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'Nose Candy. (Repost FINISHED!!!)


DISCLAIMER: This is another story that I will attempt! I will not hesitate to drop this if it doesn't get the attention it deserves because this is a good story. I am not c**ky but confident in this story. This is the 2nd shot at this- some may have read something similar because 'Broken Mirrors was the start of this story. Me and Bree have collaborated outside of the broad but she choose to take it under her wing! it was unsuccessful and now Im giving it a try. Also with writing in 3rd person for the first time. So... here goes nothing!

He wasn’t the type of guy you’d high five while skipping down the street on a nice sunny Vegas day. Not everything was royalty as you may think. There was always the good parts of a city and the bad parts. Some may look as it as the “rich” and the “poor”; “high class” or “low class” whatever you prefer. Cannan (cayn-nan) Burose was a 23 year old man who was apart of the low class in the city of Las Vegas, Nevada. You’d think that since he was in that million dollar state he’d have it made. Wrong, he had the opposite which was nothing. Cannan was a ruthless young man who didn’t care about anyone but himself. He despised close relationships with anyone or even having a social life. “Caine” which he preferred to be called wasn’t your favorite type of guy. Because caine went through a lot in his past it caused him to cut off a lot of people who were previously in his life. For an example, Caine at one point in his life had a great relationship with God, but that suddenly changed.

Caine nicely put on an act to impress his boss and greet the costumers that walked in and out of his exclusive Verizon Wireless job. He didn’t enjoy talking to people, standing on his feet, or the work that he had to do, but they provided him with more then he had such as money, more clothes, and a temporary phone. Caine walked to his station and finished ringing up a costumer that had just brought a new cell phone and couldn’t quite understand what he was doing. A near by employee sensed that because of caine’s length of time being employed that he might of needed some help. “this…is how you do it” the female employee said. Caine stared at her and finished with the costumers “your welcome” the female employee said before walking away. Caine didn’t really care about her name but he did want to put on an act just to stay employed so he went to her station and introduced himself properly. “im sorry ma’am im Cannan Burose and im new here as you can tell…thanks for helping me and you are?’ She smiled and nodded her head. “its cool im lauren and anything you need help with you can just ask don’t have to hesitate” She flashed caine a warm smile reassuring him.

Caine nodded his head not really interested in her help at all and walked back over to his station. He took out his new phone and played around with it. He was amazed by the electronic and couldn’t help but to figure it out. Its been a while since he’d have something so nice and to have an iphone4s was huge to him. More costumers came in and he looked at his manager that was on shift who gave him confirmination to assist the customers. By this time Caine was ready to leave work and attend to his regular duties which was doing absolutely nothing. Its not the fact that he didn’t want to do nothing its just the fact he didn’t have anyone to do anything thing with or no where to go. Caine had nothing to claim except his body, soul, and mind if that. Meanwhile, Lauren admired caine and his etiquette with the customers from a distance. It made her smile on the inside to have another great employee on their team. The cool thing at the job was that in their Bluetooth they got to talk to whoever they want or listen to music. Of course Caine couldn’t get away with that just yet. Lauren took her phone out and decided to brag about her new co-worker to her cousin Zoey or Zoe to some. “so…theres this lil cutie in here working J” - “whoopy tooy do! b****” Zoe replied. Lauren laughed at the message she received and proceeded with her conversation with her long lost cousin whom she just reunited with a few months ago. “girl if I didn’t want to seem stalker-ish I’d send you a picture of him lol” Lauren send. “smh that’s a damn shame!” Zoey replied instantly.

Lauren wanted to take a picture of caine really badly to show him off but like she told Zoey she didn’t want to seem like a freak. So instead she studied him and wondered her eyes around him trying to capture his features from a far. “well… he’s light skin, tall, a nice smile, look like he got freckles a lil, low ceaser cut no waves lol and umm… he looks mean when he not smiling but lets not forget fine as f***”. Zoey sat in her room shaking her head at the message she received. She knew that her cousin could be extra at times when the situation wasn’t that serious. Zoey read the message over and over and tried to create her own canvas painting in her head of whom this nigga may have been and it was one dude that came across her mind. “If my mind wasn’t playing tricks on me I’d think you were talking about Cannan Burose I had a crush on that nigga in high school” Zoey replied to their conversation via text message. Lauren prop her elbows on her desk in front of her computer looking at her phone when an incoming message came. She thought for a moment and then replied. “Cannon? that’s what the dude said he’s name was …Cannon Burose YUP! that’s him lol” She quickly replied.

Zoey was stunned because she hadn’t talked or seen this nigga in about 5 years. Zoey went to school but didn’t finish. She wasn’t really feeling school like she thought and don’t dare try to judge her. School wasn’t for everyone and that’s a popular quote that stuck with her. “wow…” she replied with a instant reply by lauren. “that’s all you got to say? You still like him?” This caused Zoey to laugh [center]because how could she possibly liked someone she hadn’t seen in forever. “look b**** I haven’t seen the nigga in forever just tell him who I am and give him my number okay?” , “oooo… I know what u trying to do but okay, what u doing later?”, “ thanks but nothing…”, “drinks?” Zoey rolled her eyes not really interested but thought why not she didn’t really have nothing else planned anyway. “ok…why not” , “okay! Call you at 10”. With that Zoey left her phone unattended and hopped into the shower to finish up her daily duties.

Caine sat in the break room and finished eating someone’s sandwich that they left in the microwave. He was starving and made sure that no one was watching until Lauren came in and caught him off guard causing him to jump. “sneaky aren’t we?” Lauren laughed which wasn’t at all amusing to Caine. “Cannon isn’t it?” Lauren chimed in before he could even answer her first statement. “Its not cannon its cannan” he corrected her. “cannon, cannan whats the difference?” Lauren stated confused. “the difference is that you will call me Caine and s*** else understood?” Caine blunted retorted. “woahh… okay then, anyway im Zoey’s cousin and she wanted me to give you her number…” Lauren got straight to the point. Caine screwed his face confusedly unsure who she was talking about. “she said you and her went to high school together and yall haven’t heard from each other in a while…but that she wanted you to have her number and If I were you I’d use it she’s a hottie” Lauren winked at the last comment. “uhh…. Zoey..zoeeyyyy” Caine tried to remind himself. He was definitely someone who forgot things quickly. I guess you can blame that on the weed and all the other things he liked. “she’s brown skin, pretty, look like a lil tom boy” Lauren tried to help. Caine actually chuckled and knew exactly who she was talking about at that moment. Lauren gave him zoey’s number and went about her business leaving Caine where she found him. Caine clocked out and walked out of the store happier then ever even though his facial expressions showed it. He walked the streets until he made it all the way to the place he called home which was outside of a shelter called “Hope” there they tried to encourage the homeless that there was always hope no matter what. Caine didn’t believe in that bulls*** and just used the place for a place to rest his head and with this new job as long as he got in line by 5pm everyday he was sure enough to get a room. If not, then outside he was, but it wasn’t like he wasn’t used to that either. This was who he was and he was fine with that.


thanks guys

Dammit why is zoey sooo complicated geez I can understand being bipolar but she is taking that too a whole other level. I'm surprise Caine hasn't left or acted out. I thought it was cute how he went and visit her everyday til she was out. She remembered her daughter thank goodness
I'm glad keiley and nick are back on track
As for Ty dammit someone need to catch his ass before he end up killing Caine and zoey
I wonder why Lauren went back tho
I hope that Lauren can help zoey be a more peaceful person
That was an awkward encounter with Shelly sister I felt bad for Caine
Dammit Alexis is grimey af! I knew she hasn't changed
I want trigga to be happy with a good women not no hoe that try's and seduce other men -__-
Zoey acting like that is why she ain't getting her baby back and that sucks to miss out on her firsts
Run it

Ok so it's official Zoey has lost her f***ing mind. I feel bad for her though. I know she's been through a lot but damn this is crazy. Her and Ty are two of a kind. They both are insane!!! I never saw this switch up *Zoey flipping on Caine and Caine being scared* coming. I thought it was so cute that he was singing to her and they were good @ 1 point. I'm happy keily opened up to Nick. Love Love Love this story.

Chapter 37: Sweet Tooth

Zoey looked over her shoulder at Caine speaking with the social worker. She sighed to herself and fumbled with her fingers as nerves filled her body. The sweat increased in the palm of her hands as her heart beat quickened. Ciane swiftly walked toward her with an expression she couldn’t depict. “So?” Zoey stood to her feet. Caine looked at her and and bit his lip, “I’ve tried everything…” He felt horrible as the words traveled out his mouth. “Everything?” Zoey’s eyebrows raised as she questioned with slight despair. “Yea..” He murmured. A little chuckle escaped Zoey’s mouth sarcastically, “ didn’t try everything and you’re not fighting like you said you would.” She pressed. Caine exhaled, “I’m doing the f**king best that I can Zoey damn. You go in there and see what the f*** you can do since I’m not trying. We can’t walk out of here with Caiden right now and you should already know that.” He scolded . Zoey rolled her eyes and gathered her things, “I will talk to her.” She stated while walking off. Caine followed Zoey with his eyes and shook his head. He didn’t know what he was gonna do with her not now-not ever. Kiely couldn’t sleep thinking about everything that’s been happening with her and Nick. She didn’t want their relationship to be the way it was and knew she had to do something about it. Caine drove in silence as Zoey stared out the window the wole entire time she was at home. “I think I’ll take my car and go visit Trigga..haven’t spoken to him in a while.” Zoey looked over at Caine. “Why didn’t you just tell me to drop you off over there?” He inquired. “Because I’m going to leave when I get ready and didn’t want to have to call you and come and get me and stuff…” She answered. “Oh..I see” He murmured. Zoey looked at him and didn’t understand why he sounded the way he did because Trigga was her friend nothing more- nothing less. “I’ll see you later Caine.”Zoey dismissed herself. Caine watched her get into her car and drive off. He unfastened his seat belt and went inside his house. He plopped on the bed and looked at the ceiling then was interrupted by his phone vibrating. “Hey girll… I ain’t see you in a min.” Trigga greeted Zoey by letting her in. Zoey chuckled as she made her way through and headed straight for the couch. “I know right..” She sighed. “So much has been going on but hopefully.. I’ll be okay.” She told them. Trigga sat next to Zoey and took her hands and stared at her. “You will be okay…not hopefully. I know that you’re going through one of the most democratic time in your life right now but I want you to know that I’m here for you and I never left your side…you understand?” He searched her eyes. Zoey stared at him and nodded her head. “Maybe we should go for drinks or something…you need to have a little fun.” He suggested. “Oh know…I have to stay focused.” She shut down. “Aww… come on Zoey. Please let me take you out…show you a good time.” He said. “Well…ok I’ll ask my fiancé if its okay with him.” She smiled. “There we go… a smile.” He chuckled. “Hopefully he wouldn’t mind.” He continued. Zoey sat there and caught up with Trigga some more and then got up and headed home. When she got to her place she noticed Caine’s car gone. Zoey walked in and got herself comfortable and then took her phone out to text him.

Zoey: Hey…is it okay if I go out with Trigga tonight?

Within seconds Caine texted her back

Caine: Yea…I don’t mind Zoey lol I trust you

Zoey: Okay…I just wanted to make sure that you were okay with it

Caine: we’re engaged Zoey…I trust you and I hope you trust me babe

Zoey: I do….I love you sooo much so f**king much!

Caine: I love you so much more babe. I’m at the grocery store lol … see you in a few!

Zoey: lol ok!

Zoey smiled at the thought of him going to get groceries. She wondered what would be in the bags when he got home. Kiely finished decorating her house as dusk started to fall. She grabbed her phone and dialed Nick’s number and prayed he’d answer. “Hello?” He answered. Kiely managed to swallow the nervousness down even though her heart raced. “Umm…Couldn’t you come to my house at 7?” She wondered. “Hmm… should I?” Nick retorted being petty. Kiely’s eyes hit the ground because she knew she deserved his response, “I would love it if you would.” She murmured while hearing him sigh on the other end. “I’ll be there..” He said and hung up catching Kiely off guard. Kiely took the time to get herself together and then decided to get dress and wait for his arrival. Miles away Zoey stepped into her room getting freshened up for her outing with Trigga and turned on the TV. She pulled her lotion out and saw that the TV was on the news. She normally didn’t watch it and screwed her face to the thought of Caine probably watching it. “Hello I’m Natasha Grey coming to you today with Las Vegas news..” She smiled. Zoey applied the lotion to her skin and started to rub it in as she listened. “Hello everyone, I’m Natasha Grey and we’ve been brought to our attention that police have found a young girls body outside of an abandon gas station’s dumpster. Police have confirmed that the body of the young girl had been dead for several hours. Multiple shot gun wounds seems to be the cause of death. It’s such a fatal tragedy that this young woman by the name of Lauren Morton had to leave this way. We are praying for family and sending out our condolences. Thank you John Hart onto you with today’s weather forecast.” She smiled. Zoey froze in the position she was in as tears swelled up her eyes. She couldn’t believe her ears. Tears ran fluently down Zoey’s face. Whether if she had a good relationship or not with Lauren she was family at the end of the day.

“Hey how are you?” She greeted Caine. “I’m good and you?” He smiled while putting the last item on the belt. “I’m wonderful did you find everything okay?” She asked while she began ringing his food up. Caine admired her, “I feel like I’ve met you before…” He stared at her. The Wal-Mart cashier chuckled as she continued. “I don’t think so…” She continued ringing up the food. Caine checked her name tag and bit down on his lip. “Oh…sorry Jade I thought you were Shelly…” He said. “Shelly?? Short petite Shelly?” She asked. Caine’s face lit as she spoke. “That was my sister…you must be…Caine.” She said. Caine suddenly felt horrible and started grabbing his things and putting them back in the basket. “It’ll be 113.26…” She reported. Caine got his wallet out and then gave her some money. “I’m… really sorry” He murmured. Jade give him his change and a receipt followed by an apologetic little smile. “She’s happy…that’s all…Good luck to you Caine.” She remarked. Caine pushed the cart to where the rest were, got his bags of groceries out, and headed to the car. Thoughts of Shelly filled up his brain as he thought about how lovely she was to him. “You were a good girl…hope you really are happy.” He said to himself. Nick walked through the door in awe and stared at Kiely. “Wow…you look amazing.” He told her. Kiely’s cheeks turned red as she blushed. “I wanted to do something nice for you babe..” She said passing him some Ace of Spades champagne. “I have a feeling it’s gonna be a good night tonight.” He said looking at her voluptuous curves. Kiely laughed and then lead him into the dining room where she set the table. “I made pasta….I hope you like it.” She smiled. “Ohh my favorite. smells good” He chuckled and took a seat. “I hope it tastes good.” She smiled. “Oh… if this don’t I know what will.” He winked. Kiely looked down and blushed. “I miss her…” He blushed as well. Kiely looked up, “What you mean?” She stated confused. “That shy girl…that’s who I’m in love with. Don’t let situations shift you. I know people are the way they are by experiences but please…please let’s move forward.” He encouraged. Kiely nodded her head, “I agree Nick…I know I haven’t been the best girlfriend to you and I know I haven’t been so honest with you. I will try my best to start becoming a better girlfriend because I don’t want to lose you.” Kiely expressed.

Nick smiled and nodded his head. “Let’s pray and eat.” He smiled. Kiely nodded and lead the dinner with a prayer and then dug in after Nick. “Is there anything you need to tell me?” He stared into her eyes. Kiely took a deep breath, braced herself, and questioned herself if she should be honest. “Well…I got rape like 2 years ago and I’m afraid when we get so close to having sex and I’m not ready yet. The whole situation with Caiden is very touchy because I was adopted Nick and I never really had my mom there for me. So… I picked up drinking and I plan on going to AAA.” She spilled. “Wow…that was a lot Kiely….I just want to let you know that you are not alone babe! I am right by your side. You don’t have to hurt alone… I love you and I never want to see you going through so much when I can be a helping hand. Just know I’m here for you…please. I will support you and if you want me to go to the meetings with you then I will. Just promise me that once you start going that you continue to go.” He said. Kiely nodded her head, “I will..” She said.

Caine walked in to see Zoey on the living room. “Hey babe…” He smiled and started bringing the groceries in. Zoey held her head back trying to keep her nose from gushing with blood. Caine jogged passed the living room and glance at her, “What you doing?” He chuckled and went to get the rest of the food. “I’ma try my hardest to cook for you baby… I know I don’t do it often.” Caine announced feeling excited. He put the groceries away while Zoey sat on the floor with blood on her hands. “Babe….” Caine said and walked into the living room and saw her. “Awww babe…why didn’t you get a paper towel?” Caine stated and went to retrieve one then wrapped it her nose. Caine got behind her and held her, “Here babe…lay in my arms.” He chuckled and stared in her eyes and saw that her eyes were dilated. “Babe…..are you okay?” He searched her face looking at her weirdly. “Lauren’s dead…” She informed him. “WHAT??” He acted surprised. Zoey ignored Caine and wished her nose would stop bleeding, as she felt weird. Caine examined Zoey’s body, saw something strange, and lifted her hand. “WHAT THE f*** ZOEY!” He shouted and got up. “DON’T YELL AT ME!” She got up as well. “WHY THE f*** YOU IN MY s***?” He screamed at her. “YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE EVEN HAD IT. I THOUGHT YOU WERE DONE WITH THAT! I THOUGHT IT WAS WEED ONLY. IF YOU WANNA BE A COKE HEAD THEN YOU DON’T NEED ME OR CAIDEN!” She blurted. “I HAVEN’T EVEN SNORTED IN OVER A f**king YEAR AND YOU PLAYING WITH IT? WHAT THE f*** IS WRONG WITH YOU?” He screwed his face as he started to become more furious with her. Zoey removed the paper towel from her nose, “I’ve gone a lil crazy…CAIIINEEEEE” She laughed. Caine shook his head not knowing whether to help her or whoop her a**. “You f***ed up Zoey…big time” He told her. “OH… REALLY?” She said as she went to the kitchen and got a knife. Caine followed her and tried to take it from her but she waved it in front of him. “Everybody that’s close to me just so happens to just up and leave..quite funny right?” She laughed more. Caine shook his head as his eyes started to water, “Give me the knife babe…” He instructed. “SHUT THE f*** UP! DO YOU SEE WHAT THE f*** YOU PUT ME THROUGH? HUH? DO YOU SEE A f**king REFLECTION YET!” She scolded furiously. “Babe…I’m sorry about the past you know that…” Caine’s tears fell. “MY COUSIN IS DEAD, SHAD IS DEAD, AND CAIDEN IS NOT HERE…HOW MUCH MORE CAN MY LIFE BE f***ED CAINE? TELL ME?” She ordered. Caine swallowed and watched as she spoke with the knife in her hand. “I just want to help you….” He said to her. Zoey chuckled and dropped her hand to her sides while looking at the ceiling. “Now you wanna help me huh… don’t be surprised sweetie…” She looked at him. “I’ve done drugs before…you know I went to rehab… I guess I should’ve of warned you how I…..” She spoke while walking toward him. “Get” She whispered against his lips. “Sh-should I call Ms. Patrick?” Caine swallowed hard as he suggested. “FOR WHAT b***h? WHAT YOU THINK I’M CRAZY?” She question taken aback. “YOU ACTING LIKE IT!” Caine yelled. Zoey raised the knife up and Caine stopped her hand right before she could stab him in the heart. “Zoeyy…what happened to you?” He whispered in a cry as tears flowed down. Zoey continued trying to stab Caine and he gripped her arm tightly and then twisted it the other way causing her to scream and ran upstairs to their room to get his keys and locked the door. Zoey grabbed the knife, ran upstairs, and banged on the door. “OPEN THIS f**king DOOR RIGHT NOW!” She demanded. Caine watched the door as she yelled as his breathing accelerated. He looked around and then decided that the window was his only option as to getting away. “f***k.. I can’t leave her like this.” Caine sighed but feared for his life and stood there indecisive.

Chapter 36: Trust Me...

Zoey looked at Caine unaware of what his reaction may be. “Its ok because I love you Caine…” She spoke soundlessly. Caine shook his head once again and then hugged her tightly. “I’m so sorry…I just don’t know what to do now…I didn’t mean it.” He cried on her shoulder. “Shhhh….I’ll be your cocaine.” Zoey whispered making Caine chuckled. Zoey closed her eyes and kissed his tears away as he did the same. “I fall deeper and deeper in love with you every second that I live…” She cooed. “I’m in love with you too Zoey…what happened to us?” He questioned. “I don’t know, but new memories remember?” she looked at him. Caine nodded his head, “I just feel like there’s something missing…” He expressed. Zoey tried to think of what it could be and shrugged her shoulders, “I don’t know love….I just can’t wait until I get out of here.” She stated. Caine nodded his head and hugged her again. Caine felt like God gave him another chance to live life again and wasn’t going to let Zoey slip away from him ever again.

