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Ꮦhose Ꮹirls Ꭿre Ꮤild ♡

Heeeeello everybody! Welcome to; Those Girls Are Wild TV Gameshow.
I'm Kay & I'll be your honored host today as well as Christopher , I hope you girls have your game face on.

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So as you know , that is our scoreboard & you'll be playing up to 8 rounds of games in order to come down to 2 remaining people. Those 2 remaning people will compete against eachother for the winng finale round & will recieve the BIG WIN. As you know nobody leaves the show a sore loser so we have a few prizes for everyone else who doesn't make it to the finale round.

& now that thats out of the way , Chris can you go in the crowd & choose 8 random women for me?


Kay's Note: This is the part where you guys comment if you want to play. (: