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I Wish I Never Met Him ~Finished 1/6/13~

This is my 1st story on this board. I dont know how to post pics so I'll describe every thing until i learn how to :) Let me know what u think.


Olivia Smith/U Draya Michele
Tori Jackson/ Jarell Houston
y/m Nicole Ari Parker
Ke-ke Ciara
Tremaine Neverson himself
Stacy Angel Lola
Christina Brown Elle Varner
Ashley Chanel Iman
Stephanie logan browning
Chris Brown himself

More will be added later.

U just moved from New York to Virginia because your parents (lawyers) got better jobs:( u r the only child. As of now you are 16.

The day before u start school u are in your room laying in your bed on skype with Tori your best friend.
Tori: its been 3 days how u liking it
U: iono nigga its only been 3 days (lol)
Tori: (lol) whateva ma u know I miss u like crazy
U: aww yeh I know I miss u too Tori (making a puppy face)
y/m: (coming in your room) Livie
Tori: Mommy!!
y/m: didn’t I just speak to u
Tori: (looking at his phone) that was 30 minutes ago on my phone this is skype ma
U: (lol) Tori ill hit u up tomorrow
Tori: cool (loggin off)
y/m: I have to run to the office they’re throwing a little get together and they’re bringing their kids u should come
U: (making a face) no thanks mom I’m going to finish (looking around at ur finished room) doing my hair for school tomorrow
y/m: ok call me if u need anything
U: k
* your mother left and u fell asleep the next day u woke up did all hygine. U put on a black polo shirt with some dk blue str8 jeans a red belt and some black red and white retro 11s :) Your hair is in a doughnut and u put on gold bamboo earrings with a neck lace and bangles to match…u grabbed your black PINK vs back pack and u went down stairs
y/m: u look cute
U: thanks (grabbing a piece of turkey bacon) am I driving today
y/m: no I have to enroll u
U: ok lets go
*yall went to your school and she registered you and she left. You got your schedule and had to wait for some girl to come show u around. After all of 5 minuets she came in
t/g: Hi Im ke-Ke
U”: im Olivia
keke: (smiling) can I see your schedule
U: yeh (giving hit to her and putting on chap stick)
keke: ok (the bell rings) come with me
U: (following her)
keke: you have algebra 2 next and im in geometry so I’ll meet u back here after class
U: iight
*U walked in the class and sat down as the class slowly started to fill up. Then the bell rung and this light skinned chick with pretty eyes and long hair walked in with the sexiest boy u ever saw
t/t: Stacy, Tremaine please take a seat
*U couldn’t help but to stare at him we was so gorgeous!!
t/t: I am Ms. Williams
Stacy: we know
Ms. Williams: not u smart ass im talking to our new student Olivia
e/b: (turns and look)
Ms. Williams: u got anything to say
U: no
Ms. Williams: Don’t be shy give us some basic info
U: (thinking “this b****”) uh--
Ms. Williams: come to the front
U: (thinking “s***” and getting up) Im Olivia im 16 and im from New York
Stacy: (lol)
U (looking at her with an evil expression)
Stacy: u got a problem (smartly)
U: no, but if u keep talking u might have one
e/b: oooh
Ms. Williams: everyone settle down , Stacy leave her alone, take out your books and turn to page 75 and do problems 1 through 18
*u sat down and did your work when the bell rung u got up and met keke
keke: how was your class
U: I met a b**** already
keke: who
U: stacy
Keke: ugh that’s my cousin I cant stand her
U: who’s the boy she be with
Keke: Trey?
U: I guess
keke: a boy she likes and follows everywhere. She’s a hoe, he doesn’t really like her
Stacy: Kiera you’re talking to Olive--
U: it’s Olivia boo boo
Stacy: it’s not important ma ma (rolling her neck)
U: (raising your eye brow) no u’re not important
Stacy; look new girl, I am important. This is my school if u don’t like it u can go back to new York
U: I don’t like it and im not going back to new York so u better get used to me (smiling) keke u ready
Keke: (lol and walking with u) u r crazy
U: (lol) I don’t care for girls like her
Keke: she really doesn’t like u
U: she don’t know me
Keke: I got gym with u this block so I gotta introduce u to my girls
*yall walked in the gym and the laid back teacher Mr. Johnson took attendance and let yall chill u and k eke walked over to 3 girls
keke: hey
e/b: wass up
keke: this is Olivia she’s from New York, Olivia this is Stephanie , Ashley and Christie
e/b: hey
Stephanie: what part u from
U: Manhattan
Stephanie: oh ok
Christie: so do u know anyone on va
U: just yall
Ashley: u should come party with us so u can meet people
Christie: ooh we should throw a party
e/b: (excited) yeh
U: sounds good as long as stacy doesn’t come
Stephanie: (w/an attitude) u don’t like Stacy
U: (sizing her) No
Stephanie: (cheesing) good u r going to be my best friend
e/b: (lol)
somebody: Yo Christie u need to go get your brother he’s spazzing in the parking lot
Christie: why
someboy: Jessica thinks she’s pregnant
Christie: (running out)
e/b: oh s*** (running behind her)
keke: come on u come too (grabbing u)
*Yall walked out to the parking lot to see a cute tall light skinned boy (l/s/b)mad as hell flipping out on this skinny brown skinned chick and the sexy boy from algebra holding him back
l/s/b: what the f*** r u talking about
t/g: im pregnant
l/s/b: by who? Because I haven’t been f***ing you
Trey: Chris chill
Christie: (pulling chris) what happened
Chris: that b**** cheated on me
Christie: watch ur mouth
Trey: no f*** that Christie she’s a b**** and u know it
t/g: f*** u chris and trey! Im filing for child support so get a job b****
Christie: (holding chris back) watch ur mouth Jessica
Jessica: f*** that Christie ur brother wanna play dumb. I hope we having twins So I can get all of yo money
Chris: b**** I will kill u (charging at her)
Trey: (pulling him back) yall want me to take him home before he gets locked up
Christie: yeh
Jessica: yeh take his b**** ass home
Christie: Jessica call my brother a b**** one more time
Jessica: and what Christie?
Christie: I will beat you ass like I did last year don’t act like u forgot how I get down (walking towards her)
keke: no Christie (grabbing her arm)
Ashley: I say u let her beat her class
Jessica: bye b****es (walking away)
keke: omg (gripping christies arm)
Christie: u better watch ur back u stupid hoe
Intercom: Students we are entering a lock down anyone found outside of their designated classes without permission will be suspended!
Trey: oh s***.. ok 2 people ride with me and 3 ride with Ashley
*U Keke and Stephanie rode with Ashley to this big ass house and yall went in. Trey Chris and Christie was already there when yall walked in and Chris calmer talking about the situation
Chris: oooh she lucky I didn’t (looking at u) who is this
KeKe: this is Olivia, Olivia this is Christies twin Chris and Trey
U: wassup
Chris: (smiling)
Trey: ok (not interested)
Christie: no u can’t date her
Chris: (looking guilty) what? I wasn’t tryin to holla (looking at u) she’s cute tho… u got a man
U: (lol) you’re funny
Chris: Trey she’s from the city u hear her accent
Trey: (nonchalant) yeh, she’s the same broad from my algebra class
U: broad?
Trey: (looking at u) yeh u got a problem
U: yeh that’s disrespectful
Trey: ok (looking away)
U: (rolling your eyes) ugh
Ashley: Trey stop being stuck up
Trey: whatever yo. im hungry (looking in the kitchen)
Christie: ignore him… how long r we staying here
Stephanie: until class is over
Ashley: we need to plan our party
Chris: where r yall doing his s*** at
KeKe: my house
Stephanie: r u comfortable in a swim suit
U: yeh
Stephanie: since the season is about to break lets do a pool party
Chris: HELL NO
Trey: I’m down to look at some asses
U: (thinking “he just need to stf up”)
Christie: (looking at u and laughing) Olivia u ok
U: yeh im good, so how many dudes and r they cute
Chris: u think im cute?
U: (looking at him) yeh u r cute
e/b: oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Chris: (blushing) u think so?
U: yeh, but I don’t talk to dudes with kids
e/b: (ltao)
U: im kidding, that’s none of my business (lol)
Chris: (lol) u cool, I like u
Trey: I don’t
U: who gives a f***
Trey: (looking a u stupidly)
Christie: oh s***
Trey: u talking to me
U: yeh
Trey: f*** u
U: (raising your eyebrow) f*** u too nigga, let me go he’s to negative for me
Keke: u wanna go back to school
U: yeh
Keke: iight ima go
Ashley: cool ima go too
*yall left ant went back to school.


