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Reverie [a Short story]


1. a state of dreamy meditation or fanciful musing: lost in reverie.


forgot about this story


Omg I love this!!
How are his hallucinations so real?!
Omg Chris you need to get back in the music business man, your fans miss you :(
I think that the world has forgiven him at this point. He really needs to follow his heart. s***, if I kept having visions like that, I would definitely consider them some kinda sign...
Run it soso!!

WOOOOOW, trippy lol

Too lazy to commment, but i read.

Might comment later tho.

Run it

"Maybe it's deja vu," Leigh said as we walked towards the train station. "It could be," I shrugged with my hands stuffed in me pocket. Leigh was such a cool person. We talked everyday and if I don't come in to work she calls or sends a text to check on me. Sometimes because Rell tells her to if he's too busy, but mostly because she cares about me, her friend. I'd date her but she went with <a href=>Levi</a>. He worked at a retail store called Slick Living where they sold a lot of accessories and clothes as well. I sometimes bought stuff from there, which is where we were headed this late. Levi was just closing up as we turned down the block. "YO!" he yelled as he saw us coming towards up and then jogged halfway. "Whassup man," he nods at me and then goes to hug Leigh. "Sup baby." "Hey," Leigh pecked him on the lips and then grabbed his hand. I stepped to the side as moved around Leigh to stand near the street being the gentleman he was and put Leigh in the middle of us. "Where we going, out to eat?" he asked. "Uh..." Leigh thought. "I don't know. Chris, wanna have dinner or dessert?" I shrugged. "Pizza sounds cool." "Ahhh, tired of pizza." Levi says. "Ice cream!" Leigh shouts. "Let's go get ice cream from that shop a few blocks over. "Yeah," Levi and I both said. On the walk over, I kind of zoned out the couple's conversation. We finally got to the ice cream shop and walked in. I told Leigh what I wanted and her and Levi went up to go get the ice cream. I needed to sit down. "Hey," <a href=>she</a> scooted in on the other side of the booth. I scrunched up my eyebrows. Was she real...or not? I decided to ignore her. I was drumming lightly on the table top when she reached over and touched my hand. "Heyyy," she shook my hand, again. "Chris, what the fck? Why are you ignoring me?"I looked at her and she flickered just like the Kae chick. I saw Levi and Leigh waiting on the ice cream talking without any worries on their faces.

Why did this seem so real? If I was in a reverie, then why was everything so normal? How could I see reality and some 'fantasy' at the same time? "Go away," I mumbled. "No, because I waited for you for like an hour!" she said loudly. I quickly looked up to see if Levi and Leigh had her. Leigh glanced back at me with a smile, but then turned back to Levi. Had she heard this girl that I didn't know? The girl cleared her throat and crossed her arms over her chest. "Um, excuse you, Chrissy Pooh, but Jasmine Sanders doesn't wait for nobody!" she pouted. "...except you because you my home boy, but you was wrong!" she shook her head. "Are you even listening to me?" I just stared at her. What if I said something and Leigh or Levi heard me since this Jasmine wasn't really real. Only I could see her. So if I spoke to her, and they saw me speaking, I'd looked crazy. This was so frustrating. I put my hands on my head and closed my eyes. "Go away," I whispered. "Go away." "Oh no," Jasmine got out of the booth and quickly came on my side, putting her arms around me. "What happened today with Kae? Was it that bad?" I quickly looked at her. She knew about this Kae? "It was bad wasn't it?" Jasmine asked. "Damn, I told you she wasn't any good. But no, you always listen to Teyana," she sighed. "Well, you'll be okay. And since you don't want to be around anyone, I'll just leave." she began to scoot out but I grabbed her arm and my eyes bulged out. I touched her and her skin was definite. There were clearly bones in this body. How could it be flickering like a hologram? "How can this be? Jasmine, how is this happening to me?" I asked her. "Why is this happening to me, Jasmine?" She then smiled and shook her head; "I don't know, but it's up to you." she reached her hand out to my chest and pointed her index finger at my heart. "You have to follow your heart. Don't let your mind control you. It can get the best of you, Chris. Don't let it get you. You found love in a hopeless place before. Now because of it you're lost in reverie. Soul searching can help, though. You'll find your way sooner or later," she now stood by the door getting ready to go out. "Bye Chris," she walked out. Before I knew I felt a cold wind and I was watching Levi and Leigh sitting down with our bowls of ice cream. I sighed and just ate what I ordered.

