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Stevensons and Roses Romantic Comedy Story *Repost*

Since me and gigi story was some how removed off of here we are going to start again but were going to start from where we left off which was gi's post if your confused let me know and I will help you out in anyway :)

Thanks ladies
An add will be posted as soon as possible!

<a href="">Part one</a>


Them two need a beating lol running around the store like they ain't got no sense ! Smh

Omg !! She scared the hell out of me. I'm glad her and the baby are okay though.

Runnnnn It !

Them fools are a mess, they didnt go to the grocery like they were asked to, they acted like children (fools) in the grocery store. Racing carts and buying extra s***... Oh wow so glad Gabby and the baby were okay. But not that these fools still want them to cook smh. They a mess.`

Gabbys Pov

Just as me and gi were about to start cooking we noticed that the guys never went to the store to pick up the turkey or anything like do we have to remind them of everything. I slammed the cabinet doors as the guys walked in to the kitchen sweating. "So whats for lunch?" I picked up the meat tenderizer and walked towards them "Didnt me and gi tell you guys to go to the store yesterday before that dumb ass game came on?" they both backed up and walked slowly into the hallway "uuuuh bae I dont rememeber" "I specifically remember telling you two to go to the store because now how am I going to start cooking and I have no f***ing food" I soon stopped walking and talking when I felt dj ball up on the side of my belly "gabby why does your stomach look lop sided" "dont worry about that me and gi will go to the store" I sat down on the stairs attempting to put my heels on, "Your wearing heels to the grocery store?" "Yes Yes I am christopher" chris threw his hands up in defense and backed up "Gi lets go to the store" "Okay here I come." just as I was about to walk out the door derrick walked up behind me and wrapped his arms around me insisting that him and chris come just incase I go into early labor, I sighed and looked down as I thought about it "Okay fine" I said as I walked out side then suddenly chris walked outside with his camera and <a href="">Snapped a pic</a> "Come on sweetheart smile" I smiled fakely and walked to the car waiting for everyone to hurry up.

5 Mins later

Me and Gi are in the produce section when we see chris and D cart racinging down the isle instantly gi threw on her sunglasses "Im not with those two fools" I shook my head and walked with her "You aint by yourself". As we were nearing the check out they finally came up with a bunch of unnecessory s*** "What is that for?" "For the game later" me and gi shook our head as we paid for the groceries and walked to the truck when all of a sudden I get this sharp pain in my lower back which makes me fall to my knees in pain "Baby you okay" the pain was so bad that i started going in and out of conscienceness "maybe we should get her to the hospital was the last thing I heard"...

I later woke in the hospital with D sitting next to me looking worried, I looked down and of course my big belly was still there. "Hey bae" D got up and kissed me with so much passion it actually turned me on a little "What happened?" "you had a false alarm pregnancy the baby shouldnt be here until a few more weeks so you can go home" my doctor spoke from the door "Okay thank you" "Yeah now lets go home so yall can start cooking because gi is protesting cooking until you get there and her and chris are going at it because hes hungry." D joked I laughed and held on to his hand "I love you boo" he then put his hands on my belly and said "I love you and baby too".......

Only guys to sit up and bet on a game when they got other things to take of . Chris mad he ain't got no money now lol

Poor baby all wrapped in the decorations. Lol bad at standing wat ch though lol . Chris is so scary the little doggy will not hurt you fool!!

I really need mike to open his eyes realize that he f***ed up to manual times for any more chances.

Runnnnn It

lol you girls are going to see a little surprise coming up which should be posted by later on today :) maybe it will maybe it wont we will see but i need some more runs

I read but didn't run. sorryyyy

Chris and D are a mess getting caught up in the game like that and betting at that. Gabby had the dogs watch them tho lls coco crazy self got tangled smh and Blaine growling at chris. I laughed the entire add. when are they due anyway?? I feel like one of them gonna pop any day now. and Mike......go somewhere please you really don't deserve any more chance because you had enough putting poor gi through all them tears.

run it ladies

Any runs

GiGi's POV

"What the fck were you two doing all last night?" I asked.

Gabby and I stood there as we watched them both scratch their heads.

"Seee what had happened was...we were gonna put them up buuuut...." Chris started an looked over at D.

D looked at him, then at us, "The game was on and it was just so good that uh..."

"We uh got...distracted." Chris finished.

I studied them, "Y'all bet money didn't y'all?"

They just looked down knowing it was true. It was one of the things we told them not to do. Mainly because it always went too far.

"How much?" Gabby asked.

They both looked up, "A G." they both revealed.

"Well who won?" I perked up.

Then Chris smiled all big, "I did. D cried like a baby." he laughed and nudged D. D just gave him a side eye. He was still salty.

"Ooooh let me see!" I held out my hand as I smiled.

He chuckled as he pulled the was out of his pocket and placed it in my hands. I flipped through the bills and then put it in my bra, smile fading.

"What the hell?" he exclaimed while D started to laugh.

Gabby looked upset, "Get to work! D ass losing money nsh*t!" she swelled into the living room.

I laughed and put my tongue out like I was a little kid. "Haha got y'all ass!"

Gabby came back with Coco and Blaine, "Y'all are in charge. If they stop, bite them."

"What?!" both D and Chris exclaimed.

I fell out to laughing, "You brought this on yourself!"

Both me and Gabby go into the living room and turn on a movie. In the middle of the movie, we could hear Blaine growling. I went to the doorway and saw him growling at Chris up on a ladder. I started to giggle.

"Gi get yo dog, he tryna bite me!" Chris looked at me concerned.

I giggled, "Blaine loves you Chris!"

"A damn lie! That dog never liked me." he retorted.

I laughed and then saw that Coco was wrapped in red tensile. I went over to her, "Coco yo lil ass ain't good for sh*t! We send you in here to keep watch and you tryna play...wit yo dizzy ass!" I tried to get her untangled with no luck.

D looked over at her, "The hell? You staying like that til we done."

I laughed as I saw Blaine come over to try and help her. He couldn't get it off either. Chris was dying laughing almost about to fall off the ladder. I shook my head and went back in the living room. 

"Gabby go get yo dog. She wrapped herself in tensile with her crazy ass!" I laughed and plopped down.

"Y'all need to leave my baby alone!" she giggled and went in there.

I turned my attention back to the tv when I got a txt. It was from Mike. We had decided to get back on talking terms just so I could tell him what's going on with the babies. But I guess he say that as an opportunity to get back together. He had been hitting me up ever since the baby shower.

I read the message, <em><strong>I wanna be with you for Christmas.</strong></em>

I rolled my eyes and replied, <em><strong>No.</strong></em>

He replied with the quickness, <em><strong>Just think about it please? I'm already in Chicago for some appearances.</strong></em>

I didn't respond but I was gonna talk with every one else about it. I needed some other opinions.

Gabbys pov

Alot of weeks later 

and I'm sitting in the middle of the floor surrounded by gifts trying to get them wrapped before the party later. Just as I was about to wrap gi's gift she came wobbling in the room so I hid the gift behind me like really would she actually check me. "hey sister what are you doing up" she rubbed her eyes and then her belly and said that she couldn't sleep because Chris snored "yeah same here" I said laying back on the rug to see a sleeping D holding a blue teddybear . "who are all these gifts for?" "everyone in the family silly" "oh okay" she looked around the room and I see that her eyes spotted the  pile of baby shower gifts that I hadn't yet opened and walked over to them "damn your still getting gifts" I crawled over to where she was at and looked at them all "yeah NBA players and their wives or girlfriends hell even main b****es sent them, like this nigga has too many friends." gi laughed "  I'm serious if I one more gift come in this house that is wrapped in blue paper the lord Is going to have to forgive me because I'm going to go coo coo for coco puffs in this b****" gi was laughing so hard that she was now laying on the floor with me. As it got quiet we soon wondered how we were going to get up off the floor.  "how are we gonna get up?" "I was just thinking that too uhhhh hold on i got a idea." I said as I rolled over a little "Derrick baby it's time my water broke." I yelled D jumped out of bed "omg it's time we haven't even packed your hospital bag he began to panic as me and gi laughed at him running back and forth "bae I'm kidding it didn't break yet I just need help getting up." I poked out my bottom lip as he stopped and gave me the evil eye "why should I help you up you tricked me" "because I'm your wife" I yell back as gi rolled back and forth laughing "imma need help yo Chris get up"'he walked out of the room as me and gi eyes got big because we knew Chris was about to make fun of us. "we have yo get up fast now" I said as I grabbed on to the bed to stable myself "I can't move too fast with this belly you know that nigga" just as I was about to grab gi's hands I saw a camera flash as Chris and D stood in the door way laughing. "y'all laughing like s*** is really funny y'all asses wait until were back in shape again" gi yelled at them. "y'all seem to talk alot of s*** when y'all need our help. "ow ow ow I'm having a cramp" gi stated as the guys got serious and helped us up "just kidding" "man that s*** ain't  funny" "we gonna see what's funny when we go downstairs" "why y'all need to go down there?" D and Chris blocked the door way "move" "nah why y'all need to go downstairs for what y'all want" "move it or I will break it" "I'm not scared of you gabby" Chris stepped to me "okay fine" I turned like I was about to walk away but only to kick Chris in his ankle as he fell over in pain me and gi took that chance to go see if the guys had finished putting up decorations. We walked down the stairs thinking we are about to see something magical when there are only boxes everywhere nothing was put up. "Derrick Martell Rose you get your ass down here now!!" "yeah and you too Christopher" "s*** coming bae" as they walked down the stairs slowly gi slapped them both in the back of their heads "what the f*** were you two doing all lastnight?".......

