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Her Room: Make It Work (Finshed)

This a small teaser

Heater sat in the hospital waiting still in her blood covered white dress. She she paced the floor barefoot anxiously waiting to hear from the doctor. People were staring at her but all she cares.about was knowing jack was okay.

"Heather?" The nurse said.coming out.
"yes, is everything okay in there" she asked.
"at the moment, I'm afraid not, he has slipped into a coma and she have to take him into surgery" she spoke.
"surgery? Why?" Heather asked.
"the bullet is in deep" she said as heather sat down in one of the seats."don't worry Dr James is the best their is" the nurse spoke.
"what's the chances of him not making it?" Heather asked as the nurse stood silent and looked down.


Awwww f*** Me..! Noo He betta be all good or ima personally f*** DUDE UP.. PUT ME IN THE SEQUAL.. Let me tell it like it is.. beat his ass.. ughhh! I just No my nigga jack betta be ight

Awwww s*** I havent even read it and im excited...! Let me Read..BRB

Oh s***! I'm excited!!! Run it!!!