“Hey Ms. Patrick?” Caine called. “Hey Caine how you feeling?” She asked. “I’m doing way better than ever.” He smiled. “Ahh.. I see. Must of saw Ms.Davis?” She smiled. Caine chuckled while showing off his red cheeks as he blushed. “Yea… she helped trigger my memory and I think she’s okay to leave now…please?” He asked her. “Ohhh Caine I can’t do that.” She told him. Caine’s smile faded as he looked disappointment. “How come? She was only sent here to get better right? Well she’s better. Me and her had a long time and she’s going to do fine… I’ve delt with her bipolar disorder before. I know exactly what to do.” He exclaimed. “Yeah I’m pretty sure you do Caine, but she just can’t up and leave because you may think it’s time. We have to run test and get approval from her doctor when it’s okay for her to leave Mr. Burose.” She informed him. Caine sighed and nodded his head, “I understand… just want him to come home.” He told her. “I’ll see what I can do. “She nodded and walked off. Caine watched Ms. Patrick leave and made his way back to Zoey’s room and walked in. “What did she say?” She wondered. “You basically will just have to stick it out until they tell you. They gotta run test on you and s***.” Caine told her. Zoey’s face fell to the floor , depressed at the news she learned. “Hey…” Caine said while picking up her face. “You have a bad havit of doing that babe… you gotta walk around with your hed up. You’re a beautiful strong woman with confidence. You’re gonna be home in no time…don’t worry.” He smiled. Zoey blushed and nodded her head, “I’d die for you, you just don’t know how much I love you.” She told him. “I never knew what love was until I fell in it with you. I love you more than my damn self and I want you to know that I’m not going no f**king where. Never letting you slip away from me. We’ve been to hell and back and I’m ready to soar…until death does us part.” He told her. Zoey gasped, “Are you proposing to me?” She chucked. “I think we’re already engaged according to Kiely and Nick.” He laughed. Zoey gasped dramticaly at the names he called. “Oh my God…Kiely? I miss her sooooo much. Is she okay? What about Nick…wha- CAIDEN!?!” Zoey screamed. “Caiden?” Caine questioned. Tears immediately streamed down Zoey’s face as thoughts and images gathered in her brain. “I’m such a horrible mother….” She cried. “We have a baby?” Caine questioned. Zoey nodded her head and continued to cry. Caine exhaled trying to take everything in at once. He would hear Kiely and Nick sometimes discussing that he had a child, but at the time he couldn’t even remember what their names were. “This is a lot to take in…” He mentioned. “I should be sent to hell…” Zoey remarked. Caine sat down next to her and grabbed her face. “Don’t start that s*** you understand? We’re gonna be a family like old times. Don’t say s*** like that, I’m sure you were a wonderful mom because you’re a wonderful person so don’t get so overwhelmed.” He told her. Zoey nodded her head and wiped her tears even though her heart was still crying.
Months passed and Zoey was finally released and decided to move in with Caine. Things picked up in there relationship like never before. Caine ended up proposing to Zoey again at a surprise engagement party Kiely helped him plan. Kiely and Zoey friendship became better then it was before. Kiely mended things with Nick although she hid her addiction from both Nick and Zoey. Zoey wiped her tears as she stared at the picture. Caine walked in and approached Zoey and saw the expression on her face. “Babe…what’s wrong?” He said. “I keep trying my hardest to get Caiden but this b***h is getting on my f**king nerves.” She told cried. “What she doing?” He said. “Every time I try to see her or speak to her she always either never answering the f**king phone or she always saying some f**king excuse or the social workers always trying to make appointments and s***.” She shook her head wiping her tears. Caine sighed “Maybe we’ll be able to get her on the nect courtdate we just gotta stay calm..” He remarked. “How the f*** can I stay calm Caine? If It wasn’t for my stupid a** flipping out on you, getting into with you, and jumping over the f**king cliff then Caiden would be here with us. HER PARENTS NOT THAT FOSTER b***h SHE’S WITH!” She broke down. Caine sat down next to Zoey and pulled her into a hug and she immediately pushed him away. “What the f***?” He screwed his face. “You smell like weed….” She looked at him. Caine sighed, “Really Zoey?” He stated looked at her. “Caine were in the midst of trying to get our daughter back and you have time to smoke?” She screwed her face. “Please don’t start this s*** man! Hell yea I got time to f**king smoke Zoey. A nigga is stressed the f***! I want our daughter back just as much as you do, so don’t make it seem like a nigga ain’t out here working his a** off to take care of you, this house, and try to f**king work things out with the damn situation.” He spat. Zoey buried her face in her hands as her tears created a pool. Caine sat down and tried consoling her again and this time she let him. “I understand you stressed as well…s*** I’m trynna make things easier for Kiely and Nick especially with all the s*** that they had to go through and almost tore their own relationship up dealing with our f**king problems. I just don’t want you to beat yourself up babe.” Caine spoke softly in her ear. “What if….” Caine stood up and sighed. “What if she’s not even ours….how do we even know for sure that we had a kid? We don’t remember that…” Caine spoke. Zoey face shot up , “Are you high right now?” She asked. “No…” Caine answered. “Well now I can beat your motherf***ing a** worse..” She said as she charged Caine. Caine tried blocking her, but Zoey got fast being in a crazy home for almost a year. “YOU STUPID MOTHAf***A! DON’T f**king DENY MY GOT DAMN BABY YOU f**king DEAD BEAT. IF YOU DIDN’T WANT HER a** YOU SHOULD OF PULLED THE f*** OUT OR PUT ON A f**king CONDOM STUPID b****” Zoey yelled while punching Caine on his head and face. Caine didn’t say anything as his eyes teared up with every word she projected. He knew she was having an episode because many of them were triggered every time Caiden was a subject. Sometimes Zoey went days without eating and would stay in her room. The nurse informed Caine that if she didn’t get any better that they could hire a home nurse, but he didn’t want that for his fiancée. He just simply wanted to be there for her and knew she would get better once they overcome this obstacle.

“I HATEEE YOUUUU!!!” Zoey fell to her knees and cried. Caine looked up and felt his face and head throbbing and wiped his tears that fell from his face. He hated seeing her like this. He kneeled down and held her in his arms. “I’m such a f**king idiot…I know. I shouldn’t have said that. I don’t know what made me, but I love you and Caiden so f**king much. I’m not going to stop fighting for you or her.” He remarked determinly. Zoey listened to every word and closed her eyes as she listened to his heart beat. She wanted to stop crying but she couldn’t all she wanted was Caiden to be her’s. Zoey felt like her world was gone. Being engaged to Caine was nice, but she wanted her child. She wasn’t even focused on a wedding until she had her family as a whole. She felt like Caiden was the epitome of unconditional love and if she couldn’t receive that from anyone she knew Caiden had unconditional love for her and she was afraid that Caiden didn’t even know her anymore. Caine thought about everything that he been through throughout his life. It was hard dealing with not having Caiden and then having to take care of someone with the disorder that Zoey had. He didn’t agree with smoking weed again, but that was his only outlet. Nick was his only friend he could talk to, but at the same time he didn’t want to over stress him with the situation he already was stressed about. After a while Zoey fell asleep in Caine’s arms and he decided to tuck her in. “I love you Zoey…” He spoke then kissed her ear. Caine looked back at Zoey then walked out the apartment. Ty smiled and shut his tv off then heard his doorbell. He quickly hid a couple of things and then went to the door and looked through the peep hole to see it was Lauren. “What you want?” He questioned before thinking about opening the door. “I just want to talk…” She said. “How I know that?” He inquired. “Nigga open this f**king door!” She demanded. Ty went back and got his gun prepared for anything and then slightly opened the door. “What you want?” He asked. “Open and you’ll see…” She said. “Hell nawl Ion trust your f**king ass…” He announced. Lauren looked at Ty and then turned around to walk away that’s when He decided to open the door and….

“Mmmm…yessss” Alexis moaned as she bounced on Trigga. Caine pulled up to his house and headed to the front door. “YESSSSSSS!!” She screamed as he pounded her. Caine rang the doorbell and listened on the inside and wondered if he should come at another time, but the door had already opened then. “Caine! What up man…” Trigga greeted. “ Umm…do you have any loud?” He asked. “Uhh… yea lemme get it. You can come in.” He told him. “Uhh.. nah I think I’m good.” He told him. Alexis walked down the steps bare naked and smirked when she saw Caine. “Long time no see Caine…how are you?” She asked. “Girl take your a** upstairs.” Trigga told her. “Ain’t you going to get something boy hush…” She told him while Trigga went upstairs. Caine cleared his throat and looked in a different direction, “I’m fine…u mind?” He questioned. Alexis chuckled and walked infront of Caine and grabbed his hands making thenm caress her breast. “You miss it don’t you?” Caine looked at his hands and then snatched them away “Na-Nahh..I don’t stop making me see you.” He said turning around in a different direction. Alexis moved her index finger over his rear traveling it across his D**k. Caine smacked her hand away, “Quit! I’m engaged…HAPPILY engaged Alexis…you haven’t changed.” He told her. Alexis walked slowly to the steps and spread her legs giving him a full view. “What you expect…you interrupted me…you see how wet I am mmmm…” She said as she started rubbing her clit. Caine shook his head and tried his hardest not to watch as she played with herself and couldn’t help but to peak a couple of times until Trigga came down the steps. “ALEXIS GET YOUR a** UP!” Trigga yelled. Alexis took her fingers out and entered them inside her mouth. “3 sum? I’m down..” She smiled as she crossed her legs. Caine snapped out the daze and took the loud out of Trigga hands. “No thanks…” He declined and went to his car. Caine sat there and broke his weed down and then pulled off. He decided to go to the mountain view that held a lot of memories there and smoke. After a while he took flight and decided to head home before he reacted off him being stoned.

Caine walked into the house and climbed underneath covers and pulled Zoey jeans down and spread her legs. He took the biggest amount of salvia he could produce on his fingers and inserted them inside her tight P***y. Zoey shrieked and woke up as he continued pumping in and out of her with his fingers as If it was his D**k. He took his tongue and smoothly used it in an upward and downward motion on her clit. “Mmmm s*** Caine.” Zoey moaned watching a head underneath the covers move up and down. Caine closed his eyes as pictures painted of Alexis in his bain. He went faster and bit her clit gently as the moans and his imagination motivated him. “f*** YES CAINE!” Zoey screamed out. Zoey closed her eyes as she bit her lip then something hit her nose. She pulled the cover back and saw Caine still fully dressed with his keys in his free hand. Zoey pushed his head away and he moaned and went harder. “Sss ohhh f***.” Zoey moaned unable to argue with him for the heavily majriuana aroma that marked it’s place in the room. Caine continued to nibble, suck, and flick his tongue all over and around her clit sending Zoey into bliss. Sooner or later after trying to run a couple of times she was bouncing and squirting all over his face. Caine close his eyes and slurped up the remaining juices besides the ones that planted on his face. “f***! Ok dadddyyyy” Zoey whined as she gripped her breast. “MMMMMM….” Caine groaned and then attacked Zoey’s neck. “Ba…babe your so high!” She spoke in a moan. Caine moved his lips from her neck to her lips and kissed her with a lot of passion causing her to taste her lotus. “mmmm” They moaned in unison while kissing each other. “I love you…” Zoey cooed breaking the kiss. Caine chuckled and started singing, “ain’t afraid to drown…if that means I’m deep up in yo ocean girl..” Zoey smiled while biting her lip and lifted his shirt and tossed it to the side. “Ima f*** you up…” She said turning him over. “Oh really now?” He sarcastically spoke and gripped her hips. “mmm yes dad.” She said while creating circles around his nipples. Caine looked at her and chuckled. “gi-girl you nasssstyyyy…” Zoey slapped Caine in the mouth. “Shut the f*** up nigga. Someone wouldn’t be poking me if you didn’t like it.” She chuckled. Caine yanked her hair and slapped her a** with much force, “Slap me again dirty b***h.” He orderd. “oohh f***kk your dirty b***h.” She whispered in a moan as she took off her shirt and bra. “yeaaa?” He bit his lip and grabbed her breast in his hands. “yesss Caine…f*** me right now!” She ordered. With that Caine took Zoey and f***ed her all around the house.

“Mmmmm” Kiely moaned as Nick created wet circles on her neck. “I want you..” He whispered. Kiely’s heart started racing and grew scared. She pushed him slighty and started fixing herself. “What’s wrong?” He questioned. “I just think it’s time for me to go to my house now..”She told him. “Wha- Why?” Nick screwed his face. “Because I’m not ready” She truthfully stated. Nick smacked his lips, “When you gone be ready Kiely?” He retorted. Kiely stared at Nick and then got up. Nick noticed his choose of words were completely wrong and rushed to the door. “Get the f*** OUT OF MY WAY!” Kiely said as tears started falling from her eyes. “I didn’t mean it that way…I’m sorry baby. I really am.” Nick pleaded. “I f***ed up…I’m sorry I’m not as perfect as you thought.” He continued. Kiely shook her leg and her head repeatedly as tears streamed down. “We don’t have to have sex until your ready Kiely I never meant to pressure you….or make you feel as if you were being pressured. I love you so much and sometimes I just want to express and show you in different forms and by giving myself to you I thought would. I don’t want you to think that that’s all I think about… We’ve been together almost a year and your not even in love with me and yet I’m still here waiting for you to fall for me because I believe you’re the one for me. Sex is the farthest thing from my mind….I hope you can trust me.” He explained sincerely. Kiely nodded and wiped her tears. “I believe you…I just got really scared and felt like I was about to have like a mini panic attack I’m sorry it’s just some things that have happened to why I am that way.” She informed him. “Is there something I should know?” He questioned. Kiely sighed and then went to the couch and sat down. Nick followed her and did the same. “I-ve …been…raped before.” Kiely cooed. “WHAT?” Nick jumped up. “Not during our relationship calm down.” She told him. “Still…I wanna f*** him up!” Nick expressed. “You see…that’s why I didn’t want to say anything.” Kiely said getting up. “I’m sorry that I wanna beat the f*** outta of nigga for hurting you and I’m sorry for everything else Kiely damn…when the f*** are you gonna ever worry about how I feel?” He asked. “REALLY NICK? REALLY” Kiely shouted. “Yea really! I’m always making sure your good and then when I f***ed up its bad…but you ever wonder about how you treat me? You don’t think its f***ed up the way you just bluntly stated you weren’t in love with me?” Nick said while shaking his head and walked toward the door. “Like I said… I’m sorry for the way I may have came across…that’s all ima say.” He sighed and left. Kiely watched Nick leave and felt bad. She exhaled deeply and wanted to give him some time and thought that she would address what he said at a later time. She tried to be open, but that didn’t seem so well in her eyes. She went to her kitchen and then took out a bottle on Hennessey and headed to her room. Ty grabbed Lauren by her legs and dragged her to a nearby dumpster in an abandon area. He took her body and dumped her into the dumpster and then walked back to his car and took his gloves off and drove off. “One down…two to go!” He stated to himself and then decided to go club.

Chapter 35: Step by Step contd….

Nick got his stuff and was ready to hit the door until he was reminded by what Kiely said and turned around. Nick sighed deeply as she weighed heavy on his mind. She was right he was in love with her and he only wished that she was in love back. Kiely threw her empty bottle in the trash and then went and got into her bed. Lauren sat in her contemplating on whether or not she was about to make the right decision and then drove off. Ty stood at the location growing more and more impatient. Monementarily, Lauren pulled up to the location and saw Ty sitting on the hood of his car. “What the f***? What took you so long and where the f*** is he?” Ty wondered. “I couldn’t do it…” Lauren cooed defeatedly. Ty looked at her and chuckled, “Seriously? You talked all that mothaf***ing s*** when we were in the house and now all of a sudden you couldn’t f**king do it?” Ty exclaimed and got up and slapped the s*** Lauren across the face. “IF YOU GONE TRY AND BE A BOSS THE N ACT LIKE IT!” Ty screamed. Lauren wiped her tears as she got off the floor and searched Ty’s eyes for sympathy and found nothing. “Yo- You hit me…” She spoke surprisingly. “I just slapped you would you rather get pistol whipped again?” he asked her. “I thought you loved me…” Lauren spoke as tears developed once again. “Were done pathetic b***h.” He spoke. “IM PATHETIC? YOU’RE PATHETIC YOU f**king WANT MY COUSIN AND I STILL HAPPENED TO FOOLISHLY FALL IN LOVE WITH A f**king PSYCHO. f**king LEAVE ME THEN I DON’T f**king NEED YOU ANYWAY!” Lauren spat. Ty turned to walk to his car while putting the middle finger up. “b**** please I’d finish the f**king job…just wait.” He said while slamming his car door and speeding off.

That was the last time Lauren ever saw or heard from Ty. Yes, she didn’t follow orders, but she also had to step back from this horrible person she had became. She imagined herself killing alone and that night she knew she had to turn her life around and re-dedicate her life to Christ. Somewhere along the mist…she got lost. Time had passed by and Caiden was walking and learning how to say her first words as her first birthday started approaching. Unfortanately, Zoey was still unaware as to who she was or the situation that happened. She took Caine’s advice and wanted to create fresh new memories and didn’t want to focus on anyone who was in the past. They both became inseparable. The nurse almost that Caine was a patient of theirs as much as he stay there with Zoey. At first it was a problem, but the love that they saw was clearly too strong for him to stop coming around. Caine liked Zoey a lot even though she still had a lot of mental issues going on. “I want to go somewhere…” Caine told Zoey. “Like where?” She said sitting down on her bed. “Maybe…oohh I know L.A.” He smiled widely. Zoey frowned a little and nodded, “Go head and go.” She told him. “I want you to come with me..” He told her. Zoey shook her head slowly and looked at the floor. “Why not?” He inquired. “because… they think I’m crazy.” She coed as a stray tear fell from her eye. Caine moved closer to her. “Please don’t cryi…what is it? Why do you think that?” He asked. “Because I’m bi-polar and it’s gotten worse since my accident but that’s not whats making me sad.” She told him. “Then what is?” he asked. “L.A” She started to cry more. “What about L.A…’s a nice place I think you’d love it.” Caine smiled trying to make her happy. “It’s this story about two lovers…. They were toxic for each other. I mean really toxic and they often fought, but through the mist of it all…they always found there way back to one another. I forgot to mention that when they fight….sometimes he would get really controlling and out of control. So one night, he decided he wanted to go to L.A. and she was just like “yea okay” like it didn’t really matter to her. On the way…he sung with the radio and she knew he could sing and although he didn’t like for people to notice it deep down inside he knew he had a gift he just didn’t want to embrace. So he grew irritated at the fact that she mentioned something about his singing and knew she made a horrible mistake by doing that. “ Zoey sighed and looked at Caine who seemed deepling into the story. “While driving…he took both of his hands off the wheel just to get some of his candy and after that…it didn’t take him long for him to flip out. A big argument started and the girl wanted to just leave…she idn’t want to be in his presence anymore and wanted him to pull over. He hated being disrespected so yea she spoke her mind that night, but that was the wrong decision as well because….af-after that He pulled over to a dark place with no lighting surrounding them and started to beat her. That was the first time..he ever laid hands on her. He gave her many signs before that she ignored because she didn’t think that he would ever hit her and because she was foolish in love. After he beat her he made her get in the back and you won’t think to know what she did.” Zoey continued. “What?” Caine looked concerned. “He told her to go to sleep and when she closed her eyes she smiled… she’s crazy right?” Zoey said as her eyes glistened. “Wow…that’s a sad story.” Caine looked at her feeling bad and didn’t even know the girl. “she’s still crazy today.” Zoey said letting her tears fall. “How do you know that?” Caine cooed as he screwed his face and wiped her tears. “Be-cause….I was that girl” Zoey cried louder. Caine pulled her into her a hug and stroked her hair trying to comfort her as much as possible. “I didn’t know what to do….I still love him and forgave him.” She cried. Caine screwed his face and continued to comfort her as his mind raced with a millions thoughts a second. After moments of thinking about the story Zoey vivdly painted for Caine his heart started to race as he felt a lump in his throat. He backed away from Zoey and studied her face and her body and then stared in her eyes. “i-its okay…” Zoey nodded her head as more tears ran down her face. “No….it’s not. I’m that guy!” Caine stared at her as tear dance down his cheek.

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Chapter 35: Step by Step

Life changed once Caiden was taken away. Zoey’s mind was absent while Caine struggled to get his back. Kiely and Nick had a lot on their shoulders that they tried to manage while Ty and Lauren tried getting on one accord. Trigga and Alexis remained friends and tried helping Kiely and Nick as much as they could. Kiely didn’t really like Alexis but as long as she was helping with Trigga she really couldn’t complain. It was something about her that didn’t rub her the right way, but refused to confront her about it. Caine continued taking his medicine and grew familiar with certain situations that took place in his life in the past. He knew exactly how he was raised and never walked by the shelter again after getting comfortable in his apartment. Him and Nick grew closer than ever before as Caine finally began to trust him. “Are you ready?” Nick asked him. Caine nodded his head and grabbed his keys and locked his apartment from behind. It’s been two months since he’s since Zoey and didn’t really remember her. “We gonna meet Kiely there.” Nick told him. Caine nodded his head and learned that Kiely was a friend of Zoey’s and the girlfriend of Nick. Caine’s memory enhanced enough for him to go back to work. “Where’s Shelly?” Caine asked. Nick continued driving and then looked over at Caine and screwed his face. “Shelly not here…” He told him. “They told me at work that she used to work there, but she never come to work.” Caine told him. Nick knew little about Shelly and just knew that she died based off the little that Caine told him. “I don’t know man…well…when we get ready to see Zoey make her feel special.” He told him while parking. “Why?” Caine screwed his face. “That’s your fiancée and you should want to.” Nick told him. Caine sighed because he was tired of hearing that and never even saw Zoey and didn’t know her. “How come I don’t feel like I’m engaged to this Zoey person…I don’t even remember her.” Caine said to him. “You will…hopefully.” Nick said getting out the car. Caine followed behind him and took a seat inside while he waited on Nick to come back from talking to one of the nurses and then saw Kiely walk in. “Hey Caine.” She greeted with a kiss on his cheek and sat down. “Hey Kiely..” He said dryly. “What’s wrong with you?” She questioned. “I’m just tired of you guys telling me I’m engaged with a child and a fiancée and I don’t ever remember seeing either one.” He spoke out. Kiely sighed and looked at him, “It’s a long story Caine…You will remember soon, but that’s why we’re here right now…we’ve came to see your fiancée.” Kiely told him.

