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The Manager.

I never wanted to fall in love just for my own protection (protection)
I wouldn't let my heart accept it (accept it)
But when he touched me I got infected (infected)
I made a promise to never fall & so far I thought I kept it (kept it)
But my heart won't let me reject it (reject it)
Cause when he kissed me I got infected (I'm infected) with your love.

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Sneak Peek for the Come back! Yes guys! I'm coming back!

Alikay and Chris continued to stroll down the lit streets of Aspen. Although it was warm this time of year, the Colorado mountains still had snow all over them. Alikay couldn't help but smile. She was happy to have these moments with Chris.

"Baby thank you for bringing here. It reminds me of when I was a litte kid." Alikay smiled as she continued to look around.

"Anything for my baby." Chris smiled looking at Alikay.

"Excuse me Mr. Brown." A little girl said as she ran up to Chris and Alikay.

"How may I help you?" Chris smiled as she kneeled down in from the little girl.

"Can I have your There we go." The little girl smiled as she finally got the word right.

"Yes you may. Who can I make this out to?" Chris smiled as he took the pen from the little girl and prepared the write.

"Christina Megan Brown." The girl said as she stood on her teepy toes grinning.

Chris and Alikay stared at each other. Her name was to close to Chris' name not be suspect of anything.

"Umm Christina, who are you here with?" Alikay asked.

"My papa. He brought me here for vacation and to visit my grandma's family."

"Where is your papa?" Alikay asked.

"Right over there. Come on. I'll take you to him." Christina said grabbing Chris' hand.

Chris stood up and followed Christina over to her grandfather with Alikay close behind him.


"Christina didn't I say don't be taking to...well I'll be damn." The old man stopped dead in his tracks and looked at Chris.

"What's wrong papa?" Christina asked in concern.

The old man ignored his granddaughter and continued to look at Chris. Alikay sensed something was wrong and decided to speak.

"Hello sir, my name is Alikay and this is..."

"Chris." The old man said as Alikay was about to address Chris. "Christopher Maurice Brown."

Chris had no clue in the world who this man was. He was so lost and clueless.

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Okay yall finals are OVER! Thank God!! I'm about to head to the airport in a little bit after I say bye to the boo thang :( !!! Once I get home I shall be adding!! BTW I had stuff written up but I broke my phone last Monday night and using this temp for a little bit but once I get my phone back I'll be back in full motion! Thanks for the patience yall!!!

Ik how you feeling gurl. I'm on crunch time too. But imma be looking for your ass on here come Christmas break. :)))

I'm coming back hoes! I just got a lot to do! But im coming back...its almost Christmas break...

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good luck on those finals . i'm trying to be patient lol , but it's so hard .

PSA... the cast is going to be reduced if ALL cast don't run the story... some ppl i havent seen for a long time...

I know its dragging guys...but there are key elements that will play its role later on...its finals week coming up so im tryna add by Wednesday and on Thursday and Friday...soooooooo yeah stay tuned...

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Ohhhh Frank! You f***ing skeet bucket ass b**** please remove yo'self before I murk yo ass. Stiff weave wearing b**** !! *huff*

Chris need to stop feeding into frank because she aint s*** and never will be when it comes to their relationship or kay.

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Rih is f***ed up ally need to beat her ass. Idk why Chris feel the need to keep her in his life if he know she aint gone do nothing but try to mess up the relationship he has with the woman he wants to be with for the rest of his life. He needs to understand that he cant keep other people in his life just to make sure they are happy and end up hurting himself. Its time to let that "friendship" go. Run it:)))


"Christopher, seriously?"

"Baby come on, you are asking a s*** load of questions about nothing. Leave it alone. Its the f***ing press from goodness sake! Why you believing that s*** over me?"

Chris was frustrated. His special trip for Alikay was turning into a nightmare after the press released an old picture of Chris and Rihanna that was retouched to make it look brand new. The internet and radio stations were blowing this s*** up and to make matters worse Rihanna was eating the s*** up making sly comments to the press and on twitter. Chris was ready to explode but he knew his love ran deeper than the bulls*** so he was ready to fight for this.

Alikay ignored Chris and continued to listen to the countless interviews on the internet. Alikay was getting ready to burst into tears as she listened to Rihanna talk about the picture and her and Chris relationship and make Alikay sound irrelevant of existance but she wasn't going to go out like that.