i feel bad for him
bcus ik these THINGS are confusing the hell out of him
cause myy asx is sitting here reading
likee this ----> o.O whaaaaaaaaat

BUT i do likee it though
its strange && weird but in a good way

i hopee more clarityy comes for
cause not knowing wht tf is gng on
with him is killing me & him both


I really like this!
Run it!

thanks for the comments, and I
hope this add clears up any confusion.

Run It

“Chris Brown!” Rell yelled as he walked into the shop. It wasn’t as crowded, but people were so used to me not being a celebrity anymore that they didn’t even stare. Okay, some girls drooled and tried to talk to me, but it wasn’t as crazy like before. It's been 2 years since I been in the spotlight. Things have cooled down. And I've grown. Rell sat down next to me. “Been busy while I was gone?” “Yeah,” I nodded as I continued to draw on a half colored toy. I'd gone through 12 already. “What’re you thinking about?” he picked up a white toy that someone wanted art on it. I sighed and stop coloring. “Sometimes I think like…what if, I would’ve kept trying after Graffiti flopped. Kept going in the music industry and made it? What would my life have been like?” “Well, we know one thing. It would’ve been crazy and hectic. You’d probably been losing your damn mind,” he smiled. “But all we know, all you know, is that you’re blessed to still be doing something you love. Thank God for that.” He patted my shoulder. “True,” I agreed. “Have I been acting weird lately?” “Yeah, son.” He nodded. “You’ve been staring at things for a long time. Like you’re in a reverie.” “What’s that?” He explained it to me and then I thought about it. “What do you see, if you remember anything at all when you do go into that zone?” “This is my zone,” I smiled as I finished the toy, waved the customer over who requested it, and handed it to them. “You can pay for it at the front desk.” The guy thanks me, and walks away to the front desk. “So…” I started to tell him what him what I saw this time. “When I opened the store and walked in, this girl walked in behind me. Her name was Kae, and she was like…my girl or something. I felt like she was more of a home girl though. Anyways, I felt some kind of way about her. Then she walked out after kissing me.” “Was there dialogue?” “Yeah, she said that I should hurry up because we had to make it to New York for some music executives to review my next album.” “Have you had this happen to you before?” “Yeah, when I was at the basketball court.” “What happened?”

It was only last week when I was sitting on the 3rd bench up taking a breather from the game and finishing off a water bottle. All of a sudden some fine ass light skinned model looking chick sat down next to me and kissed me on the cheek. “Yo,” her annoying voice says; “traffic was kray on the way over here. Babe, you should’ve picked me up. My feet hurt,” she pouted and lay her head on my shoulder. I just stared at her. There was some chick sitting next to her. “Draya, get my gummy bears out your purse, btch!” Draya laughed. “You get em!” she handed the girl her purse. “So are we still on for tonight?” Draya sat up and turned my face towards her. “Hellooo?” she waved her hand. “Chris. Babe. …Bae!” “Huh?” I blinked a few times. “Who are you?” I asked her. “I’m yours, duh!” she smiled. “Nigga you kray,” she laughed. “AYE CHRIS!” Mijo yelled from the middle of the court. “Break is up, bruh! Stop looking goofy up there in the stand nigga! Let’s go!” I glanced at Mijo for a second and then looked back and the girl Draya and her friend was gone. I walked down to the court. “Yo, who were those girls sitting next to me?” “What girls?” Mijo shot a three. “Yes!” he ran to catch the rebound. “I ain’t see no girls sitting next to you! Hey, but if you down we can go to the club tonight and pick up a few hotties.” He made his way back to me. “Nah…” I shook my head, staring at the bleachers. “Hey, do I know a girl named Draya?” “That video/model chick Draya Michele? You know her?!” “No, I’m asking you if I know her?” “Nah, I ain’t introduce you to no Draya. And you ain’t tell me about her either. You f***ing a new bad b**** and you ain’t tell me?! f*** kind of best friend is that?!” I laughed. “I’m not dating her or seeing her. I just wanted to know…if she real.” “Oh yeah,” Mijo bit his lip. “She real nice with a fat ass. But she a gold-digging hoe, though. You saw her around?” “No.” “Awe… Well let’s get back to the game then! D up!” he passed me the ball. I glanced at the bleachers one more time and then went to the side line to check the ball.


