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The Decision {Must Read}

"you cant keep calling me like idc you have to leave me alone...just stop it and just be my friend and support me...whatever good bye.!!!" i hung up and threw my phone on my bed and plopped down next to it. i had so many thoughts running through my mind and i didnt know what to do right about now. a decision had to be made but i just didnt wanna have to be the one to make.

before i ruining this for you let me take yall back to the beginning where it all began for me, <a href="">Renee Isabella Bryant</a>, a 19 year-old sophmore in college and soon to be mother of twins.

~Chapter 1~
{five years earlier}
"come on renee your gonna be late for these auditions and i bet i wont talk them into giving you another chance." my best friend <a href="">terrence</a> yelled up the stairs to me as i got the last bit of stuff to take with me. terrence and i have been friends all our lives. our dads also grew up together so it was only right that we did too even though i didnt come out as a boy like they would have wanted it to be. they think we gonna get together and get married and honestly at first that seemed so nasty but over these last couple months i've actually thought that maybe that would be a good idea. i mean terrence is very cute and i wouldnt have to go throught the awkwardness of him meeting my dad because he already knows him.
"im coming boy shut up.!" i yelled right before walking down the steps.
"girl you suck at be on time for any and everything."
"shut up and lets go."
"oh dont try to rush me now cupcake head. i been yelling for you the past half hour."
"fine give me ya keys."
"give me a kiss. on my head." i kissed his forehead. and he laughed.
"whats so funny.?"
"i didnt mean that head." he chuckled.
"EWWW YOUR DISGUSTING.1" i said hitting his arm and back. "lets go." i pushed him out the door and we headed to my school for the singing auditions for the play. the play was Westside Story and i was planning on going for the role of maria. i knew i had a great voice and i was a good actress so i know i had this in the bag.
we got there just as they called my name. i acted out the final scene of the movie when maria was yell at the jets and the sharks after the deaths of her brother and her lover. after that i sang mary j. blige- im going down. the whole auditorium was on their feet clapping when i finished and sure enough the next day i learned that i got the part. the first thing i did was run to terrence to tell him the news.
"Terrence i got the part.!" i said jumping into his arms.
"im so proud of you girl." he said spinning me around.
"we need to go celebrate.!" i said pulling him.
"renee you have one more class left we cant just leave."
"please come on tan i would love it." i said calling him the nickname i gave him when i found out his name was terrence aldon nester. he thought it was wierd at first but then he gave me one too, rib.
"idk rib can you afford to miss this class.?"
"shows how much you know tan this is my art class and i already have an A so lets go."
we left and went to the mall for a mini shopping spree.

Run it or Dump it.?


uh oh what tan got to say about this??
run it

Wow, RUN IT!