2 weeks later
Tension didn’t ease up between u and Trey, u just tried to avoid him. You are in Christies room when Shannon (her roommate u don’t care for *Breaunna Womack*) walked in
Shannon: wassup
Christie: nothing Livie is helping me find something to wear to the iced out party
Shannon: u still coming with me?
Christie: we can all go together
Shannon: (rolling her eyes) um ok
U: Chris driving?
Christie: yeh
Shannon: well I got shot gun
Christie: Chris don’t want u
Shannon: he will by the end of the night
U: (lol)
Shannon: what’s funny
U: u boo boo, u thirsty
Shannon: whatever Olivia
U: yeh cause u know
Christie: Ok Shannon we’ll see u later (pulling u out)
Shannon: ok
Christie: wtf livie?
U: what
Christie: u be tripping over Chris. U like him?
U: (lien) no, he’s my bestie and I don’t want these groupies all over him
Christie: (raising her eyebrow) whatever
*Yall walked in your apt. and went in Kekes room to see if she was ready and yall walked in on her and Malcom having sex.
U: OMG (covering your face)
Christie: (tilting her head sideways looking) damn
Keke: get out (throwing a pillow)
*Yall walked in the living room and 2 seconds later they came out,
Malcom: ladies
U: (not looking at him)
Christie: Hi Malcom
Malcom: I gotta go to class (kissing ke and leaving)
U/Christie: wtf?
U: u freak
Christie: he didn’t have on a rubber
Keke: I know, we don’t use them anymore
U: eww ok, im getting clothes and im leaving I’ll be back in two days
Keke: who u staying with
U: Chris
Christie: That’s not happening (lol)
U: Chris Loves me he’ll be happy watch
*In Chris apt.
Christie: (lhao)
U: please I promise I’ll be good
Chris: where r u going to sleep
U: with u
Chris: (shh) no
U: please I cant stay with Christie and my room is tainted
Chris: damn iight
U: (smiling and hugging him) thanks
Chris: whatever

