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Chris Joins Wilhelmina Team

Chris Joins Wilhelmina Team

<i>“I’m so happy to join the Wilhelmina team, which has countless successes in the industry, to explore this new avenue,”</i> says Chris about his brand new signing to <strong>Wilhelmina</strong>! Congrats Chris!

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  • Congrats! Chris UR amazing and handsome. Please no more tatooes. You're ruining your wonderful skin.
    by Neicea on Dez 26, 2012 nachmittags31 10:10nachmittags
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  • congrats chris can't wait to see you in Dubai 2012, ya naaa mean!!!
    by cbreezyDubai on Dez 4, 2012 nachmittags31 12:12nachmittags
  • congrat i love u kisses
    by passbye on Nov 29, 2012 vormittags30 8:08vormittags
  • booooooooy,am so proud of you,thru all,you've managed to keep your head high,your shoulders up,I love you Chris,you're destined for greater things in life man,keep doing what you do best,believing in your own self,they may try to put Graffiti on your wall,Judge you coz of your past,terrorise you for your talent,but whenever they make you fall crawl again,sum up the energy to walk & you shall fly again,Luv u man!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    by reezy86 on Nov 29, 2012 vormittags30 6:06vormittags
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    by ZHANBA37 on Nov 29, 2012 vormittags30 3:03vormittags
  • Congrats Chris Ur A Man with many talents... Keep doing what u do BEST.. I wish u the best at whatever U do
    by Renelle on Nov 27, 2012 nachmittags30 12:12nachmittags
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    by zhanba32 on Nov 24, 2012 nachmittags30 12:12nachmittags
  • Alright Chris!! Now a sexy model...Congrats
    by Summer_Blues on Nov 23, 2012 vormittags30 4:04vormittags
  • Changed my pic but still cbrezzyluvr.
    by cbrezzyluvr on Nov 21, 2012 nachmittags30 9:09nachmittags