“Ms. Davis we have some guest that will like to see you.” Her psychiatrist informed. “I don’t give a f*** b****.” Zoey stared down at her. “Now place nice Ms. Davis…these people really would like to see you. They’ve drove a long way to come see you.” She told her. Zoey rolled her eyes and got up and started following the nurse to the visitation center. Zoey was put into a strait jacket for previously trying to hurt one of the doctors that was trying to administer a drug to her. Zoey sat down behind the glass window as the nurses directed Nick, Kiely, and Caine inside. Zoey shot a glare at Caine and scooted her chair back. “GET BACK!” She screamed and stared Caine in the face. Caine put his hands up in surrender and screwed his face. “Chill out!” He stated. “Shhh..” Kiely told him. “Zoey…you don’t remember Caine?” Nick asked. “You’re a bad man…you’re a curse!” She stared at Caine demonically. “Oh hell nawl..” Caine spoke turning around. Kiely smacked her lips and grabbed Caine by the arm “Sit down Caine.” Kiely told him. Caine screwed his face and snatched his arm back, “Did you not just hear this crazy b****?” He said pointing at Zoey which made her laugh loudly. The nurse shook her head at all of them while Nick sighed. “I’ll show you b****.” Zoey spoke between her laughs. “Oh yea? How? You crazy tied down like you need to be.” Caine told her. “You can tie me down anytime.” She winked. Caine widened his eyes and turned around again ready to leave. “She’s bipolar you know this Caine.” Nick told him. Caine turned around and chuckled, “I don’t know s*** Nick! I don’t know who that girl is.” He stated. This pissed Zoey off, “You knew me when I was on your kitchen island! CANNAN!” She spat. Caine quickly turned his attention from Nick to her and flexed his jaws, “Don’t call me that…” he told him. “OR WHAT!” Zoey grilled while getting up in his face. “Ms. Davis have your seat.” The nurse interjected. “Or what Cannan…” Zoey chuckled while making him even more mad. “SHUT UP!” He screamed. “Excuse me but I think I’m going to have to cut this visit a little short.” The nurse announced. “Wait! Caine…and Zoey calm down.” Kiely stated. Zoey rolled her eyes and took a seat. “Why are yall here?” She wondered. “We miss you… and we want you to get better.” Nick told her. “Stop talking to me like I’m crazy.” Zoey stated. “Well you basically are..” Caine chuckled. Zoey cut her eye at Caine and wish she was wasn’t in a strait jacket. “GET THIS BASTARD OUT OF HERE!” She screamed. “Or what?” He mocked her from earlier. “Alright that’s enough…you guys got to go.” The nurse said. “WHAT ABOUT CAIDEN ZOEY HUH?” Kiely said with tears forming in her eyes. “Come on man…” Nick cooed. Kiely looked back at Zoey and then waved as Caine and Nick followed her out the door. “I wish you would have behaved for your guest.” The nurse told Zoey. “Stop f***ing talking to me like I’m your f***ing child.” Zoey spat.
“What the f*** was that back there?” Nick retorted. Kiely shrugged her shoulders, “I don’t know…she will never get well.” She said. “I hope yall don’t think it’s my fault.” Caine exclaimed. Kiely looked at him and sighed while getting in her car to drive off. “What’s wrong with her?” Caine questioned. Nick shrugged his shoulders, “ Things just didn’t go well…that’s all.” Nick told him. Caine sighed and started to feel bad, “I’m sorry..” He apologized. Nick got into the car followed by Caine and drove off. “How did it go?” Trigga wondered. “It didn’t go as well as I thought it would her and Caine basically argued the whole entire time and the last time I visited her she wasn’t in a strait jacket.” Kiely sighed as she talked on the phone. “Damn man…that’s crazy as hell.” Trigga shook his head. “I know…well…I’ll let you get back to what you were doing. I’m about to get a drink when I get home.” Kiely said. “Ok…take care.” He told her. “Thanks.” She said while hanging up. Kiely had picked up drinking heavily once Caiden was taken away. She tried dealing with it on her own, but chose to drink her feelings away. She knew that once she was sober her problems still existed, but in the meantime it made her feel that everything was okay. Nick didn’t know about Kiely’s drinking problem because she didn’t want him to become overprotective even more. He had become so protective and wanted to make sure everything was okay with Kiely. At times he blew her phone up when he knew she was out with her friends making sure she was okay and wasn’t partying too much. He wanted to make sure she wasn’t stressed out by everything, but according to Kiely…it was too late. She was beyond stress out from the Zoey situation, to the bills, and how she had to eat every day.

Nick pulled up to Caine’s house and dropped him off and then decided to stop by Kiely’s house and see if she was ok. Nick got out the car and then walked up to the front door and knocked on it. Kiely sat on her living room couch and put her bottle behind the couch and went to the door. She had walked in the door ten minutes ago and didn’t know who could’ve been at her house this soon-well… excepte for Nick. Kiely opened the door to exactly who she knew it was and sighed. “I’m fine Nick..” She expressed. Nick immediately saw the difference in her demeanor and screwed his face. “I just wanted to make sure because I know that you really wanted the meeting to go differently…” He exclaimed. “Yea I know… but “I’m fine. I don’t need you coming over here like you own me.” Kiely sassed. “Kiely!” Nick spoke surprisingly. “What?” She retorted. “How can you say something like that? I always make sure you’re okay when I know your bothered by something…what’s wrong?” He questioned. Kiely chuckled and then looked at him with her drunken eyes. didn’t take Kiely long at all to get drunk she was an alcoholic. “I’m stressed out what do you expect Nick? I just need you to back up a little… I know that you’re in love with me and all, but I’m not in love with you okay? We’re on too different pages right now and I don’t want you to continue to watch over me like I’m three years old.” She bluntly remarked. Nick looked at floor and then looked up at her with hurtful eyes, “I understand… I didn’t realize I was doing that. I’m sorry..I got it now.” He said while turning around and walking off. Kiely rolled her eyes and closed the door and then wobbled over to the couch and picked up her bottle she hid.

Caine felt bad for the way he argued with Zoey and decided to pay her another visit and this time he brought along someone with him. “Sir..I don’t think it’s a good time to see her again maybe in the next two weeks.” The nurse told Caine. Caine sighed because he had walked all the way from his house and to where Zoey was because he didn’t have enough money saved up yet to get a car. “Please…I walked all the way over here and I just want to give her these?” He asked showing her the gift he bought her. The nurse looked at him and sighed. “Just one second..” She said while leaving the desk. Caine stood there hoping that he was able to at least apologize and leave. “You can come on..” The nurse instructed. Caine walked into a different room then the last one he was in. “We’ve given her, her medicine so she should be fine.” She told him. Caine looked at her and nodded his head and sat down on the bed that was in her cell. “H-how you doing?” Caine asked Zoey. Zoey looked at Caine feeling drowsy and waved. “Umm..I don’t know if you remember me from earlier, but I wanted to bring you this and just say I’m sorry…for whatever reason you feel that I’m evil or…may have hurt you some type of way.” Caine told her. “I remember you….really good.” Zoey cooed. “Really?” Caine looked at her. Zoey nodded her head. “Yea…I remember you from somewhere. I know we had sex before, but your face is really really familiar… and I j-jus-“ Zoey stated as she tried ignoring the lump in her throat. Caine sighed and shook his head in frustration, “I really wish I could remember you..” He stated. “Maybe I should go…” She said getting up. “You can’t go anywhere…”Caine sighed. "Wait! i-im sorry I just wish I could remember what things were like before the accident I got in. I just know that to sum everything up my life wasn't pretty from what I remember. I’m surprised as f*** to have a house. But ima stop trying to remember until it comes to me but until then... I want me and you to….. create new memories" He continued. Zoey looked up at Caine and nodded her head. “Zoey it’s time for you to eat.” The nurse said while peeping in the door. Zoey got up while walking toward the door and felt Caine’s hand on her waist. Zoey turned around and felt his lips press against hers. Zoey felt a weird feeling come over her as she closed her eyes and kissed him back until he pulled away. “Number one…” He remarked. Zoey smirked and blushed a little. “Have a good day beautiful…” He said walking out. “Okay Caine…” Zoey cooed to herself.
Caine went home feeling good about the decision he made. Although he couldn’t remember Zoey from his past, he wanted to make her about of his future. He grew tired of hearing the hearsay about him and Zoey and decided to start fresh with her. It was something about her that was like a magnet to his heart. He was drawn in by her evil attitude and thought it was quite sexy even though earlier he didn’t want to admit it. “Are you doing fine now?” The nurse questioned while escorting Zoey to the lunchroom. Zoey rolled her eyes, “When do I get to leave?” She wondered ignoring her previous question. “When you start to progress Ms. Davis.” She told her. “I have progressed…yea I acted an ass earlier, but did you not see that fine man just woke out of here? And He gave me a kiss oh…and a teddy bear.” Zoey blushed. The nurse looked back at Zoey and kept her comments to herself. “Of course any psycho would love to have that fine ass man around.” She continued. “I don’t think that Kiely likes me very much.” Alexis said blowing smoke into the air. “Why you say that?” Trigga said doing the same. “Because every time she comes around she doesn’t seem like she’s comfortable.” She stated. “Well…maybe it’s because she knows that you used to f*** around with Caine and you know Zoey is her best friend and you know how that s*** go.” Trigga chuckled. Alexis glared at him and then shrugged her shoulders as she inhaled her blunt. “Caine isn’t all of that any…couldn’t even stay hard sometimes.” She chuckled while shaking her head. “Sometimes? How many times you f***ed the nigga?” Trigga wondered. “hmmm…. I stopped counting if you wanna go ALL the way back from when we first met.” She laughed. Trigga shook his head and continued smoking, “Well change the subject now I don’t give a f*** about another nigga d***.” Trigga blurted. “How’s that baby of theirs doing?” She wondered. “That baby of theirs is my God child so watch it b****….but I don’t know…we have a visit date in two weeks.” He said. “Aww…it’s so sad that they child have to go through all of this seriously!” Alexis stated truthfully. “Yea well… Zoey will wake up I just keep praying..” He exclaimed. “So what now?” Lauren asked Ty as he pranced back and forth. “s*** I don’t know I’m trying to think….” He remarked. Lauren folded her arms and waited for him to come up with something. “I don’t have all day you know.” She remarked. “I need you to calm the f*** down…that’s what you can do.” He spat. Lauren rolled her eyes and went upstairs and walked into her room. She went to her closet and took out a gun and then loaded it and then went back downstairs and c**ked it. “Since you can’t figure out what we’re going to do… I made the decision for you!” Lauren said while grabbing her car keys and a beanie. “Meet you at the loco…. DON’T be f***ing late.” She said. Ty looked at her with an evil smirk and nodded his head.

Kiely sighed deeply as she began to feel the alcohol take control over her body. Kiely closed her eyes and let her mind wonder. <cite>”Kiely…what’s up girl?” Kiely ignored this annoying boy name Stephon that stood on the corner near her house every single day after school. “You not gone speak b****?” He grunted. Kiely looked at him with a slight distraught look and continued to walk. She quickly tried to find her headphones and plug them into her phone to make it seem as if she was listening to music. She often did that so no one would bother her as she walked home from school, but it was people like Stephon that got on her nerves and was just disrespectful. Stephon grabbed Kiely’s arm and immediately slapped her across the face making her fall to the ground. Kiely looked up to see all of Stephon’s friends laughing along with him. Kiely held her tears back from feeling humiliated and so degraded. She got up from the ground and dusted her clothes off and tried walking away, but was interrupted again. “b**** DID I TELL YOU f***ING MOVE?” He screamed. “No…” Kiely whispered. Stephon looked at Kiely up and down and then behind her. Kiely was just a little extra blessed and usually caught dudes attention, which she didn’t always enjoy. “mmm mphm mmm girl. I’ma have fun with you.” He remarked licking his lips. Kiely swallowed hard and tried to ignore the burning sensation in her throat. “You coming with us…” He informed her. “W-why?” Kiely questioned. “Hoe don’t question me… now you coming with us because what I say goes and if you don’t do what I say then I’ll kill you.” He stated. Kiely was extremely frightened and wonder why she couldn’t pick up her phone and call 911 at the moment. Instead she started thinking of ways to get away then calling for help. Pulling out her phone in front of Stephon would be the wrong choice and would only lead up to a broken phone unable to dial anything. Stephon led the way to an abandon house where Kiely was forced to strip out of her clothes. No one knew Kiely was insecure about her body, so having to be forced to do something she was definitely was uncomfortable with bothered her. She didn’t want to have all the ass and the thighs because she feared this day would come. She thought why her? Why her? As tears streamed down her eyes. She felt a painful whip go across her face as she was slapped to the floor again. Kiely’s cries and screams filled the room as Stephon took her virginity selfishly. Kiely grabbed her belongings and walked home to see a bruised girl in the mirror. She was told not to go to the hospital or she’d die, so she cried herself to sleep that night and prayed to God to not only forgive her, but Stephon as well.</cite>

Kiely wiped a few tears from her eyes as she brought back to reality. She never let anyone ever touch her and sometimes she thought that was all Nick was waiting on. She shook her head and started laughing at- nothing. Nick sat in his room thinking about Kiely just as she was thinking of him. Lauren pulled up to her prey’s house and smirked as she pulled her hat over her face. She kissed her gun for luck and hopped out of the car.

to be continued....


Chapter 34: Hardships..

Zoey stared into Caine’s eyes and felt a weird feeling come over and looked down. Caine took his index finger and lifted her chin. “You do that too much…you’re too beautiful.” He said searching her face. Zoey closed her eyes and waited for his lips to touch hers and soon enough felt them. Caine looked at Zoey’s lips as he pulled away and kissed her again this time noticing her kiss back. Amanda cleared her throat causing them to jump a little. “Do you guys need anything else?” She asked. Caine smirked “No....we’ll take some to go plates and the ticket.” He told her. Caine and Zoey were silent until Amanda came back with their to-go boxes and ticket. “I hope yall have a nice evening” She said. Caine got up and put the money on the table. “You ready?” Zoey nodded her head and then followed him out of the restaurant where Kiely and Nick stood there waitig for them. “Dang…we just came back.” Nick laughed. “Is that lipstick on your lips Caine?” Kiely asked them. Caine blushed and looked at the ground. “Well…” Zoey rolled her eyes playfully and remained quiet not knowing how to feel about Caine. “Oh s*** now…where we headed?” Nick wondered. “Zoey do you think you can drive?” Kiely asked. “Where is her car?” Nick wondered. “I believe it’s at the police station…” Kiely replied. “Yea..” Zoey said. “Oh…okay well I’m about to give you my car and I’m going with Nick okay?” She said. Zoey nodded her head and Nick gave Caine the keys to his apartment and gave him the eye making him laugh. “You think they gone f***?” Nick asked Kiely while getting in the car. She laughed and shrugged, “I don’t know but s***… they are technically engaged I won’t see why not.” She chuckled and watched Caine take off in her car. “Did you enjoy your dinner?” He asked her. “yea…but I think I want some desert.” Zoey stated. “What kind?” Caine asked. “mmmm….maybe a banana split with some whipped cream.” She said. Caine chuckled and continued to drive, “I think I want a fudge brownie with some sweet filling.” He smirked to himself and continued to drive. “Hell you laughing at?” She wondered. “You’ll see.” He told her and then got lost while trying to find his way back to his apartment.

“What we doing here?” Zoey asked. “I have the banana split with the whip in here like you want.” He informed her. “Oh…okay.” Caine turned his key a thousand times until he realized he was at the wrong door and then finally went to the right house. “It sucks doesn’t it?” Zoey laughed. “What?” He said opening the door. “Not being able to remember sometimes…wow this is a nice house.” Zoey said looking around. “Thank you…” He said. “So…do you have a car or something? Because I don’t want this to be the last date we go on.” He said while fumbling in the kitchen leaving Zoey in the living room. “I think I do…I don’t know though.” She answered. Caine heard her response but didn’t answer and got of the whip cream and chocolate syrup then walked into the living room. Zoey watched him put the whip cream and syrup on his coffee table and then looked at him. “Where the damn banana at?” She screwed her face. “Right here…” He said while taking off his shirt showing off his numerous of tattoos. Zoey quickly got up and stared at his chest and started examining his tats feeling as if she’s saw them somewhere. Caine pushed Zoey on the couch, “I know you hungry but give me enough time to feed you.” He licked his lips and smirked. Zoey raised her eyebrow thinking that what he had planned was not going to succeed- well…that was until he whipped his “banana” out and poured some of the whipped cream on there. “Fresh…long….juicy….tastey….banana split waiting to get ate.” He looked at Zoey with intensity in his eyes as he held his fully semi-erect d***. “I know like HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL you don’t expect me to suck your damn d***.” Zoey retorted with much attitude. Caine laughed and started taking the whipped cream off his d*** and licking it off his hands. “Yea..get that s*** off cause it wasn’t coming off from me f*** I look like…it’s time from me to go.” She stated while getting up. Caine pulled her arm and pulled her close to him and licked up her neck to ear and blew on it, then pushed her aggressively on the couch. Caine tugged her jeans from behind and pulled them off. “You ain’t going nowhere…” he demanded and spread her legs widely looking at her flower glisten. “Why you so wet if you wanna leave huh?” He asked forcing his fingers in her pussy and biting his lip. “Ooohh I don’t know…just le-let me go.” Zoey moaned while arching her back. “Not before I eat my brownie…and besides…you don’t wanna leave.” He said taking his fingers out and sucking his fingers individually until all of her was no longer present on them. Zoey caught her breath a little and sat up cause Caine to grab her legs and pull her back down. “Stay there matter of fact play with that pussy…” He ordered. “No!” Zoey challenged. “No?” Caine questioned and smacked her clit with much force. “AHH f***KK…” Zoey moaned loudly. “ with it.” He spoke in a confident tone knowing she’d give it. “Mmm…” Zoey moaned as she did what she was told. Caine grabbed the chocolate syrup, pushed Zoey’s hand away, and poured just enough on her clit and started sucking on it. “Oh my Go- sss mmmm yesss…” Zoey moaned and immediately grabbed his hand.

Caine closed his eyes and started making out with her pussy and continued sucking up all of the syrup. “Mmm…you like f***ing strangers you dirty slut?” Caine moaned. “Noo…” Zoey said taking off her shirt and tossing it to the side. Caine continued flicking his tongue on and off of her clit and f***ing her with his fingers as she grinded to his rhythm. “You don’t f*** strangers but you f***ing these fingers mmmm…” He moaned. “Yessss…” Zoey moaned as she continued to grind on his fingers. Caine continued to enjoy his desert until Zoey started cumming in his mouth giving him something to drink. “woooohhhh” She said trying to get up. “What you doing? You got your desert coming..” Caine told her while going to get a condom and get back to see Zoey getting up. “Sit dat ass down…” Caine warned her. “You not my daddy!” Zoey spat at him. “I’m not?” Caine grabbed her and sucked her neck and ran his fingers over her breast. “St-so-stopp…” Zoey whispered. Caine yanked her pants back off and then threw her on the couch and spread her legs and entered her. Zoey gasped and arched her back responding to him. “Still not daddy?” Caine said while pumping in and out of her. “Yess..” Zoey managed to say. “Yes what? I’m your daddy?” Caine questioned in a seductive tone. “Mmm—yess….” She cried. “Ooohh s***…mmm…what about that fiancé of yours? He not daddy huh? You cheating slut!” Caine moaned. “AHHH f*** YESSS!!!” Zoey cried out. Caine bit his lip and continued to thrust inside and out of Zoey sending her into endless bliss. “Mmmm this pussy so good babe.” He complimented. “Mmm f*** it…” Zoey demanded. “b**** don’t tell me how to f*** my pussy!” Caine said chocking Zoey. Zoey’s mouth flew open ready to catch flies as she didn’t know how to respond by all of this torture and pleasure at the same time. “Where your ring at huh?” Caine said going deeper. Zoey’s eyes filled with tears from the pleasure and pain and couldn’t talk. Caine took his d*** out and slapped it on her clit, “Mmm…f*** yourself with your ring finger you cheating ass hoe.” He ordered. “NO!” Zoey moaned. “You love disobeying daddy…”Caine remarked while grabbing Zoey’s hand and forcing her ring finger inside of her. “Let me see you f*** that pussy!” Caine ordered while chocking Zoey with more force than before. Zoey took her ring finger and f***ed her pussy like she was told to and looked Caine in the eyes while she did so turning him on even more. “Mmm s***..” He groaned and then stopped her. Zoey took her finger and put it in her mouth sucking loudly for him as he stared at her. “Ooohhh…let me see it…open up that pussy baby.” He told her. Zoey attempted to do what he said, but he turned her around making her ass sit up. “Do it that way…open up dat cat.” He bit his lip. Zoey took her hands and opened herself for him to see inside her like he wanted. Caine rubbed his hands up her ass and slapped both cheeks with much force. “Ohhh…that pretty pink pussy look so good girl.” He moaned while sticking his tongue in her hole. “Mmmm s***…Yessssss daddy..” Zoey moaned. Caine stuck his hands in her pussy and then stuck them in his mouth. “What’s my name?” He asked her. Zoey ignored him because she simply forgot she was so overwhelmed, hot, and horny she didn’t really even give a damn. “You in f***ing trouble now! You don forgot my gotdamn name b****” Caine stated while grabbed Zoey and picking her up.

Caine knocked over everything he had on his kitchen island and rammed his d*** inside of Zoey showing her no mercy. “You better figure out my damn name before I nut or its round two” He threatened. Zoey’s legs shook violently as she began squirting on his d*** causing some to splash on his abs. She could barely handle round one let alone a round two. She couldn’t believe she forgot his name and began hating herself that she did and definitely didn’t want to call him someone he wasn’t. “f*** f*** f*** I’M BOUT TO CUM AGAIN MMMM” Zoey cried as Caine pounded her making their bodies create drum sounds. Zoey felt tears run down her eyes as she tried to control her body from shaking. Caine continued to thrust, grind, pump deeper and harder for only forty five minutes that Zoey barely could stand. “AHHHH….ssss..MMMMMM f***KKKKKKKK” Caine groaned as he finished on her stomach. “YESS Cannnannn…” Zoey moaned. Caine looked at Zoey completely caught off guard, “How do you know that?” He cooed. Zoey looked at Caine and shrugged her shoulders slowly, “I don’t know…” She cooed back. Caine looked at her weirdly and then got a wet napkin and wiped her stomach off and then threw it away with the condom in the trash. Zoey hopped off the island and then quickly put her clothes on. “I should definitely go now…shower and stuff.” She told him. Caine looked at her and then nodded his head and went to his bathroom and showered. Zoey sat on the couch ready to go and saw Caine walked down with sleepwear on. “Are you taking me home?” She asked. “Do you know the way?” He asked. “I think..” She said unsure. “Well…ok.” He said while turning around. Zoey waited another ten minutes before she saw Caine come down the stairs again. “What the hell took you so f***ing long?” She questioned. “I had to find the keys..I forgot where I put them.” He answered. Zoey walked to the front of the door and then let herself out followed by Caine. The whole ride was silent besides Zoey giving directions to her house and getting lost a thousand times. “Wait..” Caine said stopping Zoey from leaving. “What?” She said. “I like you…” Caine told her. “I have to go now..” She said looking down. “You always doing that Zoe!” He snapped. Zoey looked up with tears filled in her eyes. “You don’t call me that….you always called me Zoey” She said while hushing out the car. Zoey ran into her house leaving Caine clueless as to what was going on. Zoey ran to her room as tears danced down her face feeling confused.

Caine heard his phone ring and answered it. “Hello?” He answered. “Caine…you down with the date this is Nick your best friend remember?” He spoke. “Oh yea…and yea…I am.” He sounded a lil defeated. “Everything alright?” He wondered. “Yea…I guess she don’t like me.” Caine said. “She does…way more then you know.” Nick reassured him. “Ion know.” Caine responded. “Well…where you at so we can come get Kiely car?” He asked. “Who’s Kiely? And to my house.” He took off. “My girlfriend and iight we on our way.” He said while hanging up. Caine was iffy about everything that Zoey said and didn’t know how to really feel about her anymore. Zoey started ripping her room apart along with anything else she saw in her sight. “IDIOTTTT!!! I’M A f***ING IDIOT!” She screamed. Caine pulled up to his house and then sat outside and waited on Nick and Kiely. “What’s up? How did it go?” Kiely asked. Caine shrugged his shoulders not knowing what she was talking about. “What you mean?” Nick asked him. “She said Cannan…that’s my name I don’t know her.” Caine told them. Nick and Kiely looked at each other. “I should go and check on her.” Kiely suggested while getting her keys from Caine. “You wanna play ball?” Nick asked. “I don’t think I know how to play.” Caine said while looking at the floor. “What happened?” Nick screwed his face. “She called me Cannan…I don’t even like that name. I HATE IT!” He grew mad. “Maybe we should play basketball so you won’t think about it and take your medicine inside.” Nick thought. “I’m not sick…” Caine told him. “It will make you feel better though.” He said. “Iight.” Caine agreed and wen t inside his apartment with Nick. The smell of sex hit Nick right when he walked in and knew immediately how Zoey all of a sudden remembered his name and chuckled. “Do you know what I did with my medicine?” Caine asked him. “Umm.. let me find it.” Nick told him and went searching. Kiely drove off to the daycare and picked Caiden up and then drove to Zoey’s apartment. She took Caiden out the seat and knocked on the door. “Zoey it’s Kiely..”She spoke loudly. Zoey swung open the door and swung a punch not caring who she hit and heard a baby cry loudly. “Noooooo….ZOEY!” Kiely cried as tears swell her face. Zoey had turned around so quick she didn’t know who she hit and didn’t care as her sever bipolar episode took control of her like never before. Kiely grabbed her phone and then dialed Nick. “Hello?” Nick answered while tossing Caine his pills. Caine walked into the kitchen and took his pills. “She hit Caiden pretty harddd Nickkk ….” Kiely cried. “WHAT THE f*** YOU MEAN SHE HIT CAIDEN?” Nick shouted and raised Caine’s eyebrows as he stayed in the kitchen. “SHE’S HAVING A SEVERE EPISODE I NEED YOU TO COME AND TAKE CAIDEN TO THE HOSPITAL SHE’S BLEEDING FROM HER NOSE!” She cried. “b**** SHUT UP f*** YOU YELLING ABOUT? HUH?” Zoey yelled at Kiely. “SHUT THAT f***ING BABY UP DAMNIT!!!” She contined. “Oh my God…I’m on my way.” Nick said while hanging up. “You iight?” Caine asked seeing Nick jet down the steps. “I’ll play basketball when I get back.” He told him and walked out. Caine shrugged his shoulders and then headed to the couch to watch TV.

Nick rushed back to Zoey’s apartment as fast as he could and hopped out hearing Caiden cry. “WHO THE f*** IS THAT?” Zoey said throwing an object at Nick. “Baby…give me Cai” He said reaching for Caiden. “I have to get her stuff out my car.” Kiely said running to her car and giving her things to Nick. “Please don’t drive that fast.” She cried. Nick grabbed her face and wiped some of her tears and kissed her. “Everything will be fine.” He told her. Kiely nodded her head and ran back up to Zoey’s apartment and walked in and saw Zoey with a knife to her throat. “Zo-Zoey…what are you doing?” She spoke in a worried tone. “Don’t come near me or I’ll do it.” She cried. Kiely didn’t know what was adding up and couldn’t figure what triggered the episode she was having and wanted to help her friend. Caine sat at his house laughing at an episode of Family Guy ready to play basketball whenever his friend was coming back. Nick rushed to the nearest Children’s Hospital and was immediately questioned by the doctor as Caiden was taken away for treatment. “Do you know what happened sir?” The officer questioned Nick. Nick bit his lip not really wanting to tell what happened. “I don’t know..I just know that her babysitter called me crying saying she was hurt and I came to take her away.” He said. “And where is the babysitter?” The police interviewed. “Where I left her..” Nick told him quickly. “I’m going to need you to come down to the station with me.” He told him. Nick swallowed hard and nodded his head. He didn’t know what else to say or do. He just figured he’d remain quiet so he wouldn’t get himself into any trouble. “Please…Zoey I love you, Caiden loves you, we all love you…don’t do it.” Kiely cried. “YOU DON’T KNOW ANYTHING!” Zoey yelled at her with tears falling down her eyes. “We’ve been through this before…” She said to her. Things aren’t looking good Kiely… I have to go to the police station because there questioning me about Caiden and I’m afraid that they gonna take her away :/ Nick texted and quickly deleted the message and turned his phone off. Kiely felt her phone vibrate and then read the message and shook her head as tears continued to fall down her eyes. Zoey screamed loudly as she cut the side of her neck. Kiely noticed what she did and called the ambulance immediately. “Leave me alone…” Zoey cried. “Help is on the way…Zoey.” Kiely wiped her tears and tried her best to remain calm.

The ambulance rushed to Zoey’s apartment and took her away on the stretcher as she hollered loudly. Kiely went and got Caine and then rushed to the hospital in her car. “What’s going on?” He asked. “Your fiancée tried to kill herself.” She sped. “My fiancée? “ Caine questioned. “I need a drink…” Kiely sighed and then got to the hospital as fast as she can. Once Kiely made it inside she tried calling Nick’s phone but his phone went straight to voicemail. She sighed and then went to the front desk to check on Zoey. “Hey I’m here to check the status on Zoey Davis.” She told her. “They just brought her here not too long ago…it might be about thirty minutes to an hour when you’ll be able to see her.” She informed Kiely. Kiely sighed and nodded her head. Two hours passed by and Caine grew tired of sitting in the waiting room and didn’t know why he was there. ”What we doing here?” He questioned. “Caine…you’re not going to understand right now…I’ll tell you one day.” She shook her head and saw the doctor come out and hopped up. “Davis Family?” He inquired. Kiely nodded her head, “Is she okay?” She asked. “Yes but I’m afraid that her bipolar disorder has seemed to worsen due to her amnesia she is dealing with and she will need to be with a home…to make sure she’s been treated properly.” The doctor informed. “Wait! You mean you’re taking her to a psych ward?” Kiely raised her eyebrows. “I’m afraid that right that’s the safest place for Ms. Davis to be right now especially if she tried to cause harm to herself and we don’t want her to harm others..” He continued. “Zoey?” Caine mumbled and thought. Kiely sighed in defeat, “How long are you guys keeping her there and can we visit?” She wondered. “All of the information you need to know will be given to her nurse for you to find out.” The doctor stated and walked off. Kiely rolled her eyes and knew that she was definitely getting drunk tonight.

Nick got swabbed to see if his DNA matched Caiden’s although he told the police officer that he wasn’t Caiden’s father. “I need you to take a polygraph test.” He told him. Nick remained quiet as a million things ran through his brain. The officer set up a polygraph test for Nick to take and began asking questions. “Is Caiden your daughter?” He asked. “No..” Nick stated truthfully. “Do you know what happened to Caiden?” He questioned. “Yes..” Nick answered. “Do you know the person who did this to Caiden?” He inquired while staring at him. Nick took a while and then sighed..”Yes.. but it wasn’t to harm her.” He blurted. “Strictly yes or no answers during this polygraph test do you understand that?” He asked. Nick nodded his head and continued answering the questions like he was supposed to. “Hello?” Kiely answered. “Hey did Zoey ever get a phone?” A male voice said over the phone. “Is this Trigga? And no…” Kiely responded. “Yea and dang…where she at you know?” He wondered. “There’s a lot going on right now that I can’t quite talk about right now, I’m still trying to figure things out.” Kiely told him. “Dang…I hope everything is alright. I’m here…I just wanted to let you know that. I know that everything might seem hard right now, but I don’t want you or your dude to think you’re alone in this because I love Zoey to death and I want to be there during this hard time to be there for her.” He reminded her. Kiely nodded her head, “Thank you…I’ll remember that, I’ll fill you in as soon as I get everything together.” She told him. “Alright…yall are in my prayers.” He said. Kiely nodded, “Thank you…” She said. Nick was released, but couldn’t get Caiden as she was taken away into child care custody. Kiely and Caine tried visiting Zoey, but the doctors said they couldn’t. Nick turned his phone on and called Kiely. “Hey..” Kiely said in a surprising tone. “Let’s go to your place of my place…” he said. “Ok..” KIely said and took off to Nick’s place with Caine still with her. “Where’s Caiden?” Kiely first pointed out while entering his apartment. Nick sighed, “I couldn’t take her…” He told her. “She’s still in the hospital right?” She questioned. “Yes but we can’t take her….or Caine or Zoey. Caiden is in the hands of DHR now.” Nick stated feeling horrible. “WHAT! I KNEW I SHOULD HAVE WENT INSTEAD OF YOU!” Kiely yelled leaving Caine confused. “BABE HOW WAS I GONNA HELP YOU IN JAIL? AND PLUS I’M NOT THE GUARDIAN OF CAIDEN I COULDN’T DO ANYTHING BUT TELL THE TRUTH..” Nick yelled back. “YOU COULD HAVE TOLD THEM YOU WANTED CUSTODY!” Kiely said as tears flooded down her face again. “THE CHILD WAS HURT WHY IN THE f*** WOULD THEY THINK I WANTED CUSTODY KIELY? THEY DON’T CARE NOTHING ABOUT THAT! IF IT’S PHYSICAL EVIDENCE OF A CHILD HURT AND NEITHER ONE OF THE PARENTS ARE THERE TO TAKE THEIR OWN CHILD TO THE HOSPITAL THEY’RE GOING TO THINK SHE’S BEING NECGLATED AND TAKE HER AWAY!” He shouted. “Well…Zoey’s is in a psych ward now so…I’m guess they’ll never get Caiden back and we’ll never be able to help them. You LET THEM take Caiden away. I just can’t deal with all of this.” Kiely said headed for the door. Nick ran after her and grabbed her arm, “Baby please don’t talk like that.. I’m want you to understand that it’s not my fault.” He pleaded as gloss covered his eyes. “Is everything okay?” Caine chimed in. “I don’t understand anything right now Nick…I just need some time to soak all of this in.” She told him. “Okay well let me help you do that…don’t leave me alone in this by myself. We started together and gonna end together.” He encouraged. Kiely fell into his arms and cried her eyes out not knowing what to do about anything. Nick looked at Caine who sat there looking confused. He sighed and prayed that everything would be alright whoever these strange people were.

Chapter 33: How we met

Caine felt a sharp object on his back and shot up. “STOP IT!” He yelled. “WHO ARE YOU? GET OUT MY HOUSE!” She she yelled and cut the lights on. Caine screwed his face, “I have to use the bathroom really bad.” He told her. “NIGGA I DON’T KNOW YOU! YOU SHOULD OF STAYED OUTSIDE WHERE YOU BELONG!” She yelled. “STOP YELLING CRAZY LADY!” Caine yelled at her. “GET OUT!” Zoey got behind him and started pushing him. “GET OUT!” She repeated. “The bugs out there are eating me. Can I just use the bathroom?” Caine pleaded. Zoey sighed and shook her head, “You have one minute to take your pencil out and use it…. 59…58” She began counting. Caine laughed, “Can you show me where your bathroom is?” He two stepped trying to hold his bladder. Zoey sighed loudly, “I don’t know where it is.” She spoke truthfully. “What do you mean?” He screwed his face. “I don’t know where the f*** it is are you deaf or something?” Zoey questioned. “You’re so mean..” Caine shook his head. “Get out!” She told him. “I’m ‘bout to pee on myself.” He two stepped more. “USE THE BATHROOM!” Zoey screamed. “WHERE IS IT?” He yelled back. “I DON’T KNOW!” She shouted. “FIND OUT DUMBY!” Caine spat back. “I’m calling the police.” Zoey threatened and went looking for the phone. Caine shook his head and started to roam her house to find the bathroom. Once he found it he used it and let out a sigh of relief as he stared at the ceiling. He looked around and then looked at the trash can and saw a condom and figured she had a boyfriend. Caine flushed the toilet and then walked out and tried to find his way back to the living room where he left. Zoey screamed and sat on the couch and turned the TV on. “Why are you so…..bitter?” Caine asked her. “I can’t find my house phone….I don’t even know if I have a house phone.” She shook her head. “What you need with a house phone?” Caine asked her. Zoey shrugged her shoulders completely forgetting that she threatened to call 911 on him. Caine had something he wanted to ask her, but forgot and took a seat next to her. “Sir…” Zoey said sternly. Caine’s eyes glued to the TV screen as he watched one of his favorite movies well at least he thought was. “HELLO!” Zoey yelled. Caine placed his hands over his ears quickly and looked at her. “You need a hug?” He asked her. “No I don’t what I need is for you to get the f*** out of my house. I don’t know you, you don’t know me!” She demanded. Caine smiled and licked his lips at her, “I feel like I know you… do you have a boyfriend?” He asked. Zoey rolled her eyes irritated, “I have to take my medicine and got to sleep and I can’t if you’re here.” She sighed. “Just answer me and then I’ll leave.” Caine told her. “Well..I don’t know because I just got out of the hospital and I can’t recall a lot right now… I don’t know a lot of things I thought I knew okay?” She spoke in a shameful voice. “Hey… I’m the same way….I think. Maybe we can help each other remember.” Caine suggested. Zoey chuckled and shook her head, “You don’t get the fact that we don’t know each other, so there’s no point! You can’t help me remember the people that were in my life before whatever happened to make me life this. You can’t do anything, but leave!” She expressed. Caine nodded his head and started heading to the back of the house. Zoey hopped off the couch and followed Caine, “Where you think you going?” She asked. “I’m leaving.” He retorted. “Great!” She told him. Caine found his way out of Zoey’s house and then hid under her patio and went to sleep. Zoey looked outside and didn’t see him, sighed in relief, and then went back to bed.

The next morning got up and saw sticky notes all over her mirror telling her things that she needed to remember. She wondered to herself if she wrote those or not, but couldn’t remember. Zoey went to the bathroom and bathed herself and then brushed her teeth. Once she was done getting dressed she heard movement going in her backyard and opened her patio that was outside her room and saw the same man in her house last night. “What are you doing here?” She screwed her face. Caine looked up and saw Zoey and smiled a little. “Hey pretty girl.” He flirted. Zoey rolled her eyes and stared to close the door on him until Caine interrupted her. “Wait…I slept outside because you kicked me out.” He told her. “Ummm yea because you don’t f***ing live here dumbass.” Zoey retorted. Caine nodded his head, “Maybe I’ll see you around sometime…” He told her. Zoey watched Caine walked away from her apartment and made sure he got away. She wiped her forehead and sighed, “Weird man…thank God he’s gone.” She talked to herself. Kiely woke up and got herself together while she can and then got Caiden ready. Trigga woke up with Zoey on his mind and just prayed for her health. He learned more in detail about what happened that night and wanted to knock Caine’s head off his shoulder, but he knew he couldn’t do what he really wanted to. Alexis knocked on his door and then walked in, “Here goes your mail..” She said while placing it on the counter. “Alexis?” Trigga called. “Yea?” She turned her attention to him. “I’m proud of you…” He mentioned. “Why?” She chuckled. Trigga shrugged his shoulders, “Ion know.. you just seem to be changing.” He pointed out. Alexis shrugged her shoulders, “I don’t like this….feeling vulnerable and s*** so…I’m going to leave now.” She chuckled while leaving. Trigga got up and went over to his mail and sighed looking at all the bills he had to pay.
Zoey heard her doorbell and then grabbed a knife from the kitchen and then approached the door ready to kill anyone she needed to. “WHA- WAIT!” Kiely screamed as Zoey opened the door. “Are you that girl that claims to be my best friend?” Zoey questioned. “Yes…can you put the knife down..I have your baby with me.” Kiely told her. Zoey sighed deeply and put the knife down, “What do you want?” She asked. “I came to see how you been…” Kiely looked at her. “I would have been okay if I got sleep last night…” Zoey rolled her eyes. “Aww..what kept you up?” Kiely wondered. “Some man came unannounced just like you and kept bothering me…” She retorted. “A man? Do you remember what he looks like?” Kiely stated. Zoey sighed and closed her eyes and tried to remember his face and could only remember a couple of features. “Umm…tall, freckles….nice smile” Zoey told Kiely. “That’s it? Muscular or skinny, dark or light?” Kiely questioned. Zoey shook her head, “That’s all I remember…what did you say your name was again?” She asked. “Kiely and this is Caiden.” She replied. “What a cute baby…” Zoey chuckled. “She’s yours you know..”KIely giggled causing Zoey to fill with rage. “If you say that s*** one more time I will f***ing cut you. I don’t have a f***ing daughter…”Zoey spoke sternly. Kiely looked at her and then sighed, “You have a daughter and a fiancé.” She told her. “Oh yea? Where the f*** is he then? I want my old life back I don’t know what the f*** is going on and just…” Zoey stopped herself and shook her head. She grew so frustrated and went to take a seat. Kiely walked inside and then closed the door behind her and sat on the couch with Caiden in her hands. “This is your daughter Zoey… I know you may not remember her, but you and her love each other and have an incredible bond. She’s someone who was in your life and hopefully can be there still.” Kiely explained and then heard a knock at the door. “I’ll go get it…” She said while getting up and going to the door with Caiden. “Is Ms. Davis here?” a lady at the door asked. “What do you need with her?” Kiely asked. “Hi… I’m Debra Cooks and I am a social worker, I’d like to talk to Ms. Davis… I was sent over here by the police department and we may be looking for someone to have custody over her daughter.” She informed. Kiely studied the woman, “I’m sorry but Ms. Davis isn’t here right now.” She lied. Debra eyed Kiely and looked at the two cars in the driveway and then back at her.“I will be back…thank you.” She smiled and walked off. Kiely shut the door rolling her eyes and made sure she locked it behind her. “Zoey…” Kiely called. “What?” She answered. “Don’t answer the door for anyone unless they say Caine or Kiely.” She informed. Zoey nodded her head, “Who’s Caine?” she wondered. Kiely got up and sighed while heading to the door, “Your fiancé.” She looked at her one more time and walked out the door. Zoey stared at the floor…she had a best friend name Kiely, a daughter named Caiden, and a fiancé she had no idea about name Caine. What was her life getting into is what she wondered she grew frustrated she couldn’t remember anything.

