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House Nurse

<a href="">Charm</a> just finished talking to her boss about working from home because her lovely <a href=" ">boyfriend</a>,Myles, was hurt on the job. He was a simple cable guy but it paid well so she doesn't complain.

Anyways, today is the day a house nurse is coming to start Myles physical therapy on his leg, he fell down a flight of stairs.
She pulled up into the driveway and walked in.

"Baby, where are you!?" Charm yelled out.

"I am where you left me 45 minutes ago Charm." She walked down the hall to the guest room on the main level.

"You need anything?" Charm said putting her hair in a ponytail and stepping out of her heels.

"I need you to ride this d***." Charm rolled her eyes.

"I am going to make some cookies for the nurse. Whats her name again?" Myles reached into his nightstand pulling out his doctor forms.

"uhh Sasha Durant." He watched me run around in frantic cleaning things that didn't need to be touched. "Charm stop worrying. She is going to be great."

"I know, I know. I am just alittle uncomfortable with you having a female nurse."

"Charm, you know I only got eyes for you. I am just ready to get healed up like you should too." She sighed.

"You right! You wanna go to the living room while I start the cookies?" He nodded and they began working together to get out of the bed.

Once in living room Myles got comfy with his leg up and turned it to ESPN.

"Baby can you make me some chicken nuggets?"

"Already on it!" She quickly put the cooking dough on the sheet and nuggets on another placing them in the oven after.

Charm checked the time. Nurse Sasha is coming at 12:45 and it was going on 11. She had some time to rest after the things where done.

Charm plated his nuggets and put bbq on the side. Then put her cookies in a contanier so they can stay warm a little longer.

"Okay, baby its 11:30, I'm going to take a quick nap. I should be up by time she here."

"That's fine. Rest up, I ain't going no where." Charm pecked his lips and dashed to her bed. She fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.

At 12:50 she was awakened by the doorbell.

"Why did we choose that loud ass bell!!?" Charm hopped out the bed. "Commiiinggg!!" She fixed her lipstick and hair. Charm headed for the door and opened it find this <a href=" ">strikeingly beautiful woman</a> standing there. She caught herself staring and welcomed her in. As she walked past Charm she couldn't help but to look down at her ample ass.

Charm lead her into the living room.

"Hello Mr. Stokes! I am Nurse Sasha. As you know I will be coming three times a week. The first few weeks we will start out small with simple streches. Cool?" Myles nodded. "Good, now I take it this is your beautiful girlfriend?" She asked allowing her eye to fall over every curve on Charm's body.

"Yup that's my baby!" Myles said proudly. Sasha slowly licked her lips.

"Okay, well first I'm going to show you guys some simple activities you can do at home and Miss ..???"

"Charm will try after I demonstrate each one."

"Sounds like a plan." Charm said. She sat next to Myles as Sasha set up her table and pulled out some gels and lotions. She helped him up to the table.
"Charm come stand next to me." Sasha took off his brace and put some lotion in her hand. She gave his leg a light massage. "Now you don't put to much pressure on the knee but it does need some. Charm stand in front of me. Sasha took her hands and helped her apply little to no pressure on his knee.

"How does that feel Myles?"

"Better than pain killers."

"Good we want you to kind of stay off the meds. Charm keep doing this." Sasha started rotating his ankle slowly. "Do not do this ankle exercise on your own. Charm step away please." Sasha lifted his leg slightly bending it. He grimaced in pain. "Too much?" He nodded. She lowered it some and straightened it out. Charm watched Sasha work but she is was attracted to this unknown woman and she couldn't understand why.

Charm sat in the kitchen alone as they finished up. She nibbled on a cookie until her thoughts were interrupted.

"Okay Ms. Charm I think we are all done for today."

"I will walk you out." They headed to the door. "Thank You Sasha! See you on Wednesday." Charm said opening the door for her. Sasha bit her lip looking into her eyes.

"My pleasure." She said with a sexy overtone. Charm closed the door.

<em>I hope this is a speedy recovery</em>


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Jessica was listening to the radio on her way to the office.

"Ohhhh this is my soong!" She yelled as she turned it up.

"Hot in ... So hot in herre!!" She grooved in her seat as she swereved in and out of lanes on the highway.