Iced Out (back to school/all white party)
You are in an all-white form fitting no sleeved dress, with gold shoes and accessories. You went with Christie, Shannon, Chris and Trey. When yall walked in u saw Jay (cole) and he hugged u
Jay: damn u look good
U: thanks, u don’t look bad youself
Jay: u wanna dance
U: yeh lets go (grabbing his hand)
*you led him to the dance floor and danced with him for like 3 songs then u sat next to Chris at the bar.
U: I want some
Chris: (giving u his shot)
U: thanks (taking it) ahh! It’s been a while
Chris: (lol) where’s Jay
U: where’s Shannon
Chris” I dk that aint my b****
U: she likes u
Chris: so, a lot of girls like me, can u blame them tho? Look at me
U: (lol) c**ky ass
f/v: A shot of tequila please
U: (turning around and rolling your eyes) they let anything in all white in
f/v: (looking at u) Olive
U: don’t act like u don’t know my name Stacy
Stacy: I mean Olivia haven’t seen u in about a year
U: (making a face) I don’t wanna talk to u
Stacy: good (taking her shot) People get in college and grow balls
U: b**** u know I got big balls so don’t stunt
Chris: (coming in between yall) livie lets dance
U: (pointing at Stacy) u lucky
Chris: (pulling u)
Stacy: bye Olive oil
U: see u around b****
*U danced with Chris for a hot second and Shannon cut in so u walked back to the bar and sat down u looked to your left and trey was in the seat next to u.
U: (thinking “this is not my night”)
Trey: we need to talk
U: there is no we Tremaine
Trey: I’m serious Olivia
U: shoot
Trey: not here, come with me
*Yall went to the parking lot by the car
Trey: I’m sorry I f***ed up. I had intentions of wifing u but Stacy--
U: (raising your eyebrow) Stacy what
Trey: after I left home She was the one I chilled with and eventually she asked me and accepted
U: (nodding) so the whole time u planned on cheating on her with me on my birthday
Trey: Yea, (looking down) I can’t lie, but its (looking back at u) because I love u Olivia, I always wanted to be with u
U: but what
Trey: I was scared to make that step
U: wow, so u mean to tell me u had enough balls to ask can u eat me out and not enough to ask me out
Trey: (silent)
U: (syh) u was my 1st and that night was perfect but u still ended up with another chick
Trey: in my defense u had a man
U: (rolling your eyes) whatever Trey r u done
Trey: I just want us to be cool again, can u forgive me and start over (looking at u)
U: (exhaling and speaking in a robotic tone) Hi Im Olivia
Trey: (big smile) Im Tremaine but everyone calls me Trey, u look beautiful tonight
U: (lol) thanx, r u single
Trey: yeh and no my ex/girl wont let me break it off
U: (Lol) can u say crazy b****
Trey: (lol) Thanks livie I needed that
U: (smiling) come on lets party

His ass is slow, don't take up for him. But it was a cute slow, he still slow af. I like how she was describing Trey and he was just sitting there like "Was he now?" Lol that was too funny.
Run it!!

oh ok I feel you..


Sorry *seem not see... stupid phone

Lol y'all he's not really slow he just didn't.expect that from them since neither one of them told him lol... although i do understand why it'd see that way lol.

Chris slow af!! lol

if chris dnt no who the hell she tlkn bout he bout slow as hell n trey wnt him sum livia lol but i hope they work it out they would be a cute couple

You and KeKe graduated and headed to Hampton University. You and Kevin broke up because he didn’t want you to go away for college so u dumped him. You and KeKe have an on campus apartment that yall share. You still don’t talk to Trey at all and no one knows what went on between the both of u… So yeh you and KeKe are putting up yall stuff when
M/v: Knock knock
U: (looking and smiling) CHRISTOPHER!! (Hugging him)
Chris: Oh my god Livie you’re a blonde (hugging u)
U: U like? I thought it made look older
Chris: (shh) it looks good on u tho, Kee (hugging her)
KeKe: hey where’s Christie
Chris: she’s speaking at orientation
U: look at Christie making a bad name for Hampton
all: (lol)
KeKe: where’s Trey
U: (rolling your eyes and putting up some clothes)
Chris: I don’t know hold up (calling him on speaker phone)
Trey: yo
Chris: where r u
Trey: Im in the café a nigga hungry...
Chris: Kee just asked about u
Trey: she’s com campus??
Chris: yeh im in her apartment now
Trey: where
Chris: (telling him)
Trey: im on tha way (click)
U: really? U had to tell him to come?
Chris: (looking at u) u got an issue
U: (exhaling)
*5 minutes later he came in
Trey: Kierra!! (hugging her)
KeKe: TREY!! (hugging him)
Trey: (letting her go) when did u get her
keke: we got her like 3 hours ago
Trey: we?
KeKe: yeh me and Livie
Trey: (looking at u) wassup ma (smiling)
U: nothing, Chris can u show me where we do laundry
Chris: yeh, ill see yall later
Trey/Keke: iight
U: ke ima be in Chris room call me when u ready to go out
KeKe: k
Trey: Bye Olivia
U: yup (leaving)
*U and Chris went to his room and u sat on his couch
Chris: (looking at u) u wanna tell me what happened between u and Trey
U: (shaking your head) no
Chris: u do know we share this apartment
U: u coulda been told me that I woulda never came
Chris: (sitting down) oh and my homeboy saw a pic of u and said he wanna holla his name is Jay (cole) and he’ s probably going to annoy u
U: (Lol)
Chris: I told him no, u my best friend but he don’t care
U: so I’m your best friend again?
Chris: yeh can u dig it
U: (smiling) yeh I can dig it, but we need rules
Chris: no long kissing on the lips
U: no long hugs
both: no sex (lol)
Chris: unless u want me to pop u in
U: (raising your eyebrows)
Chris: u still a virgin
U: (not looking at him) yupperz
Chris: (looking at u) OH s***
*Trey walks in
Trey: what
Chris: (smiling) Olivia got d***
U: f*** u Chris
Chris: who was it?
U: he’s no important
Trey: oh yeh
Chris: do I know him
U: maybe
Chris: do Trey Know him
U: yup
Chris: your ex?
U: (lien) yup
Chris: u lien
U: yup
Chris: why
U: because it was the worst 24 hours of my life
Trey: why
U: (smartly) u should know
Chris: (not catching on) he didn’t wife u
U: no he had a b****
Chris: NO!!
U: yup but its all good he s***ted his self
Chris: damn! I should beat that niggas ass
U: yeh u do that (lol)
Chris: who would do that to u
Trey: someone who was stupid, young and dumb
U: correction… IS stupid, young and dumb (shaking your head) not was
Chris: (really thinking) give me a clue
U: he’s right under your nose
Chris: (shaking his head and sucking his teeth) whatever
Trey: I gotta go. If Stacy comes here tell her I said f*** off
U: (smiling at him) u still with her?
Trey: I thought I wasn’t important
Chris: what? (making a face) hell yeh that nigga still f***ing her
U: (sarcastic) nice Tremaine
Trey: I out (leaving)

damn trey pt it down lol bt she cnt be mad bout him havn a girl she gt a man her self well ok she cn be a lil mad cus she gav him her v-card bt i hope they work it out i like them two together loven the story run it