Kiely made sure Caiden was strapped in and drove off to her daycare. She noticed in her rearview mirror that someone was constantly made the same moves as she did and decided to call Nick. “Hey’s it going?” He asked. Kiely sighed, “Not good… Zoey said there was a man in her house last night and I believe it was Caine the person she described, but I’m not that sure… I don’t know her alarm code so I couldn’t give it to her to rememb- . “It shouldn’t of been Caine… he’s supposed to be getting out of the hospital today. That’s where I’m on my way now.” Nick cut her off. “Okay well let me know how that goes then, but guess what else? A social worker came to the house… I think their trying to take Caiden away from Zoey and Caine.” Kiely spoke with sadness in her voice. “Are you serious?” Nick questioned. “Yea… I believe the social worker was following me… I can’t stay here with Caiden.” Kiely told him. “Wait- What you mean you can’t stay here with her? Nick inquired. “I’m not going to let them take her away from Zoey Nick!” Kiely stressed. “We’re not but you just can’t take her out of the state or wherever you trying to go you have Zoey and Caine here to look after, your job, and then what about me?” Nick exclaimed. Kiely sighed on the verge of tears, “I don’t know about anything anymore… all of this is overwhelming Nick and I just don’t want Caiden to have to go through what Zoey and Caine went through. I want her to be with me until they get better.. I refuse for them to take her and I just know that’s what it would have to result in because I have no way of getting in contact with Zoey’s family…not like she really has any anyway. I wouldn’t dare leave Caiden with that step dad of Zoey’s. Caiden doesn’t really have anybody… I don’t know and of Caine’s people do you?” Nick sighed deeply on his end and shook his head, “I don’t know babe but I’ll ask him I’m at the doctor’s office now so I’ll talk to you later I love you.” He expressed. “Okay..bye.” Kiely said hanging up. Nick looked at his phone and sighed and then walked into the hospital. Nick approached the desk and then cleared his throat to get the lady’s attention. “May I have a visitors pass for Cannan Burose?” He asked. The nurse ignored Nick and started typing on her computer. “Um excuse me ma- “Cannan Burose is not here he was released yesterday may I asked who you are?” She inquired. “I’m his best friend and thank you very much.” Nick said turning away to head out. Nick got into the car and called Kiely but was sent to voicemail and then instead sent her a text message ”Now I have to find Caine…smh was released yesterday. I guess he found his way back to Zoey house, wish he would have stayed there.”. Kiely pulled into her job’s parking lot and then walked into work. Nick took his phone out and dialed Caine’s number and finally got an answer after calling him ten times. “Hello?” He answered. “CAINE!..” Nick spoke surprisingly. “Who dis?” Caine asked. “This Nick your friend man…where the hell you at?” He asked. “Umm… I believe you have the wrong number homie.” Caine chuckled. “Foreal man it’s Nick you may not remember me because of the car accident you got in. I’m your best friend… tell me where you at and we can shoot some hoops over at my crib.” He persuaded. “Umm…” Caine said looking around and finally told him where he was. Caine had found himself downtown by the shelter again feeling that those were the only surrounding he remembered prior to the accident. Caine waited for Nick to show up and then put his hands in his pockets and then pulled out a piece a paper with writing on it. Caine slipped the paper back in his pocket and then saw someone pull up next to him. “Get in… it’s Nick.” He stated. “What’s my name? How I know your Nick for sure?” Caine questioned. “Come look at my call log… I just called you and your name is Cannan Avery Burose nigga so get in.” Nick retorted playfully causing Caine to laugh.

Caine got in his car as his funk slapped Nick in the face as he took off. “Nigga…what the f*** have you been doing all day?” He spoke while covering his nose with his free hand. “I’ve been walking…” Caine answered while looking at the road. “Nigga you need to f***ing bathe f*** wrong with you? You should at least remember to wash ya damn balls nigga.” Nick fussed. “I don’t know where to bathe at…” Caine cooed while looking down making Nick feel bad. “Nigga…you don’t ever have to worry now because I got you and plus you got ya own crib. You just don’t know..” He told him. Caine looked up and shot him a glare, “I do?” He lit up. Nick chuckled and nodded his head as he made it to their side of town. “Yea you got ya own crib …you don’t have your keys in your pocket?” He asked. Caine felt in his pocket and grabbed everything that was in it and then shook his head. “What’s that?” Nick questioned referring to the paper. “I don’t know..” Caine said giving it to him. Nick reached for the paper and then glanced at it back and forth from the road to the paper. “Damn.. you didn’t get your medicine filled yet… I’ll do dat now and then we’ll gone on to the police station where they probably got your keys.” He informed him. Caine nodded his head even though he only know a little as to what he was talking about. He turned the music up once he heard a song he liked and decided to sing along to the music. Zoey sat on her couch not moving an inch and stared at the wall. Her eyes were puffy from crying all day and low from not getting enough sleep. She felt like she had no life and wanted to break free, but didn’t know how due to not remembering anything. Zoey shook her head and then went to her room and saw the sticky note reminding her to take her medicine and did just that. Nick walked out of CVS pharmacy with Caine’s medicine and a bottle of water. Caine grabbed it and read aloud the directions and then took the medicine. “I hope this helps me remember..” He said to Nick. Nick took off and nodded his head, “I hope so too… what you do last night?” He asked wondering if he would mention Zoey. “I slept in someone’s backyard.” Caine answered. “Who backyard nigga? You can’t just be doing that could have died.” He laughed. Caine chuckled as well and drank some more water, “I know.. but I don’t know if I remember her name, but she’s really pretty… I mean sexy nah f*** that she beautiful.” He laughed more. Nick smiled, “What she look like?” He tested him. “Uhhhh…. “ Caine sighed, “f*** I don’t th-….. “Just take your time.” He reassured him. “I believe she was brown skin…and umm… I don’t know she just fine as hell.” Caine laughed. “Well I think I know who you talking about.” Nick said. “You know her?” Caine raised his eyebrows. “Yea..” Nick chuckled. “Man… you lucky.” Caine laughed. “I can set you up on a date bruh…” Nick said. “Foreal? You would do that?” Caine asked. “Yea man…when you wanna take her out?” Nick asked. “As soon as possible….wa- I don’t have a car anymore” Caine mumbled. “I got you man.. don’t worry about it. Anywhere you wanna take her I got you…everything on me!” Nick said. “Damn…you my best friend foreal?” Caine questioned. “Hell yea I better be nigga especially if I’m be a damn shofar for tonight.” He laughed. “Aw man.. I can’t wait!” Caine blushed and looked out the window. “s*** might work this time…” Nick said to himself laughing at Caine blush.

Caine got himself together at the house he didn’t even know he had after wondering everywhere like a lost puppy. He was amazed at the place he lived and thought about staying there. “I think I wanna paint..” He told Nick. “You can do that after your date.” Nick told him. “I have a date tonight?” He questioned. “With WHOO??” Zoey asked Kiely while standing in the mirror. “With your fiancé girl…it’ll be fun.” She laughed. Nick filled Kiely in on everything she needed to know during Caine and Nick’s basketball game earlier. Mentioning that Caine still had his skills and beat Nick by 5 points. “Oh yea..I forgot..I’m sorry I do that a lot so I’m sorry if I may get on your nerves.” Caine half smiled. Nick patted Caine on the shoulders, “Bro it’s alright I have a good feeling about everything.” He smiled. Caine nodded his head and laughed. “How do I look?” He wondered. “Swagged out nigga…swagged out you ready?” He asked. “Wait how my breath smell HAAAAAHHHH” Caine asked while in Nick face. “Nigga back the f*** up.” He laughed “You good my nigga.” He continued. “How do I ask for her number and stuff like i-im nervous..” Caine admitted. “Just make sure you make her smile and laugh and everything else will fall into place…just relax you got this.” Nick told him. Caine looked at the floor and nodded his head trying to remember everything she said. “Smile and laugh.i-I got this.” He said. Nick nodded his head and chuckled while locking up Caine house and keeping the key just in case Caine lost it. “And we’re off..” Kiely told Zoey. “How I look?” Zoey asked. “You look cute you know I hooked you up.” Kiely smiled. “I guess…” Zoey mumbled. Kiely met up with Nick at this nice restaurant and got out hugged each other. “Zoey this is Nick my boyfriend and that’s Caine…” She said pointing to him. “The one you’ll be going on a day with.” She smiled. “Hey…” Zoey looked at him feeling like she knew him from somewhere. “Hey…sorry about the whole backyard house thing…you know.” Caine greeted feeling more nervous than before. “Oh hell nawl…this that nigga I was talking to you about Kiely!” Zoey said to turn away. Caine smirked and looked at her fish nets and raised his left eyebrow and erased the nasty thoughts that played in his mind and snapped out of his daze. “Just give him a chance…” Nick insisted. Zoey rolled her eyes, “I hope you paying.” She said walked into the restaurant while rest looked at each other. “I hope you paying” Kiely mocked Zoey while laughing. “I don’t thi- “here bro… I said I had you. I’m call you in about an hour or two me and Kiely about to enjoy ourselves. We’ll be back.” Nick told Caine. Caine gave Nick a hug and then went inside. “That will interesting inside…” Kiely laughed.

Caine looked around and tried to remember a bright shirt and fish nets in his mind and then spotted her. He sat down and smiled. “I’m Caine..” He introduced. “Zoey..” She cooed feeling uninterested. “Um..thanks for coming…didn’t think you would…kinda mean.” He said. Zoey rolled her eyes, “I’m only mean because I don’t know you.” She remarked while picking up the menu and looking at it. “The more I stare at you…you seem familiar…to me.” Caine said doing the same. “I can only remember you as the crazy crack head looking man that walked into my house.” Zoey laughed. Caine put his menu down and looked at her, “I ain’t no f***ing crack head so you either enjoy this damn dinner or walk somewhere else.” He retorted. Zoey put her menu down and looked at how serious he was, “Woahh…a little mad aren’t we? I mean…you could’ve shaved if you knew you were taking someone on a date and all…just saying.” She laughed at her jokes. “You nothing but a mustache away from looking like me you man.” Caine spat back. “Really funny monkey, coke looking ass f*** face.” Zoey rolled her eyes catching some people’s attention. “Don’t be f***ing ratchet in this restaurant I could have taken you to McDonalds for that.” He told her. “Welp I’m stuck with you…” She laughed. “Yea but you might wanna stay quiet…I like you that way.” Caine retorted. “Why do I feel like I’ve had déjà vu just now….” Zoey screwed her face trying to remember. “Hello my name is Amanda and I’ll be your waitress for tonight can I start you guys off with any appetizers or anything to drink?” She offered. “Umm… no but I’ll have some margaritas.” Caine said. Zoey looked at her menu one more time . “I think I’ll have the same…” “Okay I’ll be right back.” Amanda informed while walking off. “You a heavy drinker?” Caine asked while playing with his phone. “No…not really.” Zoey answered. “Then why get alcohol?” He chuckled. Zoey started to get more and more irritated with this man she didn’t even know in front of her. He was highly attracted to her, but it was his attitude that turned her off, but there was also something about him that made her stay in her seat instead of getting up a long time ago. “No one said I’d get the whole bar…” She answered Caine. “You got a boyfriend?” He bluntly asked. “Just like that huh?” Zoey laughed. “I don’t know…I supposedly have a “fiancé” don’t know where the f*** he supposed to be though.” She truthfully stated. “That’s f***ed up.” Caine chimed in. “What about you? Where yo hoes?” Zoey wondered. “I don’t think I’m with anyone…I got into a real bad car accident and I’m currently in the process of trying to remember what happened.” He told her. “Wow…me to.” Zoey smiled. Caine smiled because Zoey smiled which made him feel like he was winning. “Cool…glad you alright.” He blushed. Zoey tried not to blush and quickly looked at the menu again. “I need to figure out what ima order.” She mentioned. “Me to.” Caine co-signed.
Momentarily, Amanda came back with Caine and Zoey drinks and they both ordered their food. Caine started to show Zoey weird things he could do because of how double jointed he was amazing her. He showed off to make her smile and laugh and it was working. He couldn’t think of Nick’s name at the time to thank him for the pointers and just continued to do whatever it took to make her smile. “Damn that look good.” Caine said reaching over trying to cut Zoey’s steak, but quickly caught her attention. “Hell nawl back up nigga…you wanna get stabbed?” She asked. “What you talking ‘bout girl? I’m over here eating my damn juicy tender mothaf***in’ steak.” He joked playfully causing Zoey to laugh. “Yea Iight…you didn’t want that ass stabbed that’s all “mothaf***a”. Caine blushed and dug into his food and stared in her eyes. “Why you staring at me?” Zoey smiled while eating as well. Caine shrugged his shoulders. “I think I’ve dreamed about you…I just…I don’t know…your eyes feel like I’ve seen them before I don’t know I’m just trippin probably…they are definitely beautiful though.” He compliment. “Not as beautiful as yours.” Zoey flirted back causing him to blush. “Aww.. your punk ass get all red and s***…how cute!” Zoey joked. Caine reached across the table and playfully pushed her, “Shut up…” He laughed. “It’s okay…I don’t know if it’s safe to say this knowing that I don’t really know you, but….i feel like I like you.” She confessed. “I like you to Zo..Zoey?” He wondered. Zoey laughed and nodded , “’s Zoey Caine.” Caine smiled “You remember my name?” Zoey laughed, “Yea..I’m happy that I can remember someone’s name besides my own.” She joked. Caine smiled and then looked down at his plate, “Hopefully…I’ll be a name you’ll never forget.” He said then letting his eyes met hers.

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Wow!! Thank God for Kiely and Nick. Those are some down ass friends. Taking care of a baby aint no joke, but they are making it work. I'm so sad that they both "died" :( and then came back and can't remember s***. I hope they both get their memories back soon. Tyga needs his ass beat for real. I wonder what's going to happen when/ if Lauren finds out.

Run It!

P.s. I was just thinking about your other story Loud. I know you said that this s your last story on this board, but are you continuing Loud on another board or is it just canceled?

lol :) thank you

Duuuude this just keeps getting better! I thought one of them were gonna die (Zoey) but it would've been some real f'd up ish if they both would've died...They don't think about baby Caiden when they do the ish they do...I thought they were changing, but idk what to say about them anymore...I do know though that Kiely and Nick are great friends of Caine and Zoey and I believe they will be great to raise Caiden if it ever came down to it...Trigga is also a great person I'm sure he would cherish Caiden and treat her like his own

Chapter 32: New life...

“She’s not answering NICK!!” Kiely panicked. “Calm down…she’s call you back when Caine and her done talking or whateva.” He told her. Kiely got Caiden’s babybag and changed her diaper. “Hello?” Nick picked up an unknown number. Kiely looked at him while she finished attending to Caiden. “Hello my name is Officer Morgan and I am here in downtown and I am just going down the call log of Cannan Burose phone and I’m so sorry, but…” Nick shout up and started getting his stuff together and Kiely started doing the same not even knowing what was going on. “But what?” Nick asked worried. “Nick what’s going on?” Kiely interjected. Nick signaled her to be quiet so he could listen to the officer. “We believe he’s dead…he’s not responding. I’m sorry sir.” The officer told him. “WHAT! How? I know the paramedics are there. YOU TAKE HIM TO THE HOSPITAL AND HELP MY BEST FRIEND!” Nick screamed at him. “He’s been taken away already sir.” The officer informed him. Kiely immediately started crying and didn’t know what was going on and just prayed silently that everything was going to be okay. “Tell me what hospital there taking him to.” He said. “Where’s Zoey?” Kiely whispered as tears ran down her face. The officer told Nick some more information and he hung up. “Let’s go..” He told Kiely. Kiely got Caidens things and continued to cry. Nick grabbed her pulled her and Caiden into a hug. “Everything is going to okay? You hear me?...everything will be fine.” Nick said holding his tears back. Kiely nodded her head and then continued to hold Caiden as if she was hers. Nick got into his car and waited until Kiely and Caiden was situated and took off. Kiely figured that Nick was going to drive a little faster than he should and sat in the back with Caiden to make sure she was secure.

Alexis got that same disturbing call from the officer and had Trigga drive her to the hospital and he insisted that he stayed for support. Nick and Kiely walked into the hospital at the same time Alexis and Trigga walked in. Kiely looked at Trigga confused and asked Nick to take Caiden. “Where’s Zoey?” She questioned him. “What you mean? I don’t know where she is…I’m here because Alexis got a call from the officer about Caine. Something’s wrong with Zoey too?” His eyebrows raised as he questioned. Kiely sighed in defeat and took a seat and continued to cry. Nick approached the nurse at the desk and asked about Caine and was told that they weren’t updated on his status at the moment and would let them know once they find out. Nick sighed and sat down next to Kiely and rocked her back and forth. “Hey… Hey babe….Zoey and Caine are both ok.. okay? Positive thinking baby okay? Please…” He kissed on her. Trigga walked over to them and cleared his throat. Nick looked up at him, “May I help you?” He asked. “I’m Trigga.. Zoey’s friend and Caiden’s god dad.” He introduced. Nick shook his head and nodded his head. “Nice to meet you..” He said. “You mind if I see her? I won’t leave I’m staying.” He told him. Nick looked at Kiely who nodded her head and then handed Caiden to Trigga. “I really hope that Caine’s alright.” Alexis said. Kiely looked at her and wiped her tears, “Who are you to Caine?” She inquired. “I’m his friend Alexis…” She answered. Kiely looked at her for a while, “Oh… I know who you are now.” She retorted. Alexis figured what she was referring too and decided to leave that subject alone because there was a
place and time for everything.

Two hours later the doctor came out and everyone hopped up. “Are you Zoey Davis family?” he asked. Kiely screwed her face, “N- I-I’m her best friend. Zoey is here?” She asked. “I’m sorry I must be talking to the wrong group.” The doctor said trying to turn away. “NO!” Kiely shouted. “Sir! We’re both Zoey Davis and Cannan Burose family.” Nick chimed in. The doctor turned around and sighed “Cannan Burose was dead when he got here…. But we were able to revive him and the same goes for Zoey Davis, but… I’m afraid that they are both experiencing some difficulty remembering… we’ve ran some test for both and we will find out in the morning. But..I suggest two people at a time please. Ms Davis is in room 178 and Cannan is room 117.” He said. “We’ll...I’ll see Caine, I just want to make sure he’s okay.” Alexis said while the doctor walked away. “I’ll take the time to see Zoey then…wow…I wonder what happened.” Trigga shook his head. “We all want to know.” Nick said. KIely sighed and shook her head at everything she just learned. Trigga walked into Zoey’s room and shook his head at all of the tubes and IV’s they had connected to her. Down in room 117 Alexis shook her head at the same thing as she approached Caine. Caine had his eyes closed and quickly opened them after feeling a presence in the room. “Hey…Caine” Alexis spoke softly. Caine looked at Alexis blankly with no expression. He had no idea who this girl was and how she knew his name. “Umm… I’m Alexis..and we went to middle school together. We used to be close but then I don’t know …we went our separate ways. I’m sorry about what happened to you. I hope you get well soon.” She told him and kissed him on his forehead and left. “Zoey..” Trigga said quietly. Zoey looked up at Trigga and her eyes widened with fear as he walked closer. Trigga noticed her face and backed up. “You don’t remember me do you?” He questioned. Zoey started fumbling around for the button to press, but she forgot where it was. “Okay..I’ll leave…” Trigga sighed. “I love you Zoey…I hope you haven’t forgotten that.” Trigga said and dismissed himself.

