huh? But yes that’s the reason why.”

“Well baby I want you to be happy on our wedding day too, so if you want to wait a little bit, until you are comfortable in the wedding dress you want to wear, then I can wait for you. You know I will do anything for you….even though I want to marry you as soon as I can…..calling you my wife Malila, will be the biggest honor and I mean that with all of my heart.” Tristan leans over and kisses Malila’s forehead multiple times. Malila just smiles and she rests her head on Tristan’s shoulder. She rests her hand on his arm and rubs it gently.

“Tristan….I wish you had family to come to our wedding,” Malila said.

“I wish I did too……I wish my mom was here. I really do…..I miss her so much,” Tristan said honestly.

“I know you do baby….but she is in heaven looking down on you and I know she is proud of you. She is proud of the man and father you have become. Don’t ever forget that…….she is always right here,” Malila said while putting her hand over Tristan’s heart.

“….You’re so right Malila…..I know she is proud and I always know she is in my heart and as long as I am living, so is she,” Tristan said.

“That’s right baby…..and you’re not alone….me, TJ, Aaliyah and Anaya, we’re your family and we’re here to stay.” Tristan just smiles and he hugs Malila tight. Malila always knows just what to say and that’s one of the many reasons why Tristan can’t wait to marry her.

AWWW the babies are home now thats so sweet. Tristan is such a good hands on father. And it's sweet to see TJ loving on his sisters too. LOL at Imani asking Lauren can she have a lil sibling too. They are all so sweet and content. Aww Malila feeling insecure about her body she just has to be patient she did just give birth, she'll be back to her pre baby body in notime. Im just glad Tristan tell her how beautiful she is. Hes a good fiancee/daddy. good to see them happy right now. RUN IT


Just wanted to let you ladies know that I do have a new story entitled "Catch Me" and I would love to read your feedback on that story as well!! Here is the link: <a href="">Catch Me</a>

It's your choice if you read it, but I would really appreciate it!! Thank you!! LOVE ya'll :)

So it’s Monday afternoon, and Malila and Tristan are bringing the girls home today!!! They are both so excited to get them home. It’s around 1 pm and Tristan has just pulled up into the driveway with Malila and the girls. Lauren and Damian helped Malila and Tristan by taking TJ to school and offering to bring him home. Tristan parks the car and turns it off and then looks at Malila.

“I’m going to get the girls out first then I will get you babe ok? I know it’s still hard for you to walk,” Tristan said.

“Ok baby,” Malila said while smiling. Tristan pecks her lips and then he gets out of the car and goes to the backseat and gets the two car seats with the girls and brings them into the house and sets them in the living room. He then goes back out to the car and opens the passenger door and he holds out his hand and Malila grabs it and Tristan slowly helps her stand up and get out of the car. Tristan closes the door and Tristan slowly walks Malila into the house closing and locking the door behind them.

“I’m going to take you up to the bedroom baby so you can rest,” Tristan said.

“Thank you baby,” Malila said. Tristan helps Malila walk up the stairs and he sits her on the bed. He takes off her shoes and lies her down in the bed and Malila looks at him and smiles.

“Do you want to rest for a bit?,” Tristan asked.

“No I am ok….I want all of my babies with me. Go get the girls,” Malila said.

“Of course baby,” Tristan said while smiling big. He kisses her nose and then goes downstairs and gets the car seats with the girls and brings them upstairs to the master bedroom. Malila and Tristan do have two basinets for the girls in their rooms, since they know they will need care throughout the night the first few months. He takes Aaliyah out of her car seat and hands her to Malila.

“Hi Aaliyah. Hi gorgeous. How are you huh?,” Malila said softly. Malila rests Aaliyah on her chest and softly kisses her forehead and rubs her back. Tristan takes Anaya from her car seat and lies down next to Malila and rests Anaya on his chest and rubs her back and kisses her cheek.

“You ok Anaya? Huh? You can sleep right on daddy’s chest if you want to,” Tristan said softly. Anaya yawns and Tristan just smiles at her. He loves his baby girls so much already. He never knew he could fall in love with someone so fast, but his baby girls proved him wrong. Tristan starts to softly hum and within ten minutes, Aaliyah and Anaya are both sound asleep on their parents’ chest.

“They are going to grow to love your voice I can already tell,” Malila said softly.

“I hope so, I want to sing to them every day,” Tristan said. Tristan looks down at Anaya and just admires her. He gently rubs her head and tears fill his eyes and roll down his cheeks. Malila looks over at him and notices him crying and she gently wipes his tears.

“Baby are you ok?,” Malila asked.

“Yes….Malila this is all so emotional for me….you know with TJ I missed the first six years of his life and that kills me to this day….but with Aaliyah and Anaya, I am experiencing every second of their life and I just can’t believe it. It’s amazing to me,” Tristan said.

“Oh baby you are a sweetheart and I understand. I don’t care that you cry if that means you’re happy.”

“Oh I am so happy Malila….never thought I would be this happy… I just can’t wait to marry you baby then everything will be complete.”

“I can’t wait to say I am officially Mrs. Tristan Williams,” Malila said while smiling big. Tristan smiles and turns his head to face Malila and closes his eyes and puckers his lips. Malila smiles and leans in and pecks Tristan’s lips a few times.

“Mmm….I cannot wait until we can….you know,” Tristan said while smirking.

“Soon as the six weeks are up, it’s on baby! I am going to try and lose a bit of weight before then too. I can’t wait to get back into my exercise routine,” Malila said.

“Baby you don’t look like you gained that much weight.”

“Tristan….I gained about 40 pounds.”


“Yes really….you didn’t notice?”

“Not really. I noticed a few pounds, but not 40….but baby you’re still gorgeous you know that?”

“Yes baby I know thank you handsome.” Malila scoots closer to Tristan and they talk for a little bit then drift off to sleep themselves. At around 3 pm, Tristan and Malila are awakened by the girls squirming on their chest. They make a few sounds and Tristan and Malila sit up and look at the girls.

“They’re probably hungry,” Malila said.

“Ok,” Tristan said. Malila breastfeeds both of the girls and now the girls are pretty alert. They are both looking around and moving quite a bit, since babies can hardly control their limbs yet. Tristan and Malila have the girls resting on their legs as they sit up in the bed. Tristan has Aaliyah now and Malila has Anaya.

“Hi pretty girl. How are you huh?,” Tristan said while gently rubbing Aaliyah’s stomach. Aaliyah just looks at her daddy and Tristan just smiles. He swears looking into Aaliyah and Anaya’s eyes gives him a feeling he has never felt before, but he knows he loves it. At around 3:30 pm, Tristan and Malila hear the doorbell ringing. They both cradle the girls in their arms and get up from the bed and go downstairs and Tristan answers the door and they see Lauren, Imani and TJ.

“Hey,” Malila and Tristan said.

“Hi mommy, hi daddy,” TJ said.

“Hi Malila and Tristan. How are the babies?,” Imani asked.

“They are doing just fine sweetheart. Look ya’ll come in,” Malila said. Lauren, TJ and Imani walk in and Tristan closes the door behind everyone. They all take off their shoes and jackets and Malila and Tristan sit on the couch.

“TJ would you like to hold one of your sisters?,” Malila asked.

“Uh….no that’s ok mommy. I don’t want to hurt them,” TJ said nervously.

“Son you won’t hurt them. I can show you how to hold them. Here come hold Anaya,” Tristan said. TJ slowly nods his head and he sits next to Tristan. TJ holds out his arms and Tristan hands Anaya to him and Tristan puts TJ’s arms so he is fully supporting Anaya’s head and is holding her correctly.

“You’re doing just fine TJ,” Malila said. TJ nods his head and looks at Anaya and she is just looking at him and TJ smiles and leans down and kisses her forehead. He gently rubs her hand and Anaya is very calm right now and she isn’t squirming around or anything.

“See she is fine. She likes you,” Tristan said.

“Malila can I please hold Aaliyah?,” Imani asked nicely.

“Of course you can sweetheart,” Malila said.

“Let me help you baby girl,” Lauren said. Lauren sits on the couch and picks Imani up and sets her in her lap and then Malila hands Aaliyah to Imani and Lauren helps her hold her correctly.

“Hi pretty girl. I’m Imani your cousin,” Imani said while rubbing Aaliyah’s cheek. Aaliyah just looks at Imani and Imani just smiles. Imani rocks her gently and Tristan and Malila just smile at TJ and Imani with the girls.

“Mommy I want a little sibling too,” Imani said.

“Oh really?,” Lauren said while laughing.

“Yes mommy. Please. We can ask daddy when we get home,” Imani said.

“Little girl you are too much,” Lauren said while laughing hard. Tristan and Malila laugh at Imani as well.

“Malila and Tristan when I get older, can I babysit? Me and TJ can do it together,” Imani asked nicely.

“You’re so sweet Imani….we would love for you to babysit,” Malila said.

“Good because I love Aaliyah and Anaya….they’re so pretty. They look like you and Tristan,” Imani said.

“Thanks Imani,” Tristan said.

“They are truly beautiful Malila and Tristan,” Lauren said.

“Thank you,” Malila and Tristan said in unison. Malila looks at Tristan and smiles and he leans over and pecks Malila’s lips.

“They are very peaceful,” Lauren noticed.

“They really are,” Malila said.

“Have you given them their first bath yet?,” Lauren asked.

“No not yet we were planning to do that soon though…..I am sure they won’t be so peaceful then,” Tristan said while laughing a bit.

