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You vs. Them

<em>Then the world may just stop spinning
It may just well be the ending
Talking all about existence
Who knows
But I cannot see tomorrow
If you're not in my tomorrow</em>

<a href="">I</a> stood in <a href="">GA. Howard</a> office thinking about the fate of the world, which just so happen to be in my hands. I looked into the eyes of the <a href="">man</a> I love so dearly.

"GEN. Johnson you have twenty minutes.."

<strong>How am I suppose to choose?</strong>



Should I add?

Wait #Pause-- Who this MF think he is yelling at me? And In front of everybody at that? #NoBueno

Then we get home and he wanna ignore me and s*** when he know I need his ass. #Strike1

Lmbo.. I was kicking in walls and doors and s***??? #BadAss

He better not be cheating on me.. Or him and that hoe ass is GRASSS!

I'm glad Yosef tried to help me out.. But we'll see how it goes...

Run It!

:0 I did not mean to disrespect Dany lol...but he IS fine. But anyways back to the story Candi made Brandon her bi'yatch all hell broke loose. In comes Yosef, the savior with the magic stick (sorry I had to comment on that)

Run iT! <3

Ohh s***, Candi got big balls!!! Damn i feel so bad for Brandon it's just sad, he probably ain't even cheating. I like what Yosef did tho that was some big brother stuff.
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That fine specimen is my boyfriend De. He sexy righy? Lol

Now Candice is a bad ass b****.
She done went ham!
Kicking down doors and breaking s***.
She is a tough ass cookie.
Yosef man!
I like him, he just know stuff.
Thats whats up!
He said all that mumbo jumbo!
Haha, that s*** is mad true.

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Yosef is that nigga lol but is did sound like Brandon was cheating smh that female mumbo jumbo. But candi went ham and turkey busting down doors and kicking holes in the wall. Damn right he ain't cheating cus he scared of her lls

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She went HAM on that nigga! Destroyed they house lol and then gave him a good one! LMAOOOO!!! oh s***. Glad my nigga Yosef was there to help tho!

Run it!

Candance laid wide awake thinking about out her and Brandon. She hopped up and packed a little bag. She laced up her combat boots.

"Ha! Nigga think he bout to shut me out. I done had bout enough of that s***." She walked across the hall and kicked the door off the hinges. Brandon jumped out the bed in a fighting stance with his d*** hanging out his boxers.

"Nigga what the f*** was yo none fighting ass going to do?" He smacked his teeth and sat at the end of the bed adjusting himself.

"f*** you want Candi , its .." He looked at the clock. "Two in the f***ing morning."

"I know what time it is baby? We have to talk ... Now?"

"I don't have s*** to say. Because one thing os very clear to me .. You will always do whatever the f*** you think is best for you." She kicked a hole in the wall.

"Bulls*** #1!!! You know damn well everything I do is for us."

"How in the hell is it for us if you never here!!" She kicked the wall and held up two fingers.

"I be here .. YO ass be running out that damn every f***ing chance talking some damn, I got work at the club, hooping with the fellas in a gotdamn suit, or my favorite. "be right back." But you don't come creeping in until the wee hours." She pushed a dresser down. "Now to me some s*** just don't seem f***ing right. What about you?"

"It sound like I just be kicking it with my boys and working!!" She kicked the wall again.

"Who is she? Who the f*** is the b**** that you f***ing with Brandom?" He got up in her face.

"It ain't no f***ing b****! How dare you ask me some foul s*** like that?"

She grilled him and then turned around kicked the wall again.

"I am going to get down to the bottom of this. I don't know who you think you fooling. Until then" She kneed him in the nuts. "Clean up yo s***!" She knocked on the wall. She went and grabbed her bag and keys.

She drove to Arielle house and sat in her driveway for ten minutes with her head against the steering wheel. Yosef knocked lightly on the window scaring her half to death. She rolled it down.

"Sorry Candi.. You okay?"

"Not really, how did you know I was here?"

"I felt yo presence. Come on in." He opened the door for her as she grabbed her bag out the passenger seat. They walked in and headed to the kitchen.

"Tea?" She nodded lightly. He started the teapot and then sat across from her at the island.

"Tell Daddy Sef, what's going on in your love life?" She giggled.

"How did you know it was love?"

"Because I'm amazing! Now spill" She shook her head.

"He is cheating." Yosef busted out laughing. Candi attitude turned stank.

"What the f*** is funny?" He quickly stopped picking up on her tone.

"Trust me .. He isn't doing a damn thing."

"But my gut .... "

"Yeah yeah yeah female mumbo jumbo ... f*** all that. Just hear him out." She rolled her eyes as he got up to fix her tea. He handed it to her.

"It will do you more good than being mad over assumptions." He lightly squeezed her shoulder and was going to leave her. He stopped "and you can sleep in my room I will sleep on the couch."

