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The Manager.

I never wanted to fall in love just for my own protection (protection)
I wouldn't let my heart accept it (accept it)
But when he touched me I got infected (infected)
I made a promise to never fall & so far I thought I kept it (kept it)
But my heart won't let me reject it (reject it)
Cause when he kissed me I got infected (I'm infected) with your love.

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Run it!


Can't wait to read about how he proposes!! I hope Kay says yes!!

sorry yall...ugh this is about to be the longest week in school history but thursday starts thanksgiving break so i plan to add everyday during break. Thanks for bumping...Ima try to add tomorrow cause I got ish typed up. Thanks for the runs!!

I'm back!
Run it Tash!

awwwwwww congates kay n i cnt beleave he bout to make her ms.brown run it


Chris really gonna do tht ish! Get married? Oh he forreal tho..Ight runnn! :)

Awwwwwwwwwww!!!!! I'm thrilled :)

Wait so is he going to propose or something :-/ I just knew Chris was going to miss her big moment though I'm happy he made it on time

Oooooo *singing beyonce* I guess he liked it so he gonna put a ring on it!!!! Hella amped for her right now!!! She finna be the female breezyyyyy *in my Nicki minaj voice* ahhhhh!!!! Run it:)))


Aww OMG he's gonna propose!!!!???!?!?!??!

Sneak Peek aka I have a killer headache!

"Ya'll call Chris again, I know him, he wouldn't miss this day!" Alikay said nervously.

"I've called him like 80 times Kay, he ain't picking up." Ircolee said.

"And I just called and his phone went straight to voicemail." Teek said.

Alikay's heart dropped. She couldn't believe she was about to graduate and Chris wasn't here to support her.

"Sis, don't worry we will find Chris. Just go line up. Everything is gonna be alright nigga." Bre'Na spoke up.

Alikay shook her head and went to line up with the rest of the class. 45 minutes into the ceremony Alikay was listening to Key speaker speaking and Alikay kept looking back at the crew and checking her phone to see if Chris had texted her. Once she saw she had nothing she sighed and text Ircolee.

Alikay: Where could Chris be?!! :(

Ircolee: Don't worry, whatever the problem is, you know Chris will jump hoops to be here to see you walk across. Don't worry! :)

Alikay: Please call him again!

Ircolee: Okay... Stop worrying.

Alikay shook her head. She couldn't believe that Chris was doing this to her and on her big day at that. She slumped in her seat and continued to try listen to the Keynote speaker. Moments later she felt her phone vibrate and saw she had a text.

Chris: Hey baby, I'm sooooooo sorry! I know you wanna kill me, but I'm making my way there. I'll be there PROMISE!

Alikay: I'm not mad but WHERE ARE YOU?!

Chris: Don't worry about that baby I'm coming. Don't walk across the stage without me beautiful. :)

Alikay: Chrissssssss :( Hurry!!!

Alikay waited for a text back and didn't receive one. She was really impatient now that Chris had finally texted her and she was having a fit. She didn't understand what was going on. Chris on the other hand was putting his finishing touches on this romantic trip he had planned for Alikay. He just got off the phone with Alikay's dad and he been had the talk with Shad. Though it had only been a couple of months he was ready to make Alikay Mrs. Brown. Once Chris was done, he ran out of his apartment and hopped in his car. Chris zipped his Lambo throught L.A. traffic until he was parked outside of the UCLA stadium. He found a parking spot and hopped out his car and called Ircolee.


"Where yall at? I'm here." Chris spoke

"Nigga thank God, they about to start the K's! Shad will walk near the parking lot and come meet you."

"Alright." Chris said hanging up.

Chris waited around and signed a few autographs for the next ten minutes. Moments later Shad appeared.

"Damn nigga, took you long enough." Shad said slapping wrist with Chris.

"Nigga had to make sure everything was set." Chris said as him and Shad begin to walk back to their seats.

"You sure about this nigga?" Shad said looking Chris dead in his face.

"Shad, you know me. You know I never been more serious about s*** more in my life."

Shad just shook his head. He knew Chris loved his sister geuninly and he couldn't knock it. Out of all the years that Shad knew Chris he had never seen him act that way with a female ever.

Once they reached their seats that had just started on the M's. Alikay looked back and seen Chris to the "Alfalfa wave" to her. Her whole face lit up and she blew him a kiss. He caught it and tucked it in his pocket. Chris smiled at Alikay as his heart fluttered for her. His love for her made him laugh at himself. He didn't understand for the life of him but Alikay gave him life. Gave him reason. He had no idea things would even pan out the way they did with Alikay but he was so happy they did. He didn't love her for sex and that made him even more excited. Of course Chris was horny as hell cause Chris was use to getting pussy whenever he wanted but Alikay wasn't there and Chris wasn't about to force her to have sex just cause he wanted it.

Chris smiled as they were about to call Alikay's name. He was so proud of her and even more excited cause now she can legally become his manager.

"Alikay Jayshon Moss." The announcer called as she walked on stage to receive her diploma.

Once Alikay's name was called the crew acted a total fool. The girls screamed their hearts out and the guys howled. And Omari and Shad had a flag that had Alikay's face on. Alikay couldn't do anything but laugh at them cause she wasn't expecting all of that.

