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Don't Judge Me

The girls and I began to get ready for the Chris Brown concert. It was my 18th birthday and I've always been a die hard Chris Brown fan even through all the bad stuff he went through and all the changes. I did the finishing touches on my hair and make up then put on my sexy baby blue dress and the silver heels. I did the accessories and checked out the ending results in my full length mirror. Just looking at myself all I could say was DAMN!! I confidently walked downstairs and all eyes landed on me. I heard my step brother's friends whispering about how sexy I looked. He snapped himself out of the lil trance he was in and hit them.

"Well damn girl just make us look like some Goodwill swap meat rejects!"

Sasha yelled out and we all laughed. I hugged my mom and step dad then my step brother and we left.

The girls and I sat front row as Chris Brown performed 'Dont Judge Me', 'Countdown', 'Biggest Fan', and a throwback 'Invented Head'. In between songs he would clown, dance, and bring on other artists. The show was coming to an end in about 15 minutes. I swear those 2 hours went by as I glanced at the time on my iPhone 5.

"Now for this last song I'm gunna need a special lady up here. Where's my special lady at?? Let me hear ya!"

The girls began screaming at the TOP of their lungs. Chris looked around the audience then his eyes landed 1 place I thought they never would. On me.

"Shawty right there. I wan you."

My girls screamed as he pointed at me. The security guards came and escorted me to the top of the stairs then Chris gently took my hand in his and brought me to a chair.

"What's ya name gorges??"
"Well Ms. Kiara I hope you don't mind this."

He said as he pulled my body close to his and wrapped his arms around me from behind.

"Can I hold you like this??"

I nodded my head and bit my lip.

"What about if I do this??"

He began kissing on my neck and lightly sucking on it. I moaned a little and he smirked.

"Do you mind that??"

I shook my head no unable to speak fearing that another moan would escape. The beat to '2012' dropped and the crowd went wild. He sat me in the chair and gave me a sexy ass lapdance sneaking kisses in and sucking on my neck. After that song came on they came and took the chair then the 'Sweet Love' beat dropped and the crowd really went wild. He serenaded me as we grinded and he was shocked that I could keep up and move like this. After a lil while he laid me on the stage floor and humped me. I bit my lip and flopped him over so I was humping me. I rubbed my hand on his abs and I could feel him hardening. We stood up and he kissed me as the song ended and we disappeared under the stage.

"Damn. How old are you??"

He asked examining my body closely and biting his lip. Damn that man does things to me!

"As of today 18."

He nodded his head.

"You here alone??"
"I came with my girls."
"Well do me a favor. Let them know you're not leaving with them tonight."

I smirked and did just as he said then found him again and we left to his hotel room after he took pics with fans and signed autographs. From the time we hit the limo to the bedroom neither of us could take it anymore. Let's just said we definitely did it like it was the end of the world. ;-}

As much as I look back on that night and think about it I was not expecting the events that were to come ..


Damn what the hell I ain't think this would happen trey fool to hard ci hope Chris beat his ass u not only pt yo had on a woman u pt yo hands on a child yo mothaf***n hands need to be broke or chopped the f*** off what the hell she ain't did nun to u u was pose to look out for them trey then u start this s*** smh Chris u ain't good bt u betta then him u may have walked away bt yo ass came back for them n days wants up run it

Love the triple post: Anywho, mannn WTF happend ti Trey, he was suppose to be the good guy. Guess it was all an act damn. He's been beating her since they got married and he's mean to Diamond, WTF man. How, why what??? Ugh Trey. Now you need your ass whipped.
Not only does he abuse Kiara on a daily bases but the fact that he just raped her after she just had a kid is so f'd up man fo'real.Thank God Diamond has sense to call her grandma. Who of ciurse called Chris and Games there too. Oh man it's I feel for Trey. Chris is right husband or no husband if you say NO and they still do it, it's called RAPE. Chris has really matured fo'real.
Oh Trey bout to get that ass beat Compton and Tappahannock, bout to be on dat ass.

I am a new reader i love it
run it!!

beat his butt chris im soo happy hes back chris is so mad he might kill trey run it

That's yo ass mista black man!
Chris bout to put them paws on 'em!

I want him to beat Trey's axs nigga needs to hurt!

Run It!!!

Yes!! Trey about to get it! How dare you hit Diamond, I hope you burn in hell. As much as I want Chris to kill you, I hope he doesn't. He can end up in jail for life. Something you deserve not him. I just can't wait until he put them hands on yo ass. Whoo!
Run it

beat him chris i cant believe trey hit diamond what did she do him??? nothing....

where is chris???? run it!!!!