As the song ended she pulled up in the parking lot. Most of her the people she worked with came in except for Shaun.

Jessica had a meeting this morning about him being assigned a new nurse. She walked right in to the office and got ready for her day.

"Jessica come on!" <Tyler Perry> Dr. Bezack called out and Jessica hurried in. "Okay what is the problem?"

"Well yesterday as you know I did a House Call and the patient was very rude. He resorted to mocking me and calling me out my name. I will admit I had be working a not so pleasent job to put me through college but I don't think I should be talked down on." Dr. Bezack sat quietly looking at some papers.

"I understand completely Jessica but all other house-call nurses are full with patients so you have to be the bigger person with this young man. You are a strong girl you can handle it." He smiled at Jessica. She lightly sighed and nodded.

"I will do so!" Jessica stood and left the office. She checked her watch realizing she had about twenty minutes until her patient came. Jessica walked to her car when she smelled pack in the air. She walked closer to her car and realized it was the car next to her. She tapped on the window. It rolled down and she was hit with a cloud.

"Can I join?" Jessica asked.

"New girl right." Jess nodded. Kenyon unlocked the doors and rolled her window back up. Jess hopped in the backseat. "What is yo name new girl?" Kenyon said passing a <em>j</em> to Sasha who passed another one to Jessica.

"Jessica!" She said and she inhaled.

"Sup.. I'm Sasha and that is Kenyon." Sasha inhaled again before they all passed again.

"Why you out here?" Key asked.

"I got to deal with this b**** nigga tomorrow..." Jessica said.

"Ohh damn you got that b**** Shaun, huh?" Sasha asked.

"Yeah ... how you know?" Jessica replied.

"We went to his club one night and that nigga put us out cause I was pulling all his b****es." Key and Sasha laughed. "So we refused to work with his bitter ass." Sasha finished. Sasha and Kenyon started rapping along with Tyga.

<em> Dont it feel good, Got you dripping down your thighs. Summn Summmn Summmn Summn. I eat it up. I'm ready to f***!!</em> They all fell out laughing.

"Iight get the f*** out my car skanks!!"Key said turning off the car. They all got out. Jessica got her visine out of her car and put a few drops in each eye. They slowly headed towards the building.

"Soo, you cute Miss. Jessica.. Wassup wit you?" Sasha said wrapping her arm over Jessica shoulder. Key laughed.

"Dont mind her high ass." Key said to Jessica. "What happened to the joint at the house uhhh Cathy?" Key said to Sasha.

"Charm b****! And Im going to wife her watch." They stepped on the eleavator laughing.

"Iight yall sober up!" Key said as the elevator got to the six floor and the doors opened.

They walked off and went on with their busy days. As the day was ending they all exited the building.

"Have fun at Shaun house tomorrow girl!"Key said. They laughed and all hopped in their seperate cars.

"Mmm. What should I do for dinner?" Jessica pulled out her phone and texted her friend Marissa.


OMG These house nurses have really interesting lives outside of their jobs!!
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Tash and Tevin were talking about his health as they laid in bed at home.

"Are you sure we can afford this?" Tevin asked

"Damnit, stop asking me that. I am taking care of it." Tash said

"I know you are sweetie but I don't want you going back to that life just to get an at home nurse." Tevin said wrapping his arm around her shoulders.

"Baby, I got this under control. I am only doing this til you get well enough and can go back to work." Tash stated. "I am not going to get in that deep. Plus you know Unc won't even let me." Tevin shook his head.

"Why can't you just ask for extra hours at the office?"

"If I do that I will never be here with you. Streets I can go as soon as I put you to bed." Tash said growing annoyed with the conversation.

"Aiight Tash you got it under control. Imma let you do your thang." Tevin said dropping it. Tash phone buzzed. She read her text and began getting dressed.

"This is bulls***.." Tevin said shaking his head. Tash kissed his cheek and dipped out in all black.

<em> these hoes can't hold me back </em> She said sang pulling up to the trap house. She pulled out her phone and text Tevin.

<strong> I am here. I love you. Staying safe. <3 </strong> She grabbed her <a href="">bretta</a> and started towards the house.