Gi handled that very well, she has grown so much. And Mike smh *look of disgust* you are so lucky tht Laz didn't get to your boney ass. mike has some nerve talking to gabby like that. She has every right to be in her sisters business. That's blood and she's always gonna be there and thats LAW!!

Run it ladies

Mike is f***ing out of line all across the board like sit yo wack ass the f*** down. You mad because your friend is being more of a man to your baby momma than you was .. Well stay mad because you f***ed up and another nigga done lucked up

Gabby should have punched him square in the face and they should have let Laz loose on Mike ...

Runnn It!!

I love that Chris is there for Gi. Damn Mikes like father like son according to his mom smh. The rooms were very nice, Chris and Derrick did a great job considering there men lol. The baby shower seemed cool to until Mike showed up. Glad Gi told him about himself, and cant get mad at Chris cause he stepped in when Mike messed up. I don blame Gi for being mad he caused alll this with his cheating ways. RUN IT!!!!

New add coming soon

Mike's POV

I got off the plane and went straight to the baby shower at Gabby & D's place. Everybody else had been invited so they were already there. I was the only one who didn't even know about it. Everybody did a good job of keeping it secret. Well, except for my mom but I'm sure she didn't even know that me and Gi weren't together anymore.

I bought a load of sh*t for both Gabby and Gi. I was just hoping that nobody knew about what happened.

I walked around to the back with two big bags of gifts. "Hey everybody, sorry I'm late!" I walked hoping for the best, but got the worst.

"Man what the fck is he doing here?!" Laz yelled getting out of his seat.

D got up trying to block him, "Chill man, he's here for the baby shower."

Laz screwed his face, "So you invited him?"

"No, I thought he'd be busy working on his album." D answered.

Then my mom walked over, "I did. Before I knew." she took the bags from me and put them with the rest of the gifts.

"I just wanna talk to Gi." I finally spoke up.

Laz charged at me but D and Terrence held him back.

"She's in the kitchen. Go!" D informed  me.

I quickly made my way into the house and to the kitchen.

GiGi's POV

After they showed us the rooms I asked Chris to help me frost and package the cupcakes. They were gonna be a parting gift for the people who attended.

While frosting the cupcakes Chris looked at me, "How do you feel?"

"About what?" I chuckled while putting the finishing touches on a cupcake.

He started to put them in the containers, "Not having Mike at the baby shower."

I shrugged, "I don't feel anything." I looked and smiled at him. "I'm glad you're here though, to help and all of that. I still can't believe you did those rooms!"

He laughed as he touched my stomach, "Anything for my lil niece and nephew. Uncle Chris is gonna spoil them til he dies." he kneeled down so that he was face to face with my belly. "Yes he is! Yes he is!" she sang in a baby voice.

I laughed as I tried to push him away, "Stooop! Ohmigosh Chris!" I laughed hard as he still clung to my belly singing to the babies.

"The hell is this sh*t?" Mike was standing in the door of the kitchen. "Yo this where you been for two weeks?" he asked Chris.

Chris got up, "Yeah, I've been helpin out."

"Helping out? With what, helping yo self to my girl? Yo I oughta be--"

I cut him off, "Mike shut the hell up! And I'm far from being your girl, let's get that straight." I continued to package the cupcakes without even looking up at him.

"Well you having my babies ain't you?" he asked with no other argument.

I finally looked up at him, tired of his presence. "Is this what you've come for? Cuz if so, you can leave now." I rolled my eyes.