"I'll be back later." Alikay said grabbing her satchel and phone. She pushed her earbuds into her ear and walked out the hotel room before Chris could even stop her.

Alikay walked around Aspen for what seemed for hours shopping trying to get her head off of her current situation. She loved the snow and the resort but at the same time hated how couple oriented it was. But this was the Aspen she remembered as a little girl when she use to live in Colorado. Moments later Alikay's phone rang. She was tired of Chris blowing up her phone and was about to ignore the call until she realized it was Ircolee on the line.

"What up sis." Alikay said picking up her phone.

"Nigga you need to tell me what the f*** is going on? Shad is ready to have Chris' neck. I'm sitting here listening to these interviews ready to punch that b**** her face. Chris has called here countless times begging me and Shad to talk to you cause you wont talk to him. So spill it nigga and don't huss me either."

"Nigga real s***, I wanna cry, but you know I ain't got no balls to be crying over no nigga. But who the f*** do I believe?! We all heard this s*** from Rihanna before during that two month span Chris and I weren't really talking so I know the b**** be lying but come on, I date f***ing Chris Brown. People ain't finna let Chrianna die. Especially not sense all that caking and s*** they was doing New Years. Even if none of this is true and in my heart I don't believe it is cause what that b**** is talking about is lies cause I'm around Chris 24/7 but still, how I know I wanna deal with this s***? Cause I really dont. I will beat Rihanna ass to a pulp no huss." Alikay huffed.

"Look nigga, what I'm about to say is about to suck but hear me out. Shad and I went through the same thing. It took a long time for that whole Shad and Ciara s*** to die. She didn't do the most but press will milk that s*** like a hoe will milk a penis dry. If you believe Chris then believe Chris, but have that nigga nip that s*** in the bud. s*** honestly if going throught that nigga phone, email, and everything else make you feel better then hell by all means, do it. But don't just drop the nigga cause of a b**** who can't let go."

"Yo, I hate this s***. This is why I was barely around Shad. This public eye s*** got me bent."

"Nigga how you think I feel?! I'm still the same old elementary school teacher that Shad fell in love with and that nigga know I ain't changing. But I love your brother, so s*** if I gotta walk down a few red carpets with the nigga and go on TV with him and even believe him at the end of the day I will, cause like you said, you are with him everyday. And talking to him all the time."

"Ugh I hate you and your making sense ass sometimes Cole."

"Nigga go talk to your man." Ircolee said laughing.

"I will." Alikay said dryly. "And make that nigga called by brother calm down. Don't want beef between Shad and Chris if this is all false."

"I got you, now go!" Ircolee said hanging up the phone.

Alikay pulled her phone away from her ear and sighed. She desperately hoped this didn't blow up in her face. Alikay picked up her shopping bags, and went into AppleBees and got to go for her and Chris. She made her way back to the hotel. Once she got into the room she unlocked the door and opened it. She walked in and seen Chris sitting on the couch playing 2K13. She looked at his face and stress was all over it. She hated seeing him like this and she hated feeling like this. She rushed to the bedroom, put down her bags, changed into a white tee and some of Chris' basketball shorts and walked out. Chris didn't move a muscle. He didn't want not even the slightest breathe to piss Alikay off.

"Hey." Alikay said as she stood by the door.

"What up." Chris said not moving.

Alikay looked at Chris. She knew he was mad but she wasn't going to look dumb.

"Can I see your phone?"

"Yup its on the table." Chris said nonchantly.

Alikay went and grabbed Chris' phone and sat on the couch next to Chris. Chris didn't even look at Alikay, he knew that she needed to do whatever snooping she needed to do. After 20 minutes of rumbling through Chris' phone Alikay tossed it on the couch next to her and sighed.

"Can we talk?"

Chris just looked at Alikay and turned off the game. They were both mad at each other but couldn't make each other feel bad and that was a first for the both of them.

"Talk." Chris said.

"...Tell me what's going on." Alikay said.

"I dont know what you want me to tell Alikay. You went through my phone, you all that s*** that Rihanna is talking on the radio is a flat out lie, I'm with you or talking to you every second of the day. f***, I wanna know whats going on as bad as you." Chris huffed.

Just as Alikay was about to respond Chris' phone rang and it was Rihanna. Alikay looked at the phone and Chris picked it up and put it on speaker phone.

"What?" Chris answered.

"Baby is that how you answer the phone?" Rihanna hissed.