Damn she wnt n on girl boom run it lol

Oooo drama
what happened? Tell Meeee

*Renee's POV*
its really no surprise that charm left after only what a quarter and a half. she ost everything that she had when she first got here even her ugly ass boyfriend was a baller but she fuxked that up because he told her it was from his parents. that girl is some kind of stupid. but anyways enough about her she is no only a care in my world. its almost winter break and and i just hope i can persuade drayson to come home with me. hell i hope daddy will even accept him after he finds out that he is the one i gave the room to.
still pondering my thoughts i got myself some things to get ready to hit the showers. as im in there rinsing over my body i got bored and started to sing.
<cite>A part of me wants to leave you alone,
A part of me wants for you to come home,
A part of me says I'm living a lie
(And I'm better off without you)
A part of me says to think it through
A part of me says I'm over you
A part of me wants to say goodbye
A part of me is asking why?
A part of me wants to leave
But a part of me wants to be here with you
And every time I think we're over and done
You do something to get me back loving you
And you got me just torn
Torn in between the two</cite>
"for a second there you would think you were singing about me." i hear someone say causing me to turn around only to find terrence behind me."
"you are not suppose to be in here not get out.!" i yell.
"its coed renee." he said smiling.
"you know what i mean terrence get out of my shower."
"you act like i've never seen you naked before."
"it doesnt matter get outta here dude." i pushed him out and hurried up and finish my shower and went back to my room still in only my towel.
"renee whats wrong.?" shell asked looking at my face.
"terrence was just in my shower with me."
"stop playing."
"im not.! i was in there and just so happened to start singing and boom there he was talking about im singing about him."
"well were you.?" shell asked.
"thats not the point.! he invaded my space and it was very uncomfortable."
"your right. are you gonna tell dray.?"
"NO.! he would flip the fuxk out.!"
"nae then chill out.! we are about to head home in a couple days. get your shyt together." shell said just then there was a knock at the door. i went to answer it and there was a girl there.
"can i help you.?" i asked..
"yes are you renee.?" she asked.
"yes i am."
"good. look im lauren, terrence's fiancee."
"ok nice to meet you. how did you find my dorm room.?" i asked curiously.
"nevermind that. do you still have feelings for terrence.?"
"excuse me.?"
"you heard me."
"yea i heard you but i dont think i need to answer to you at all about my feelings."
"i just need to know."
"actually you dont because its really none of your concern. he's marrying you do you think it matters to him if i had feelings for him or not.?"
"actually i think it does. you see he was very hurt that you were upset about me but honestly i dont see why. i mean your not really much compared to me so i dont see why he's so worried about your feelings."
"let me break something down for you lauren. i will always have one. well three things over you when it comes to terrence so lets get that straight. i was his bestfriend first all his life, i was also his first love, and not to mention i was the first person he EVER made love to hell the first he ever fuxked period so before you go off tryna be c**ky because you got the ring remember this, there will always be a place in terrence's heart that you will never touch because its mine. now have a nice day." i could see i had her choked up so to add insult to injury and since so many people were in the hall being nosey i slammed the door in her face and i could hear people laugh and yelling and clowning her but i really didnt care. who did she think she was.? stupid hoe.
"did you hear that shell.?" i asked turning around and finding dray standing there as well.
"yea i heard it all." dray said walking back into his room.
"baby wait let me explain." i said going after him.
"what is there to explain. i asked you renee and you looked me dead in my face and lied to me."
"baby i didnt lie to you."
"you promised me renee."
"baby look at me please." i said grabbing ahold of his face turning to me. "look baby i didnt lie to you or mislead you in anyway. i dont have feelings for terrence in that way i just said those things to her because she was disrespecting me and i felt the only way of hurting the bride to be is knowing that there still may be doubts in her future husband's mind about marrying her."
"but baby its like you dont want them to get married. i dont if she's going to be an ignorant bytch like she was just now. i love you dray and nothing will ever change that. you will never have to worry about terrence coming inbetween us because that could never happen."
"you better not be playing me renee."
"baby just looking in my eyes and you will know the truth. its you draya nd only you." i said and began to kiss him passionately. i wanted him to know my words were true. i lead him to the bed and threw him on it then removed my towel and climbed back on top of him kissing him and rubbing him manhood.
i slowly removing his basketball shorts and boxing i look him dead in his eye as i take him in my mouth. moving my head up and down along his shaft licking and sucking the tip and massging his balls with my left hand. i could hear his soft moans so i knew in a second he will be coming soon so i increased my pace and depp throated him humming on his dicc causing him to loose control. in an instant he came and it went straight down my throat never dipping a single drop. i got up and went over to my room to finish getting dressed then i went and brushed my teeth and dray and i went out on a nice date.
"baby im sorry about earlier." he said as we sat at out table in Cantrell Sundaes & Sandwich.
"baby i already told you its fine. i understand where your coming from and if i was in your position that would have pissed me off too."
"you know i love you right.?" he asked.
"ofcourse baby. so i have a question for you.?"
"ok what is it.?"
"do you wanna come home with me for winter break.?"
"to columbus, ohio.? in the cold.?"
"and be in yo dad's crib.?"
"why ofcourse."
"yaayy see this is why i love you so much."
"because i never say no.?"
"exactly." i said as we both laughed.
the rest of our day went so well and i couldnt have asked for a better day out with my man than this one. too bad once we got back to the dorm all hell broke loose and ofcourse it was ALL my fault.