1 Year Later
You and Keke are seniors. She’s still dating Malcom, although Malcom, Christie, Chris, Trey and Drake went off to college. Trey continued to do u (not vaginally) and u gave him hand jobs until he left. You are now dating Kevin (bow wow *I couldn’t think of no one else*) You are not giving it up to him either but he’s cool with it. Now it’s your 18th birthday. KeKe is throwing you a small get together. You have on a black no sleeved freakum dress with some red peep toe heels. You put on red lipstick with a little mascara and eye shadow and some red accessories and Kevin came and picked u up.
Kevin: damn u look good baby
U: thanks bae (kissing him) did keke tell u where we was going
Kevin: yeh
U: (looking at him stupidly) well where
Kevin: yeh she rented out a section in Gelsons (a/n: that’s a made up upscale place lol)
U: wow!!
Kevin: She Knows you good
U: (lol) she’s my bestest friend
*Yall got there and yall walked to y’all reserved section
*It was the old crew
U: (cheesing) aww u kee (hugging her)
KeKe: (lol)
U: CHRISTIE (Hugging her)
Christie: Hi mama (smiling)
U: Hi Christopher (hugging him)
Chris: was up livie
Drake: Liv (picking u up)
U: drizzy
Malcom: was up
U: hey Malcom
U: (stopping in front of Trey smiling) and trey (hugging him and pecking his cheek)
Trey: (hugging you tight and pecking your cheek) u look good (licking his lips)
U: (blushing) Thanks
Kevin: (clearing his throat)
U: oh, y’all this is my boyfriend Kevin, kevin this is Trey Christie Malcom Drake and Chris.
e/b: wassup, hi ect.
*You sat at the head of the table next to Omari and Trey sat in front of you and he kept smiling at u and Texting u.
Trey: why you bring him
U:because he’s my boyfriend
Trey: u look sexy baby
U: I know
Trey: c**ky ass
Trey: I wanna lick your pussy

U: (reading it and almost choking) OMG!
E/b: u ok
U: yeh I need some air, I’ll be back (getting up and going to the restroom)
*After u walked in Trey came in behind u smiling.
U: what r u doing here
Trey: checking on my baby, u good?
U: (lol) don’t start
Trey: I haven’t seen you in a couple of months you can’t show a nigga no love?
U: (hugging him) u know I got u
Trey: (hugging u back and pinning you to the wall while kissing you)
*u kissed him back for like a minuet then u broke it.
U: Trey don’t do this
Trey: (smiling) do what baby
U: (wiping your lipstick off of his lips) my boyfriend is here
Trey: ok, ok. U gone come to my crib tonight
U: (smiling) maybe (walking out and sitting back down)
Chris: u good
U: yeh I needed to get some air
Christie: air livie?
U: yes Christina oxygen
Keke: (lol) u ready to open gifts
U: yeh
Keke: ok open mines first (handing u a box)
U: (opening it) ooh! (Holding it up) it’s Gucci pumps
Christie: she only got them so she could wear them
e/b: (lol)
Trey: (walking back over) what did I miss
Chris: kee got her Gucci pumps
Christie: me and Chris are next (giving u a smaller box)
U: (opening it) ooh!! Tiffanys!! A charm bracelet thanks Christie!!
Chris: hey, how’d u kno I didn’t get it
Christie: she knows us well
Kevin: my turn (giving u 2 boxes)
U: ooh (opening both of the boxes and seeing limited edition Gucci bags) damn these r bad bae
Kevin: only the best for my baby
keke and Christie: aww
*Yall left and went to the club. Trey cousin got yall shots and everybody got loose. You was dancing on Kevin when his phone rung
Kevin: (looking at his phone) It’s Ryan (his brother) baby I gotta take this (walking off)
U: ook
Trey: (walking over) where’s Kitten going
U: shut up, he had an important call
Trey: (making a face)
Kevin: (walking back) baby it’s Ryan I gotta go get him
U: ok
Kevin: how r u going to get home
U: s***
Trey: I got her
Kevin: thanks man (dapping him up) see u bae (leaving)
U: don’t start
Trey: start what Livie
U: u know how u are
Trey: ok
Chris: (walking up and grabbing ur hand) lets dance
trey: wtf?
U: (lol)
*You and Chris danced to a few songs then Christie cut in and yall bugged out. The whole night was cool… u saved the last dance for Trey since yall was separated the whole night. At the end u hugged everyone goodnight
U: Christie when r u leaving
Christie: tomorrow
U: Chris u too
Chris: yeh
U: and Drake and Malcom
Both: yup
U: damn. Trey?
Trey: next week
U: why can’t yall stay
all: project
U: k see yall later…KeKe call me