After the ceremony was over Alikay made her way over to the crew.

"Congrats!" Ircolee screamed giving Alikay a hug.

Alikay smiled and hugged Ircolee. She truly loved and appreciated Ircolee cause Ircolee was the best big sister Alikay could have asked for.

"Mind if I cut in?"

Alikay turned around and met a face full of freckles and beautiful green eyes. She let go of Ircolee and smiled as soon as she saw Chris' face.

"Nigga what took you so long? I thought you wasn't gonna make it." Alikay said fake upset.

"I told you I would be here. I had some last minute business to run through." Chris said smiling.

"Why you smiling like that?" Alikay asked smiling.

"Girl you know you light up my day!" Chris said grabbing Alikay's waist.

"Lemme stop doing that before everyone think Chris Brown went and turned white like Michael Jackson." Alikay said laughing.

Chris just laughed at Alikay.

"Damn, I can't get no flowers, or balloons babe?" Alikay joked.

"Girl you know I got you something. But no one said its here."

"What is it?"

"Can you just be surprised? Like for once?"

"You know I absolutely hate surprises." Alikay frowned.

"Well let's hope you love this one!" Chris said pecking Alikay's lips.

"Yo yall what are we about to do?" Laith asked.

"Well it's only 9:30pm. Lets go get something to eat. Cheesecake Factory?" Shad said.

"Whoa, yall niggas can't even plan a surprise party for a nigga? I did just graduate."

"That is Chris' job." Ircolee said.

"Don't worry babe. I got you." Chris smiled.


Run it run it.

Hey yall! Sorry I haven't added! I volunteer at the Obama headquarters here in Alabama and as you can see it was BUSY!!!! But My president is still in business! Soooooo holla!!! *does Obama bounce* lmaoooo but yeah ima try to push an add out tonight!! Thanks for all the runs yall!


wtf is Kleo?? Chris really does love Kay!! RUN IT!!

Is khleo the boy who plays zero on holes??? His ugly self. But I believe her txting him was innocent idk ab his intentions though. I would LOVE for Chris to beat his ass though!!! Run it:)))

run it

Khleo Thomas?!?
Ahh, that's my boo!

Khleo?......mannnn....Khleo can move around.....Chris been wayyyyyy too good to Ali for her to even think about another nigga....that's why she ain't sweating it. So whatever Kle may be planning...he can flush it.

Aww they are so cute when they make up
Run it!!!


"Alikay you aren't serious right now are you? You gotta be f***ing kiddin' me nigga!" Chris screamed again.

Alikay didn't say anything. There wasn't a thing she even cared to say.

"Now you can't answer me?"

"What the crap you want me to say Chris?!"

"Don't f***ing yell at me when you're the one wrong." Chris hissed.

Alikay just sighed she didn't see the big deal in any of this. Chris sighed and shook his head. He didn't know why he was tripping but the thought of anyone ever taking Alikay away from him scared him.

"Kay, why were you texting him?" Chris asked sitting on the bed next to Alikay.

"He is Shad's friend. I was just checking on that nigga. Khleo and I have known each other a long time Chris." Alikay sighed.

Chris looked at Alikay and searched for the truth all over her face. He believed her intentions were good but something didn't sit well about Khleo.

"Alikay, I love you, so I trust you, but I don't trust that nigga. Please, I seen some of the random s*** he was sending you. That nigga was tryna hit on you or some s***." Chris said.

Alikay wrapped her arms around Chris' waist and rested her chin in the crook of Chris' neck and shoulder.

"Baby, you know I would never do anything to mess this up especially when you been so

good to me. Me texting Khleo was like me texting Shad. I'm sorry I didn't check him like I should have baby." Alikay spoke softly.

Chris sighed and pulled Alikay onto his lap and rested his forehead on her's.

"Shorty, I ain't mean to yell at you but we already had this talk about this strange outrageous, random love of ours that is strong as f***. It still scares me cause I don't wanna have it here today and gone tomorrow."

Alikay smiled at Chris. His love was deep, yet innocent for her and she loved it.

"Baby, this still scares me too. But I trust you to be around your fans, including groupies and such knowing that at the end of the day I still have you and that means all of you. Trust me the same, okay?"

Chris sighed and shook his head as he leaned in and kissed her forehead.

"Promise not to jack me Kay." Chris said with all seriousness in his voice.


Alikay held out her pinky as Chris did the same and they wrapped their pinkies around each other. Alikay smiled at Chris and planted a nice kiss on his lips.

"Told you, I got my light skinned nigga back! I don't plan on losing him."
I know its short! Sorry! I got yall on the comeup tho! Run it!

Chris is so sweet! Wish I could find a good man to take cae of me while I'm sick. Run it!!!!!!

Awww, RUN IT!!!!!!!!

Hey new reader here! I think this is just the cutest story! Alikay and Chris are so cute together. They compliment each other well. Im glad Shad and Aly restored their relationship bcuz I just cant imagine not talkin to my brother for that long. Its nice to see that Aly has ppl that have grown to love her in her life now and she can be herself instead of this mean girl...


Awww so loving. He needs ally to remind him of who he is and she needs him to help her learn how to love again. Run it <3


Runnn It Tash !!