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Our Thanksgiving .

"Drake! Levi! Hurry up before we're late!" I yelled while fixing my hair into a neat bun. It was thanksgiving, and Chris' mom had invited everyone to come, although I wanted to do thanksgiving dinner this year. But thats another thing I'll just have to let go, 'cause I cant say no to her.

Walking down the hallway, I heard groans and yelling. "Ooooh come on Miami! You had the assistance Lebron!" I stood in the doorway of Levi's room, as he stood in front of the TV in his boxers goofing around. Clearing my throat to make my presence known Levi turned around with a nervous smile. "Hey momma." Quickly beginned to put on his clothes. "You should've been dress! I swear if you and your father make us late, Im kicking both your asses." Grinning, I kissed his forehead and threw a pillow before leaving the room. "Hurry up!"

"Baby, have you seen my OvOxO cardigan? I can't find it anywhere." I giggled at the thought of seeing Levi wearing it a couple days ago. "Ask your son." Checking my outfit in the mirror, I grabbed my purse and keys walking downstairs. "When I count to five and your not down these steps your getting left. Starting in Five.. Four.. Three.. Two—" Aubrey and Levi ran down the stairs like bats out of hell. "Thats what I thought."

We piled in the car and we were off. "Oh! I forgot to get the stuff for the devil eggs out the fridge!" I yelled mini punching the steering wheel. "Were almost there, just stop at the store." Drake said. "Thats the reason I actually bought the ingredients yesterday, just so I won't have to stop at a store. Dammit."

It was packed inside of Pick N Save. "Okay, Levi you go get the sandwhich spread and mustard while I get the eggs and soda. And please hurry up!" He nodded and made his way down a random aisle. "C'mon Aubrey." My arm wrapped around his pulling him with me. Making it to the dairy aisle, Drake started to bug me with questions. "Who's all gonna be there?"

"Dany, her kids, Chris, Bree, her kid, Ana, Us, and I think Lexi might." He nodded and asked another. "Is shad gonna be there?" All these questions were driving me crazy. "I dont know. Aubrey why are you asking all this questions. Where's Levi with my stuff?" Grabbing the eggs I went over three aisles to get the sodas. "Baby calm down." his arms reached from behind me around my waist and he nibbled my ear. "Nah uh, not here boy!" I giggled grabbed a case of sodas walking to the cash register. "Here," I handed him our things,"You wait at the register while I go look for this a**hole." Walking down some aisles I reached the party aisle and saw him.. flirting with a girl.

"Levi Graham! If you dont bring your ass on!" Obviously I was embarrasssing him, but it was my mother instincts that did it. "Mom, your embarrassing me! Always knocking my flow man." He said walking over to the register where Drake was. "She wasn't that cute anyway." I said matter-of-factly paying for our things.


I got kind of lazy, so Ima add another one in a minute. Erm, if you would like to join in you can add your part in this too.
Its just something I wanna do for thanksgiving to show how appreciative I am of you guys and your friendships.
All the time I have been on this site, I felt welcomed and happy & I thank god I joined this site and got to know yall.

— Sincerly Kay , Happy Thanksgiving ♥


I was just asking. sheesh

Dany, I can't drive. How the hell I'mma get a license? lol.

Bree, you got your license yet?

Good for you Dany...... Yeah, I'm being a smart-ass.

I've never been fat.
Chubby as a baby but nope.

I never took drivers ed.
My dad taught me to drive

Ughh... Driver's Ed... f u c k them.... They didn't teach me to drive :( BECAUSE I had to take all them damn quizzes before I could even get behind the damn wheel... f u c k them lol.

Oooh Sprite is the s*** when it's cold... When it's flat, FML.


Its not fun. well, im not fight but I use to be chubby. Ugh! worst feeling ever.
I got our get away car & 1 week worth of Drivers Ed. Ready to run away?

And some sprite

I wonder what its like to just be fat.

Okay.... soup & crackers. I got you.

Hello Kay.

Good for you. Dont wanna ruin your figure :D
Heeey Bree !

Oh and maybe some crackers too

I will most definitely bring you some soup... I should make Ty ass do it, but I'll do it.

Im not having anymore children Kay.

Bree, bring me some soup

Yes, but two supporters are fine. I'd do it for you ♥

Aww Dany. I hope you feel better.

Ugh, fine. But isnt that what you have Drake for.

Fine. * gives you my robe * But you have to promise when I have another kid, I could squeeze your hand no matter how hard until after I have given birth :)

Ugh, I dont want to pay

I told you I'll whip you up something hot and soothing and let you borrow my robe for 29.95 (:

Yeah, i have nothing else ro do especially since im laying in bed sick

Ikr! Stop all this hositility and be happy with eachother for a change.
You updating today? ♥

Awe, Look at Levi tryna spit
game at my babygirl. Now we
all know Chris was not digging
that. Good job Haven for defending
your blood, but bad for calling someones
mama a hoe! I'm glad Drake and Chris
were man enough to put their differences
aside and apologize, we all needed that.
Now we can all be a big happy family again.

