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New Old Life {Chapter 5...}

It was more than enough for me. Too many tears shed and way too much time spent stressing. I know my life was definitely not a movie the way things were playing out. How can you tell me you love me, give birth to OUR children and then leave us and start a new life? Our son constantly asks for his mum because he hasn’t ever seen her and he doesn’t even believe he has a sister. What more am I to tell him? I always tell him the truth. One day his mom got up, packed her stuff and our daughter’s and then told me she was leaving. It’s been so hard to date because my mind was still set on her. I just wanted her in my life. But where she was, and if we could ever get back together was a different type of story. Our son thinks I’m crazy because she is always on my mind. Day after day. It’s her I fell in love with, but I wish I could move on with my life.