"Sup Tash! I ain't seen you since you was what 18. How your mom?" One of her old friends asked.

"She went home." She simply said.

"Damn Ma. You know where unc at?" Tash nodded and headed to the back. She knocked four times.

"Come on in." Unc said. Tash opened up and walked in.

"Sup!" Unc tossed her a duffel bag.

"You looking more and more like your mom. Be safe though!" Tash nodded and walked back to her car. She drove to her favorite corner.

to be continued...

Hmmm is slim some hoodlum gangsta drug dealer??

Her mom is so country and warm like. Like she can talk to her about anything. I love her

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Whooo tf is slim? Babydaddy?crazy ex? Geesh.

Chad runnin the moves.!

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Kenyon and Chad was in the pool at his home. She had him simply lifting his leg against the water.

She was amazed because he had great drive. Chad cringed at one point and his leg quickly fell.

"Tell me what you feel?" Kenyon said to him.

"I feel like someone put a screwdriver in my knee and thigh." Chad said through his teeth. Key nodded.

"Okay, go head and hop out slowly. I will place your legs up once you get seated on the side here." She said placing her hand on the poolside. He did so and she walked out the pool, picking him up and putting him in his wheelchair. She exmained his knee.

"Welp, that swelled up quickly." She looked up at him. "I will wrap it up and ice it." She rolled him towards his recovery room and got the ice packs and tape.

"Ms. Kenyon, would you like to stay for lunch? You weren't off the clock yet.." Chad said as she finished up with his knee.

"Kind offer but no thanks!" Key replied gathering her bags.

"Just turkey subs and chips. I know you are hungry." Chad said. Key huffed rolling her eyes.

"Fine just subs.." She said, chad smiled.

"Do you mind?" Chad asked pointing at his chair. Key started pushing following hid directions to the kitchen. She rolled him up to the little table and sat across from him. Chad just kept glancing at her as they sat in silence.

"What? I got to make the sandwiches too because for all this I can go to f***ing.subway." Chad laughed at Key.

"No they are being prepared. Small talk?" Key shrugged.

"Are seeing anyone?" Chad asked. Key cut her eyes at him.

"Yes, my three year old daughter." She said full of attitude.

"What happened to her dad?"

"He got hit by a bus." She said as the sandwiches and different kind of chips were bought out.

"Oh sorry for your loss." Chad said wanting to be sincere.

"Dont be!" She said placing BBQ chips on her sandwich.

"Really?" Chad said with a look of disgust.

"Don't knock it til you try it pretty boy." Key said laying the mayo on thick. She bit into it. "Mmm Good!" Chad shook his head.

"I will past this damn." He said dressing his sandwich.

"So where is your fair lady?" Key asked.

"She was on that 'Just Wright' type s***. I'm happy the heffa gone though." Key busted out laughing. Chad looked at her with a blank face.

"You was getting played !!! Now that is a knee slapper indeed."

"You rude .... I like it." Chad said. Key cleared her throat.

"Well lunch was a nice gesture. I will see you next week, off the knee for the remainder of the time." Key got up from the table.

"Another time?" Chad asked looking up at her.

"Possibly. Off the knee!" She said walking towards the door.

Kenyon still had sometime until her next client and decided to stop by her mom's.

"Hey momma!" She screamed.

"Girl! Don't come in my damn house screaming.Denise is asleep and you bet not wake her." She said carrying a laundry basket out into the back yard. Key followed her mom after making sure her door was locked.

"Mommy when are you going to move?" Key asked helping her mom hang sheets.

"When I die." Key laughed at her mom. "The question is when are you going to meet a nice, wholesome young man and give me more grandbabies?"

"Auugh! Why is everybody so into my love life today??" Key said annoyed.

"Don't sass me girl!" Her mom said poppin her butt. "Now answer my question."

"Momma their aren't any wholesome men anymore."

"Yes derr is you, just ain't looking"

"Blahh Blahh ! I came to see my mom not feel like I'm in an episode of <em>'The Nanny'</em>." They laughed.

"Chile hush up and clean that chicken up for me." Key went and did as was told. Her mom soon came and sat in the kitchen.