“Yes you are probably right….I remember Imani’s first bath….my little girl screamed at the top of her lungs the whole 15 minutes. Soon as her daddy wrapped her in the towel and put her on his chest, she was fine. It was amazing how her mood changed,” Lauren said while laughing.

“Oh wow….I know it’s going to be uncomfortable for my babies” Malila said.

“Yeah but I know you and Tristan will get the hang of things in no time. You two are doing such an amazing job with TJ I know you will be the same way with the girls,” Lauren said.

“Thank you Lauren you’re so sweet,” Malila said. Lauren just smiles and leans over and kisses Malila’s cheek. Lauren and Imani stay until around 4:30 and then they leave. Malila is holding Aaliyah and TJ still has Anaya.

“Ok I think it’s time for the girls’ bath before it gets too late,” Malila said.

“Ok baby I will get everything we need,” Tristan said. Tristan goes upstairs and gets everything the girls will need for their baths and then comes back downstairs. TJ puts Anaya in her rocker and sits at the table and starts his homework and Tristan sets the baby tub in the kitchen sink. He puts a towel on the bottom of the baby tub so the girls won’t slide around. He then fills the baby tub about 3 inches full of warm water. He puts a towel, washcloth and clothes for the girls on the counter. He then takes Aaliyah from Malila and he lies her down on the counter and he takes off her clothes and diaper and he can tell she is cold because she squirms around uncomfortably.

“I am going to get you warm in just a second baby girl ok?,” Tristan said in his baby voice. He picks up Aaliyah and places her in the tub and takes a cup and runs warm water over Aaliyah’s body and she is squirming but she isn’t crying yet.

“See it’s not so bad huh?,” Tristan said. Malila just smiles at Tristan bathing Aaliyah. She thinks it’s just the sweetest thing. Tristan cleans Aaliyah gently, but thoroughly. He watched numerous videos about bathing newborns and he thinks he is doing a good job so far. After about a ten minute bath cleaning every inch of Aaliyah’s body, he takes her out of the tub and places her on the blanket and wraps her in it and picks her up and puts her on his chest.

“You did so good baby girl,” Tristan said. Malila stands up and takes Aaliyah from her and then lays her on the other side of the counter and starts to put her clothes and diaper on. Tristan cleans out the tub and prepares for Anaya. He picks her up from her walker and he lays her on the counter and takes off her clothes and she started crying the minute he did so.

“Oh no baby girl it’s going to be ok….you’re going to be my baby that doesn’t like her baths huh?,” Tristan said in his baby voice. Tristan kisses Anaya’s cheek and places her in the tub and starts to bathe her and she starts screaming at the top of her lungs.

“Oh I’m sorry you’re so uncomfortable. Daddy will try to clean you up real quick,” Tristan said. Tristan does his best to keep Anaya warm and she calms down towards the end of her ten minute bath. Once Tristan is done, he wraps Anaya in a baby towel and picks her up and rests her against his chest and gently rubs her back.

“Daddy’s sorry you didn’t like your bath baby girl,” Tristan said softly. Tristan kisses her cheek multiple times and Anaya calms down in his arms. He kisses her forehead then hands her to Malila and she gets Anaya all dressed. Aaliyah is in her rocker next to TJ and once Malila is done with Aaliyah, she puts her in her rocker as well. Malila and Tristan clean up the sink together and then start to cook dinner. The girls are completely calm while Malila, Tristan and TJ eat, but after dinner, Malila knows they are hungry and she and Tristan bring them up to the bedroom while TJ gets ready for bed. Malila sits on the bed with Anaya and Tristan sits next to her with Aaliyah. Malila lifts up her shirt and bra and starts to breastfeed Anaya and she closes her eyes and makes a face of pain. This is so painful for Malila but it’s something she has to do. She isn’t sure how long she can continue though because with two babies, it’s just that much more painful. She is thinking about either formula or pumping her own milk. Tristan notices Malila’s face of pain and he gently rubs her back. After about 15 minutes, Malila notices that Anaya is falling asleep. She takes Anaya’s lips from her nipple and rocks her a bit and then lies her down in her basinet. Malila then feeds Aaliyah until she falls asleep. She puts Aaliyah in her basinet and then sits on the bed next to Tristan and she pulls down her bra and shirt.

“I can kiss your nipples to make them feel better,” Tristan said sexily.

“Yeah you wish….they are rock hard yet tender. It’s so uncomfortable and they are huge! I’m wearing like a size D bra,” Malila said.

“Mmmm this is interesting but I love it,” Tristan said while smirking.

“Oh I bet you do love it.”

“I do baby…..let me run you a bath so you can relax ok baby?”

“Thank you Tristan.” Tristan kisses Malila’s forehead and then he goes to the bathroom and runs Malila a nice hot bubble bath. Once it’s ready he takes Malila’s hand and lifts her off the bed and walks her to the bathroom.