Keke: k
U: Drake this is the quietest u have ever been
Drake: Christie told me to be good
e/b: (lol)
U: ok
Trey: (opening your door)
Christie: oh s***!! Trey opening doors??
KeKe: somebody Trying to get their tip wet
e/b: (lol)
Drake: im telling
U: (Lol) shut up
*Yall left and went to his house
Trey: wait here
U: for what
Trey: gimme 3 minutes it’s messy
U: trey u just got here
Trey: gimme 3 minutes
U: ugh! (calling Kevin) Hey baby
Trey: (looking at u funny and going inside)
Kevin: u ok
U: yeh how’s Ryan
Kevin: he’s f***ed up, he’s going to my place tonight
U: ok call me in the morning
Kevin: ok (hanging up)
*5 minutes later u got out the car and went into his house and it was dark.
U: Trey
Trey: (quiet)
U: why u gotta be stupid
*He still didn’t say anything. U walked towards a room and saw a little light when u walked in it was lit candles and rose petals everywhere and u smiled.
U: Trey where r u
Trey: behind u
U: (turning around) this is for me?
Trey: yeh. I planned it before I found out u had a boyfriend
U: I love it (smiling)
Trey: good, so u want me to do what I was going to do?
U: yeh
Trey: take off your clothes
U: ok (undressing)
Trey: I got a bath ready for u
U: r u coming
Trey: (kissing your lips) no
U: k
*You got in the bubble bath and washed and wrapped a towel around you and went in his room.
Trey: lay down and take the towel off
U: (laying on your stomach and undoing the towel)
*He got on top of you and poured massage oil on you. He massaged every inch of your body and it turned u on.
Trey: Turn over
U: (doing what he said) I hope u know what u doing
Trey: (biting his bottom lip) I do
*He poured the oil on the front of u and rubbed it all over your breast your legs and everything the he sucked on your breast making sure to show equal attention to each one, the he planted a trail of small wet kissed down the middle of your stomach stopping at your clit. Then he lightly blew on it and started kissing and sucking on it which drove u crazy. He kept doing it and then he inserted a finger inside of u and started moving it in and our while his tongue made circular motions on your clit. 5 minutes of that in perfect motion and u moaning u came. He came back up and kissed u and u started tugging at his jeans and he smile.
Trey: what u doing baby
U: I can’t take it I need u inside of me now
Trey: r u still a virgin
U: (nodding and unbuttoning his jeans) why
Trey: I don’t wanna hurt u
U: Trey!!
Trey: k, let me know if u wanna stop
U: K
*he slid off his jean and his boxers and u looked down and knew it was no taking it back. He pulled out a gold wrapper and opened it and slid it on. He hovered over u and kissed u for a minute before trying to slide in. After what seems like forever he finally got the tip in and it hurt like hell, but u closed your eyes and took it. After 10 minutes of “getting used to it” it was smoothing sailing :) 25 minutes later it was over and u had the hickies and swollen pussy to prove it. Yall washed and laid there and cuddled until yall went to sleep. The next morning u felt awful! U got up and walked home. When u got there u undressed and looked at yourself in the mirror and u looked horrible. U had 2 big hickies on both sides of your neck, bite marks, and to sum it up he tore your vaginal skin because of his size. U just washed again and went to sleep. You woke up to your phone ringing
U: hello
Trey: Olivia where r u
U: Home nigga u did a number on me
Trey: I’m sorry baby
U: yeh I know, what u doing
Trey: about to get up, I forgot to give u your gift
U: ok
Trey: I’ll be there in 10
*About and hour later your door bell rung and it was Trey.
U: (opening the door) what took u so long
Trey: I had to go scoop my girl (eyes widen)
U: (raising your eyebrow) your girl? What u mean “your girl”
Trey: I thought I told u I was dating (mumbling a name)
U: dating who
Trey: stacy
U: (shocked and hurt) TREMAINE ALDON NEVERSON
Trey: (not looking at u)
U: u just broke my heart
Trey: we was in--
U: I don’t want to hear it. U know I don’t like her and u seduce me and fail to mention that YOU’RE f***ING HER
Trey: calm down
U: (pissed) bye Trey
Trey: but livie
U: goodbye Tremaine (slamming the door)
*for the remainder of that week u ignored his millions of call txts and attempts to see u*…

Thanks :)
lol @ Teek711

oh child what are they going to do next?? are they going to 'bone'?? Is he going to lay the 'D' down??

OHHH!! She had her first orgasm. Atleast you can still tell your mom you aint f***ing.
Run it

OHHH!! She had her first orgasm. Atleast you can still tell your mom you aint f***ing.
Run it

damn ok wish i had me sum trey lol shouldv had her scream his name the neighbors know his name lol run it

A few months later…
You and Trey are still cool. Yall are not dating, he never asked u -_-. Chris and Amaya aren’t dating anymore because he said he’s tired of her, she gets on his nerves, but he’s taking her to the prom because she’s cute and he been asked her. KeKe and Malcom are still going strong as well as Christie and Drake :)
You and Trey are wearing orange and white. You have on a high low orange dress that was strapless with rhinestones on it. Your hair was all out curly and u wore some closed toed heels that were covered in clear/orange rhinestones. Trey had on a white suit with an orange tie and orange vest and the shoes to match. Yall met up at Christie's house to take pics and then rode in the stretch hummer to the prom.
KeKe: ok everybody raise your glasses to the last year we’ll all be in high school together. Let tonight be wild and let the after party be wilder (lol) just don’t make no babies. bottoms up!
*everybody took the shot and stepped on the red carpet and took group pics and headed in side. At first yall just sat at the tables and chilled
Amaya: ooh baby let’s dance
Chris: I told u to stop calling me that, u r only here because I asked u before we broke up
Amaya: are u going to dance with me or what
Chris: damn! U lucky this is my song
e/b: (lol)
KeKe: your brother is mean
Christie: I told him he shouldn’t have dated her in the first place
U: (lol) she probably gave good head
Trey: (shh) u wanna take pics now or u wanna eat
Christie: Yall should be voting for prom Queen
U: (lol) u just want to win
Christie: hell yeh
U: Im going to go vote
Trey: iight
U: come on Ke
*Yall got to be voting area and the ballet had your name under princess
U: (looking at Christie and Keke) which one of u hoes nominated me
Keke: (lol) Christie, if u woulda spent the night with her I probably woulda been up there
U: damn it
Christie: (lol)
a group of girls: we voted for the both of u
Christie: Thank u loyal subjects
U: (lyao) thanks u guys
*the girls leave and u cast your vote
keke: it would be funny as hell of u and chris win
U: (lol) Brother and Sister prom king and queen
Christie: that s*** would not be funny
Keke: u and Drake getting a room
Christie: yeh u and malcom
Keke: yeh r u and Trey
U: I don’t know we are not dating so he is not popping this cherry tonight
both: (lol)
Drake: what the hell r yall doing
Christie: bae we was voting. did u
Drake: yeh I voted for u and Olivia (lol)
U: that s*** is not funny. I hope I lose!
Drake: oh u seem to be really popular with the 12th grade boys I saw a lot of checks for u
U: I don’t even know them broads
Keke: (lol) Im going to go dance
U: me too
*U and trey went to the dance floor and acted a fool and then slow music came on and yall started slow dancing
Trey: u look beautiful
U: thanks Trey, u look stunning yourself
Trey: I don’t wanna pressure u in to anything but I got us a room so we could be alone for tonight
U: (looking down and then back at him) I not giving it up, so if u wanna take one of these other hoes go ahead have fun… I don’t wanna ruin your night
Trey: no ur not going to ruin my night I just wanna chill with u, r u good with that
U: (looking down and nodding) yeh I guess
Principal: Ok we need everyone to come to dance floor for our prom royalty
e/b: comes
Principal: oh Prom Prince will be Lamar Jenkins
a/g: screams
*this cute boy walks on stage and gets crowned
Principal: Prom Princess is Olivia Smith
e/b: cheers
*U walk on stage and get crowned and lamar winks at u
Principal: ok our prom king is Christopher Brown
a/g: screaming
*he came on the stage all c**ky and did a little dance and got crowned.
Principal: and your prom queen is wow this is awkward Christina Brown
Christie: (mad screams)
e/b: lol and cheering
Principal: ok since our king and queen are related queen and prince and king and princess will share the first dance.
*They played slow music as Chris walked over to u with this stupid ass grin on his face and he wrapped his arms around your waist.
U: (Wrapping your arms around his neck) stop looking stupid
Chris: u look very sexy tonight
U: yeh I know (lol) u look cute
Chris: yeh, I know… what u doing after u leave here
U: (making a face and looking down) Trey got us a room at the Marriot
Chris: and u don’t want to go.
U: (looking at him) how do u know
Chris: I can read u. you’re scared
U: yeh, like me and Trey aren’t dating and im not ready for sex yet, he told me we don’t have to have sex we can just chill… but prom night + hotel room= sex
Chris: if he tries anything u know u can always call me
U: ur not going to be there
Chris: Amaya got us a room, I told her no, but since you’re going to be there I might as well take her up on her offer
U: u r going to be too busy banging your ex to be worrying about me
Chris: nah, if u call me I got U
U: (smiling) thanks
Principal: give it up for your prom royalty
e/b: *cheers*
*The remainder of the Prom was cool. The hummer dropped yall off at ur house. Everyone got in their cars and headed to the Hampton. U and Trey walked in to this beautiful room and u flopped on the couch,
U: this is nice Trey
Trey: yeh, I know (taking off his jacket and sitting next to u)
U: (putting your head on his shoulder) what’s on the agenda
Trey: (lol) nothing washing and sleep
U: (lol) I’ll wash first
Trey: k
*U went in the bathroom and took a shower and did all extra hygiene. You put on some black/pink PINK yoga shorties with a black PINK beater and u threw your hair in a messy pony tail and came out and Trey got in the shower. After 15 minutes he came out in some basketball shorts and sat next to u on the couch.
Trey: why u not in the bed
U: I was waiting on u
Trey: (standing up and reaching for ur hand) come on
U: (looking at him and grabbing his hand) k
Trey: (wrapping his arms around u from the back and walking u to the bed) r u sleepy
U: not really (laying on top of the sheets)
trey: (lying next to u) me neither
U: so what u wanna do (looking at him)
Trey: I don’t know
U: u know I still wouldn’t be mad if u took me home and found some chick u could bone
Trey: I like u, I just want to be in your presence, I know ur not ready that’s why I didn’t bring condoms.
U: ok, since im not putting out u wanna make out (lol) at least you’ll get some action
trey: (lol) I love kissing u so why not
U: (lol)
*U crawled over and straddled him and lowered your lips down to meet his. Y’all stated to engage in a heated kiss when the room phone rung. U leaned over and answered it
U: hello
m/v: u ok
U: yes
m/v: u know who this is
U: yes Chris
Chris: ok. now say no we don’t have condoms
U: no we don’t have condoms
Chris: iight bye
U: (syh) Chris wanted to know if we had condoms (laying down next to him)
Trey: iight (getting on top of u and smiling)
U: u wanna finish
Trey: yeh
U: (grabbing him and pulling him down and kissing him)
*Kissing turned to tonguing, tonguing turned to touching, touching turned in to moaning and moaning turned in to stiff and wet parts (lol).
U: (between kisses) Trey (kiss) I (kiss) think (kiss) we (kiss) should stop
Trey: why (kissing your neck)
U: because im wet and u r not sticking little Trey inside of me
trey: (lol) I know… (looking at u) let me eat u out
U: (lol) r u serious
Trey: yeh
U: as long as u don’t try to f*** me
Trey: only of u ask me to
U: ok
*He pecked your lips and then he moved down to your cleavage then he moved down to your shorts and took them off. Then he pulled off your underwear and smiled. He positioned himself in front of it and he started kissing it. After a few he sent u to the edge u was moaning soo loud. Although this wasn't the first time u had someone go down on u it was never this good. A couple minutes later he took his thumb and rubbed it against your clit with the right amount of pressure and not more than 30 seconds ur legs started shaking and u squirted everywhere... He just gave u your 1st orgasm.

a/n: sorry the sex scene isn’t good lol. I didn’t really wanna go into details on this one.

Thanks u guys :) I'm about to add now

awwww that was cute of trey run it

Yea i like this story! Chris is not seriously checking for livie soooo im glad she choosing to go to prom wit Trey. They need ta get together. At first trey was a lil suspicious ....but now I see he coo ppl! Runnnnn

Omg I've been a silent reader but I like this. so RUN IT

awwwww yyyaaaayyyy!!! Chris is taking too long!! Run It!

