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Would love to meet you - yeah, like you havent heard THAT before. LOL

So, what would make you want to meet me. Who am I? Am I smart, pretty, talented, loving, kind, daring...exceptional? Yes. But so are so many other women in the world.

So, what would make you want to meet me? Would it be because I know the industry and business? Would it be because I'm a good listener? Is it because I know that true friendship is more important than having bragging rights to name drop? Those are good traits, true, but a lot of people have those - and even more claim they do.

So what would make you you want to meet me? Truth is, I don't have an answer to that good enough, thought-provoking enough, awesome enough to make me honestly believe that you would take a chance and meet a random female of the net.

But....if you ever decided to live on the edge and take that chance - I would love to be the one to catch a bite somewhere and talk and remind you that after the curtain closes, the lights dim and the cameras shut off - that there are a few people in the world that would care about you for you and be a friend for life. :)