"I'm gonna leave you two to talk." Chris kissed my cheek and left the kitchen.

Mike watched him leave while flexing his jaw, "So you fckn wit him now? My best friend, huh?!"

I laughed, "No, not at all! Quite frankly I'm done with guys in the entertainment business. They're such whores!" I chuckled again as I finished packing all the cupcakes.

He sighed and sat at one of the stools, "Gi, I'm sorry."

"I'm over your sorries Michael." I stated as I put all the cupcakes in a big basket to take outside.

"Giovani, I need you!" he stressed.

"Oh, you need me? HA! Should've thought about that before you stuck yo d*ck in that b*tch." I picked up the basket to head out.

He grabbed my arm, "Gi pleeeaassseee."

I looked at him and saw some tears, "Nigga are you crying? You are something else!"

"Would you stop acting like this isn't hurting you like it is me?" he pleaded.

I snatched away from him, "No, it's hurting me more. And for you to stand here and act like you're not the one who caused this is fckn insulting."

Right then Gabby came in the door that led outside, "Gi we need the cupcakes." she looked up and saw Mike, "The fck you even here for?"

"Gabby mind yo own fckn business for once please?" he spat back.

Her eyes got big and she looked like she was about to beat his ass. I gave her the basket, "Here, I'll be out there in a minute."

She rolled her eyes and walked out with the basket. I turned to him, "You should leave."

"Gi even if we can't salvage this, we should at least try to make something work for our kids." he got closer to me.

"Fine." I simply said. "Leave and I'll call you later." I turned to him.

He put his hand on my belly and the babies started kicking. He smiled and looked at me, "I've missed you sooo much." he moved to kiss me.

"Don't." I moved away. "You should leave, out the front." I left out of the door. I wanted to just break down and cry. But I was done with crying, especially with him. I plastered on a smile and went back to the baby shower. All eyes were on me like I was a survivor of a horror movie or some sh*t. "You guys really, we have like one more game come on!" I smiled and they all tried to get over the fact that Mike just crashed the baby shower.

Any More Runs??

awwwwwwww s*** Mike's here

run it Gi!!!

Gabby's Pov

It was finally time for the shower and as I was walking down the stairs the photographer snapped <a href="">pictures</a> of me, as I walked out to the back yard I looked in the mirror one last time and was soon greeted by D grabbing me and kissing me "You look gorgeous baby" "thank you now move I need food" Outside was omg amazing there were a bunch of tables with beautiful linens and ballons everywhere a bunch of food, games, just everything me and gi could have wanted. As the party got underway one at a time all three soon to be grandmothers said something really touching and sweet. Mikes mom spoke first "you know when I first heard that I was going to be a grandmother I thought omg Im to young but actually thinking things over Im without a doubt excited to become one." she then hugged gi as Brenda took the mic "I just want to say Im so proud of my son and new daughter in law, even though this will be my 3rd grandchild first grandson I will love him with every fiber of my being". I stood up and hugged brenda and of course got emotional. Next it was moms turn to speak about how we were her glamorous smiling babys, and how our nicknames were ebony and ivory because gi was light skinned like our mom and I was dark skinned like our dad, but while she spoke a big picture of me and gi when we were little came up behind her on this projection screen which instantly made everyone awwwe, "Where did she find that picture I thought I burned them all" "I thought you did too" gi pulled me into a side hug as we laughed. After all of the heart filled wishes were said it was time to eat, since me and gi were being pampered chris and D went and got our plates for us. As we started eating gi started freaking out because she didnt have her pasta salad "Wheres my pasta salad?" "I didnt see any over on the table gi" chris said sweetly "No forreal where's my pasta salad I specifically asked for pasta salad now where the f*** is my got damn pasta salad" she said screaming to the top of her lungs as me and chris tired our best to calm her down. Suddenly mom brought out a big bowl of her salad, "here you go silly girl it was chilling in the fridge" Mikes mom then says "yall leave my baby alone shes just hormonal" "Yeah a little too hormonal dont you think." mom said laughing at how gi was acting, "Yayy thank you mama" chris shook his head as he took a seat next to gi. Soon enough it was cake time my cake was <a href="">yellow cake with peanutbutter buttercream</a>, gi's cake was <a href=""> Red velvet with creamcheese icing</a> . After everyone got a slice of cake we went back into the house to open up gifts, but before that could happen the guys Chris and D stood up and made an announcement for everyone to meet them upstairs, cordero looked at me and drapped his arm around my shoulder "Gladly sexy" "Aye back off my husband he is a one woman man." We got to the first door when they pulled out two blind folds when D spoke "Okay blinds fold on are yall ready?" everyone shouted yes "Okay One,Two Three" We walked in and I snatched the blindfold off "omg D" I cried as I looked around <a href="">Our Sons room</a>. I wrapped my arms around his neck and hugged and kissed him so much he had lipstick stains on his face. "Thats not the only room though" Chris said standing by the double doors that lead to the other guest room, we closed our eyes again as chris sang the count down "one, two, three" <a href="">open</a> the room was really made for how I think my nephew is gonna be, I never seen gi cry but she actually cried when she saw the room "But wait wheres the other baby gonna sleep" we laughed at her sillyness "we got that covered if everyone would be so kindly to follow me" "right this way people I give you lil mama's room <a href="">the room of a fashionista</a> everyone awwwed and clapped as they left out of the room to give us a little time to talk to the guys "So this is what you two were doing this morning we love it thanks guys" we gave D and Chris kisses on the cheek and walked out to join our guest all in all this was a great shower, which had to be ruined by someone making their grand entrance.......