“This looks great baby thank you,” Malila said.

“You’re welcome Malila it’s no problem,” Tristan said. Tristan starts to lift up Malila’s shirt but Malila stops him and Tristan just looks at her.

“It’s ok baby I can do it….why don’t you get some rest? You know the girls are going to be up in about three hours….I’ll be fine,” Malila said.

“Oh….I wanted to join you baby,” Tristan said.

“Oh….well um…”

“It’s ok Malila I understand….I love you.”

“I love you too.” Tristan pecks Malila’s lips and then leaves the bathroom closing the door behind him. Malila sighs and she takes off her clothes and she looks at herself in the mirror before she gets in the tub. She gently touches her huge, swollen breasts. She then moves her hand down to her stomach and she picks up the weight she gains and she makes a face of disgust. Malila has never seen her body like this and she doesn’t like it one bit. But a small smile forms across her face when she thinks about her girls. They are truly a blessing and Malila knows that. She smiles at herself in the mirror and then she gets in the tub and enjoys a thirty minute bath. Once she is done, she drains the tub, dries off and lotions up and walks out to the bedroom in her robe. She sees Tristan sleeping peacefully on his back and Malila smiles to herself. She checks on her babies and they are both sleeping peacefully. She kisses each of their cheeks and then she puts on her underwear and pajamas. She walks next door to TJ’s room and sees him sleeping peacefully as well. She goes over to him and kisses his cheek a few times and then goes back to the bedroom. She closes the door behind her and she lies down next to Tristan and cuddles close to him. Tristan moves around a bit and he turns on his side facing Malila and he scoots close to her and wraps his arms around her and rests his head on top of hers. Malila smiles to herself and she rests her head on his chest. Malila is so content right now. Her girls are finally home with her and Malila couldn’t be happier.

I nearly cried on this add..makes me think about motherhood one day, I want it to be just as beautiful as Malila's. Tristan passing out though I had to muffle my laughter because he thought he had it together and then he passed out. Oh man with the birth of the twins I hope this'll bring a closure to any insecurities with Tristan and Malila's relationship, all that's left is a big ass wedding!

Run iT! <3

Yay a double add. Thanks Nicole.
Lord when they had that little fight I thought it was bout to be a wrap and they were gonna have more problems. But Malila and Tristan both made and worked it out instead of running away. And Im glad that no matter what Tristan always told Malila she's beautiful. Awwww. And he gave a lovely bday.
The girls are here finally little Aaliyah and Anaya too cute names. Tristan passing out tho comical. Motherhood is a greeing with Malila. And she and Tristan are doing good so far. AWWW the pookawookas are here finally lol. Cant wait thill they come home.

Im glad she had the twins i was waitn for tht
Run it

Can I at least get one run??

Decided it was time for the birth of the girls to happen :)

SO about three months pass and Malila is 39 weeks pregnant!! She is due to give birth any day!! Her stomach is beyond huge!! She literally waddles when she walks!! Malila and Tristan are beyond ready to see the girls! They have prepared their room and have bought everything they could need. Malila had her baby shower about 5 weeks ago and it was so nice because all of her family attended and Nia, Erica, Trent and Austin came to visit. Malila missed all of them so much and she was so happy she got to see them. They spent a few days with her and Tristan catching up and Malila loved every minute of it. At the baby shower, Malila and Tristan got so many outfits and shoes for the girls and other miscellaneous things and Malila and Tristan appreciated everything so much. TJ is doing just fine and is managing his diabetes very well for his age. Anyway, it’s Saturday afternoon and Malila is sitting on the couch in the living room watching tv. Tristan and TJ are outside in the backyard playing with Kevin. Malila is laughing while watching a sitcom, but she suddenly screams out in pain as she feels a sharp pain in her stomach. She holds her stomach in and takes a few deep breaths. Once the pain is gone, she relaxes back into the couch. An hour later, Malila feels another sharp pain and she yells out in pain. Tristan and TJ are in the kitchen at this point making lunch and they heard her and they both ran out to where she was and looked at her.

“Mommy what’s wrong?,” TJ asked worried.

“Malila are you ok?,” Tristan asked with concern.

“….I am getting really sharp pains,” Malila said.

“Do you think they’re contractions? Have you had any other pains?,” Tristan asked.

“I had one about an hour ago.”

“Ok….ok look as soon as me and TJ are done with lunch we will eat out here with you and keep an eye on you ok. We will time how far apart the pains are ok?”

“Ok baby.” Tristan leans down and kisses Malila’s forehead and he gently rubs her stomach and the girls are moving like crazy and Tristan just smiles big.

“I think the girls are ready to see mommy and daddy and TJ!,” Tristan exclaimed.

“I think you’re right!,” Malila said. Tristan and TJ go into the kitchen and finish lunch and they bring Malila a plate, then get their plates and then sit on the couch with her. 45 minutes later, Malila gets another pain and she yells out in pain! Tristan just holds her hand as she squeezes it tight. Malila takes a few deep breaths and looks at Tristan.

“Are you ok baby?,” Tristan asked. Malila nods her head and continues eating. Once everyone is done eating, Tristan and TJ go into the kitchen and clean up the kitchen and Malila stands up to go to the bedroom. Before she even gets there, she feels a huge gush of water escape between her legs. She gasps in shock and looks down and sees her pants are soaked. She can’t believe it; her water just broke!!!!

“Tristan!!! My water broke!!,” Malila screamed. Tristan comes running into the family room along with TJ and they both see her pants are soaked and a small puddle around her feet. They both gasp in shock and look at Malila as she holds her stomach.

“Mommy the babies are coming!,” TJ said.

“Yes baby they are,” Malila said.

“Oh my god……ok…uh….ok Malila….um you go change your pants….and me and TJ will get everything ready. We have your bag already ready and I will get the camcorder…..and yeah,” Tristan said nervously. Malila just looks at him and he looks scared and nervous out of his mind and Malila thinks this is sooo cute! Malila laughs a bit and nods her head and goes upstairs and Tristan gets everything together and he then calls Malila’s parents, and Lauren to tell them all that Malila is going into labor! They both said they will meet them at the hospital. Tristan has bags packed for himself, TJ, Malila and the girls. He also puts the car seats in the car for the girls. Once Malila is ready, she comes downstairs and Tristan gets the bags and they all leave and head to the hospital. Malila didn’t have any other pains during the car ride. As soon as they got to the hospital and parked, they quickly get out and go to the OB/GYN floor and they tell the receptionist that Malila’s water broke. They take her to a room and Malila changes into a robe and she lies down in the bed. She looks at TJ and he is sitting in a chair by her side and Tristan is pacing back and forth. He is sweating already and he just looks so nervous!

“Baby….you need to calm down,” Malila said while laughing a bit.

“Malila……I’m shaking…..look at my hands,” Tristan said. Tristan holds up his hands and Malila looks at them and he is shaking so bad! Malila and TJ just laugh at him and Tristan just sighs heavily.

“Baby come here….lie down with me,” Malila said. Tristan takes off his shoes and before he can lie down, a female nurse comes into the room.

“Hello Malila,” the nurse said.

“Hi,” Malila said.

“Your doctor Natalie will be in later on, but she wanted me to check your vital signs and then check how dilated you are ok?,” the nurse said. Malila smiles and nods her head and the nurse checks her heart, her blood pressure and takes note of everything. Malila then spreads out her legs and the nurse checks her dilation and takes note of that as well.

“You are only about 1 cm dilated and you need to at least be 10 before you can start pushing….have you had any contractions? If so how far about were they?,” the nurse said.

“Well I did have three very sharp pains before my water broke and they were an hour apart and then 45 minutes apart,” Malila said.

“Ok….well you should just relax Malila….try and get some sleep…it may be a long day,” the nurse said. Malila smiles and nods her head and the nurse leaves and Tristan wipes the sweat off his forehead.

“Come here baby,” Malila said. Tristan sighs and he gets in the bed and lies next to Malila and cuddles close to her. Malila can feel how hard Tristan is shaking and she gently rubs his back.

“Daddy are you ok?,” TJ asked.

“I don’t know son…I can’t stop shaking,” Tristan said.

“Don’t be scared daddy,” TJ said.

“But I am….I’m terrified and so nervous. I can’t even explain the feeling I have right now,” Tristan said.

“It’s going to be ok Tristan. You don’t have to be scared or nervous,” Malila said. Malila holds him tight and rubs his back. A few minutes later, Malila’s parents, Lauren, Damian and Imani all come into the room.

“Malila! Are you ok?,” Imani said while rushing to Malila’s bedside.

“Yes sweetheart I am ok,” Malila said.

“Tristan….you’re not ok. You’re shaking!,” Imani noticed.

“He is very scared and nervous right now,” Malila said.

“Tristan it’s going to be ok….you are going to see your pretty babies soon,” Imani said.

“You’re right Imani,” Tristan said while smiling a bit. Malila kisses his cheek and he gets out of the bed and he picks up Imani and hugs her close and then he hugs everyone else as well and they all hug Malila and TJ. Tristan gives David the camcorder because Tristan wants everything documented.

“Baby girl….I can’t believe you are going to give birth to your own baby girls shortly….I’m so happy for you and Tristan,” Sandra said in tears.

“Aww thank you mommy….I’m so excited. I just hope and pray they are both healthy,” Malila said.

“They will be baby girl don’t even worry about that… do you feel right now?,” David said.

“I feel fine now daddy,” Malila said.

“Do you need anything?,” Damian asked.

“No thanks I am just going to try and get some sleep,” Malila said.

“Ok….well I need to get Imani some food but we will be back shortly,” Lauren said.

“Ok,” Malila said.

“Tristan I am going to get you some water,” Lauren offered.

“Thank you Lauren,” Tristan said. Lauren smiles and nods her head and her and Damian leave with Imani.

“Baby girl we are going to try to get some food too….TJ baby do you want to go with us?,” Sandra said.

“Yes grandma I will go,” TJ said. Sandra holds out her hand and TJ gets up from the chair and gives Malila and Tristan a kiss on the cheek and then grabs his grandma’s hand and they leave the room. Malila looks at Tristan and he is calm right now.

“Baby….I have never seen you so nervous. Why are you so nervous? Talk to me,” Malila said.

“Baby…..I just can’t believe we are going to see our girls soon….but this is all very nerve wrecking to me. I don’t know what to expect I guess….I don’t know…..I just hope I don’t get sick or pass out,” Tristan said.

“I hope not….I need you here for support babe….are you going to try and be involved as you can during the birth?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well you can just stand by me and hold my hand….or you can put on scrubs and be right down there with the doctors and be there when the girls come out….and you can even cut the umbilical cords.”

“Oh……wow…..I want to be involved as I can….I just hope I can handle it.”

“It’ll be ok…..we can support each other baby. I love you.”

“I love you too Malila…..and I am very excited for today. I can’t wait to see our girls. They are going to be beautiful.”

“Yes baby they sure are.” Malila leans in and puckers her lips and Tristan smiles and pecks her lips a few times and then cuddles close to her and gently rubs her stomach. He can feel the girls moving and kicking and Tristan can’t help but smile at this. He can’t even explain how excited he is right now. Tristan is also terrified. What if something goes wrong? Tristan doesn’t want to think negative like that but he can’t help it. Just then Lauren comes into the room with a bottle of water and she walks over to Tristan and hands it to him.

“Thanks Lauren,” Tristan said.

“You’re welcome Tristan….are you alright?,” Lauren said.

“Yes I am ok now,” Tristan said.

“Ok…..look it’s ok to be nervous Tristan….I remember when my water broke with Imani…..Damian was so nervous that he forgot me! I was putting my shoes on and when I go to the car he’s gone and so is he! About 10 minutes later he showed back up and got me and we went to the hospital,” Lauren said while laughing. Malila and Tristan laugh as well.

“Wow that’s funny….what about during the birth?,” Malila asked.

“Oh he passed out as soon as he saw Imani’s head. He was holding my hand and he just falls over and I felt his hand jerk out of mine…..he claims he is tough and all that, but even he has a soft spot….and so do you Tristan and that’s ok,” Lauren said.

“Wow….I hope I can keep it together for Malila’s sake,” Tristan said.

“You will don’t worry Tristan. Everything is going to be fine,” Lauren said. Lauren kisses Tristan’s cheek and then Malila’s and then she leaves the room closing the door behind her. Tristan opens the water and takes a few sips and then Malila takes a few sips as well.

“Malila try and get some sleep for a little bit….you are going to need all the energy you can get,” Tristan said. Malila smiles and nods her head and Tristan sets the bottle of water on a nearby table and then Malila rests her head on his chest and Tristan softly sings her to sleep. Once Malila is sleep, he gently rubs Malila’s stomach.

“Hey baby girls…..this is daddy. I am going to meet you both soon and I cannot wait. I am so excited to see your beautiful faces. Me and your mother love you both so much already. We are going to take such good care of you. I can’t wait to take you both home. I am going to take such good care of you. Now I may not be the best at first, but I promise you both I can learn. I will learn what makes you both smile, and cry. I will learn how to calm you down when you two are crying. I will learn everything. I will always love you and take care of you. I will treat you both like the princesses you are….and your mother will do the same. Your mother is amazing and she will always put your needs before her own. She is so beautiful and I know you two are probably going to look just like her. I hope you two get something from me though. Anyway I can’t wait to see you girls. Love you both,” Tristan said softly. Tristan leans down and kisses Malila’s stomach a few times and then rests his head on top of Malila’s and closes his eyes. About 45 minutes later, Tristan is awaken by Malila squirming and he jumps up when she screams loudly. Tristan looks at her and grabs her hand and she squeezes it tight. Malila breaths deeply and Tristan rubs her back. Malila looks at him and sits up and she rests her head on his shoulder.

“You ok babe?,” Tristan asked.

“Yeah….I’m ok,” Malila said. Tristan kisses her cheek and Malila reclines back into the bed and Tristan does the same. Shortly, everyone else comes back to the room. TJ and Imani pull up chairs close to Malila’s bed and Lauren sits on Damian’s lap in a chair and Sandra sits on David’s lap in a chair. David pulls out the camcorder and starts recording. He gets everyone on film. They all just have to be patient though because Malila has a while to go before she starts giving birth.