“The hell is going on with you?” Rell asked as he finished the toy within five minutes. “And how long did it take for you to draw on that damn doll? That customer looked pissed!” I shrugged. “I don’t know what’s going on or how long I took to draw on that doll, but…it’d something like…flashes of what girls I could’ve dated. AND the girl Kae from this morning, I actually saw her. She walked in with Teyana.” “You need to start drinking coffee in the morning or stop that weed smoking with Mijo.” I smiled. “It’s not the weed. It’s something else.” “Like what?” “I have no clue.” “Did you ever meet the Draya chick before or after?” “Um after the flash/dreamy thing. I saw her at a basketball championship game Mijo and I went to this weekend. She introduced herself to me, but I just didn’t feel right talking to her.” “Why not? She acted like she was your girl in the ‘dream’ or whatever the fck, right?” “I don’t know. And I was gonna say something to this Kae girl earlier, but I gave up.” “That’s your problem. It’s God telling your ass to stop giving up. You gave up on love, man. You’re a human. You made a mistake, but you still have a heart. Find someone that can love you for you and that won’t judge you, man. Stop hesitating. I hate when you do that s***. Believe in yourself. Trust yourself. You got it. You can do it so get it straight. Figure it out.” “Thanks man. I knew I could talk to you.” “And why couldn’t you talk to me?” Leigh walked up to the table. “Cause…” I smirked. “What you want?” “That customer wasn’t satisfied with the doll,” she sat it back down on the table. She’s looking for a new one. Stop tweakin’ Chris.” She shook her head and walked away. “Do I gotta call ya momma to come knock some sense into your head?” Rell stared at me. “Nah,” I sighed and picked up another doll. “I won’t do it, again.” I went back to drawing on a clean doll with a clear mind.

What the actual f***?
I am so lost.
Is he Chris Brown or not?
I like this tho.
Its different.

Run it

no dnt say nun to her Chris
lol ITS A SET UP lol
but nah at first i thought
tht nigga had ate some bad shrooms
tht had tht nigga trippin out bad

i lkee this
its real different

i wonder if he's having preminitions or something
idk or likee seeing wht cldve been then wht is actually happening

i needa know some moree !
run this Soso !? !

<a href=>I</a> walked into my job – ATF(Art Toys & Fun) store - when I heard the bell ring. I turned to see who else walked in since I was the first one to open up this early. <a href=>She</a> stood there with that smile on her face, unsure of what to say first. “Yes?” I asked, looking her up and down. Her fashion was horrible, but she was real cute. “Chris, stop playin and hurry up.” She walked further into the store and stopped at a shelf full of toys, picking up a pink one. I sighed. “What the hell are you talking about?” I spin around to watch her. She flickered so I rubbed my eyes. “CHRIS!” People yelled outside. There was some big guy standing in front of the door like a body guard. “KAE!” “What are you doing?” I asked her. “You are so high,” she put the toy down and turned to face me, flickering again like a mirage. “Get what you came to get and let’s go. Or do I have to remind you that there are fans building up outside?” she walked over to the counter, leaned on it, and pulled out her phone. “We have to get to the jet and head to NY for that meeting with the music executives for you next album. Stop acting stupid.” I stood there confused. I didn’t know that chick. “I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about, but-“ “Tssst” she sighed and shook her head. “Chris, just…meet me at the car, okay?” she walked up to me and pecked me on the lips. “Seiko is at this shoe boutique a few stores down and she wants me to come co-sign on some heels. Be quick,” she walked out the door. I touched my lips and stared at the door. “Kae? The f*** is that?” I asked in my head.