{ CHAPTER 34 }
When I woke up I was in my bed and it was dark out. I glanced at the time and it was going on 7. I had been out for 10 hours. I tried to move, but my body wouldn't allow me to. I cried out in pain and Diamond walked in the room.

"Mommy grandma said stay in bed."
"Where is she??"
"Feeding Tania. Trey left after you passed out. I waited until his car was gone and tried to wake you, but you wouldn't move and Tania was crying so I called grandma."
"How did she get me all the way up here??"

She remained silent and shrugged her shoulders. I knew something was up.


I looked at her closely and noticed her black eye, swollen lip, and marks on her arms and legs. He had beaten my babygirl.

"Oh you're awake."

Game said coming in my room. Since he had basically became my big brother he protects his niece's and I as much as he can. He hates Trey past his soul, but he doesn't know about the abuse just the cheating.

"After Diamond called Mama she called me."
"Oh so you brought me up here."

I was beyond confused now.

"So who-"
"Diamond I got your food. Where you at babygirl??"

I froze at the sound of that voice.

"In here daddy."

A few seconds later in walked the 1 & only Christopher Maurice Brown. He stared at me and I stared at him.

"He brought you in here. Come on Diamond let's go eat."

Game said as he took Diamond and grabbed the pizza boxes then went downstairs. Seeing Chris here was a lot to take in. The years have been extra extra E X T R A good to him. He was really on his grown and sexy now.

"... Hey ..."

He said snapping me out of my daze.

"... Hey."
"I uh see you had another baby."
"Yeah. Today makes her 5 says old."
"Let's cut the bulls***. He put his hands on MY daughter and beat her with a belt. Where is he!?"
"I don't know. I blacked out after the incident."
"Kiara how long has this been going on??"

I remained silent. Mama didn't even know about the abuse, just the cheating. What happens in this house stayed in this house until today.


I jumped at the tone in Chris' voice.

"Since a few months after we got married. 2 years basically."
"Why didn't you leave him??"
"He threatened to kill me. Chris look at me I can't even move."
"He's been raping you and beating you for 2 years?!"
"... He doesn't call it rape because we're married."
"If he forces himself into you or onto you against your will it's rape. Doesn't matter if you're a hoe, prostitute, dating, married, or whatever. Rape is rape."
"I know."
"Had he ever put his hands on her before today??"
"No. I've made sure of it. I'll risk myself and my body before I let him harm her. He's raised his hand to her, but I always jump in front."

He nodded and we sat in silence until I heard the front door then the voice of the enemy.


Fire, rage, anger, and everything else flashed in Chris' eyes. Before I knew it he was flying down the stairs.

What the hell??!!! I could've never seen this coming. I knew they were going to get married, but not end up with Trey beating her ass and then raping her. That s*** ain't cool bruh. CHRIS!! KIERRA AND DIAMOND NEEDS YOU!! I hope Trey gets what is coming for him.
Run it

and oh yea RUN IT

diamond, baby girl, ima need for you to use the phone that you grab and call yo pappy chris
chris ima need for your deadbeat ass to become not so deadbeat and go whoop trey ass and get yo family back

WTF. Where is Chris?

Run it!!

No love??

{ CHAPTER 33 }
I woke up the next morning and Trey wasn't by my side. I heard him talking to Tania on the baby monitor. I brushed my teeth and washed my face then went downstairs to make breakfast when I noticed the snow falling. I checked the news and school was cancelled. I still made Diamond breakfast and when that was done I called her down. She gave me a morning kiss then got her food and went to her playroom kitchen. Yes her playroom had a mini kitchen where she has her kids table, a fridge with her medicine / her kids drinks, and cabinets with her kids snacks. Trey came down alone.

"Where's Tania??"
"Walking around dumbass."

I didn't say anything I just made him a plate and placed it in front of him along with his juice. He pulled me on his lap kissing my neck and lifting up my shirt. He didn't allow me to wear panties to bed unless we were roll playing or something. He stuck his finger in me and I winced in pain.

"Trey the doctor said 6 weeks-"
"I don't give a damn. I want it and I want it now."

He thrust his finger in and out of me forcefully and tears formed, but I wouldn't dare let them fall. Knowing I would get beat. He kept going until I faked it and came. He licked it all up then placed me on the table and pulled his d*** out of his boxers.

"Trey please. Diamond-"
"I don't give a damn."

He forced me to lay down and rammed himself inside of me. I screamed out in pain and clawed at his arms begging him to stop. I knew my nails were going to leave marks on him. He backhanded me and went harder and faster.

"b**** SHUT UP!!"