Ugh all those typos -.- flaw ass iPhone keyboard!


My stomach turned so many flips, as I paced the floor. I could tell where this whole entire thing was going. It surely wasn't into the ground to be buried. After what seemed forever, Mama Joyce walked through the door with Levi.

His lip had been swollen a little and he had dried up tears on his face. "Go upstairs and clean yourself baby," She said gently exscorting him towards the stairs. "Be back down as fast as you can." He nodded and jogged up the stairs.

The slience burned a hole in my heart, as she put her coat and gloves away. Finally after a long silence she spoke. "Now, do somebody wanna explain to me what got yall acting crazy?" Everybody started talking at once.

"One at a time please!" She yelled shutting us up. Levi came strolling back down the stairs and sat next to me on the love seat. "Starting with Levi." 

He looked from Haven to her. "Haven called my moms a hoe!" Everybody looked at Haven. "Why would you do that?" Mama J scolded. "Because, he kept talking about Safiyah!" 

"Levi? What did you say?" She said looking at him with unbelief in her eyes. 
He paused before answering. "I just kept saying how fine she was and.. things I would do to her. Kinda like she was a hoe, but I didn't say it. I was serious, but in a playful way. But that doesn't mean he can talk about my moms!" His denfensiveness shocking us all.

Usually he's laid back and rarely gets into fights. It surprised me he had this type of side to him. I guess the saying "Like Father, Like Son" is true.

"Listen here," She knealed down in front of Haven. "You know your sister is not a.. whore. So why get mad? Levi is right, your sister is beautiful. And there's gonna be guys that like her, and guys who like whats between her legs. But its her decision on it. Not yours. Now apologize to Levi." 

He rolled his eyes and sighed. "Im sorry talking about your moms like that. Its the big brother responsability I need to take when a guy is disrespecting my little sister." Mama J nodded.

"And you. I have never in the 17 and a half years you been living on earth heard you speak like that. I thought we had these talks about the way to treat a woman. You need to apologize to him for saying such a thing."

Levi nodded and looked at Safiyah then Levi. "Im sorry too man, I shouldn't have been speaking about her like that. But I like her and I have a big ego. And Im sorry to you Safiyah. Im sorry that your so fine and not mine too." She giggled.

"Hey, thats my daughter your talking about." Chris said giving him the eye. Levi and Haven laughed then dapped. Mama Joyce smiled.

"Finally! Were getting some progress here!" Then her eyes landed on Chris and Drake. "Now you two tell me why you were outside tassling."

Chris spoke up. "Mama I just dont like him! And he hurt Kay. I should've killed him when I had the chance."
Mama Joyce rolled her eyes and arched her eyebrows. "Boy you aint gone skin a deer. Look at you defending your God sister. But don't you think if she let it go.. you should too? And what about Levi? How you think he feels to see his Dad and Uncle, fighting over something that happened before he was born?"

Chris' face softened up and he nodded. "He's obviously going to be around alot longer, so you mind as well get used to him." I smiled at Mama J. For so long I been trying to get to this stage with them. Chris smiled and dapped Drake.

"My bad man, I was just looking out for Kay." Drake nodded. "I don't blame you, a woman as beautiful as her. I would act buck on every dude too." 

All the tension in the room started to shift and leave. I was happy all over again. So happy that I pushed whatever chaos that happened in the kitchen, away and hugged her. "Love you Bree." She smiled and slapped my thigh. "Love you too thickems."

Mama Joyce laughed in excitement. "Here's the thanksgiving love! Now who's hungry? 'Cause I know I am!" She said walking into the Kitchen with Dany to get the food. Everybody went into the Dinning room and we all sat at the table.

When the food came out we all ate and engaged in conversations. Then something hir me. I tapped my spoon against my glass as everybody looked at me. "I would like to make a toast. As you know since Levi was about 8 he has been asking for a sister. I always promised him one. So saturday, we're going to be including a new edition to the family. Drake and I are adopting a girl."

Congratulations and Awwe's went throughout the room. "And Levi.. Aubrey, I love you two so much. I wouldn't choose a different family if I could. But I would gladly send you to someone else in a mail box if yall don't learn to clean after yourself!" Everybody laughed.

"To everybody else, with love.. Happy Thanksgiving Familia," We tapped our glasses together and went back to eating and conversating.

I have to say, this was the best thanksgiving and I wouldn't have asked to spend it any better.


I'll add the other one today, short story I mean. Unless of course I prefer to take it further.
My daughter's name may change. So dont get confused if you dont see Alex.
And thanks for all the support of this! Love you guys (:

Thursdays the best time to have sex :/ lol


Oh no..... Thats crazy.

Only on wenesdays, fridays, and sometimes saturdays (: