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My Destiny.

<strong>Chapter One</strong>

Today my sister and I were doing the finishing touches to my boutique.
<a href=
>It‘s</a> finally all coming together, I just wish the grand opening will come faster!

“ Im so proud of you baby-sis, I know mommy and daddy are looking down on you, smiling from ear to ear.” Gee said take a seat on the lounge chair.

“Thanks Gee” I said with a smile.

“No problem, listen I’m go home an soak my damn feet this s*** aint cute” She said gathering her cell phone and bag.

“Yeah, I’m about to roll on out to” I said cutting the boutiques lights off and getting my things.

I walked Gee over to her car and watched as she drove off waving to me, I smiled and walked over to my benz. I took a quick look at my phone and saw my cousin Mike called me. I’ll call him when I get to the crib. I stopped at In and Out and got me a large fry and a strawberry milkshake as I was pulling out the parking lot I got another call from Mike.

“What Nigggaaa?” I answered

“Aye, Kit-Kat where you at?” He asked calling me the by nickname he gave me.

“I just left In and Out,why whats up?”

“Oh naa, Mika just wanted me to check up on you right quick.” He answered.

“Aww, I feel loved” I said while laughing.

“Aye come through the studio”

“Uhmmm. I look ugly right now but aitee” I said while making a U-Turn.

“It aint nothing new nigga” He said laughing and hanging up.

I shook my head “Im gon get his assss” I thought while turning up my radio, my song was on.

“If you put it down right, like the way I want it, play ya cards right baby we can fall in love” I sang along with Brandy.

I was jamming, by the time I got to studio I was rapping along with Chris Brown…..His sexy behind. I turned my car off grabbed my milkshake, got out and went into the studio. When <a href=
>I</a> walked in <a href=
>they</a> was playing back a song while Mika was chilling on the couch. All I could think was Ima f*ck up Mike I look raggedy. And it’s funny how I was just listening to him.(Chris Brown) I took a seat next to Mika on the couch giving her a hug.

“Hey mama” She asked taking my milkshake from me and taking a sip.

“Nada, your b**** ass husband told me to come through” I answered right after Mike cut the music off .

“Aye, aye ,aye what is up with all the anger?” He asked turning his attention towards me, making Chris do the same. He smiled over at me and I smiled back.

“Nigga, You aint tell me he was gon be here…I look tf terrible.” I answered as I rolled my eyes making everyone laugh.

“ Girl shut up, you look good…right Chris?” She asked smirking.
Ohh naa these fools were up to something they stay trynna hook me up with somebody.

“She sure do” He answered with a cute smile.

“Man F*uck you mean….this Kaila we talm bout” Mike said.
I chucked a pillow over at him and he dodged it.

“Anywayss” Mika said sitting up. “Hows the boutique going?” She asked

“Its aite, everything is straight, three more days till the grand opening party. 86 guest all ready R.S.V.P’d” I said sipping on my milkshake.

“Only reason why everybody coming is because ya boy gon put on a good show” Mike said while dapping up Chris.

“Man shut yo ass up” I said laughing. “What songs are you even performing?” I asked him
He looked over at Chris then at me.

“You mean us, lil cuzz. We doing songs off the fan of a fan 2 mix tape.” He answered while going back to messing around with his phone.

“Oh aitee” I answered. I could see Chris starring at from the corner of my eye. Oh jesus, my celeb crush and I were in the same room and I haven’t even curk’d out like I always thought I would. I looked at Mika and she smiled…what for I don’t know, but she got up and took Mike’s hand.

“Baby, come with me to grab my charger out the car right quick” She said
“Nah Im good” He said. She smacked him cross his head.

“Niggaa, lets goooo” She said nodding her head towards me.

“Ohh,Ohhh yeahh aite be right back yall.” And with that they left.
Chris looked over at me and laughed.

“They aint slick” He said.

“I know, Im sorry they stay trynna hook me up with people.” I said shaking my head. He got up from where he was sitting and sat next to me on the couch.

“ Shiit, I don’t blame them you’re a very attractive girl.” He said smiling.

“Woman” I said clearing my throat and laughing making him laugh as well.

“You know what I meant” He said

“Sure” I said smiling and getting my things.
I had to hurry up before I do or say something and embarrass myself. Im already bad with men as it is shoot.

“Im about to go, I’ll see you Saturday right?

“Yeah” He answered.

“Alright, take care” I said walking out.

When I got out to the parking lot I saw Mika and Mike.

“F*ck Yall!” I said flipping them off.

“What girl?” Mika asked

“Yall set me up” I answered.

“So?” Mike said “You crushin on him and he thinks you cute I sense some type of connection.” He said

“Yall know Im extra shy!” I said

“Oh well” Mike said

“Im going home a**holes.” I said walking off.

“Love you to kit-kat” They both said in unison.

I shook my head and got into my car. What if Chris and I do hook up…. I thought. YEAH and that’s when I wake up from my dream.
Im really gonna be dedicated to this story on the real. I honestly want everyones opinions. Be honest ! Run it or Dump!
P.S: I better be seeing my cast in the comments too.!


Snappin pics and stuff (: Cute.

Run it!!!

Im so excited for tomorrow, with the grand opening finally happening I couldn’t be an happier. Mike and Mika decided to have a little get together at my crib…Why not theirs? I cant answer that for you. I just finish cleaning up and putting the drinks out when Mike, Mika, Alexa, Darnell and Chris all walk in.

“Damn nigggas don’t know how to knock now a days?” I asked turning around.

“Ew, go put your face on and get dressed!” Mike said.

I rolled my eyes at him and made my way up the stairs making eye contact with Chris. I smiled and he did the same and I made my way up to my bedroom. Took a quick shower and got myself <a href=
>ready.</a> It was just a little thing being held in the house. I didn’t feel like getting all dressed up. But then again I wanna look attractive cause Chris here. Wait! Why do I even care if he’s here…Come on Kay stick with the motto…Nah f*** it the motto about to go out the window like s***!… I went downstairs and heard future playing and smelled some tree.

“Well damn, yall already getting started?” I asked

“Hell yea!” Mike said already helping himself to the drinks.

I poured me some moscatto and went to go sit on the couch. Chris was sitting right across from me smoking his blunt, he looked like he was in deep thought, so I snapped a <a href=
>picture</a> uploading it on instagram.

<strong>“@Kaila_A: Hey everyone look who‘s here!” </strong>

I tagged him to the caption and watched him closely to see if he will receive any notification soon. As I sipped on my drink he pulled out his phone and I guess he saw I said something about him cause he looked over at me smiling and shaking his head.

“Oh so we snappin pictures?” He asked with that <strong>BEAUTIFUL </strong> smile.

“Seemed like a good picture to put up” I answered while smiling back.

Just then Mika called out my name.

“Kay!” She yelled.

“Huh?” I asked while getting up and walking over to her in the kitchen.

“I see yall over there talking…its about time shiiittt” She said

“That’s what you called me over for…girl bye” I said irritated I was just building my confidence up to starts conversing with him. Oh well I thought walking over to the change the song.

We all chilled that night but as soon as it hit 5:00 a.m I had kick these nigggas out. I had so much today within the next 10 or 12 hours. I said goodnight to everyone ,Chris was the last one out the door.

“Goodnight Kit-Kat” he said laughing with his eyes extra low. I shook my head and laughed.

“Goodnight Christopher” I replied shutting the door.

I took my asss straight to sleep.


They need to stop playing an start dating! I ❤ her style! RUN IT DOLL

Run it!!

they need to get together run it

Kai grow some balls and talk to Chris.
He's feeling you girl.
Stop acting all shy.

Chris needs to just say something to her since he knows she won't say anything first.

Alexa and Chris were up to something.
i just have that feeling.

Run It !!!

Once I got home I decided to hit up the Jacuzzi. I was still a little tired but I felt like it was needed. I put in my Trey Songz album before getting in. It felt like heaven but as soon as I was beginning to relax I heard my phone vibrate. It was a text from my sister.

<strong>"Well damn, damn you couldn’t even call to make sure this pregnant biatch made home safely." </strong>

I had to laugh ,she is forever gonna be a drama queen.

<strong>"Sorry love, I went to go see your ugly ass cousin at the studio…guess who was there?!"</strong>

Just thinking about my encounter with Chris made me laugh…I probably was looking dumb. I couldn’t even tell yall why I get so nervous around that boy. The first time I met him was when I went on tour with Mike and Young Money ,and he performed. Every single time he was around I’d be stumbling with my damn words, but I got over it and was able to hold conversations with him. Mike and Mika think they slick always trynna set me up with somebody. I honestly would never think he’d be checking for me anyways. I mean for one I’m not even really trynna date anymore. Im done with dealing with all the bulls*** and baggae niggass come with now a days. Gotta stick with my motto: We don’t chase these niggas, nor do we love these niggas.


<strong>"Chris… -_-"</strong>

<strong>"Lmao, Ah damn I wish I was there I bet you was looking stupid as usual."</strong>

<strong>"Shut up…We said like two words to each other…&ndd I was OUT"</strong>

<strong>"Your scary ass. Smh Kaila you need to stop being so damn shy!"</strong>

<strong> "You don’t think I know this…"</strong>

<strong>"b****,go to sleep. Love ya!"</strong>

<strong>"That’s gon be the last you call me out my name hussy….&nd love you too."</strong>

I put my phone to the side and enjoyed the rest of my bubble batch singing along with Trey. Once I was done I got ready for bed it was 10:34 p.m. I aint heard form Alexa all day, so I decided to text her.

<strong>"Hey love, I just wanted to check up on you…give my babies a kiss for me"</strong>

Im not even sleepy and the only thing to watch right now is BGC…I might as well hop on twitter. So far I got 2,024 followers…Im getting there! I decided to just tweet something random.

<strong>@Kaila_A: "Forever gon be a loner" </strong>

My phone started to ring, it was Alexa.

“Hey love” I answered.

“Hey mamma” She replied.

“Was Gucci” I asked.

“Nothing, just put the kiddos to bed” She answered.

“Oh mkay, Yo I need to go find a dope dress for Saturday.”

“Me too!, Shopping tomorrow!?” She asked

“Sure thing” I said

“Aitee, Im finna go Trey home” She said

“Mkay” I said and hung up.

I went back to twitter and saw Mike had retweeted my tweet and replied.

<strong>@Tyga: "MAO,I tried helping yo ass."</strong>

I simply retweeted him, and scrolled down my timeline. Boy oh boy am I bored time to call it a night.

I woke up around a quarter till 10. I got up my up my bed and went to the bathroom and did my daily routine. I got ready and shot Alexa a text telling her to meet me on Melrose and I was on my way. To my surprise Alexa was already there when I arrived. She was talking dome guy I really couldn’t see from where I was. Its funny because usually that chick don’t know what the relevance of time is. I got out he car and she noticed me.

“Speaking of Kaila!” She said as she and the guy she was talking to turned towards me. I saw <a href=
>his</a> face. Damn Damn Damn Damn!

“Hey yall” I said with a smile.

“Hey love” Alexa said

“Hey, aite Ima go and let yall ladies do yall thing see yall later.” Chris said giving Alexa a hug then coming over to me and hugging me.

<strong>Sweet baby Jesus.</strong>

I returned the hug while giving Alexa face, she was trying so hard not laugh.
“Bye” We both said as he walked off
Alexa just looked at me and walked into a store as I followed suit.

“I bet that made your day!” She said laughing s she took a seat in a sitting area to try on some shoes she spotted.

“Man, shut up, what was yall talking about...?:” I said sitting down as well getting on twitter once again.

"Why you care?" She smirking.

F*ck it....

<strong>@Kaila_A: "I least I looked cute this time" (:</strong>

I honestly didn’t care of he saw it. It’s not like he twatches…

“Aite now lemme go see what these people got over here for me” I said getting up going to try on some clothes.



I been cheesing ever since I ran into Kaila. They way she get nervous around me is cute. I guess you can say she has caught my eye…I was in the studio chilling waiting for KMac, I hopped on twitter and scrolled down my time line and saw that she just tweeted. It5 laughed to myself thinking about when she came through the studio and was tripping because she thought she wasn’t looking good but if you asked me. She is forever stunning…she is a beautiful chick on the real. I retweeted it and replied…

<strong>@chrisbrown “you always do tho (:”</strong>

A few minutes later she retweeted my reply.

adding soon.

Run it.

Lol, that's just fam tryna help out (: How'd she get the nickname Kit-Kat?

Run it!!!

I like it so far! RUN IT DOLL!

I got a crush on him too girl lol I love her nickname run it

oooooh Chris got a CRUSH !
lol how cutee!

i wonder whyy she dnt do good
arnd men lol
she prolllyy be tripping && fubling all over
them damn words

her family is cool af
tryying to set her up && shxt



[ima good commenter]

Kaila seems real chill.
Well minus when she's around Chris.
I think he's got a thing for her too ;)

Mika and Mike could've tried to be a lil more slicker haha.
They're cute together though.

Great 1st post girl.
Keep it up.

Run It!!!

I like her fam!
They all seem to love and support her!
They have that typical family bond!

I can't wait for the grand opening! i'm excited!

P.s here to help when needed! :)