“How was she?” Kiely asked as she saw Trigga’s face expression. “Not so well..” He stated truthfully. Kiely’s heart dropped and looked at Nick who had Caiden on his lap as she slept. Alexis walked into the waiting room area with the same news. Kiely and Nick didn’t know how to feel and went to go find out for themselves. Caine and Zoey both didn’t recognize them or Caiden. The doctor came into the room and diagnosed them both with Dissociative Amnesia. “Can you explain….in further detail please?” Kiely asked. “Dissociative amnesia occurs when a person blocks out certain information, usually associated with a stressful or traumatic event, leaving him or her unable to remember important personal information. With this disorder, the degree of memory loss goes beyond normal forgetfulness and includes gaps in memory for long periods of time or of memories involving the traumatic event.” He stated. “Dissociative amnesia is not the same as simple amnesia, which involves a loss of information from memory, usually as the result of disease or injury to the brain. With dissociative amnesia, the memories still exist but are deeply buried within the person's mind and cannot be recalled. However, the memories might resurface on their own or after being triggered by something in the person's surroundings. Dissociative amnesia has been linked to overwhelming stress, which might be the result of traumatic events -- such as war, abuse, accidents, or disasters -- that the person has experienced or witnessed. There also might be a genetic link to the development of dissociative disorders, including dissociative amnesia, because people with these disorders sometimes have close relatives who have had similar conditions.” He concluded. Kiely closed her mouth that hung low while he talked and then put her head on Nick’s shoulder. “My nurses and I are working on treatments for the two of them, but for right now I believe they need rest okay?” He announced. “Thank you…” Kiely and Nick said and walked out.
“Guess I have to play mom…” Kiely said while getting in the car. Nick sighed and shook his head. “I don’t even know how I’m going to function at work tomorrow.” He started the car and drove off. “And what do you mean?” He referred to Kiely’s previous statement. “Zoey doesn’t remember us…or Caiden, so I have to play mom and take her to daycare and stuff. Be there for her because I’m all she has right now.” She stated. “Baby you know I’ll help you, so don’t say it like that and I can also have that God dad of her’s chip in.” Nick remarked. “Yea.. if we knew his information.” She said. Nick bit down on his lip and then looked at Kiely through the rearview mirror. “Kiely?” He said. “Yes?” She answered. “I know this may seem like an awkward and wrong time to say this…but I’m falling in love with you.” He expressed. Kiely managed to smile through the stressful day she had and nodded her head, “I’m falling…slowly but surely Nick.” She responded. He chuckled a little and continued to make it their destinations. “We’re going to have everything under control…please don’t worry okay? We’re going to pray for a great recovery on both Caine and Zoey’s behalf and pray for this baby as well as us. Nothing but positive thinking and believing baby. I know it may seem hard right now because in reality you feel like we’re down and everything is falling, but this is all a test. After a test there are promotions and God is getting us ready for a promotion in our lives babe and the same for Caine and Zoey. Out of all the stuff they’ve been through is because God is testing them. We’re all going to pass…you hear me?” He asked her. Kiely wiped her tear and nodded her head. “Yes…I believe you Nick” She stated truthfully. “Good…because it’s all in God’s hands now. We have to be there for them and embrace and love on them. The storm only last for a little while.” He encouraged. Kiely nodded her head and believe everything that Nick said was the truth. She closed her eyes and held Caiden’s hand and began to pray silently for God to dispatch his angels to come see about everybody especially Caiden. Once Kiely finished she left the rest up to the master to fight and believe that everything was soon going to be alright.
A month passed and Caiden was growing fast. She was started to laugh and smiled a lot more and developed more of her personality. Kiely often visited Zoey but her memory didn’t seem to change. Kiely made sure she recorded a lot of memories that she thought Zoey would have loved to see in the future. “She gets to go home today.” The nurse smiled. “I’m so happy.” Kiely laughed. “That’s good…make sure she takes her medicine as directed okay? And were going to set up an appointment with child care services for the little one okay?” She informed. “Wait…for what?” Kiely smiled dropped. “Well…I’m sorry but Zoey isn’t stable enough to keep her.” She told her. “She has family and Caiden is well taken care of…call them all you want but she’s staying with me.” Kiely snapped. The nurse gave her an uncomfortable smirk and left. Zoey looked at Kiely and laughed, “You really told her…Who’s Caiden though?” She asked. Kiely sighed and smiled. “Your daughter.” She told her. Zoey put her jacket on and then stood up. “I don’t have a daughter and who are you anyway?” She questioned. “I’m your best friend…and I’m taking you home now.” She exclaimed. Zoey looked at her weirdly and followed behind Kiely with her prescription in her hand.

Caine walked down the streets of Las Vegas until he made it to the shelter and sat down on the ground. He looked up at the sky and then at the coke heads walk by. “What you doing here son?” he asked. Caine looked at him and thought he knew him from somewhere but couldn’t figure him out. “I’m just living life…” He responded. “You haven’t been back here in nearly a year boy. Welcome home son!” He patted Caine on the back. Caine didn’t know what he was talking about and chuckled anyway. Kiely walked into her home and closed the door. “This is your house?” Zoey asked. “Yup… you can sit down if you want… I’ll prescribe your medicine for you in just a second. I have to come and get my wallet.” She told her and went upstairs to retrieve it then came back seeing Zoey in the same position she was when she left. “You ready?” Kiely asked. Zoey nodded her head and with that Kiely locked her door. “My boyfriend Nick is at work right now so after I get your medicine filled we can go get some frozen yogurt how does that sound?” Kiely suggested. “Why are you talking to me like I’m slow?” Zoey retorted. “I’m sorry… I didn’t think I was…just trying to make sure you don’t get bored or anything.” Kiely remarked. “I don’t even know you. Don’t know where I’m going or where your taking me… I just want to go.” Zoey started to cry. Earlier today Kiely remembered the doctor informing her that not only did Zoey have trauma to the head, but her bipolar disorder also contributed to her memory loss. “I’m your best friend Zoey…I love you….” Kiely stated truthfully trying not to get emotional. She never wanted to witness her friend going through just a hard time in her life. Zoey wasn’t the girl next door type of person and that’s what Kiely loved most about her. Even though she was filled with all of her flaws, Kiely was grateful because she was still an amazing person and her best friend. Nothing was going to change her perception about Zoey no matter what tribulation she was about to face or already has.

Caine shook his head at the offering of a blunt. “I don’t think I smoke.” He told the crack head. “I know that’s a damn lie… you smoked all the time.” He told him. Caine screwed his face and decided to get up and leave. The crack head grabbed his arm and pulled him back. “Where the hell you think you’re going?” He asked Caine. Caine yanked his arm back and stared at the man as if he lost his mind. “I’m going on about my marry way…thank you!” He retorted. “Not before I’m done with you you’re not.” The man said as he started to unbuckle his pants. Something seemed so familiar to Caine, but he just couldn’t recall anything. The only thing Caine knew to do was defend himself the only way he knew how-fighting. Caine punched the man in his face and kicked him in his nuts sending him wincing in pain on the ground. Caine heard the curse words the man used to swear at him and continued to walk off. Zoey and Kiely had a girls day until it was time to pick Caiden up. Kiely noticed the medicine made Zoey drowsy, so instead of letting her come with her to get Caiden she took Zoey to her apartment. “Look…I’m only a phone call away okay? I’ll get you a new phone tomorrow… I heard it got pretty wet.” Kiely told Zoey as she tucked her in. “Hey…” Zoey grabbed her hand. “Yea?” Kiely asked. Zoey let her tears escape her eyes, “Do I have a mom?” She cried out. Kiely bit her lip to remain calm and nodded her head. “You do…she up there.” She pointed to the ceiling. “Smiling down at you…” She continued. Zoey nodded her head and wiped her tears. Kiely looked around her room and then took out a bunch of sticky notes and wrote in big letters of what things Zoey needed to remember to do. Once she was done she kissed Zoey on the cheek as she snored and left. Kiely got into the car and prayed for Zoey’s safety as she felt a little uncertain about leaving her alone unattended, but with praying she knew that nothing bad was going to happen to her best friend.
Caine watched the night turn from dusk to dawn right before his eyes. He put his prescription in his pocket and forgot that he had put it there earlier. He continued to walk hoping to get to a side of town that seemed safe to him. “Yea…I’ll let you watch her on the weekends, but don’t expose her to a lot of females please. I want her to know who her mom is.” Kiely instructed to Trigga. “I won’t….man…I really hope that she wakes up soon.” He said referring to Zoey. “I do to…but Nick just walked in I’ll text you Friday afternoon when I get off.” She said. “Alright.” Trigga said while hanging up. “Hey baby.” Nick said walking in. “Hey..” She pecked his lips. “So I called around all the damn footlockers you can think of and finally got in touch with the one Caine works at and told them what was going on and everything.” He informed. “Where is Caine…speaking of him.” Kiely said. “He’s still in the hospital there supposed to be releasing him tomorrow.” He told her. “Good…Zoey is sound asleep at her house. I’ll go over there before work and check on her.” She said. Nick sighed and then sat down on the couch stretching his muscles. “Babe…I know that we love our friends, but…we have a lot were juggling right now and… I feel like it’s taking a lot of time of what we used to have to ourselves.” He exclaimed. Kiely rocked Caiden back and forth trying to put her to sleep. “I know…everything is going to be okay though just like you said. The storm only last for a little while and our promotion is coming. I want our friends to be well and we have to be there for them because we’re the only family they have.” She told him. Nick nodded his head “You’re right…”He said. Caine laid on the grass in the closet backyard he could find. He was getting tired of walking and wanted to go to sleep. He didn’t mind the ants that danced up his leg and closed his eyes. Moments later Caine couldn’t stand the ants any longer from feasting off his blood and got up and started to run around to get them off. He looked at the apartment and climbed the patio to get off the ground. Caine took his clothes off and started dusting them off in the air to get the ants off and then put them back on when he thought he made enough noise to wake everybody up. Kiely put Caiden in the bed along with her and kissed her on her forehead. “I’ll see you babe.” Nick told her. “Okay…I love you.” He reminded her. Kiely looked at him in his eyes and smiled. Nick chuckled and kissed her lips. “I understand babe…” Caine found a window open in the apartment and tried heading to what he thought would be the bathroom and fell. He didn’t mean to make any noise and then heard someone get up and then went to go hide. Caine hid behind the couch in the person’s living room and closed his eyes hoping not to die. “WHO IN THE HELL IN MY DAMN HOUSE!”

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Chapter 31: The End

Caine drove faster than a bat out of hell to Lauren’s house. Zoey tried to put Caiden to sleep while she cried loudly in her arms. “Shhh…Shhh… it’s okay.” Zoey tried calming her down. Caine reached Lauren’s house and then knocked on her loudly. Lauren screwed her face as she rolled around in her bed next to Ty. “Who the f*** is that?” He murmured. “I don’t know.” Lauren said rolling over. Caine banged on the door anxious to confront someone tonight. Ty flipped the covers back and then went to the door and looked through the peep hole and saw Caine’s head down. Ty walked upstairs “Lauren we’re not here.” He stated. Lauren sat up in her bed “Who is it?” she wondered. “Nobody important just go to bed.” He suggested. Lauren sighed and got up from the bed and headed to the door while Ty tried grabbed her arm. “ Get back to bed damnit.” He whispered to her. “I can’t go to f***ing sleep with someone banging at my f***ing door ass.” She whispered back and headed to the door. Ty ran upstairs and listened closely. Lauren opened the door to a furious Caine. “What are you doing here?” She asked while rubbing her eyes. “You watched my child over the weekend didn’t you?” He questioned. “Umm.. yea.” She answered. “What the f*** did you do to her?” He slightly shouted. Ty smirked and continued to listen. Lauren screwed her face and was taken aback by him. “I didn’t do s*** to Caiden… I didn’t hurt her!” Lauren stated truthfully. “If you didn’t then who the f*** did Lauren? I don’t have time for bulls***. I want to know who hurt my baby, so I can go ahead and do you a favor and let you meet either God or the devil real early.” Caine threatened. Lauren shook her head and started to close the door on Caine, but he pushed it back. “b**** I’M NOT IN THE f***ING MOOD FOR PLAYING TELL ME SOMETHING OR IMA START BLASTING!” Caine yelled. Ty bit his lip trying to control his anger in. It took all of him not to interject and whoop Caine ass. “I will call the police if you don’t move away from my door Caine like seriously I didn’t do s***.” Lauren looked at him with a blank expression. “Call the police because I’m getting arrest anyway… TONIGHT!” He blurted. Lauren sat on her steps and looked at him. “Okay… I’ll sit and wait with you because you’re not going to harass me for something I didn’t do. You need to check with other people she may let watch yall child before pointing the finger.” She retorted. “I’m already two steps ahead of you, so stay in your lane.” He warned her. Ty grit his teeth and tried to calm down. Zoey got Caiden’s together as well as hers and decided to take her to the hospital. Caine heard his phone ring and saw it was Zoey and answered it. “Yes baby?” “I’m taking Caiden to the hospital she won’t stop crying… I’m such a horrible mother Caine.. I should of taken her a long time ago, but I don’t know what I was thinking… I don’t want to be a bad mother Caine.” Zoey spoke on the verge of tears. This made Caine even more furious and dug a hole in Lauren with his eyes. “Alright babe I’m on my way we’ll talk later.” He remarked. “Okay…” Zoey cooed as she began crying. Caine hung up and pistol whipped Lauren across the mouth. “THAT’S FOR MY DAUGHTER b****!” He shouted and left. Once Caine left Ty ran to Lauren’s bloody mouth and bit down on his lip. He heard Caine zoom off and then punched the wall. “You didn’t help me..” Lauren said with tears running down her eyes. “Don’t worry baby… don’t worry.” He told her.

Caine got to the hospital and sat on his car to think. He didn’t want to really hurt Lauren ONLY because she was a female and he was trying to change his ways, but she hurt his child and that was something he just couldn’t get over. Caine dialed Zoey’s number while he walked away from his car. “hello?” she whispered. “Why you whispering?” he asked her. “You know you’re not supposed to be on the phone in the hospital Caine.” She whispered again. “Where you at?” he questioned. “In the waiting room with Caiden.” She answered. Caine hung up and walked into the waiting room and took a seat next to them. “Hey babe” he pecked her lips. Zoey smiled a lil because of his presence and felt bad again. “How long is it going to take?” Caine wondered. “I just signed her in like thirty minutes ago.” Zoey told him. Caine sighed and nodded his head. “I’m sorry… I’m so stupid I sh- “Shut up Zoey… “ Caine cut her off quickly. Zoey looked at him and then did exactly what he told her to do. Caine was trying to refrain from flipping out in the hospital. “What did you do?” Zoey asked. “I handled business.” Caine stated. “What kind of business?” Zoey wondered. “Are you more concerned about your cousin or our child?” He turned to look at her. “Our child Caine…” She cooed. “Alright then stop asking me all these f***ing questions I’m trying not to flip out because one you wait to tell me when I should have been the second person to learn what was going on after you did. How do you forget to tell me something that important Zoey?” He shook his head. “Tonight I became a bad mother and I can’t go back and do things differently like I would have. It’s all my fault and I can’t do anything but accept it and feel horrible.” Zoey said. “Damn right!” Caine grew mad again and shook his head.

The rest of the time Zoey and Caine didn’t talk to each other. What a way to be freshly engaged Zoey thought. She knew she was wrong and couldn’t do anything about it. She couldn’t even argue with Caine because he had every right to be mad at her for simply things she didn’t recognize. “I’ll be back.” Zoey told Caine. “Where you going?” He said putting his stuff down. “I’m about to ask Kiely if she could watch Caiden really quick so I could go and do something.” She told him. Caine looked at her weirdly, “Zoey you just can’t be leaving our child with any and everybody we just went through this.” He shook his head. “Kiely is my best friend Caine don’t do that she would never hurt Caiden.” She remarked. “Did you think about that when you gave her to Lauren?” He questioned with much attitude. “No I didn’t OKAY? I made a f***ING MISTAKE! I’m battling trying to grow as a person, but IM STILL f***ED UP IN THE HEAD OKAY?” She snapped. Caine shook his head and tried to grab Caiden from her arms. “No I’m letting Kiely watch her.” She told her. “Stop bulls***ting Zoey and lets go to bed.” Caine said. “NO!” She yelled. Caine grabbed Caiden out of Zoey’s hands and felt a blow to his head. “ARE YOU CRAZY?” He asked her. “GIVE HER BACK CAINE! MY CHILD!” Zoey yelled. “You’re gonna get yourself put out the apartment complex if you don’t shut the f*** up!” He spoke sternly. “I don’t give a s*** Caine I don’t even know why I’m in this world. f*** THE DOCTOR WHO DELIEVERED ME EVERYBODY ELSE! I HATE MY MOM, YOU, AND EVERYBODY!” Zoey started to cry. Caine stared at Zoey for a second and then got Caiden’s things. “She’s spending the night with me…” He cooed while walking to his car. Zoey tried to keep Caine from taking Caiden but he kept pushing her away. “STOP! Stop hitting me Zoey… I don’t know what’s going on, but you need to chill… take your medicine and go to bed.” He instructed. Zoey stood back and looked at Caine. “Oh yea….” She chuckled. “Take my medicine… that’s all I have to do huh? Is take my medicine and take my black ass to bed. Well guess what Caine when I wake up I’m still going to be bipolar.” She continued. Caine grabbed Zoey into his arms and hugged her tightly as she broke down on his shoulder. She grew guilt in her heart for the reason Caiden was hurt. She didn’t want Caine to hate her or Caiden. She wanted to be there for Caiden the way her mom would have if she didn’t die. She made a mistake and she was apologetic for it. “Zoey… I’m sorry…” Caine cooed in her ear. Zoey shook her head and broke away from his embrace. “No…You think I need help and you think I’m crazy!” Zoey looked at him. Caine shook his head and then got into his car and drove off. Zoey threw rocks at his car screaming how much she hated him waking all the nearby neighbors she had. Caine shook his head and drove to his apartment complex. Caine thought about everything that happened tonight and tried his best to keep calm for the sake of Caiden. He took her out of her seat and then took his inside with him for a good night sleep.

Kiely woke up and got herself ready for work. She reached over to her vibrating phone and looked at the message from Nick Good morning Beautiful have a wonderful day Kiely smiled and continued to get ready. Meanwhile, Zoey pulled up to Trigger house because she needed a favor. “Hey Zoey…” He smiled. “Hey Trig…” Zoey greeted while walking in. Trigga closed the door behind her and followed her to the living room. “How’s everything? You and Caiden?” He asked. Zoey smile faded a little as the guilt started to take over her again. “We’re fine.. and I haven’t forgotten about you spending time with her and stuff so don’t worry I’ve been a little busy that’s all.” She said pulling her hair behind her hair. Trigga noticed the ring on her finger and snatched her hand. “You’re ENGAGED?” He asked. Zoey looked at her ring because she almost forgot with all of this stuff that been weighing on her. “Yes..he just proposed yesterday.” She giggled. “Wow…at least I know because knowing you, you probably would have told me a month later.” Trigga laughed. Zoey chuckled while shaking her head and noticed Alexis walking down the steps. “Are yall….like a couple or something?” Zoey asked while laughing. Trigga smacked his lips, “Hell nawl… just trying to help her get on her feet.” He responded. Zoey nodded her head “That’s nice… Hey Alexis” She called over. Alexis walked over to Zoey and waited for her to speak. “I know you may not like me, but I could use some mid or something… not no loud cause I wanna be able to move.” Zoey told her. Alexis nodded her head and walked back upstairs to get what she needed. Zoey looked at Trigger, “Hell got into her? b**** didn’t curse me out of nothing.” She laughed. Trigga shrugged and chuckled, “People changing…” He stated. Zoey looked at the ground and nodded her head, “For the better I hope…” She remarked thinking about her and Caine as a couple. Alexis came back and gave Zoey what she needed and tried to hand her some cash, but she stopped her. “Don’t worry about it.” She remarked. “Are you okay?” Zoey looked at her weirdly. “I’m fine, but don’t worry about that.” Alexis informed her. “Wow…thanks” Zoey cheesed. “What the hell you need that for anyway?” Trigga asked Zoey. “Calm down “Caine” It just relaxes me.” She stated playfully and headed to the door. “Thanks yall… have a good day” and with that Zoey was out.

Caine enrolled Caiden into a nearby daycare and headed to work. He called Zoey to say Good morning and was sent straight to voicemail, so instead he decided to text her Good morning babe.. I hope you’re feeling better than yesterday. Caiden is enrolled in daycare so don’t worry. I have everything figured out…See you soon? Love you. Kiely looked at the schedule and noticed that Zoey had to work, but she wasn’t here. Zoey sat outside on the top of car smoking away. She thought about how life has brought her this far and blew the smoke into the air. She waved at a few people pass by and laughed at herself. She loved the way marijuana had an effect on her. She read Caine’s text message and rolled her eyes. Once she finished her blunt she went inside and decided to cook her something to eat and heard her phone ring. “What Caine?” She answered. “This ain’t no f***ing Caine…” A male voice spoke. Zoey screwed her face, “What you want Ty?” She questioned. “I wanted to see where yo head was at… haven’t talked to you in a while.” He laughed. Zoey laughed and danced around her kitchen and blushed for some odd reason. “What you doing? How you been?” He continued. “I’mmmmm great Ty…anything else?” She asked. “You sound like you’re having a party or something.” Ty chuckled. “I kinda am I should bring it to your place.” Zoey laughed. “How about I come to yours that way you don’t have to move the party.” He laughed again. “Okay…” Zoey replied as well as giving him the information he needed. “So where you think she at?” Nick asked. “I don’t know… maybe you tell Caine to check on her.” Kiely replied. “Iight…” Nick said returning back to work.