"Thanks Yosef!"

"No deal." He smiled and walked out.

Arielle was climbing back into bed after hearing how he somewhat helped.Candi out. She thought it was pretty sweet. She quickly drifted back to sleep with a smirk on her face.

Seriously tho Brandon?! Ugh please talk to that girl. Give her a freaking break!

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...Brandon you so wrong for that


Run iT! <3

Just like that, he gon shut her out.
Aint that some s***.
He's a dumbass nigga.

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"Baby are you going to talk to me?" Candi asked as Brandon undressed. He shurgged.

"Nope.." He headed to the bathroom and followed.

"Seriously, Baby please!" He washed his face and walked past her laying in bed.

"Damnit Brandon. What is the problem? We are suppose to be in a relationship but you always shut me out. We are not communicating well at all."

"I am going to sleep in the guest room."

"To hell you will! You are going to talk to me." He walked out leaving her.

"Everytime I need you this what I get." She slammed her bedroom door.

Enjoy ;)


Girl my eyes liked to popped out from that pic.. ( I cant be lookin at all that) .. Yosef betta work.. he want him some arii.. This mission is gunna kill them all..

LOL.. JP it will be the end then.

Run it.!

Mmm... Love?

Awww!!!! Time to hit the gym Arielle!!
Run it

true, aye can i get a flashback of her nd tony since ol boy yosef remind her of him. Nd candice man is not feelin this mission. nd im mad after he exploded every1 got quite then left like on why did i get
im feelin this run it

Lol ! I don't know if you all will die. Fate is not in my hands.

Thanks Dany!! I am trying..

I love this story, you wanna know why?
Because it gives us as women impowerment.
For once were saving the world and not men.
Why are are dudes crazy tho?
Them niggas are just like us.
I see Yosef.
He want him some Ari.

Run it

Soooo I'm with Mike, like are we about to die or some s***?! lol
Yoself better be feeling Ari!!!
Run it!!

Most of <a href="">Dinner was on the island.

"Okay come on and eat!" <a href=",r:19,s:100,i:61">Damion</a> yelled out.

"Yess! Because a nigga is hungry." <a href="">Kevin</a> blurted out.

"I ain't surprised." Arielle said and started dying laughing.

"You just going to let them laugh at you like that son." <a href="">Brandon</a> said trying to sice the situation.

"Don't start that foolery tonight Brandon." He shut up with the quickness. <a href="">Shane</a> , <a href="">Romel</a> and, <a href="">Mike</a> started laughing.

"Damn son you always getting punked in public." Carmelo said and Brandon shrugged.

"That's cool I am going to punk her ass later." The guys ohhh'd.

"Your comeback, Rissa!" Ny said enjoying the little show.

"So Yosef how are you liking it here?" She said switching the subject.

"Ohh scary ass changing the subject now." Tash said.

"It is pretty good. Haven't done much exploring outside of work." Yosef said. as everybody fixed thier plates.

"More food will be out to guys don't worry." They sat down in the dining room. Arielle said the blessing and then they dug in.

"Okay now let's get down to business. It ain't nobody birthday or a holiday. So which one of yall is pregnant?" Romel said.

"I put money on it being Tash." Mike said.

"Nahhh, Imma say Nylah. She put on a few pounds." The guys all looked at her.

"Yeaaaaahhhhhh It's Ny." Arielle stood up.

"No One is pregnant. Yosef here is from פירמידות של השחור."

"Where that at? Over in there in Egypt or something." Kirk asked. Yosef chuckled.

"No I am from another planet to save yours." All the guys looked astonished.

<em> This has to be a f***ing joke</em> Romel thought.

<strong> It is not a joke at all.</strong> Romel looked around confusedd. <strong> Yes! I am in your head</strong>

"Dayumn. This is real s*** y'all." Romel said.

"Iight well I am trained to go. So what we going to do fight off some aliens. Control some machine guns." He said jumping round like he was getting ready for a fight.

"Yo ass ain't doing a damn thing. Now sit down befor you hurt yourself." Everybody chuckled.

"Seriously, we bought you guys here to tell you that this fight is not in our favors and to bare with us as we prepare ourselves and you guys." Heather said.

"We love y'all so you know we going to have y'all back." Mike said to all of them.

"So are you guys like green aliens or some weird avatar type s***?" Damion asked.

"No. These movies make us look bad we are just like you all." Yosef said.

"So basically we here because we are about to die?" Brandon said with a little attitude.

"Baby don't think of it like that." Candi said in a soothing voice.

<strong>"WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT ME TO THINK CANDANCE? I AM AT RISK OF LOSING MY WORLD!"</strong> He stromed out. She smiled sweetly.

"I guess that was my que to go. See you tomorrow Ari." She hugged her on the verge of tears.