Yall walked out and got and Treys car and he drove yall to the bowling alley. Yall had a good time bowling u beat him 105 to 45 lol. He claimed it was because he let u. Yall made yall way back to his house and went in as his mother was coming out.
U: Hi Ms. Tucker
t/m: Hi baby (hugging u) what are yall about to do
Trey: Im about to cook
t/m: (raising her eye brows) U must be really special because I cant get Trey to cook on a good day
Trey: Maaa
U: (lol)
t/m: Sorry, but yall behave I’ll be back in the morning
Trey: where r u going
t/m: Im the parent u are the child. That means I don’t have to answer u.
U: (lol)
Trey: she is not funny
t/m: r u staying over
U: no
t/m: ok I’ll see u next time
U: ok bye Ms. Tucker
*She left u took off your coat and ur shoes and sat on the island.
U: what are u about to cook
Trey: (washing his hands) do u like spaghetti
U: (smiling) yeh I haven’t had spaghetti since New York
Trey: well this is going to be the best spaghetti ever
U: mmk
Trey: watch
*The took out the ground beef opened it and seasoned it. Then he washed his hands and put on a pot of water and a frying pan with a little olive oil in it. He put the ground beef in and started to brown it and put the noodles in.
U: u just learned how to make this
Trey: no but this is my first time cooking it
U: (lol) aww Trey
Trey: (looking at u smiling and throwing salt in the noodles) what
U: (syh) nothing (your phone rings) hello
Christie: Girl guess what
U: wassup
Christie: so u know I went to the hospital and I stayed in the room for Jessica to give birth right
U: yeh
Christie: the b**** gets to 10 cm and starts pushing when this ugly motherf***er comes in the room screaming that’s my baby I wanna see my baby
U: (lol) NO
Christie: (lol) yes he claims the whole time she’s been telling him that he was the father and s***. So now her parents and I are looking lost as f*** (lol) when the baby comes out she looks just like just like that ugly motherf***er
U: (lyao) get the f*** out of here
Christie: yes and Jessica talking about she want a dna test. I gave the b**** my spit (lhfao) because there is no way that’s chris’ baby
U: (lol)
Christie: where u at
U; im with trey at his house
Christie: like a date
U: I guess
Christie: ooohhh u coming to my house tonight
Christie: ok fill me in. enjoy the date. Don’t come home pregnant (lhfao)
U: (lol) unless Jesus is the pappy it aint happening
Christie: (lhao) bye
U: bye (hanging up)
Trey: u good
U: (lol) yeh that was Christie her crazy ass went to the hospital to see the baby
Trey: that’s not his baby
U: yeh I kno
Trey: u wanna go watch tv while I finish this? I don’t want to bore u
U: u’re not boring me, but I will go watch tv (jumping off the island)
* U went in the livingroom and started watching tv after like 4 minuets u fell asleep. U woke up to a beautiful aroma u walked in the kitchen and saw the table set with and trey lighting candles.
U: aww Trey
Trey: (looking back at u and smiling)
U: u did this for me
Trey: yeh
U: aww this is so sweet
Trey: come sit (pulling out ur chair)
U: (sitting down and smiling) Trey, no one has ever done this for me before
Trey: probably because u talking to the wrong dudes (playing)
U: oh maybe it’s because I’m 16 and 16 year olds don’t think to do things like this (lol)
Trey: why u gotta blast me like that (lol)
U: either way it’s still cute (pecking his cheek) thank u
Trey: no problem (fixing your plate)
U: this smells really good
Trey: no I farted
U: (lyao) shut up stupid
Trey: I sprayed spaghetti and ground beef cologne (fixing his plate)
U: shut up and take the compliment
Trey: well thank u (stitting down)
U: u r welcomed
Trey: u wanna say grace
U: not really, my family is non-traditional, non churchy, my family is just non (lol) so I really don’t know how
Trey: well I’ll so a simple one bow your head and put ur hands together
(yall did) thank u lord amen
U: r u serious
Trey: yeh, my family don’t do it much either
U: (lol)
Trey: dig in
U: (taking a bite) uuummmm I think I just had a foodgasim this is really good
Trey: thanx bae
*Yall ate and then went upstairs and laid on his bed and watched tv.
U: Thanks for today I had fun
Trey: I was hoping u would
U: well good
Trey: can I ask u something
U: shoot
Trey: will u go to the prom with me
U: (quiet)
Trey: I mean I know its early but I’d be mad at myself if I wait and I miss my opportunity to have the hottest girl in school as my date
U: (lol) yeh I’ll go
Trey: (smiling)
*Yall chilled for like 2 hours and he dropped u back off at Christies house.

well I wouldn't mind the relationship popping off with Trey b/c Chris is playing games!!!

U: (looking at the box) its not mines
y/m: DAMN IT OLIVIA! (Throwing the box) I bust my ass working for months at a time to give u this beautiful lifestyle u live to come home and find out that u are f***ing in my house
U: ma im not having sex
U: Its not mines
y/m: then which one of those little fast ass girls that u call friends is having sex
U: Ma I cant tell u that
y/m: oh so u smelling ur self
U: what r u talking about (taking off ur coat)
y/m: (on the verge of tears) I cant believe my baby girl isn’t a baby anymore and she lying to me in my own house
U: maaa I said im not having sex
y/m: (wiping her escaped tear) put ur coat back on (grabbing her keys)
U: where r we going (putting on ur coat)
y/m: don’t question me
*yall got in the car and pulled up to Christies house
U: why r we here
y/m: get out
*yall got out and your mom rung the doorbell seconds later Mrs. Brown opened the door.
c/m: Nic Livie what r u guys doing here
y/m: can we talk
c/m: sure come on in (inviting yall in) sit down (yall sit)
chris: ma who is that
c/m: Mrs. Smith and Olivia
Chris: oh
y/m: chris I’d like if u’d stay too
U: ma--
c/m: whats going on
y/m: I came here because I found a plan b box in my house
U: omg (looking down)
c/m: ok…
Chris: why am I in on this conversation
y/m: because Chris (looking at him) I know u are the only boy that has ever slept over
Chris: (sarcastically ) so..
c/m: watch ur mouth
y/m: I wanted an honest answer so I wanted to ask u if u’ve been sleeping with my daughter
U: (standing up) Ma u r going too far
y/m: sit ur ass down (looking at u)
U: (looking at her and then sitting back down)
Chris: No ma’am I haven’t had sex with your daughter (looking at u)
U: (by this time u are completely embarrassed and looking up trying to prevent tears from falling)
c/m: ok to get a plan b you have to be 17 (yelling) CHRISTINA
Christie: (singing) Im commmiiinnngggg (10 seconds later) what’s going on
c/m: Mre. Smith found a plan b box--
Christie: (jaw drops and looks at u)
c/m: did u go get it
Christie: yes
y/m: I knew I shoulda shipped ur ass off to an all-girls school
U: ma why would u bring me here and embarrass me (allowing ur tears to fall) this didn’t even have to go this far I woulda told that no chris and I aren’t having sex, Im not sleeping with anyone. And yes Christina did buy the test, but it wasn’t for me
c/m: (trying to console u) Olivia calm down
y/m: well who was it for
Christie: it was for Kierras cousin Stacy
c/m: little fast ass stacy
Christie: yeh she got drunk at the party last night slept with some random guy unprotected. Im sorry this caused so much confusion
c/m: Hell Stacys parents should just get her tubes tied (lol)
y/m: ok
U: r we done
y/m: yeh
*U stood up and walked of the house and then u ran home and locked ur self in ur room. About an hour later there was a knock at ur door and u got up and opened it was your mom with 2 dozen long stem orange roses. U just walked away
y/m: I know these are your favorite
U: (not entertaining her)
y/m: im sorry
U: (polishing ur toe nails)
y/m: Olivia forgive me please
U: u embarrassed me in front of my friends and their mom (syh) on top of that we went over there to find out what u could have known over here. Im hurt that u would even think I would lie to u
y/m: and im sorry (sitting the vase down and sitting next to u)I was young once and I know the lies I told to my mom. That’s why I think u are lying to me… u ever heard that Karma is a b****
U: (nodding)
y/m: every day I think u’re going to end up pregnant because of the s*** that I did
U: Im not u and if u must know I’ve never had sexual intercourse
y/m: (nodding) help me get something out of the garage
*Yall walked downstairs and went to the garage and u stopped in ur tracks.
U: what is that (seeing a white 2 door Bentley with tinted windows and 22 inch chrome rims with a huge orange bow on it)
y/m: (smiling) its yours, consider it a peace offering
U: (looking at the car) Thanx
y/m: so we good
U: (still looking at the car) yeh we good
y/m: good