Mike should be arriving soon *grabs popcorn* this gonna be good
Run it

GiGi's POV

When we got home, Gabby and I went straight upstairs to our rooms to shower and get ready for the day's events.

I put on a multicolored tribal patterned butterfly dress that Dior gifted me during fashion week in September. I knew the perfect shoes to go with it and they were in Gabby's closet. Usually my shoes game is on point but I haven't been shopping lately with past events that occurred.

I walked into Gabby and D's room to find her in the closet in her panties and bra patting her hair while popping some bubblegum. "B*tch...we did not grow up in the ghetto! Lookin like a lil ghetto baby with yo ratchet ass!" I joked. 

I walked passed her and straight to the Louboutin heels I needed to complete my look. I put them on and then looked through her closet. Within 5 minutes I found her the cutest outfit and shoes to match.

"You welcome b*tch!" I exclaimed as she just looked at me.

She smiled, "Whatever hoe! I should be beating to ass for that comment earlier. Lucky we pregnant."

I laughed hard, "Whatever punk!"

I walked out of her room and down the stairs. Instantly I was greeted by Chris, "Gi pleeeease can I have one of those big ass cupcakes?!"

I put y hand up to create distance between us, "Wait a minute. You will NOT ask me about MY cupcakes. No you may not have one sir."

He smacked his lips, "You got six!"

"And I'm gonna eat every one over the lotted course it takes me. Back up of me though!" I responded.

He laughed, "I hate when you act like that! Be treating me all educated nsh*t."

I laughed at him until I saw Mike's mom come in from the backyard where they were setting up the shower. Chris squeezed my shoulder and jogged upstairs.

"Umm Ms. Stevenson, I have something to tell you because obviously your son hasn't." I stood there waiting on her to respond.

She looked at me concerned, "What is it? Is it about the babies?"

I shook my head, "No, maybe we should sit?"

She helped me over to the living room as we sat. "So what is it?" she sat attentive.

I looked down at my hands and then up at her, "Michael and I....aren't together anymore." a tear fell as I quickly wiped it. "He had been cheating on me for a while. He kept telling me he would stop and do better for me and our children...but he didn't. The last straw was his birthday weekend when he went to Miami. He made a fool of me in front of our friends. I couldn't keep giving him chances for him to break my heart. You know how much I love your son, but I don't love him more than myself." 

She wiped the new tears that fell and took me into an embrace, "It's okay baby. Mama will talk to him. He knows better. I should fck him up! Much as he fought for you, he should be ashamed of himself."

"It's okay, I'm done with him. I just wanna make sure that he'll be a father to his kids. I don't need anything else from him." I stated as I tried to get myself together.

She looked at me and ran her fingers through my curls, "Honey, we both know all of that isn't true. You love my son from your soul. I'm not saying what he did was right. I went through that sh*t with his father. He knows better. But maybe you two won't be separated forever. But don't take him back now. You both need to realize how much you love each other to survive together."

I just nodded because I didn't quite agree or disagree with her. "I'm just thinking about what's best for my babies right now."

She smiled and nodded, "I understand sweetie. Go fix your makeup. People should be arriving soon."

I went upstairs to do just that and hoped for the best today at the shower.

Oh wow Mikes coming wonder how Gi's gone react. Aww Chris got her a phone niceee. What These fools tryna build. They asses should've pain somebody to build that. Good thing the girls dads there.

the hell were they building?? lol such men
run it

Gabbys pov

After getting dressed and eating something I was being rushed out of the house by everyone along with gi, as I waited for gi to get in the truck I snapped a <a href="">couple pictures</a> "Why are you always taking pictures of yourself" I started the truck and replied "To say goodmorning to the people who love me and hi to the people who dont." gi laughed and threw on her sunglasses. As we drove we laughed and talked about chris and D acting suspicious this morning, soon we were at the nail salon with our feet deep in goo while we got our nails done. "So what are you wearing to the shower?" gi asked I shook my head not having a clue about what I was going to wear. "Idk I have so many dresses in my closet help me? I gave her the sad eyes which made her laugh "Alright but you have to let me borrow a pair of shoes cause your shoes be on point like damn" "well thank you and I know this is late as s*** but David told me you helped him plan my wedding and I wanted to thank you and you helped D with his vows that was sweet sister." I took my hands away from the lady and hugged gi tight. The little chinese lady behind the station started tearing up and spoke "The love of two sisters is very very strong you hold on to your sister for that because she loves you" gi looked at me "Thats very true snow thank you" "no problem now you two are all done now go have babies." we laughed as we got up we said our goodbyes and left out. "okay where to next?" I pointed at chris and cordero standing outside waving at us like two crazy people. "This should be fun" "Yeah it really should". Just as long as we dont have to tell them about our personal lives." I looked at gi and shook my head. We walked across the street and were instantly greeted with hugs and kisses. a couple mins later we were all set and they were ready to start our hair."Damn gabby your big honey" I cut my eyes at cordero and said well hes gonna be a big baby" "Yes girl and sexy like his daddy" I shook my head and laughed at dero being silly."What about you gi your humongous ass you sure it aint triplets" gi shook her head as fast as she could "Lord Jesus if it is take me now" me and Dero laughed "I heard that girl." "So whats been going on mrs.Giovani?" gi played with her nails "No comment" "b**** this is not TMZ." "Yeah but you wanna know something" "What gi girl?" "Yall run yall mouths like Perez Hilton and Nicole b****ie." "yup yall sure do and together yall make MTO" me and gi laughed hard at their faces, just as gi was about to say something chris took his comb and hit her in the head "b**** I still aint saying s*** "well we will see at the party tonight" "alright then, gi I wonder what the guys are up to"


Derricks POV

I spoke okay pick up piece A and insert that into slot B, chris looked around frantically for the piece "yo T let me see that piece you holding" "this is slot d" "Then where is slot B then" Laz got upset and yelled "Nigga this is slot B That you holding" "Nigga I just asked you that s***" The guys started argue which made dad walk in "Guys Guys why are yall yelling we can hear yall all the way downstairs look if yall needed help why didnt yall come get me." the guys just looked at eachother "Alright hand me the manual" dad took a seat in the baby glider and looked around "Is this the only thing yall put together?" "Nah that came already made we just have to take the plastic Off" "Aw okay cause I knew yall couldnt do something this good. I looked over at Laz "Man what time this shower start?" "3" chris then added "s*** cant come fast enough" all then men agreed as we were finally in some type of order to get stuff set up even though we were being bossed around it helped out big in the end "I cant wait to see the girls faces" .....

O_o this will be very interesting. I don't think in ready for that drama that's about to unfold.

Run it ladies

Mike's POV

I walked into the studio faded out of my mind. I didn't say anything, I just sat down on the couch and pulled my snapback further down. As I searched my phone for the lyrics to the song I was gonna record, Jess came in.

"What's up man, ready to work?!" he asked excitedly.

I switched my hat to the back, "I guess man."

"Fck wrong wit you?" he chuckled, "Lookin like you done lost yo best friend ns***."

I sighed, "I did." I pulled the ring out m pocket and showed him.

He took it and looked at it, "Daaammmmnnn. I remember when you were hella excited to give it to her. What happened?"

I took it back and put it away as I shrugged, "Doesn't matter. I fckd up, forget it. Let's get to work."

Right when I said that, my phone rang. "It's my mom." I stepped out and answered, "What's up ma?"

"Hey baby! Just wanted to know if you were gonna be in Chicago this weekend?" she asked excitedly.

I was confused, "Chicago? For what?"