"What the hell Ri? The f*** is all that s*** you got in the press yo?"

"Chris, stop acting like you don't want Chrianna back together. I still love you and I know you still love me."

Alikay listened profusly and was getting angier by the second. She was getting ready to get up and Chris grabbed her by her waist and sat her on his lap.

"Rihanna you about to f*** the best thing up for me with all your lies yo. I'm tryna be nice but you being a real b**** for all the s*** you saying just cause you supposedly talking about you want me back."

"I know you are talking about that hoe you call yourself supposedly dating. Bow Wow's sister or some s***. You know that b**** ain't got s*** on me."

Chris looked at Alikay as Rihanna talked. He could tell she was in rage about the whole situation and if he didn't fix it soon he would be dealing with old Alikay.

"Yo Rihanna lemme say this s*** one time to you. And Ima just say it once and you better listen. Keep my name and my girl's name out chea mouth. Ima be calling the f***ing radio stations to let them know you lied and you tweet one more damn thing about my damn life or people in it Ima let my girl get that ass." Chris said viciously as he hung up.

Chris tossed his phone to the side and his eyes softened as he studied Alikay's face. He saw hurt all over her face. She couldn't handle the s*** she heard and even though Alikay was a rock, she still had feelings and Chris knew this s*** was hurting hers.

"Kay look at me." Chris said grabbing Alikay's face.

"Let go of me Chris." Alikay said trying to get up.

Chris grabbed Alikay and sat on her.

"Chris move your ass nigga."

"Alikay we squashing this cause you know I ain't doing none of the s*** Rihanna talking about."

"New years could have fooled me." Alikay mumbled.

"I know you still aint on that s***. You good for bringing up old s***, but no one is saying s*** when you stay chilling with that nigga Khleo." Chris said smacking his lips.

"Nigga, Khleo and I are like siblings as I told your ass for the billionth time. I ain't finna let your ass talk to me any ol kinda way especially when your b**** is the one talking all this bulls***." Alikay huffed.

Chris got up off of Alikay and went into the bathroom and slammed the door. His blood was boiling. He grabbed his phone and texted Trey. Within moments Trey was calling.

"Nigga, I ain't gonna do it." Chris said the moment he picked up.

"Whoa nigga chill. What the f*** is going on?" Trey responsed.

"Alikay coming at my neck about this Rihanna s***."

"Yeah I heard her yapping that s*** this morning but yo can you blame her like honestly?"

"I hear you b, but look this Chrihanna s*** has been going on for years, if Alikay don't trust me now how is she gonna trust me later?" Chris sighed.

"Nigga, chill, if she mad let her be mad, just show her that you all in and not doing what you said you was gonna do because one of your past b****es talking noise. Nigga you looking real fake right now. You letting this "Riri" s*** get to your head." Trey huffed.

Chris thought about what Trey said and realized that he needs to at least give Alikay some time.

"Damn, I hear you nigga." Chris sighed

"Get ya s*** straight nigga. You know you love her. Stop letting people mess yall niggas up." Trey said.

"Aight nigga, lemme get this s*** straight. I'll hit you later b." Chris hanging up.

Chris got himself together and walked out the bathroom and seen Alikay laying on the bed on her stomach eating. Chris walked over to her and laid on top of her.

"Chris I just wanna eat. I'm tired of aruging with you." Alikay huffed.

"I'm sorry for all that s*** shorty. I really am. I should have never gotten mad at you for feeling the way you do, but ma, I need you to trust me. I love you more than anything and I need you to trust and believe that at the end of the day CB is all about you." Chris pleaded.

Chris got off of Alikay and looked at her face. Alikay sat up and sat on Chris' lap.

"Chris, I do believe you, I just don't trust her. Nothing about her. And the fact that she is so irrelevant to me I don't wanna lose you out the side of my eye and you know I HATE showing signs of weakness toward anything especially in all this relationship s***. But I love you and I hope you love me and respect me and my feelings enough to know that." Alikay expressed.

Chris wrapped his hands around Alikay's waist tight and kissed her neck gently.

"I understand completely ma. I love you more than you will ever know and I guaranteed that." Chris said.

"Ima hold you to that."

"Ima show you everyday babe. I promise you that one."

Alikay leaned down and kissed Chris on the lips softly. She released and Chris smiled at her.

"Get dressed babe. We going out." Chris winked at Alikay.

He was going on make sure that this was night to remember.