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Wow, RUN IT!

Charm is such a money grabbing whore
she isn't just a whore for the sex
she is a whore for the money
She disgusts me

Run it

*Charm's POV*
i've been feeling like shyt these past couple weeks. i after i was embarrassed that the showcase by renee i havent let my room. my life was over. i didnt have all the fly shyt she got me, and jerod's ass was acting like he was too good to my it for me. this was it im going back home where i belong and where i can find a nigga with money who is willing to spend it on me.
as i was packing kimmie and jerod walked in and i could tell they were obviously shocked.
"what the fuxk do you think your doing.?" kimmie asked.
"captain obvious what does it look like.? im going home."
"but its almost christmas break. why not wait til then go leave.?" she asked.
"because i cant stand to be here one more minute."
"but what about us charm." jerod finally spoke up asking.
"boy please. i am clearly out of your price range."
"excuse you.?"
"jerod when was the last time you took me anywhere or brought me anything.?"
"its been a month but thats only because my parents didnt send my allowance until today."
"oh godm your making this easier for me. just get out,! i never want to see you again.
"fine to hell with you bytch. i can always find a prettier girl to spend this $1200 my parents sunt me with me."
"whoa 1200.?"
"yea we're rich.! i just dont flant it, well at least i didnt but according to you basically i need to start or else i wont get a lady. welp i guess imma just have to go out here ssnd look. to hell with you charm." without another word jerod was out my door. once again i fuxked up my money drain.
"bytch you have got to be the most ignorant, irresponsible, and just down right stupid ass person i have ever met. i bet my aunt isnt even coming is she.?" kimmie started off saying.
"no but her botfriend brought me a bus ticket."
"oh well imma miss you. see you in a couple weeks."
"thank kimmie. i love you."
"yea me too." kimmie walked me downstairs just as the cab pulled up. she hugged me for what seemed like forever.
"see you soon." i said as i got ing the cab and drove away. im going home where i know people and i can have my baby in peace.
rubbing my stomach a new plan just came to mind and i really think its gonna work and break renee and drayson up for good. i closed my eyes and rode in silence all the way to the grey hound.

run it

girl 7hrs ago u said update coming soon
and i still dont see an update
*taps feet*

update coming soon
run it.!

update coming soon
run it.!

Know I've been MIA but been having problems with computer...
Terrance needs to make his mind up and understand that you can't just be gone for that LONG and come back like it's nothing..
I loved the little love scene :D
Can't wait to see where this goes!!

i like lauren
pls keep charm out the picture
shell is my home girl
damn dray real understanding
terrence need to... idk what he need to do, but
whatever advice he gets from lauren
he gotta take it
she a good girl
what happened with him and his dad?

Mhmm, RUN IT!

Glad ur running this again but yea trey need to talk to her forreal and work things out and aww dray loves her that is so cute

omg i was wondering wer dis story wnt run it

*Renee's POV*
i headed back to my room still a little confused. i didnt know what i wanted to do. Terrence was my bestfriend my entire life but he broke my heart and didnt understand why it hurt so much. could we ever make it like it was before we took that extra step.? still in my thoughts the door opened and in walked shell and dray.
"hey you," shell said walking in.
"hey babe," dray said kissing my forehead.
"hey yall." i replied.
"whats wrong nae.?" shell asked.
"why does something have to be wrong with me.?" i replied deffensively.
"because i can tell by the way your head is slightly tilted to the left something is wrong now tell me."
"i just talked to Terrence."
"and how did that do.?" dray asked.
"he wants us to be friends again because his fiancee would really love to get to know me."
"whoa i did not know that nigga was engaged." dray said surprised by this new information.
"yea you and me both." i replied back.
"so whats the problem.?" shell asked.
"i dont think im ready for him to be back in my life yet like that shell. i mean me and dray are doing great i just dont want our spouses to get mad at us for being around each other so much. plus i dont know this broad and yall know i can snap in a heartbeat."
"look babe imma put it to you like this. i trust you around T now. i love you girl so im cool."
"wait what did you say.?" i asked snapping back to reality.
"i trust you around T"
"no after that."
"i love you." dray said smirking.
"really.?" i asked fighting back the tears.
"yea girl."
"i love you too dray." i stood up and began kisssing him.
"well i love yall too." shell said causing dray and i to laugh. i actually forgot she was in the room for a moment.
"look renee imma tell you like this, if he really cared he woulda stayed in contact with you. this needs to be better discussed between you and terrence." dray said getting up