He punched me in my mouth and I felt the blood trickling down. He only went harder and faster as he bit my nipple hard.

"Damn girl even after having my baby you still got that bomb pussy!!"

He groaned in my ear as he pulled out and came on my face. I couldn't even move I just laid there and cried. He punched me in my eye for crying then spit on me and walked out. Whenever Diamond knows Trey is home she stays in her playroom, but if she hears me screaming she takes my phone and goes in the nursery with Tania. I heard the shower start and slowly stood up. Pain shot through every part of me and I collapsed to the ground.

Chris need to come back and beat Treys a**.Or at least come get his daughter.

DID NOT see that coming! trey was really hidin his true colors smh..she needs to find a way to get out of that situation and fast! RUUUN IT!

Awwww... I feel bad for her.... Trey is a a**hole... Just when she thought s*** was going well it turns to s***...

Why cant she just be happy?

Why cant anyone just be straight with her?

If Chris had been the man he was supposed to be and the man he said he was going to be then none of this would have happened.

Awwww... I feel bad for her.... Trey is a a**hole... Just when she thought s*** was going well it turns to s***...

Why cant she just be happy?

Why cant anyone just be straight with her?

If Chris had been the man he was supposed to be and the man he said he was going to be then none of this would have happened.

That grass ain't always greener on the other side.... she should've stayed in her own Damn yard and played by herself

Run it!

{ CHAPTER 32 }
[ Still Chris' POV )

Trey just stared at me.

"What you mean you're leaving for good??"
"They don't need me in their lives. I haven't brought smiles to them just pain. Diamond wants nothing to do with me and that's understandable."

I looked down then shook my head and stood up.

"Take care of them man."

Trey just nodded his head. I walked out the living room looking up the stairs 1 last time then silently walked out the house.

( 3 Years Later )

Wow so much has changed in the last 3 years. For starters Trey and I have been married for about 2 & a half years. He started beating me a couple months after we were married. I had his daughter Tania 4 days ago. Diamond is 8 now and the best big sister already. Ever since Trey began beating me she's been crying for Chris and when she does Trey will raise his hand to her, but I'll jump in. I would rather get beaten to death before I let A N Y guy put their hands on my daughters. I'm now 26, Trey is 29, and although Chris has been MIA for the last 3 years he's now 28. I know Trey is cheating, but I can't leave him. He said be would kill me if I even made an attempt. I definitely believe him. Diamond was in the nursery with me as I fed Tania. Trey hadn't been home all day or even called. He didn't have anything scheduled today so I knew he was out with 1 of them.

"Sweety it's going on 7:30 and your bedtime is-"
"8 I know mommy."
"Go shower, brush your teeth, and I'll tuck you in."
"Yes ma'am."

She kissed Tania's forehead then walked out. I finished feeding her and burped her then changed her diaper and rocked her to sleep. By time she was sleeping Diamond was ready for her bedtime story. Their rooms were connected by a door so I put Tania in her crib and covered her up then went into Diamond's room. I read her the story, said a prayer with her, then sang her to sleep. I looked at the time it was 8:00 on the dot. I cleaned the kitchen, put all the toys away in the play room, and straightened up the rest of the house by 11:17. I slowly walked upstairs and started my bubble bath making sure the baby monitor was on. I relaxed and let my mind drift. Before I knew it I was waken up by Tania. I looked at the time and it was almost 1 a.m. I quickly washed up and drained the tub slipping into my towel then my robe and slippers. As I walked into Tania's room I heard Trey walk in the front door.

"What's wrong with mommy's babygirl?? Huh??"

I picked her up as she stared into my eyes. I felt Trey's arms around my waist and he kissed my neck. He smelled of perfume and sex.

"What's she still doing up??"
"She just woke up. She's been sleep since 8."
"I'll take her after my shower."

He squeezed my ass hard then smacked it and walked out the room. Don't get me wrong Trey is an excellent father to Tania when he's home, but when it comes to Diamond he treats her like the stepchild because that's Chris daughter. About 20 minutes later Trey walked back in the room with boxers on and took Tania. I walked into our room and put on a big t-shirt. I snuggled with my pillows and fell asleep.

I'm glad Chris finally realized it messed up but it's too late now and where the hell is he going run it

Thank god they were able to bring Diamond back. Aww Chris kinda broke my heart with his feelings awwww. But like he said he wasnt there. He wasnt the father Diamond needed and he wasnt the man Kiara needed. But damn know it hurts to hear your child call another man daddy in front of you... Im glad Kiaras happy with Trey and he's doing right by her. But my heart does hurt a bit for Chris. I just wish he would've matured a little sooner. WTF he mean, he's leaving there lives for good, naw man that aint cool. He needs to stay and build a relationship with his daughter. Be a real man, not run from his problems.