Ty walked into Zoey apartment and got comfortable. He was happy to be in her presence after not seeing her for a long time. “Have a seattt…” Zoey laughed. Ty smelt the marijuana hit his nose as soon as he walked into the house and new that Zoey was high. “Where mine at?” He laughed referring to the weed. “Right here…” She said straddling him. Ty look at Zoey in her eyes and grew confused, but wasn’t going to stop her. Zoey laughed and then hopped off him and turned the TV on. “Why are you so weird?” She laughed some more. “What do you mean?” Ty laughed. “You just are like….you always on some stalker type s***” Zoey giggled again. Ty nodded his head, “Yea…I know, but I’ve tried to get that under control and I just to let you know that…I didn’t mean to come at you all those times I did I’m really sorry.” Ty spoke truthfully. “Ty..I just don’t know how to trust you…I thought we’d be good friends until you started being really weird and tried to ra-rape me.” Zoey said on the verge of tears. “Zoey I’m an idiot and things got out of control that night and I wish I could take it back. I really wish you can forgive me because I never meant to hurt you. I hope that one day you can….” Ty expressed. Zoey nodded her head and wiped her tear. She had no idea why she was crying and didn’t want Ty to see even though it was too late. Ty grabbed Zoey’s face and kissed her tears away. Zoey closed her eyes and felt his pulp lips hit her face. She had to admit that they were fluffy and soft. “Kiss me Ty.” Zoey said with her eyes closed. “But wh- “Just do it…” Zoey told him. Ty didn’t hesitate to refuse again and kissed her tender lips passionately.

Caine rang the doorbell at Zoey's apartment with Caiden in his hands and waited for an answer. He’d been calling and calling her all day but no answer. Zoey hopped out of the bed and answered the door. “Hey babe….” Zoey smiled and reached for Caiden out of Caine’s arms. “Zoey…” He called and closed the door behind him. Zoey ignored Caine and played with Caiden. “Zoey…you’ve been ignoring my calls all day and then Kiely said you didn’t go to work today…what’s up?” He asked. “I didn’t feel well…” Zoey told him. “Oh…I hope you feel better. You better stop ignoring your dad or its gone be some problems” He stated while smacking her butt. Zoey chuckled and continued to play with Caiden and decided to warm up a bottle of her. Caine ran to the bathroom and pushed the toilet seat up to use it. Caine sighed in relief and looked up at the ceiling as he used the bathroom. He let his eye wonder around and saw condom wrapper in the trash can and was taken aback and got himself together. Caine walked out the bathroom with a clog of tears ready to set free, but he held them back. “Zoey….Can I talk to you??” He approached her in the kitchen. “Sure babe” she said as she bounced Caiden up and down on her hip. Caine stood by the island and looked in her direction and got straight to the point. “I saw a condom in the trash can in the bathroom….” He confronted. Zoey stopped what she was doing and then looked at Caine. “I found it…in my room from the last time we had sex.” She quickly lied. Caine shook his head and bit down on his lip.” I’m…trying so hard to be a better Caine, but you gonna sit here and lie in my face Zoey? The last time we f***ed was when you brought that girl over and I barely f***ed you then cause you left the room….who did you f***?” He wondered. “Trigga?” He asked. Zoey looked at the ground and bit her lip and then at Caine with tears in her eyes. “No…” She cooed. “Who?” He questioned. “Tyga…I’m so sorry babe I was under the influence and I di-“ Caine signaled for her to stop talking and kissed Caiden on the cheek and then headed to the door. “CAINE PLEASE HEAR ME OUT!!” Zoey pleaded. Caine slammed the door as he stormed out of her apartment with tears streaming down his face. Just when he thought he was officially changing for the person he wanted to please for the rest of his life then this happens. Not only that, but someone tried to put his child’s life in danger.

Zoey grabbed Caiden’s stuff and then got in to her car and drove to Kiely’s house. “Hey Nick..” She said as Kiely let her in. “Hey did Caine every get in touch with you?” He asked. Zoey nodded her head as she created a waterfall on Kiely’s floor. “What’s wrong?” Kiely and Nick said in unison. “I just need some time with Caine can yall please watch Caiden please? I promise I will pay yall …please… just only for tonight.” She pleaded. Kiely looked at Zoey with a worried expression and pulled her to the side. “What’s up?” She wondered. “I f***ed up Kiely….I have to go get him before it’s too late..please.” She cried more. Kiely screwed her face and rubbed her back and then took Caiden. “Don’t ignore me and just let me know what’s going on I’m your best friend for a reason…” She exclaimed. Zoey nodded her head and walked out of the apartment. Caine walked out of the ABC store with some liquor in a brown bag and got into his car and drove to the mountain top where he always went. He knew that Zoey knew where he’d be and he was simply waiting for her arrival so he could push her off the cliff. Zoey pulled up next to Caine’s car and saw him jugging down the alcohol he bought. Zoey got out the car and approached him slowly and looked at him with fear in her eyes. “Ca-Caine…” She murmured “What?” He retorted. “I didn’t mean to..I was under the influence and I don’t know what took a toll of me.” She explained. Caine chuckled and continued to drink as he watched the sun begin to set. “Are you gonna say something?” She asked moving closer to him. “Yea….you wanna die?” He asked. Zoey swallowed hard and stood back a little. “Yea…I was already planning that.” She spoke soundlessly. Caine shook his head and got off the hood of his car and threw a little bit of alcohol at her. “Just when I thought I was changing…You ain’t s*** b****!” He emphasized. Zoey closed her eyes as she felt the alachol hit her clothes and some in her hair. “You’re right Caine… I’m not.” She told him. Caine shook his head and then laughed loudly. Zoey bit her lip and let the tears fall from her eyes. Caine walked over to her and took her hand then snatched the ring off her finger. “NO CAINEEEE!!” Zoey cried loudly. Caine pushed her back from trying to get the ring and threw it over the mountain cliff. “NOOOOOO!!!” She screamed. “YESSS!!” He shouted. “YOU THREW US AWAY WHEN YOU WERE BOUNCING ON THAT NIGGA d***!” He shouted. Zoey dropped to her knees and cried her eyes out. She definitely wanted to die now. Caine shook his head at her and then went to his car. He looked at Zoey for a second and wanted to get out the car and forget everything he just said and forgive her, but his pride stepped in which made him drive off. Zoey wanted to scream out all the times he done her wrong and cheated on her, but knew that two wrongs didn’t make a right. Plus, nothing would have mattered to Caine because he was hurt at the moment. Zoey wiped her tears and stood up. She walked over to the edge of the cliff and watched the water move swiftly. She exhaled deeply and closed her eyes. Caine *listen* drove to faster than his heart was racing and didn’t know where he was going. He got to a stop light and drunk his last bit of his drink and saw someone honk their horn at him shaking their heads. Caine flicked them off and then took off once the light turned green. Zoey felt her dry tears become drenched from the new ones that streamed down her face. She thought about everything as she stood there ready to end everything once and for all. “I-mm—Im- so-soo sorry Caiden…” She whispered to herself. The night turned sour for both lovers who only wanted to love each other the same way, but seemed to crash into each other very often. “Something is not right…” Kiely said. “I’m calling Caine…” Nick stated. “I’m calling Zoey.” Kiely suggested. Zoey’s body floated in the water while a drunken Caine sat in the driver’s seat smothered with the air bag. Both…no answers.


I can picture Caine or Trigga going after Ty for hurting that poor baby! & Lauren's best out is to just call Zoey and tell her what happened because she's going dig herself in a bigger hole...I hope Kiely and Nick will have a baby that way Caiden can have a friend and then when the parents wanna go some where or something the babies can go...Zoey did better asking Trigga to watch Caiden though I mean he is her god-dad

SOOO... I was right :D!! I knew it was Ty!!! But what the f*** has gotten into him? He acting like he using "nose candy". I know he had just gone through a terrible experience, but damn. I want to know what he did to the baby's head. You have to be ill to mess with a baby smh. I'm happy Caine and Zoey are happy together... now. You said it's 20 more chapters to go, so I'm willing to bet something is going to go wrong.
Run It

Chapter 30: New Leaf pt 2.

“Thanks for paying for the tickets and stuff.” Zoey told Nick. “Aww it’s no problem.” Nick said while chewing his pizza. “Come to the bathroom with me Zoey.” Kiely told her. The two of them got up from the table while Nick and Caine stayed. “What’s up?” Zoey asked her. “Something is different.” Kiely stated. “Like what? What do you mean?” Zoey questioned. “You guys seems so …happy” Kiely chuckled. “Oh.. “ Zoey smiled “We went to therapy” She continued. Kiely gasped dramatically making Zoey hit her upside the head playfully. “Shut up..” She said. “Man that’s awesome you gotta tell me the details later, but let’s go back out here.” Kiely suggested. Zoey followed Kiely out the bathroom and then headed back to their table. “What took yall so long?” Nick wondered. “We were only in there for a few minutes silly.” Kiely shook her head. “Probably changing pads.” Caine laughed. Nick dropped his pizza and looked at Caine. “Really bruh?”. “That was a little nasty Caine.” Zoey sat down while putting her head on his shoulder. “Your “friend” here?” He cooed in her ear. Zoey chuckled “No…” She told him. “Let’s f*** on the next ride.” He stated being serious. Zoey laughed “Are you serious?” She said lifting her head up. “Yea why not?” Caine inquired. Zoey shook her head and went back to eating. The next rollercoaster they went on Caine and Zoey sat in the back while Kiely and Nick decided not to ride. “Caine…” Zoey whispered. “What? Spread yo legs.” He told her. Once the ride took off Caine unbuckled Zoey pants and put his hand in her underwear. “Come on…spread babe so I can get em in.” He told her. “What if we get caught.” She wondered. Caine smacked his lips and put his middle finger inside her. He normally did two or three if Zoey wasn't but one was enough for Caine. He didn’t have that much access due to how they were positioned. Once the ride went down its first drop it caused his finger to go deep inside her, more then he could himself before the drop. Zoey covered her mouth quickly as she moaned softly. Caine scooted closer and kissed on her neck then moved her hand. “Let me hear you…” He cooed. Zoey buried her face in his neck and moaned softly for him to hear her. Caine bit down on his lip and enjoyed feeling her warm drenched pussy. “Ca-Caine..the rides gonna stop.” Zoey said through her moans. Caine didn’t want to stop, but she was right the ride was going to be coming to an end soon and he couldn't go one for days on the ride. Caine took his finger out and sucked on it , while Zoey adjusted herself quickly. “s*** you taste so good.” He told her. Zoey looked at him and playfully rolled her eyes. “You are beyond out of control.” She shook her head. Caine laughed at her. "Seriously you were acting like you didn't want to stop like you were gonna make me cum on here?" Zoey chuckled. Caine shrugged his shoulders as he sucked on his finger one more time and looked at her. "At least it'll just look like you were scared and peed on yourself." He laughed. Zoey rolled her eyes playing and shook her head "You are crazy get your damn finger out your mouth." She chuckled. "Taste this full course meal b****" He laughed. "Nooo.." Zoey chuckled. Caine laughed at her comment and then enjoyed the rest of the ride until it came to a stop.

Nick looked at Zoey and Caine get off the ride and screwed his face at Caine. “Yall nasty as f***.” He retorted. Kiely laughed and was taken aback at Nick. “They just got off a ride how they nasty?” Kiely asked. “Because...I know Caine.” He chuckled. Caine smiled widely and laughed at Nick because he was right he did know him very well. The rest of the time in the park Nick and Kiely decided to have their alone time, while Caine and Zoey did the same. They all set up a time when they’d meet back up to leave. Once the four of them exhausted themselves to the extreme they decided to call it a night. The four of them overall thought it was a well needed trip and would do it each summer from now on. Zoey sat in the back of his car while Nick drove, and held Caine in her hands while he fell asleep. Zoey looked out the window as many memories of trips back and forth to L.A. flooded her brain. She remembered falling asleep in the back of her car smiling at what Caine told her. She was told to go to sleep and she did just that. She was falling for him at that moment and it was crazy because he had hit her that night for the first time. Being in that deserted area with no lights scared Zoey, but it wasn't for all those bad tims she knew she would of never been able to experience the good times like the one she was experiencing right now. Zoey shook off the memories and looked through her phone and saw her step-dad’s number and decided to text him if he was available to talk.

Step dad: Who is this?

Zoey: Zoey…

Step dad: What you want?

Zoey: I wanna know if I could sit down and talk to you

Step dad: For what?

Zoey: I want to discuss some things with you please…

Step dad: when?

Zoey: ASAP

Step dad: time & date?

Zoey: tomorrow at 4pm @ the park

Step dad: Alright then

Zoey sighed out of relief. Kiely looked back at her “You okay?” She asked. “Speaking with my step dad tomorrow.” She confessed. “Wow… how you think that will go?” She wondered. “It’s gonna go good because he will be surprised at my attitude.” She told her. Kiely nodded her head. “I’ll wait in the car as support and just in case I gotta call the police.” Kiely half joked. Zoey laughed and nodded her head “okay… I love you.” She smiled. Kiely smiled “I love you too Zoey.” Zoey chuckled at Caine snoring and took a picture on him and then pecked his lips. “I love him so much.” She spoke to herself. Zoey took her phone out and called Lauren. Lauren heard Caiden cry loudly and then heard her phone ring. “Oh my God it’s Zoey..” She said running down the steps. “Go outside and tell her everything is fine and that she’s just hungry.” Ty instructed. Lauren did what she was asked and went outside and answered the phone. “Hello?” She answered. “Hey girl.. How’s my babe?” She smiled. “Umm.. she’s upset right now because I can’t find her bottle, but I’m still looking don’t worry she’s ok.” Lauren told her. “She has a pacifier in her bag she loves it.” Zoey told her. “Okay…you have fun okay?” Lauren stated. “Alright I’ll call in the next two hours to check on her again.” She informed. “Okay..” Lauren said and hung up. Zoey looked at her phone and sighed and looked at Caine who was still sleep. “Everything alright?” Nick asked looking in the rearview mirror at Zoey. Zoey smiled a little and nodded her head.
Once the four of them arrived at Caine’s house Kiely and Nick took off immediately. “You want me to stay here?” Zoey asked a sleepy Caine. “It doesn’t matter babe.” He said walking up the stairs. “Okay..” Zoey said. Zoey called Lauren back and then shortly made her way upstairs and hopped in the bed next to Caine. Trigga woke up to his phone ringing. “Hello?” “Trigga…” A familiar voice stuck out. Trigga sighed “What you want Alexis?” He sat up looking at his clock. “I just escaped I need to crash.” She whispered. “WHAT!” Trigga shouted. “Shhh…don’t be like that Trigga.” Alexis pleaded. Trigga smacked his lips, “Why should I even help you?” He stated. Alexis started to cry something she never did. “Hello?” Trigga spoke. The phone went silent because she didn’t want him to know she was crying. “HELLLOOO?” He yelled. “Ye-a I-m Here…” Alexis cleared her throat. Trigga sighed “Where you at?” he questioned. Alexis told Trigga his information and hung up. Caine woke Zoey up with breakfast in bed with the newspaper out for her to read. Zoey laughed “Thanks babe but I’m not gonna read the newspaper…might do the puzzle in the back though.” She laughed. “I’m about to go to work so I’ll see you later?” He inquired. “I will be at home after I’m done with this ima go ahead and get Caiden cause I know Lauren probably has to work and stuff.” She mentioned. Caine nodded his head and then kissed Zoey goodbye and then left. Once Zoey was done she did exactly what she said she was gonna do and then picked Caiden up.

Alexis smoked a blunt outside of Trigga’s house when he came to join her. “What’s going on man…?” He wondered. “Nothing..” She quickly replied. “That’s a lie so don’t even give me that bulls***.” He told her. Alexis sighed and then faced Trigga. “You know… everyone who is f***ed up and mainly because their parents were, but I’m not gonna blame me being f***ed up because of my parents because I just don’t have any heart left.” She confessed. “And why is that Alexis?” he wondered. “Being stepped on too many times being picked on in high school…bullied the whole nine this” She said looking at her blunt. “This is my man.” She laughed. “The only thing keep you from being beautiful is your f***ed up attitude, but you don’t have to be so closed off just because people hurt you. This is life.. I’ve been hurt too. I was married before and my marriage lasted a year because I caught my wife with an online dating profile and when I checked when the last time she was active it was two days before I looked.” He shared while shaking his head. “But, I forgave her and I forgave you too if not you wouldn’t even be right here talking to me… I even forgave Caine even though he really didn’t do nothing to me it’s just the fact that I just don’t have any hatred toward him anymore. I just wanted better for Zoey…. I mean I still do, but I’m happy if she’s happy because that’s all I truly care about.” He finished. Alexis nodded her head “It’s just that at that time I didn’t know how to handle my insecurities and people constantly asking me why I was so thin and all of that. It was just too much.” Alexis shook her head. “Well… Alexis I can’t tell you what lifestyle to live by because your reasons are your reasons, so…” Trigga said. ‘I guess I can say the same for you with the business you run huh?” Alexis spat back at him. Zoey let the neighbor watch Caiden while she waited for her step dad to arrive at the park. Meanwhile, Kiely sat in the car like she said she would just in case something happened. “Ty..” Lauren called. “What?” He answered. “What did you do to Caiden?” She asked. “What you mean?” He screwed his face. “When I yelled your name she stopped crying for a second and then as soon as Zoe called she started crying again. What did you do?” She looked at him strangely. “I didn’t do s***…f*** you questioning me for.” He got upset. Lauren felt it was a little strange he got so upset. Anyone who was accused of doing something that they didn’t do usually would let it brush off. “Why you so upset?” She wondered. “Because you accusing me of some s*** and I don’t f***ing like dat. If I told yo ass once I didn’t do s*** to that baby then you should f***ing believe me. What kind of relationship are we gonna have without trust?” He looked at her. “Well first let’s talk about my cousin because you’re right we can’t have a relationship without it.” Lauren stated. Ty went to the bathroom and brushed his teeth and once he finished he got his things ignoring Lauren. “So you gonna ignore me like that?” She questioned. “You on that s*** today that I don’t have f***ing time for I swear” He said. “Like what Ty we talking about OUR relationship here.” She shook her head. “What the f*** you talking about your cousin for?” He wondered. “Because you said you wanted her that’s why.” Lauren stated. “And now all of a sudden you wanna give a f***? Look who house I’m at get with the program Lauren. I’m f***ing you not her, I’m around you not her. I always knew you were jealous.” Ty shook his head slamming the door leaving Lauren feeling helpless.
“Surprised you came” Zoey looked at her step dad. “Yea well… had too” He claimed. “Oh really why? Because I just asked you to?” Zoey inquired. Her step dad sighed and shook his head. “No… there’s been something I want to tell you.” He looked at her. Caine stack up shoes at work and listened to his co-workers fight over hours. Caine chuckled a little to himself because his manager knew what it was when it came to hours. Caine did overtime whenever he had to in order to provide for Caiden and keep his lights on. “I’m sorry..”Zoey’s step dad said. Zoey stared at her step father for a while before she started crying. “Zoey…listen to me… I am sorry for what I’ve done to you and your mother. I can’t take it back and I wish I could turn all that around. What I’ve done was horrible it was… it was and I hope that one day you can forgive me.” He expressed. Zoey nodded her head and wiped her tears. “I used to hate you sooo bad for what you did to me and mom, but I have to forgive you for the sake of my heart and your granddaughter.” Zoey announced. “My granddaughter?” He questioned. Zoey showed him a picture of Caiden and then wiped more tears that fell. “She”ll be four months in two weeks and her name is Caiden.” Zoey told him. “Zoey I…” He shook his head. “I forgive you…just know that and I really appreciate you coming.” She smiled and then got up and left leaving her step father there wondering.

“So I’m guess that it went well since you didn’t text or nothing like that letting me know that you were gonna cut his throat or something.” Kiely laughed. Zoey laughed while she took off. “Before I could even tell him what I wanted he had apologized for everything, so I just told him that I forgave him. I think that I’ve cried almost ever tear that I have in my soul.” Zoey laughed. Kiely smiled as she thought about what Zoey said and then dropped her off at him. Once Caine got off work he went straight home and soaked in a nice luke warm bath. Once Kiely dropped her off Zoey went straight to her neighbor not that far from her building and took Caiden. “Thank you so much for always watching her…” She said. “You’re very welcome Zoey, but I’ve noticed something is everything okay?” She asked her. Zoey immediately screwed her face and “Yes..everything should be fine, but what did you find?” Zoey wondered. “Caiden has dry blood on her scalp in the back of her hair…I noticed it once I did her hair.” She replied. Zoey grabbed thirty dollars out of her purse and handed her it to her. “Thank you Ms. Johnson” She stated. “Are you sure everything is okay Zoey? Not…stressing out about Caiden are you?” she asked. Zoey screwed her face. “If you’re trying to get me to say what you want then you can forget it. I love my child and would never hurt her. EVER! As for you I won’t be needing you anymore.” Zoey expressed. “But Ca- “Thanks Ms. Johnson” Zoey chimed in and walked off and headed home.