run it..!!!

run it i want to know how renee feel about all of this... is she going to give him another try at friendship or is going to run...


*Terrence's POV*
since i don't have classes until later tonight i decided to wait there until Renee was done. she was gonna talk to me today with no running or arguing. i know i may have hurt her in the past but we're all grown now so we should be able to talk this out.
as she walked out the building i could tell she was a in a better mood so i calmly walked up to her. once she saw me i noticed she rolled her eyes but imma ignore that.
"please just listen to me renee." i said standing in front of her.
"what is there left to say.?"
"there's plenty. i dong want to go another minute having you hate me. can we please sit down and talk about things like adults."
"fine." we began walking back to our dorm and we went in my room. as i sat on my bed renee decided to sit on the other side of the room.
"can you please come closer.?" i asked.
"naw im good right here."
"fine whatever. look renee you have to know the lost of communication between us wasnt my intentions at all when i left."
"yea i know remember 'rib imma fly you out here for my prom and graduation then imma come out there for yours.' the lie that shattered my heart."
"come on dont do me like that."
"you mean tell you the truth.? oh too much honesty for you."
"your not being fair."
"fair.? your tryna preach to me about being fair when you out of the blue spring on me the fact that you have a fiancée. get the fuxk outta here man."
"so is that what all this animosity is from.? because im engaged.? let me break this down to you, my fiancée and i have been together fourteen months and in that time she has helped me get my grades up in school, reconnect with my dad, and---,"
"and completely forget i existed.!" renee interruptede saying. "you know what you piece of shyt while your thinking im jealous of you and her you need to step back in to reality. you did the exact thing our dads said you would and im salty it was with me."
"and what is that.?"
"you promised me the world, took my virginity and forgot me."
"it wasn't like that at all."
"coulda fooled me."
"look its clear that we not get anywhere with this so can we please just move on. im here now so can we get back to us. we use to be so close and tell each other everything."
"i dont know terrence. i dont really trust you anymore."
"i understand but we can try. i love you rib and thats never gonna change."
"then theres a problem."
"i dont love you anymore."
"damn. you sure know how to hurt a nigga."
"i learned from the best. see you around terrence."
without another word she left. i really fuxked up my relationship with renee but im gonna make it right. i can tell she wants to work things out and thats what imma do. just then lauren came in my room
"who was that girl who left out your room.?" she asked getting on my bed behind me.
"your kidding right.?"
"when did she start here.?"
"she been going here."
"does she know about me.?"
"yea. babe i fuxked up."
"you had sex with her.?"
"what.?! no girl. i messed up mine and her relationship. she hates me because she thinks i forgot about her all this time."
"how is that when you've been keeping in contact with her."
"babe i haven't spoken to her in two years."
"well, then she has a reason to be mad."
"babe you were her first in every way."
"and she was mine."
"but its different for women. no matter how hard we try we never forget our first especially if we were madly in love with them."
"i just want my best friend back. i wanna be able to share my happiness with her."
"what if she's not really over you.? do you really think she'll be able to handle being around me and you together.?

run it.!

Ooooh, RUN IT!

I know she is hurt... bt I think they need to have a sit down so they can get everything off their chest...