Awww Chris should have been there for his daughter and she would'nt be calling another man daddy.-_-

Finally a new add! Chris done f***ed up...smh. But y he leaving? He' should become a better man n fight for his family.

Run it!

run it

{ CHAPTER 31 }
Turns out Diamond stopped breathing and they had to bring her back to life. The doctor said she doesn't know why her pediatrician put her on adult meds. Of course there is going to be a law suit involved. It's not even about the money it's about my child's life. She was hooked up to at least 10 different machines, but she was alive. Trey let Chris and I go see her for some private time. Chris had to carry me out bridal style because I broke down. He did too just not as bad as me. Trey and Mama went next. She came out bawling as did Trey. We all held each other. Chris said he couldn't stay the night because he had to take Jennifer home. Mama got in his ass and even slapped him. He still left though. Trey and I left for a moment. He got clothes for him from his home as I got Diamond's pajamas, her 2 favorite stuffed animals, her going home outfit, and shoes. I got my things then Trey picked me up and we left. Once we arrived they had already moved her to a private room paid by Trey and had another hospital bed brought in. I laid in her bed next to her and stroked her hair as I fell asleep.

( 3 Months Later )

Diamond was released a week ago, but they have her on close watch and a doctor comes everyday at 2. Chris has been by here maybe twice since she's been released. Even when she was in the hospital for 2 months he only came by maybe 10 times. Trey has been here non stop. The only time he leaves is when work calls and he has no choice. Other than that he's here 24/7. Diamond adores Trey and whenever Chris comes around she gives him attitude. Diamond and Trey are playing her Wii he bought her while I cook dinner. Mama walked in using her key.

"Hey gorgeous."

She said kissing my cheek.

"Hey mama. Where you coming from??"

At that moment in walked Chris struggling with about 15 - 20 bags. I shook my head at Mama knowing they were for Diamond.


Diamond said realizing Mama was here. She jumped into her arms as Mama kissed her all over her face.

"Are all these for me!?"
"Most of them are. Some are for ya mom."

I looked at her.


She took about 6 of the bags and dragged me upstairs to my room. She closed the door and handed me the bags. She sat next to me as I began going through them.

"How is everything with Trey??"
"He's everything I want and need plus more. I couldn't have asked for a better boyfriend."
"As much as I would love to see you and Chris work it out I know what he's put you through and I don't blame you for moving on. I raised him so much better than this."
"It's not your fault Mama. Chris is a grown man and he's responsible for his own actions. Yes I love him and I always will, but I'm not good enough for him."
"No sweety he's not good enough for you."

( Chris POV )

I stood on the other side of Kiara's room door and my heart dropped. My Mama was right. I'm not good enough for Kiara and I never will be. I slowly walked downstairs and watched Trey play with Diamond. They looked like a real father an daughter.

"Trey you mind if I talk to you for a minute??"

They both looked at me then Diamond turned to him.

"But daddy we're playing a game."

My heart shattered to pieces hearing MY little girl call another man daddy. Trey knew it and he looked at me with some sympathy.

"Just hold on Princess ok?? Go get a snack and see what your mom and grandma are up to."
"Yes daddy. I love you."

Tears formed as I looked down.

"I love you too."

She passed me and went to the kitchen then upstairs. I sat down on the single chair with my head in my hands.

"Chris man I'm sor-"

I shook my head and cleared my throat then looked up at him.

"No need to say sorry man. I haven't been the father I should be to her. That's all my fault. I've been so caught up in the fame and hoes that I let my little girl slip away from me."

He didn't say anything.

"You have 2 of the most beautiful women. Diamond adores you and Kiara is in love with you. Don't be a dumb ass and let them slip away like I did. If I would've paid more attention and been there more Diamond would still call me her dad and Kiara would still be in my arms saying she loves me. I don't wanna mess this up for ya. You have a beautiful family and a beautiful thing going."

I freely let my tears fall.

"I'm not the man that I should be, the man I wanna be, or the man that they deserve in their lives. You Trey. You are. Guard their hearts and bodies with every part of you. They've already forgotten me so this shouldn't be so hard."

He looked at me confused.

"What shouldn't be so hard??"
".... Me leaving .... For good ...."

run it, pleaseeee?

NEW READER! chris is outta line in so many ways..we see what he cares more abt than his sick daughter..he really needs to get it togetha then he gon bring the girl to the hospital..he is so glad trey was there for kiara and diamond..i really hope diamond pulls thru this is horrible! RUN IT!