Once Caine got dressed he decided to cook dinner for Zoey and bought some champagne. He wanted to show her that he was trying his best to change for the better and wanted to show that. He decorated his house with lit candles and nice red pedals to accent the floor. He went upstairs and changed into a nice gray suit. Zoey tried her best not to get upset even though she felt a bipolar episode coming. Zoey got Caiden’s bath water ready in her tub and then put her in it. She watched as Caiden kicked her legs happily as she spoke baby gibberish. Zoey shook her head tried not to cry angry tears. Caiden was a happy baby and never really cried until she really needed a bottle or diaper change. What pissed Zoey off was someone putting her innocent child’s life in danger. She continued to bathe Caiden and then looked at the back of her head. Zoey bit her lip trying to control herself and then washed Caiden’s hair. Caiden began whining and eventually started crying because of her head. “I swear I’m gonna f*** Ms. Johnson ass up.” Zoey said to herself. Kiely sat on the couch with Nick watching Baby Boy while she recited all the lines. “GIVE ME MY SHAKE!” Kiely mocked Ivette from the movie. Nick laughed and kissed her cheek. “You ghetto like Ivette?” He joked. Kiely smacked her lips “You aint seen s*** yet nigga.” She joked back. “Oh lord no sweet Kiely?” He chuckled. Kiely rolled her eyes playfully and then sat on him. “Can you see us getting far?” He looked into her eyes. “I don’t want to get ahead of myself you know? I know you’ve been hurt and I haven’t really had a serious relationship before, so I don’t want to just go in head first and not look after my heart.” She truthfully stated. “Kiely I would have never been prepared to love you as hard as I’m going to if I was never hurt. I’m not going to hurt you intentionally, but I’m just letting you know that you can’t be afraid to get hurt because it’s going to happen. Hopefully it won’t be with me and like I said I’m not going to intentionally hurt you, but I know I’m human and I can’t predict the future I can only think that we will last and hope we do. Do you get what I’m saying? Just don’t be closed off with me if I’m not with you. I understand since we’re just getting into this you want to protect your heart. The only thing I ask of you is to believe in us. Continue building that trust with each other and just believe and positive thinking.” He looked at her. Kiely looked in his eyes and nodded her head “I understand Nick.” She expressed. Nick pecked her lips and hugged her.

Zoey got Caiden bundled up and ready to go to Caine’s house. Caine opened the door and Zoey looked around immediately. “Babe…it’s so nice in here.” She said listening to the nice soft music. Caine laughed a little and took Caiden’s car seat. “Follow me beautiful.” He smiled. Zoey grabbed his hand and walked up the stairs with him. The three of them sat down at an nice intimate candle lit dinner. “Caine you didn’t have to do this.” Zoey said eating her food. Caine smiled at Caiden as she ate her fingers “I wanted to baby and I wanted my family to understand how much I love them. Zoey… I will go the extra mile just to see you smile. I took your love for granted when I shouldn’t have. I know that I have a lot of s*** to work on and that I’m not the perfect guy, but baby I want you to know that you’re perfect for me. You make me mad, sad, happy, and want to punch your ass in the face, but I took in a lot that the Dr. said and I want to be that better man for you and Caiden. I’m owning up to every single punch, scarf, scar, bruise, whatever it is… I’m sorry Zoey I’m a f***ing coward for that I am. I blame my parents and myself. But f*** that cause that’s all in the past now.” He got up. “Wha- where you going?” Zoey asked. Caine came back with a box. “I Cannan Avery Burose ask…would you marry me?” Caine asked while getting on one knee. Zoey covered her mouth and cried tears of joy. “Yess…” She cried and hugged him. Caine smiled and put the ring on her finger and hugged her back. “I love you babe.” He cooed in her ear. Zoey flashed her hand in front of her face. “It’s beautiful babe…” She laughed. “Good cause that’s all yo ass getting.” He laughed. Zoey and Caine enjoyed the rest of their dinner and made the best love they could have ever made to one another. Zoey believe in the words he spoke to her and felt as if things were really looking up to them. Caine felt the same way and knew that she was the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. “Caiden you’re gonna be the cutest flower girl.” Caine laughed. He turned her around and bounced her up and down on his leg and looked at her head and stopped. “Zoey….” He called. “Yea..” She hopped in the room from the bathroom. “What the hell is wrong with Caiden head? Why is this thingy that comes over yo bruises to help heal them on her head?” He asked. “Ms. Johnson…” She informed him. “I meant to tell you earlier, but …” Zoey stopped herself and sighed. “Zoey…what happened?” Caine stated sternly. “When I picked her up from Ms. Johnson’s house she told me about her head I haven’t even noticed anything until she brought it to my attention.” She let him know. Caine exhaled deeply. “Did you ask her if she hurt our baby?” He inquired. Zoey shook her head in shame. “No… I just automatically assumed she did.” Zoey soon felt bad due to her bipolar episodes. “And Lauren watched her over the weekend right?” Caine questioned. Zoey widened her eyes noticing she had dismissed the fact that she watched Caiden. “Yea..Caine!” She said in fear. “Calm down…get Caiden ready for bed.” He kissed her forehead and walked out. “I’ma figure this s*** out.” Caine told himself and zoomed out the driveway.

Chapter 29: New Leaf pt. I

“How was your day?” Nick stuffed his mouth with nachos. “It went well those people at Chilli’s be making me sick. I’m a waitress now.” Kiely answered him dipping in his nachos. “Girl what are this?” he pointed at his food. Kiely screwed her face and looked at him “Nachos” she replied. “Exactly! Nachos!” He joked. “Get your own!” He teased. Kiely chuckled showing her beautiful smile. Nick chuckled and got lost in her warm eyes. “You have the most beautiful eyes and smile I have ever seen.” He compliment. Kiely blushed and looked away. Nick really loved Kiely’s spirit. She was a down to heart girl with a positive spirit. “I need help..point blank.” Caine spoke first. “What makes you feel like that?” Dr. Newman answered. Zoey looked at Caine and waited for him to answer. Caine started to spill out to the Dr. everything that he endured during his upbringing. Zoey rubbed Caine’s back as he broke down as he got to how his life was now. “You need closure and a lot of your problems come from you not having closure with the people in your past that have hurt you.” Dr. Newman spoke to Caine. Caine looked at her and nodded his head. “I bet you guys are connected because of those very reasons as well.” She smiled while pointing at Zoey and Caine. Zoey wiped her tears as she continued to rub Caine’s back. “What exactly happened to you Ms. Davis?” The Dr. wondered. Zoey then began to tell her everything that happened in her past from her being rape to her feeling guilty for shad, her mom, and partly Shelly’s death. “Would you like to go see Paranormal Activity 4?” Nick asked Kiely. “Sure.” She blushed more. “Got damn girl you’re so amazing. I can see myself falling for you…Quick. You’re smile is hypnotizing.” Nick smiled while shaking his head in amazement. Kiely took her hands and moved her cheeks around hoping they would loosen. “It’s your fault.” She joked. “I hope to be the reason every time.” Nick stated in a serious tone while gazing in Kiely’s eyes. Kiely chuckled as her eyes glistened. Nick screwed his face in concern. “What’s wrong?” He asked her. Kiely wiped her tears quickly as they threatened to fall. “I just never had anyone make me feel so happy before.” She stated truthfully.

Dr. Newman nodded at the two of them. “You know that opposites don’t really attract even though that’s what everyone thinks. But, psychologically it’s “Birds of the SAME feather flock together” believe it or not.” She informed. “The two of you have endured so much pain in your life that it’s overwhelming at times for you guys to love each other. The way you two explained your stories to me and then told me about your relationship is just a cycle repeating itself. Before you can love each other you HAVE to forgive your parents.” She continued and shook her head. “I know it might be hard Zoey…but you need that closure with your step dad. What he did to your mom was NOT by far okay. But, the grudges that you hold onto will forever hold you back from enjoying life. You have to stop this spread of guiltiness. You have a pure heart, but its filled with so much hatred. You gotta let that go sweetheart. Let. It. Go. Zoey. It’s okay we’ve all been hurt and damaged, and I know that letting go isn’t as easy as we can say it, but it HAS to happen.” She preached while watching Zoey wipe her tears. “You two are draining each other. Weighing each other down. STRESSING each other out because your holding on to the past.” She continued. Caine nodded his head as he bit down on his lips to keep from being so emotional. “I’m pretty sure that you didn’t need me to tell you guys this. You have to put these ego’s and pride aside and look at the big picture. You guys can’t dwell on the past and hold onto that because the bigger picture is your daughter!” She nodded while looking at them. “Do y’all understand what I’m saying?” She questioned while looking at the two of them nod their heads. “But, do you guys really understand? Caine caiden needs to grow up with a stable father to teach her how to have a man in her life. When she goes searching for someone to love she’s going to want someone like her father, and Zoey you need to be that stable mom for Caiden to look up to. You’re going to be her role model. Every time she comes across those little insecurities every girl has once and a while she’s not going to run to Caine she’s going to be looking for you. Someone that can relate to her, and you should want that especially if you missed on that with your mother. Don’t make excuses for yourself because of the past. That’s old so leave it where it was because this is NOW! Just because you had horrible upbringings does not mean that you guys have to hold on to those generation curses in your family that’s spreading. Be that change because Caine you sound identical to Zoey’s ex who turns out to be your cousin. You see…” She smiled and nodded her head. “Break that curse and make a difference. Caine I understand that the habit your overcoming can be very difficult sometimes, but let me tell you something” She continued while grabbing his hands and looking at him in the eyes.
“Look at me Caine..” She instructed. Caine bit down on his lip making his dimples appear and looked at Dr. Newman in her eyes.

“You are so special did you know that?” She asked Caine. Caine stared at her without an answer. “Zoey… is he special?” She asked her. “Yes ma’am.” She cooed. “Tell him that and when you tell him that I want you to say it from your heart and let go all the hurt this man caused you because if you want to live the rest of your life with this man then you have to believe in him. He needs you more than you need him. You can’t love him 100% still crying at night for things he’s done months ago. The biggest things you have to overcome is letting go and that’s for the both of you guys.” She told Zoey. “I do tell him how I feel from the heart but he didn’t believe me at first and now…sometimes I don’t know if he really does because he relapses on me.” She confessed. Dr. Newman shook her head. “Both of you guys are victims of a broken heart case okay? So what we’re not going to do is try to make everything about one of you because right now I’m talking about you guys as a couple. Zoey I don’t care if you told him a thousand times, but THIS time it will be believable because you’re letting go everything he’s done to you. Forgive him wholeheartedly because if you don’t he will forever control this.” She said placing her hand over her heart. “Face each other and Zoey tell Caine everything you want to tell him.” She ordered. Zoey took Caine’s hands and looked at him in the eyes and then closed her eyes as her eyes flooded with tears. “Let it go…if you have to speak what you’re thinking then do so Zoey just let it all out. My goal is to make sure you guys walk out not the way you came. Zoey shook her leg up and down repeatedly as tears streamed down her face. Flashbacks of Caine in range flooded her brain. Caine lowered his head ashamed of the person he was. Dr. Newman picked Caine’s face up. “Own it… you have to own it Caine. It’s too late to be ashamed because the damage has already been done. Accept it and become a better man do you understand? Mold into a man because you’re still a lost boy trying to find himself. Before you can love all of this woman you have to forgive your parents, find who Cannan Burose really is and don’t become comfortable and accustomed to the lifestyle you’re used to which is the drugs, and let go of all the hurt Zoey has cause you. Do you understand?” She asked him. Caine let his tears fall from his face “Yes ma’am.” He cooed. Zoey exhaled deeply and opened her eyes and looked at Caine.

“I forgive you wholeheartedly and I want this relationship to work. I believe in you Caine. I love you so much please we have to change because of Caiden and mostly for better lives. We need to be stable emotionally and mentally. Caine I love you from the bottom of my heart. I love you more then I love myself.” Zoey expressed. Caine grabbed Zoey into a hug and cried on her shoulder as she did the same on his. Dr. Newman grabbed some tissue and dapped her eyes to keep from crying. She felt her job was becoming accomplished even though they really didn’t need her. All they had to do was become face to face with reality. The two of them continued to cry on each other’s shoulder until they both grew headaches and couldn’t no longer breath through their noses. “I love you baby. I’m going to work as hard I did to get you to keep you..” He cooed in her ear. Zoey nodded her head and kissed her cheek. “Caine I believe you know exactly what you need to do and I want you to understand that Zoey will have some bad days because of her Bipolar disorder, so you must be aware to not fold under pressure and be strong for her. Zoey same thing I need from Caine is what I need from you. I’m not expecting you guys to be perfect because all humans make mistakes. Own up to your actions and mistakes then learn and grow as you go okay? Better parents for Caiden!” She exclaimed. The two of them nodded and gave Dr. Newman a hug. “I would like to see the both of you separately in a month’s time to see if there’s any progress okay?” She smiled. Caine and Zoey nodded their heads and walked out. Caine looked at his phone and saw a text from Nick. “Babe Nick wanted to know if you wanted to go to the Six Flags in Georgia this weekend he said he’ll pay for us.” Caine recited while getting in the car. “Aww that’s so sweet, but yea I’ll just have to ask the neighbor to watch Caiden.” Zoey told him. “Ok” Caine replied. Later that day Caine and Zoey planned on having the best weekends of their lives. “Do you wanna drive to the one in L.A?.” Zoey reported. Caine chuckled, “Yea we could it could say money”. Zoey shook her head and laughed “I know right, but I’ll pay for our tickets.” She stated. “No I got it babe.” Caine chimed in. Zoey nodded her head and played with Caiden as she smiled. “My baby is so happy which makes me happier.” She cheesed. Caine smiled at them and went to check the earliest flights and called Nick on the phone.

The weekend rolled around and Caine was more excited than Zoey. Zoey strapped three and a half month old Caiden in the car as she drove down to another part of her complex. She took Caiden out of the car seat and then knocked on the door. Zoey stood there and waited for an answer and never got one. Zoey sighed and then drove to a place she never thought she’d go again- Lauren’s house. Zoey grabbed Caiden’s things and rang the doorbell. “Zoey?” Lauren opened the door looking confused. “Hey before you curse me out I just want to say that I’m sorry and I mean it. I didn’t think I’d ever ask this in a million years but can you do me a favor?” She asked. Lauren looked at Caiden and then at Zoey. “What is it?” She questioned. “Can you watch her for just the weekend?” She asked. Lauren cleared her throat and then nodded. “Sure…wow. Caine’s? She asked. Zoey sighed and nodded her head. “Congrats.” She spoke. “Thanks.” Zoey kissed on Caiden and then gave her to Lauren. “You have my phone and I have yours. We’ll communicate throughout the weekend okay?” Zoey informed her. “Got it” Lauren stated. “Bye Caiden” Zoey blew her a kiss and walked off. Zoey drove to Caine’s house and got out and walked into his house. “I see your door still unlock” She teased. Caine smirked and chuckled “Girl whateva Nick said he was around the corner.” He chuckled. “Uh huh and so was I.” She joked and pranced over to him and kissed his lips. “Mmmm” Caine moaned in-between her kisses. Nick and Kiely both walked in and said “Ewww” in unison. Caine broke the kiss and smiled. “Don’t hate.” He stated. “Nigga please I got the woman I want” Nick joked. Kiely laughed “Hey Caine.” Kiely greeted. Caine hugged and kissed Kiely on the cheek. “Hey beautiful yall can put yall stuff in my car I’m ‘bout to get mine.” He informed. Kiely nodded her head heading to the door, while Zoey followed. The four of them got their stuff in Caine’s car and shortly took off. Caine, Nick, and Zoey all sung songs on the way while Kiely filmed them as she tried to hold in her laughter.

“Who the f*** is that?” Lauren turned around to see her boyfriend walk down the steps. “My cousin’s baby she asked me could I babysit her for the weekend.” She told him. He chuckled “I thought you didn’t give a f*** about her.” He stated. “I mean she said she apologized, so I’m doing this favor for her.” She told him. “Well…I guess.” He replied. “I don’t know if I can ride in the front.” Kiely said while they had one hour left. “You’re a party pooper Kiely.” Caine joked. Kiely rolled her eyes playfully, “Seating in the third of fourth row of a rollercoaster is just fine with me.” She laughed. Nick shook his head, “Ima be all the way in the back.” Kiely looked at him and pouted “I’m going to be scared by myself though babe.” She expressed. Nick smiled and placed his finger under her chin, “I was just kidding baby I’d never leave you.” He cooed. “Awww.” Zoey smiled. “Yuck!” Caine spat. “I swear you a hater bruh.” Nick laughed. “Nigga please my girl is all I need partna stay in yo lane.” Caine joked. “Nigga I’m in my damn lane you need to get off a nigga nuts and off Kiely pussy.” He laughed. “It’s not Kiely I’d be worried about its yo momma that keep calling me to come beat that pussy up again.” Caine joked. Zoey laughed along with Kiely. “Nigga Ima whoop yo ass once we get there b****.” Nick threatened playfully. “Bet!” Caine challenged him. “It’s funny Kiely?” Nick asked. Kiely immediately stopped laughed and tried to laugh again. Nick shook her head “Trader” he mentioned. Kiely burst out laughing again making Nick eventually laugh. “Yall are so damn annoying.” Caine mumbled.
The four of them got to Six Flags Magic Mountain and prepared themselves to have a blast. “No punking out we gone ride errthang.” Caine spoke. Zoey laughed while Kiely rolled her eyes and mumbled. “Kiely not gone punk out on us Caine don’t worry I got my baby.” Nick chuckled. “Good!” Caine chuckled and lead the group. “BAM! We’re riding that” Caine pointed. “OH f*** NO!” Kiely shouted looking up at the ride. Nick burst out laughing while Zoey shook her head. “I don’t know Caine…” She looked at him. Caine smacked his lips. “Are yall foreal?” He chuckled. Zoey screwed her face “Nigga do you not see how high that is? I’m pretty sure you can see the whole park from all the way up there.” She told him. “Man come on.” Caine said dragging Zoey and Kiely. “No Caine and I bet that line thick as f***.” Kiely said. “Thick like you?” Nick whispered in her ear. Kiely blushed and chuckled. “Nigga that’s why we have these.” Caine stated waving the flash passes in his face. “Wow who bought thoses?” Zoey asked. Caine distributed the passes and looked at Zoey. “Just know you got one girl.” He laughed. The four of them got in the flash pass line and then rode the ride before some people who been waiting in line forever. “I can’t believe I’m about to get on this.” Kiely stated. “Chill babe.” Nick laughed. “This is going to be so f***ING FUN WOOOOOOOO” Caine yelled and cheesed. Zoey laughed loudly watching the people that were waiting. “Everyone looking at you.” Zoey whispered to Caine. Caine shrugged his shoulders and looked at the people who were watching him. “Ion give no f***” He shouted being ghetto and laughed. “Oh my God..” Kiely shook her head in embarrassment while Nick laughed. “You just think your friend is really funny huh?” She asked Nick. Nick nodded his head. “I want to welcome yall to the Goliath please keep all your arms and feet inside of the cart at all times. Now if you ready to ride soay HELL YEAHHHH!” “HELLL YEAAAAAA” Caine and the rest of the crazy people yelled. Zoey widened her eyes and looked at Caine as if he was crazy. The ride took off and Kiely immediately closed her eyes. Nick laughed his ass off at Kiely’s fear finding it very amusing. “Oh s*** oh s*** oh s*** oh s***” Kiely repeated as the rollercoaster reached the top and stopped. “Wai- Nick..” Kiely panicked. “WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO f*** YEAHHHHHHHHH WOO HOOOO” Caine roared as the rollercoaster went down the first drop. Zoey closed her eyes tightly and let the breeze hit her cheeks as she listened to Caine screamed.
“Where the f*** is her bottle at?” Lauren stated. “You talking to me like I f***ing know. That little b**** been working my f***ing nerves all f***ing day why did you even agree to watch her ass?”He questioned. “Because she obviously didn’t have anyone else to watch her baby.” Lauren snapped. “Don’t get ugly” Ty chuckled. “I’m just saying.” Lauren chuckled. “That was supposed to be my baby anyway.” Ty confessed. Lauren’s eyes widened “Are you f***ing serious?” She asked. “You know I wanted your cousin we talked about this the last time.” He mentioned. Caiden continued to cry while Lauren tried to find her bottle. “Don’t leave me with this bastard too long.” He spoke. “You’re evil Ty.” Lauren laughed. Ty looked at Caiden and grew frustrated that she continued to cry louder and louder. “Shut up” He told her. “Ughh where Is it?” Lauren spoke to herself while searching for it. “DAMN IT!” Ty got up and headed toward Caiden. “Omg I’m not getting on nothing else as high as that again” Kiely said. Zoey shook her head “Caine stupid ass round here screaming like a maniac.” She chuckled. “It was fun oh babe I forgot to tell you that I left Caiden with my cousin.” Zoey told Caine as they walked. “Lauren?” Nick questioned. Kiely laughed “How you know about Lauren?” She inquired. “Because Caine my best friend duh!” He chuckled. “Really why?” Caine looked at her. “Because the Ms. Johnson wasn’t there and I wanted to apologize to her anyway… trying to make progress you know.” She smiled. Caine smiled and hugged her “Look at you.” He laughed and kissed her forehead. “TYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!” Lauren screamed.

to be continued....

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How she bring a b**** home for the both of them to sleep with and get jealous? Oh my god Zoey!! I was just starting to be ok with Shelly and she's dead already, damn. Oh well on to the next... I hope that's not really Ty's baby lmfao oh my god that would be some s***!! I think Lauren might be dating Ty just because 1.u aren't telling us who he is 2. His reaction to her being pissed and naming Caine and Zoey 3. That's seem like that would fit in this story :)
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