>>> 9 Hours Later

Malila received her epidural a few hours ago and she is now 10 cm dilated!!! She is ready to start pushing!! It’s around 11 pm at night and everyone napped earlier, so they are all awake for the birth! Tristan has put on scrubs and he is ready to be very involved in the birth of his girls! Natalie has come into the room to help the nurse give birth.

“Ok Malila, this is it! We are ready for you to start pushing!,” Natalie exclaimed. Malila takes a few deep breaths and nods her head. Lauren and Damian are holding her hands and TJ, Sandra, and Imani are near the bed as well. David is recording everything!

“Ok Malila, you can start pushing,” Natalie said.

“Baby it’s ok alright? Just take deep breaths and push,” Tristan encouraged. Malila nods her head and takes a few deep breaths and she moves forward and starts pushing.

“Ok Malila push for five seconds….1…2…3…4…5,” Natalie said. Malila relaxes back into the bed and she is breathing heavily.

“Ok Malila….whenever you are ready, start pushing again,” Natalie said. Malila nods her head and she starts pushing again and she yells out in pain as she does this! She has never ever felt pain like this in her life before!!!

“AHHHHH!!,” Malila yelled.

“Baby girl you’re doing just fine,” Sandra said. Malila does five more pushes and Tristan can see the head of one of his baby girls!!!! He just stares in shock!!!

“Malila we see the head!!,” Natalie said.

“Yeah baby the head….,” Tristan is cut off by him passing out!! Malila just gasps in shock and so does everyone else. TJ goes to his side and gently pats him and Tristan slowly wakes up. The nurse goes to Tristan and helps him stand up and Tristan just holds his head and looks at Malila and she looks so worried.

“Baby….I’m ok…I’m ok now,” Tristan said while taking a deep breath. Malila nods her head and she keeps pushing and screams at the top of her lungs when her first baby girl comes out. Tristan just looks in shock and tears instantly fill his eyes and run down his cheeks.

“Ok here she is! Your first baby girl born at 11:03 pm!,” Natalie exclaimed. The room then suddenly fills with the first baby girl crying at the top of her lungs. Malila and Sandra are crying at this point and TJ and Imani are just in shock!! They can’t believe it!!! Natalie hands Tristan scissors and he uses his very shaky hands to cut the umbilical cord.

“What’s her name?,” Sandra asked.

“This one… Aaliyah. Aaliyah Naomi Williams,” Tristan said. The nurse takes the Aaliyah and cleans her up really well and she is weighed and measured. She weighs 7 pounds and 3 ounces and she is 18 inches long. Tristan is shaking really bad right now and another girl still has to be born!!

“Ok Malila….whenever you are ready, you can start pushing so your other baby girl can come out and see the world,” Natalie said. Malila smiles and nods her head and she takes a few deep breaths and does ten repetitions of pushes until her second baby girl is born at 11:15 pm!!! Tristan is literally balling at this point and so is Malila. They both can’t even explain what they feel right now. The second baby girl isn’t crying and Malila and Tristan become worried.

“Why isn’t she crying? Is she ok?,” Tristan asked quickly.

“Yes….the umbilical cord is wrapped around her neck,” Natalie said. Natalie slowly and carefully unwraps the umbilical cord from around her neck and then she starts crying at the top of her lungs and everyone just smiles at this. Tristan cuts the umbilical cord and the nurse takes her and weighs and measures her. She is 6 pounds 7 ounces and is 17 inches long.

“Her name is Anaya Simone Williams,” Tristan said.

“Malila you did very good….now your afterbirth will be coming shortly and it will be very uncomfortable…..but we will clean up the babies and bring them right to you and Tristan so you can hold them. Congratulations on your twins…they’re beautiful,” Natalie said. Malila nods her head and Natalie hugs Malila and Tristan and then leaves the room and the nurse cleans up and dresses the girls. Tristan goes over to Malila and he hugs her tight and they cry together for a little bit. Tristan and Malila then hug everyone else. It’s pretty emotional for everyone. Once Malila goes through her afterbirth, the nurse comes to Malila and Tristan with their girls. Tristan sits down in a chair next to the bed and picks up TJ and puts him on his lap.

“Here’s Aaliyah,” the nurse said. Tristan swallows and opens his arms and he is shaking so much!!

“Daddy it’s ok,” TJ said. Tristan just nods his head and he takes a deep breath and he takes Aaliyah from the nurse and cradles her in his arms. He just stares at her and tears just stream continuously down his face. She just looks up at him and Tristan leans down and kisses her all over her face. He then stares at her again and she yawns big and Tristan can’t help but smile through tears.