"The baby shower duh! It's coed you know. D's gonna be there." she went on and on.

I couldn't do my thing but listen. Gi had been in Chicago with her family the whole time. They probably all hate me.

"Yeah, yeah ma I'll be out there." I said.

"Okay baby, see you soon! It's gonna be nice, me Vanessa and Brenda have it all laid out. Love you baby!" she hung up and I txtd Trell to book me a flight to Chicago tomorrow.


GiGi's POV

I woke up and saw a gift bag on the bed next to me. I rose up and looked inside. It was a brand new iPhone with a pearl case that had the Iffle Tower on it. I read the card that was inside the bag and smiled.

<em>Hey Gi. Sorry about what happened last week. You were right and I'm sorry for what I did. But you do deserve better. I hope you find that. Anyways, Mama Jones made breakfast so get ya pregnant ass down here! Love, Chris.</em>

I couldn't do anything but laugh. I got up and got ready. I put my new phone in its case and started to set it up as I was going downstairs. I met everyone in the kitchen and we all laughed and joked over breakfast. 

After breakfast mommy took me aside, "It s good to see you becoming your normal self again." she started rubbing my belly.

I looked down and then back at her smiling, "I have to be, for my babies."

Her eyes started to water, "It's amazing how much you've grown and matured in just one year. I'm proud of you baby."

I smiled and hugged her tightly. The doorbell rang we both went to go answer it. When we did, my worst nightmare was revealed.

"Giovani baby, how are you?" Mike's mother embraced me. "Look at how big you're getting! Michael told me it was twins. How exciting! Hello Vanessa!" she hugged my mother.

My mom took her into the living room with Brenda. Gabby came it of the kitchen, "What's she doing here?"

"I have no idea." I answered.

"It should be fine." Chris spoke up.

*walks in*

GiGi check yo messages boo!

*walks out*


*peaks head back in*


*waves & leaves*

chris is sweet wanting to do that. I wanna see what gonna do next

run it ladies

Run it

Derricks pov

I'm in the rec. room with the guys watching the bears get beat, when I get a text message from Chris saying for me to come meet him at lowes hardware store.  I got up told the guys I would be back, but just as I was about to head for the front door my baby caught me. "Derrick where are you going?" s*** how am I going to get out of this one "hey bae shouldn't you be resting" "yeah but I was looking for gi now where are you going."  "I was going out for some air baby I'll be back Love you" I kissed her as she stared at me as if I had something to hide.

  As I pulled up to the store I saw Chris walking back and forth talking to himself. "whatsup bruh" "man me and Gi got into it real bad she don't think it's wrong that she is still talking to that nigga after he f***ed up yeah I knew what he was doing I shouldn't have used that for my own benefit to get Gi to want to be with me yeah that s*** is my fault. "man calm down Gi is upset right now alot of emotions are running high just chill out man be easy" yeah you right man." "yeah now why did you have me meet you here" he sighed "I wanted to do something nice for gi seeing that she's going to be stayin with y'all for a while I wanted to give her babies a room" "awe that's decent bruh yeah let's do that let's go get some more paint cause we only got blue at the house."  "we have to complete this project before the babyshower." "let's try it out what's the worse that could happen man?"

Gabby's Pov
After finding Gi outside crying mom said she had something to talk to us about. "okay so the baby shower is coming up what would you girls like to see at the party?" me and Gi looked at eachother and laughed "uhhhhh" gco "I mean we have to have food,games,and gifts, do you girls want cupcakes or cake" Gi spoke before me "I'll take care of the cupcakes" "okay what else" "virgin c**ktail drinks, games like baby bingo, guess the size of the belly, guess what's in the diaper, cake that looks like blankets, and baby rags that the guest can sign. "alright this should be a fun baby shower let us go make some calls see you guys later" I looked at Gi and laughed "this should be fun sister get pumped I said being sarcastic....

I think Chris genuinly care for Gi, otherwise he wouldnt care if she goes back to Mike. He feels she deserves better which she does, but i dont think THEY need to run off into a relationsip. Chris needs to just be her friend/support systm and let Gi get over Mike. And f*** Mike tryna drown his sorrows and s*** now, shouldve thought about that when he was getting his dyck wet... RUN IT!!!

All of what jazzy said !!

Mike bugging ...
Chris bugging ....
And Gi need to spend the rest of her pregnancy in Hawaii ... ALONE !!! Cause she bout to f*** around and have a miscarriage

Runnn It :)