"You going to be okay?" She nodded and rushed out.

"I didn't mean to upset anyone." Yosef said when she closed the front door.

"It's okay, He just hates her doing this and we just got off a high-risk mission before this."

Everybody sat quiet for awhile picking over their food.

"Okay how about we get some dessert?" Arielle offered.

"Actually, we are going to head on out too." Mike said grabbing Marissa's hand. All the guys agreed and started getting some food to go.

She walked everybody to the door and hugged them all. "Byee Love you guys." She closed the door after them.

She walked into the living room and found Yosef on the couch.

"Come and sit. You had a long day." She sat next to him. He pulled her feet into his lap and started rubbing them.

<em> Gosh! He reminds me of Tony.</em>

Where is the rest of my cast?

Lol y'all know that picture made your day

thanks a lot now I have to get my breathing back in control; You damn near gave me a heart attack with that picture. That's a whole lot of...'sausage' going on down there

Run iT! <3

That picture thoooooo!!! Why did you do that to us lmao I would have went for a
run too

Run ittttt

That picture had me dead...i need to go run 10 miles lol

run it!

Lol you really put up that picture though!!!
Run it!!!

I cant leave a long comment, but Ari knows she wanted Yosef's alien d***. She couldnt even.stop staring. Why he apologozing tho? They both want it ;)

Run it

mmm ?

Arielle decided to just have Damion come over and cook up some pasta.

"So ladies Yosef suggested that we finally tell the guys what is going on over dinner. Ny can Damion cook us up some yummy pasta?"

"Girl yess! I have packed on 15 lbs. since he started that damn school. All he wanna do is feed me. I will not mind yall getting fat with me for tonight." They laughed.

"Girl what you complaining for I wish Kirk could feed me like that. All he make is hot dogs and canned chili." Tay said.

"That's why you so quiet!! Yo ass is hungry." Tash blurted out.

"That don't even make sense Tash." Candi laughed harder and everybody joined.

"You right it don't but I'm just messing with her. Damn always on my back Candace." Dany rolled her eyes.

"Yeah you really need some d***. You got tooo much tude for me."

"f*** you Dany!!" The girls laughed.

"Iight Get out my house and get ready for tonight. I need a nap anyway."

"And some of that Yosef d***." Heather said underbreath but Ari heard her.

"I don't ive my cookies to just anyone."

"I am just saying. It ain't going to hurt you woman!" They all headied to the door. Ari opened it.

"Byeeee Girls!" Ari closed the door and cleaned up her office. She headed upstairs and caught <a href="">Yosef</a> walking out the bathroom. He quickly covered up but Arielle already saw what he was trying to hide. She cleared her throat but couldn't pull her eyes away from his groin.

"I am so sorry! I checked your room and you weren't in there so I figured you stayed in the office and decide to shower really quick. I am so so sorry." He pleaded but she didn't respond. "Arielle ... Arielle .... <strong>ARIELLE</srtong>!!!" She snapped out of her daze.

"Uhh ... I .. Umm.. I am going to the gym.. Be back." She dashed downstairs and out the door.

She walked into the <a href="">gym</a> and headed straight to the bench. Arielle did 20/15 set of 200 in under thirty minutes. Then she ran 10 miles on the treadmill. She stepped off and leaned over heaving. Heather's boyfriend Carmelo spotted her and rushed over.

"You okay Ari?" Ari nodded her head and looking up to see <a href="">Mel</a>

"Hey Mel. Just had a lot on my mind." She said taking a deep breath between every word. He reached into his bag and passed her a water. "Thanks" She crushed the whole bottle.

"You going to be okay?"

"Yup! I feel good as new." He nodded.

"Iight see you at dinner!" They walked out and went their seperate ways. It was five and Ari couldn't wait to get home and Nap.

As she walked in the door her phone rang.

"What ugly?" She said to her long time friend Damion.

"Nylah and I are on the way over to start this feast I am about to prepare."

"Okay somebody will open the door for you."

"Who!? It better not be no nigga!" <em> Mind yo damn business!!</em> Nylah yelled in the background. "Woman ain't nobody talking to you."

"Byee damion!!"

"Wait I ain't ...." Ari hung up and laid in bed. Drifting to sleep soon after.

Two hours later Ari rolled over regretting not taking a shower before laying down. Her body was sore in every place thinkable. She moved as fast as she could do her master bath and showered.

Rissa knocked on the door.

"It's open!!" She peaked inside.

"We are waiting on you Ms. Hostess!!"

"What time is it?"

"Quarter to eight."

"And all y'all on time." Rissa nodded."Even Tash?" She nodded again.

"Got damnit! Why yall so early?"

"You know we get over food." They laughed.

"Okay I will be down soon."

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Writing right spanking now.

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