*Renee's POV*
Fiancée.?! Did that really just come out his mouth.? Could she be the reason he forgot about me so long ago.? I don't know why its hurting me this much but it is. Terrence still had a piece of my heart and I have to let him go. But how.?
I got myself together and headed next door to drayson's room.
"hey babe.?" I said walking towards him and kissing him.
"hey girl what's up." He said pulling me on his lap.
"nothing just missing you dearly."
"oh really.?"
"yea babe."
"we need to talk." Dray said sitting me on the bed.
"what's wrong.?"
"I need to know this now before we take this relationship any further."
"do you still have feelings for T.?"
"terrence. be real with me renee, please."
"im not gonna lie seeing him after all this time did take be back there for a minute but no im with you and your all I want."
"you promise.?"
"I promise babe."
We kissed and that peck.turned into a deep kiss involving him climbing on top of me, caressing my curves resting his left hand under my high and his right under my back. he began grinding against me and kissing more intensely. We undressed each other and he just looked at me grinning.
"what are you smiling like that for.?"
"your so beautiful babe and I cant believe we are about to do this."
"well believe it. now come here." He climbed back on top of me kissing made sucking my body then he reached in tyson's end table and grabbed a condom. He placed it on and began sliding inside me.
"ah shyt.!" I screamed out arching my back.
"im sorry babe. do you want me to stop.?"
"no babe keep going." He took his time, pushing in inch by inch until he was fully inside me.
"damn babe how big are you.?" I said grasping for air and fighting back tears."
"only ten inches babe you dont remember measuring me a couple weeks back.?" He chuckled.
"stop talking and make love to me dray." And with no response he did just that. Just like with terrence it hurt so bad in the beginning but I muscled through it and I cant even lie dray was so much better than terrence. He was so gentle and never stop kissing and biting my neck and nipples. By the time we were done we both were completely out of breath and fast asleep in each others arms.

Later that night I woke up and went to my room and accidentally walked in on shell and tyson.
"Im so sorry." I said laughing and covering my face.
"girl how rude.! did we come over there with yall.?" Shell yelled covering herself up.
"damn girl I didnt even know yall was back yet." I grabbed my feminine soap and my dove and headed to take a shower. As the water hit my body i recalled the love making dray and I just did. I cant believe i waited so long in the first place. After my shower I went straight back to dray's room and climbed back in bed with him and went to sleep.
The next day on my way to class i heard my name being yelled and when i turned around I saw Terrence running towards me. I tried to speed up my pace but he caught up with me.
"rib hold up.!" He said grabbing my arm.
"what is it."
"I was thinking maybe we could finish that conversation."
"no thanks." I turned to walk away but he stopped me.
"why not rib."
"because Terrence i dont want to and Im gonna be late for class."
"look I really wanna sit down and have a real conversation with you, like we use to."
"we can never be like we use to be."
"yes we can but you just dont want us to."
"Terrence it wasnt me who made it this way."
"so what are you saying.?"
"if you dont know then why are we even having this conversation."
Without a response from him I went on and headed in the building to class. I really didnt have time for him right now. Dray was all I cared about now and Terrence was old news.

Run it.!!!

Girl Terrance got me so mad right now..
I mean really ytf did he propose to Lauren?? Wasn't he just talking about how she got on his nerves??
Then for him to sprang that on Renee about his 'fiance'..child boo bye

&&Charm was straight up bold af for coming to Renee like that lol WOW O_o

bye Terrence!

No runs.?