"I want you to stop smoking in front of neicey. She starting to whizz in her sleep." Key held her head down ashamed. "Girl fix yo face you know I don't care. Just be mindful of my pooh health."

"Yes ma'am!"

"How is work? Where is that crazy Sasha?" She asked snapping beans.

"Work is blah! I have a basketball player as a client. Sasha is on her usual prowl."

"I hope he is a cutie! I will be happy when she settles down." They laughed.

"You and me both!" Key checked her watch and washed her hands.

"Gotta go! Give ladybug kisses for me!" Key kissed her mom cheek and rushed out the house. As she was walking down the porch she saw Slim posted up on a car some houses down.

He blew her a kiss and she laughed as she hopped into her car. She called her mom.

"Lock everything up and wake ladybug. Slim is around the way."

"One day you going to stop fighting and living in fear of this man."

"Yeah well ... Not today!!" Key said hanging up.

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<a href="">Charm</a> was walking out of the kitchen drinking a strawberry mango smoothie she had made. She had about thrity minutes before Sasha was said to be there and was just chillin until just she saw fit to get dressed. She was passing the front door on the way to the laudry room when someone rang the door.

Charm was very comfortable in her skin so she answered the door without checking the peephole.

"Well Hello!" Sasha said stepping up in Charm's face, resting her hand on Charm's hip, lightly pushing her way in. Charm closed the door and took Sasha's bag. Sasha was still standing right in front of her. Charm cleared her throat.

"Uhm, Ms. Sasha you are here kind of early." Sasha slowly started rubbing her hands over Charm's ass. Charm didn't stop her because she hadn't been touched by Myles in a long time and she didn't mind being touched by her.

"I am glad I did." Sasha said licking her lips as she gazed lustfully at her breast.

"Well I can fix you a bagel and smoothie, if you like?" Sasha backed up a little and followed Charm as she walked into the living room.

"Music is cool?" Charm asked. Sasha nodded and Charm bent over to turn on her stereo. Sasha enjoyed the view as her womanhood began trembling.

Sex by Chris Brown came blasting through the speakers.

"Ohhh I am so sorry!"

"Naw, its cool I like this song."

"Okay be right back with your food." Charm quickly walked away her ass jiggling with each step.

Sasha pulled out her phone and texted Kenyon.
<em> Came to work early and caughtt shawty in some lingerie!! Being somewhat professional is hard.</em>

<strong>You ain't on the clock! Work your magic!! Lmaoo</strong>

<em>You know I am ;) </em>

Charm came back with her smoothie and bagel dressed in sweats and
a tank top. Sasha sat her plate and cup down.

"You seem pretty tense everytime I come over. Would like a massage?"

"Is this appropriate?" Charm asked Sasha.

"Just go to the den, clothes off all of them, lay down towel over your bottom." Charm looked very worried once she said that.

"Go ! Imma let Myles know." Sasha went upstairs and found Myles asleep. Sasha smirked devilshly as she headed back downstairs and grabbed her oil. Sasha walked into the den and saw her laying as told, she locked the door and walked towards her. She put a generous amount of oil in her hands and started rubbing it into her legs slowly.

Charm let out a long relaxing breath. She hadn't felt this at peace in a long while. Sasha was doing numbers on her legs as she started moving up her legs to her thighs. Charm started to react to Sasha's touch unwillingly.

"Does it feel good?" Sasha asked lifting the towel a bit. Charm just nodded scared to open her mouth. Sasha put more oil into her hands massaging her thighs. She removed the towel exposing her bare ass and began rubbing it, wanting nothing more to do softly kiss her sumple ass.

Sasha spread her cheeks catching a glimpse of her glistening center. She spread them again and slowly blow on her, feeling Charm shutter beneath her.

"Mmmmkay! I feel so much better!! I need to go.get Myles ready for today." Sasha nodded smirking at her as she turned to exit.

Charm quickly dressed and dashed upstairs to get Myles who was still knocked out.

She shook him lightly. "Myless ... Sweetie ...." She shook him some more."Come on baby wakey wakey!" She shook him lightly one more time and still nothing. She laid her hand on his chest and felt his heart beat slowing. She just happened to glance at the night stand and saw his empty pill bottle.

"f***!!! Sasshhaaaaa."

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