“Hi Aaliyah….I’m your daddy…..gosh you are so beautiful,” Tristan said softly. Tristan examines her looks and she has his shaped eyes and Malila’s nose and lips definitely. Her complexion is closer to Tristan’s also. He kisses her face again. He just can’t believe this is his daughter!!! And she has a twin!!! Tristan just can’t believe it!!! He looks at Malila, whom is holding Anaya while crying. He smiles at her and Malila looks at him and she smiles back.

“They are both so beautiful,” Malila said.

“They sure are baby,” Tristan said.

“Hi Aaliyah, I’m your brother TJ,” TJ said while gently rubbing Aaliyah’s hand. Aaliyah just looks at him and he smiles at her and he leans down and kisses her forehead. Aaliyah closes her eyes and Tristan gently rocks her. Everyone else in the room eventually gets to hold the twins as well. At around 12 am, everyone decides it time to leave the new parents with the girls. TJ is going to stay with Sandra and David tonight. Malila and Tristan say bye to everyone and hug them all as well and then they all leave. Tristan looks at Malila holding Aaliyah and he is holding Anaya now. He gets in the bed with her and just looks at all three of his girls and tears just won’t stop falling from his eyes. Malila just looks at him and rests her head on his shoulder.

“Baby it’s ok,” Malila said.

“Malila….I can’t even describe the feeling I have right now….I don’t think I could ever express how much I love you, my son TJ, and our girls Aaliyah and Anaya….I can’t believe they’re here….they look so much like you baby,” Tristan said.

“You’re so sweet baby. They definitely have your eyes and complexion,” Malila said.

“They do….and they have your nose and lips….and their heads full of hair they got from you,” Tristan said. Just then the nurse comes back into the room.

“Ok Malila would you like to learn how to breastfeed? It’s best to learn an hour after you give birth,” the nurse said.

“Ok,” Malila said. Malila sits up in the bed and she takes off one side of her robe so her left breast is exposed. She puts Aaliyah’s lips to her left nipple and she starts to suck on it and Malila makes a face of pain.

“It is going to be very painful at first…but you will eventually get used to it. If it becomes too uncomfortable for you, you can always pump milk if that will be easier,” the nurse said.

“Ok,” Malila said.

“Well you seem to have the hang of things. If you need anything, just buzz,” the nurse said.

“Ok thank you,” Tristan and Malila said. The nurse leaves the room and Malila looks down at Aaliyah and smiles and gently rubs her head.

“Gosh I love them already,” Malila said.

“I do too baby…..I love them both so much…..seeing their birth was….I can’t even describe it,” Tristan said.

“I know….you passed out.”

“I know….I was just so overwhelmed with emotion….I couldn’t believe that you were giving birth to our girls… took my breath away honestly.” Malila just looks at him and smiles and then pecks his lips. She looks down at Aaliyah and she is starting to fall asleep.

“Aaliyah is about to fall asleep,” Malila said softly.

“She sure is…..our pooka wookas are so beautiful!,” Tristan said while laughing a bit. Malila laughs as well and Tristan kisses her cheek.

“Um baby….you know….I like your breasts too, can I get a little suck on them later?,” Tristan joked.

“Ok see I knew your nasty self couldn’t watch me do this without being nasty!,” Malila said. Tristan just laughs and so does Malila.

“Soon as these six weeks are up….I’m going to destroy your p***y,” Tristan whispered in Malila’s ear. Malila just giggles and slaps Tristan’s chest. Tristan pecks her lips multiple times and Malila finishes feeding Aaliyah until she is sound asleep. She switches with Tristan and she feeds Anaya, while Tristan just gently rocks Aaliyah as she sleeps. His girls are here and he couldn’t be happier!!!!

“Tristan….I just want to say thank you. Thank you so much for supporting me throughout this pregnancy because it has not been easy for both of us. I had a very hard time and you put up with me when you shouldn’t have. I shouldn’t have been so cruel and rude to you just because of my own insecurities. I just….I just now know that everything that I went through was worth it. And if I had to, I would do it all over again. No doubt I would do it all over again. Because these two beautiful girls are worth it. They are worth all the pain and the nightmares and just everything. They are so beautiful and I love them so much already. They are ours Tristan. They are ours to take care of and love….baby….I love you so much. I don’t regret for a single second having these twins with you. We had some rough times, but you are worth it too baby. You…you are the man of my dreams and I can’t imagine anyone else fathering my children other than you….I can’t wait to marry you and spend the rest of my life with you. I love you more than I could ever put into words Tristan,” Malila said while balling at this point. Tristan is balling at this point too and he can’t even speak so he just hugs Malila the best he can and they cry for a bit together. Their two twin girls’ birth has been such an emotional experience for the both of them. Seeing two new lives come into this world is a moment neither Tristan nor Malila will ever forget. This is truly the beginning of a new chapter in Malila and Tristan’s lives and they both can’t wait to bring the girls home and start this new chapter together, with their newly expanded family of five.