A couple of weeks later… Your mom has gone back to nonstop working so you’ve been at Christies house. U apologized to chris and his mother about ur mom. U and Christie are in her room watching tv when
Chris: Jessica is in labor
Christie: how do u know
Chris: her mother just sent me a text
U: r u going to go
Chris: Hell no wtf I look like. I told yall I never stuck my d*** in that crazy b****
U: (lol)
Christie: well im going
U: really?
Christie: yep
U: I don’t want to
Christie: (putting on sweat pants) well stay here I’ll be back
U: (syh)
Chris: u wanna come watch something with me
U: atl?
Chris: hell no what is wrong with u
U: nothing I just love that movie
Chris: no we not watching that come on
U: k (grabbing ur cover)
*Yall went to the theater room and sat down and he turned on the tv and a porno popped up.
U: really?
Chris: (changing) sorry me and my girl watch those together
U: (lifting your eyebrows) I don’t think u should tell people that
Chris: just because u don’t watch porn don’t mean other people don’t
U: I watch it, I just never watched it with someone else
Chris: (looking at u smiling) r u a virgin
U: yeh and
Chris: (smirking) can I be your 1st
U: u r playing with me right now
Chris: oh no not like that (lying) I mean your 1st as in the 1st person u watch a porno with
U: (looking at him and knowing he’s lying) yeh u can be the 1st person I watch a porn with
Chris: ok (turning it back on)
U: u don’t think this will be awkward
Chris: why
U: because u cant watch a porno like a movie
Chris: (looking at u) and why not
U: because it makes u wanna do it… (looking back at him)
Chris: well yeh, but we aren’t going to
U: yeh I know that much
Chris: (Looking back at the screen)
*15 minutes later u saw his basketball shorts moving and u laughed
Chris: what
U: (pointing to his pants) u need to go handle that
Chris: im good
U: ok
*After that scene goes off get got up and took the dvd out and u could tell he was hard because he had on basketball shorts and u just looked at it.
Chris: what
U: u don’t have no shame do u
Chris: no, if I had a little d*** then I’d have shame
U: (syh)
Chris: u good
U: yup, im about to go back upstairs
Chris: can I come
U: as long as u put that (pointing to his pants) away
Chris: iight give me 5 minutes
U: (lol)
* U went upstairs and Trey called u
U: hey
Trey: what u doing
U: im at the twins house
Trey: which one are u with
U: neither right now why
Trey: I wanted to chill with u today
U: ok
Trey: what time u want me to come get u
U: in about an hour and a half
Trey: iight (hanging up)
Chris: im finished
U: eww (putting on shoes)
Chris: where r u going
U: out with Trey
Chris: (making a face) mmk
U: what was that face
Chris: nothing u need me to take u home
U: yeh but Im coming back here after I finish with Trey
Chris: iight
*he drove u home and he left. U hurried up and did all hygiene and u put on some light blue jeans with some light blue and white js u threw on a white long sleved shirt and u had ur hair out all curly. You put on your coat, lip gloss, grabbed your phone, your overnight bag and your keys and hopped in your Bentley and drove back to chris house. U saw Treys car outside so u went in. U dropped ur bag off in Christies room and u walked in Chris’ room.
Chris: we’ll finish talking later
Trey: (looking at u and smiling) Hi Beautiful
U: (smiling at him) Hi handsome
Trey: (hugging u) u ready
U: yeh
Chris: what time r u coming back
U: I don’t even know where we r going
Trey: she’ll be back before 12
Chris: (making a face) iight call before u come
U: ok daddy
Trey: (looking like wtf)

Thanx u guys!! :)

@Ayee_Rissa u have 2 be 1 of the following:
a. In love with chris
b. Hate Trey
c. All of the above


the add that im about to post isn't in the orignal version. Im trying to make this a little longer so... yeh. and there sould be another add tonight

run it ma!

Run it

ok i like run it

o_O Oh shiitt!!! If they f*** i promise you will stop reading!! Just kidding, but plz don't let them!
Run it

awwww what's going to happen?? Run it!!!