“Chris! Chris!” I heard something like chanting but it was off. “UGH! CHRISSSSSSS!” A voice yelled. Soon I blinked again. It was a blur at first, but then I could see clearly. <a href=>She</a> snapped her fingers in my face and I pushed her hand away. “What the hell are you looking at?” she put her hand on her hip. I stared at her even more confused that I was before. “What?” “You were staring at the door for like 2 whole minutes! Somebody could’ve came and stole some products! Then old LeLe would’ve had to go beat up them stupid ninjas cause you up here acting weird!” she shook her head. “Sorry, Leigh. I was just…uh…” “Uh, what?” she walked behind the counter. “Tweakin, that’s what.” “No, I saw this girl and somehow she knew me.” “What?” she scrunched up her face. “What did she look like?” “She was Asian, and her name was Kae or something.” “First of all Chris, nobody walked out of here. Second of all, you don’t know a Kae and if you do you’ve never mentioned her to anyone. Third of all, do you need some coffee? Cause you must still be sleepy!” I breathed in and then out. “Man…” I rubbed the back of my head. “Are you you okay? Maybe you should go home. I’m sure the boss man will understand.” “I’m good.” I said as I went to sit down at the table that I usually drew on toys at.

Yes, that was my job. I drew on toys with another artist – the owner, store manager - <a href=>Rell</a>. He had all kinds of businesses from fashion to toys. Everything; I respected the man so much because he gave me a second chance in life after Graffiti flopped and people still hated me for the incident with Rihanna. My record label dropped me and no other label would pick me up. I thought about just doing my own thing with an independent label, but…I just gave up and went rogue for a while, drawing and painting. No social life; Living at my house in VA with my mom and dogs. I still got my best friend Mijo; however, he’s out traveling at the moment to sell his art at different shows. He supported me and I supported him. He was my only friend besides my co-workers. I don’t know what I just experienced, but it felt real as fck. Like I actually felt her, and wanted to tell her to come back. “I’m tweakin…” “Yeah. Pussy can solve that, though.” Leigh laughed. “Shut up,” I smiled. “But uh…” she sighed, “that day dreaming you’ve been doing has to stop.” “What?” “You daze at stuff a lot. Day dreaming. Everyone notices you doing it. You don’t know you do it?” I shook my head no. “Yeah, well, you’ve been doing it lately. I don’t know why. Maybe it was because of that video/model chick that you bumped into at the basketball court.” “Oh yeah, that s*** was weird.” “Mm hm.” “I swear I felt like I knew her or something.” “Draya Michele,” Leigh scoffed. “If you ever knew that btch then I’d feel sorry. She’s such a gold-digger. And a hoe. Why would you want to date the leader of hoes?” I chuckled. “Man, Leigh, shut up yo. It was just a feeling.” “You’ve been catching a lot of those lately. Just make sure you keep em in your back pocket. Can’t have you catching a case of the ratchetness,” she giggled.

“Whatever,” I rolled my eyes. “I’m single…and lame,” I pouted. “You are not lame. You just need to find someone who likes you that’s all.” “If only I could find someone who wouldn’t judge me.” “You will one day. I thought I’d never find anyone, but then Levi walked into the store and Bam…he was da one.” “Lucky you.” “Yeah, lucky me. You’ll find her, one day.” “I hope so.” I started drawing on an empty toy when three girls walked in. I noticed one because we were kind of cool for a minute and kicked it until I stopped contacting her. “Teyana?” I blurted. “Hey Chris,” she half-smiled. “C’mon y’all.” She walked further towards the back of the store where I was sitting at. The other chick was surely from Baldwin Hills. “This is Seiko. You seen her ass on BET.” Seiko smiled. “Hi Chris.” “Hey,” I nod. Then my eyes trailed to the other girls. She was the one I saw earlier. The one that was flickering and s***. “And that’s Karrueche or Kae,” Teyana introduced her. “Hi,” she said with a shy smile. “Hey,” I smile back. “I just wanted to stop in and see how you were you doing.” Teyana sighed. “Ever since yo ass fell of the face of the earth, the party scene has been weak! Come back and spice it up man.” “Naw, I’m good.” I smiled. “You sure?” she pouted. “Yeah. I’m chill.” “Well, see you around. W’e’re going to this shoe boutique down the street.” She walks away with the girls. I was about to ask the Kae girl for her number, but she continued in a conversation with Seiko that she was dating some model guy. I sighed and looked at Leigh. She turned to stare at the computer, minding her business. I should’ve said something, but oh well.