*Renee's POV*
I stood with shell in my feelings the remainder of the showcase. I just couldnt handle the fact that dray and terrence were close. I dont understand why it boils my blood so bad but it does. and terrence.wasnt making it any better. what did he mean he was gonna up to me.? its been two years and now he wants to make an effort at something.
"yo nae whats on your mind.?" Shell asked breaking my train of thought.
"man shell this was too wild for me."
"I know but you know you couldnt have avoided terrence forever."
"yea I know but to see him with dray was so unexpected."
"thats for damn sure.? you think he planned it or something.?"
"I doubt that cuz he was shocked to see me too." just then charm walked up.
"hello ladies." she said smiling.
"what do you want charm." I said not in the mood for her.
"chill girl this is a friendly visit."
"im surprised you know what that word mean." shell said.
"look I came to be nice and tell you I enjoyed my boos performance."
"charm you better walk away now." I said getting upset.
"im just saying they did great together and looked even better doing it. I wonder if dray will let me fuxk tonight since we all know you aint giving up no puccy." without a second thought I punched the shyt outta charm causing her to stumble into the AKA step line and they pushed her to the ground.
"you fuxked up our line bytch. Que dogz.!" one soror said to charm and snapping her fingers.
"she pushed me." Charm said pointing to me.
"no bytch I punched you. get it right."
"renee I will kill you." before charm could reach me a whole group of ques picked her up and began carrying her away.
me, shell, and the entire crow began laughing at her as they walked away.
By the end of the night.I had forgot about charm and terrence for that matter and enjoyed ny night with my peoples.

*Terrence's POV*
I decided to take lauren out for a nice little dinner. we havent really been doing much together since we got here so now I think its time. we took a taxi in town and went to dinner we went to the park and just walked around.
"babe this was our best date yet." lauren said kissing my neck.
"im glad you enjoyed yourself."
"I did."
"well good." we stopped in front of the lake and I turned to lauren and looked her in the eye.
"lauren we've been together for fourteen months and I can say you have really changed me for the better."
"you've changed me too honey."
"I dont want anyone but you for the rest of my life." I got down on one knee. "Lauren Michelle Cardell will you di me the honor of becoming my wife.?" I held up the <a href="">ring>/a> waiting on her response.
"this is so sudden."
"I cant wait no more."
"then my answer is yes."
"yes." I scooped her up in my arms and kissed her. Lauren was about to be my bride. Now I need to get my best friend back and then my joy will be complete.
Over the next few days I was asking around seeing if somebody knew where I could find her at then it hit me that lauren's classmate said dray and her lived in adjourning rooms which meant she lives in my freaking building. I came back from class and went to her room.
I knocked twice and she answered the door.
"what do you want terrence.?"
"can we talk, please."
"oh now you wanna talk to me.?"
"come on rib please let me explain."
"fine, come in." she stepped aside and I walked in to her room.
"wow mr. bryant laid this place out."
"your wasting my time terrence."
"I would prefer to be called tan if you dont mind."
"I dont know tan anymore therefore you will be called terrence."
"come on rib this is crazy."
"whats so crazy about.? you played me terrence. I was devastated when you left. I loved with all of me and you just forgot I even existed. do you know how many times I tried to call you when your prom came around.? I got my dress and everything. I had my suitcases packed waiting for you to call me back and tell me to come on."
"rib I didnt know."
"ofcourse you didnt because you stopped caring for me. thats why I didnt go to my prom. but you know what I was valedictorian when I graduated, and I made it here on a full ride scholarship. I did it without you terrence. now im with drayson and I thought I could never love again after you but I did and he makes me happy." with each word she spoke she cried harder. I can really tell I hurt her and it hurts me as well.
"whoa rib im not tryna break yall up." I said backing up.
"im not saying you are terrence."
"so what are you saying then.? you dont want me in your life.?"
"im not ready. you expect things to go back to the way they were and they cant."
"we can try rib. my fiancée would love that."
"your what.? get ouf my room terrence." she began pushing me to the door.
"what did I do.?"
"you came back in my life." with that she slammed the door in my face. I most def am so confused right now but I aint stopping til I get my friend back.

Run it.!!!

Ohhhh, secrets aren't good Terrence and Renee. RUN IT!

Ok..that was awkward as hell but I JUST KNEW it was going to happen as far as them teaming he mean by he gon make it up?? You took her V and moved without even sending a damn bday card?? How you gon make that up?? Run this s***!!!